tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTerror Filled Nude Day Naked Walk

Terror Filled Nude Day Naked Walk


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

A husband hates Nude Day because of the sexual horror that happened to his wife.


Today, Nude Day, Bob stood in front of his full length, bedroom mirror looking at his naked body with remorse and sadness, while thinking about all that had happened to his beautiful wife, Sheila. In an attempt to make himself feel better with masturbation, he stroked himself to an unprecedented level of excitement with the thoughts of that fateful day. Every time he was naked and looking at himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but remember what had happened to Sheila, last Nude Day, one year ago today.

"Please find it in your heart to forgive me, Sheila," he said wiping a tear from his eye and dropping his head in shame.

Although he felt her fear, he was afraid and frozen with fear into inaction himself. With the odds staked against him, there was nothing that he could do to help save her from the inevitable. Responsible for planning this from the beginning, it was all his fault after all. He had put her in harm's way and in that situation hoping for some sexual fun on Nude Day not knowing how quickly things would escalate out of control.

Now, a year to the day after the criminal attack, the sexual assault, the violent rape, and the seemingly endless gangbang was over and they were home safe, all that happened that day saddened him, as much as it excited him, he hated to admit. Even though he knew it was wrong to still be so aroused and to feel the sexual excitement he felt then that he still feels now, the remembered visions of the brutal horror of four men having their wicked way with his wife, while he watched, made him horny and he had to masturbate. Stroking himself faster, he couldn't stop masturbating over the image of the four men fucking Sheila and after forcing her to suck their cocks.

Even before, a rare beauty, Sheila was such a sexy woman. Always horny by the naked thoughts of exposing her in public, only she'd never parade around without her clothes. Yet, the horniness he felt then, before last year's Nude Day incident, was nothing like the horniness that he felt now, after witnessing last year's Nude Day gangbang. Now, even when she was fully dressed, he still sees her naked, afraid, vulnerable, and willing to do whatever her sexual assaulters and violent criminals made her do.

"Oh, my God," were the last words she said before the men took her, dragged her into the forest, and forced themselves upon her. He still hears her screams and sees her struggling. "Let me go! Bobby, help me! Please! No! Stop! Help!"

His cock pulsated with the recollection of all that happened to her that day. Now, even after a year had past, his horniness hadn't diminish but instead heightened to an even higher level, every time he remembered what happened to Sheila last Nude Day.

Wrought with emotion between being excited, guilty, and sad, even in his horny state, he hated that he was so perverted that he had jeopardized the safety of his wife and put her in dire danger of being so violently manhandled and sexually abused. She was the one who physically paid for and emotionally suffered the consequences of his unadulterated perversion. Something they both must now live with for the rest of their lives, he hoped that Sheila could find it in her heart to forgive him. Being that he was the one who coerced his beautiful and innocent wife to take the naked Nude Day nature walk in the woods that fateful day, he accepted full responsibility for what happened to Sheila, the love of his life, and his devoted, loving wife.

Not so innocent, knowing that they weren't alone in the woods that day and that she'd be seen walking in public naked, it all started when he finally coerced and convinced his wife to go for a nude nature walk in the forest on Nude Day. He knew they'd be four men there to ogle her naked body. Only, even in his wildest sexual fantasy, he never imagined the horror that would happen. Never did he think that their planned day of exhibitionism and voyeurism would turn into a violent criminal attack. Respecting her as a woman and them as a couple, he thought the four men would only look and not touch. He never expected them to take her, gangbang her, and force her to do unspeakable sexual things, things that she even refused to do with him, as his wife.

With neither one having been naked in public before, without doubt their National Nude Day naked nature walk was the most daring and sexually exciting experience they ever had together, as a married couple. Even though there was no one around to see them, she was more reluctant that he was about getting naked in public and at the onset, he never thought she would. Her walking in public naked was more about the reaction of other men seeing her naked and her reaction of being seen naked by other men is what excited him. Imagining the scenario, while incessantly masturbating, he couldn't wait to see the reaction of other men seeing his naked wife, just as he couldn't wait to see Sheila's reaction to other men seeing her naked.

Being that he was a horny and perverted guy, he didn't care who saw him naked. Admittedly, it excited him to show his cock to any woman who wanted to see his cock. Conversely, and the reason for much of his sadness, for his eyes only, she was a beautiful woman who felt that her body was her gift to give to only one man, the man she loved and that man was him, her husband. With different reactions for different reasons, what happened that day scarred her and excited him and, for that, he will always be wrought with the guilty pleasure of his actions that day.

Alas, even though he assured her that it was, he lied to her. It wasn't just an innocent naked nature walk through the woods on Nude Day. With ulterior motives in mind, Bob had preplanned the whole erotic adventure hoping that it would happen just as it had, but he never expected things to get so out of hand. He never thought the men, once seeing his beautiful wife naked, would suddenly lose their minds with lust. Having walked this part of the woods many times before with his dog, Ralph, instead of with his wife, Sheila, he knew that there were four joggers, regulars, male models, no doubt, who jogged through these woods this time every day. The fact that the four men regularly jogged here inspired the idea of exposing Sheila to them and what better day to do that than on Nude Day.

He couldn't help but notice that each man was better looking than the next and he envisioned all of them having the pleasure of seeing his wife naked, only he never imagined they'd rape her and gangbang her. For sure, vying to win her heart, they were all good looking enough to have been contestants on the Bachelorette, but he never expected them to sexually assault his wife, just to ogle her naked body.

Admittedly, just a fleeting thought, after they passed him by, he couldn't help but imagine the four of them having their sexy way with Sheila, while he watched. A fantasy to behold and imagine happening, while masturbating at home in the privacy of his bedroom or bathroom, he knew his sexual fantasy would never come to pass. Yet, what if he talked her into a National Nude Day naked nature walk? Nah, she'd never get naked in public, but maybe she would on Nude Day. Over the next few weeks, Bob worked on his wife with the hope of setting his plan in motion.

Always, the four men came upon him so silently and so quickly that they startled him. If it wasn't for his faithful dog, Ralph, he'd never know they were approaching behind him. Now without his loyal companion by his side to warn them of their approach, but with his innocent wife, instead, he was hoping the same thing would happen today, Nude Day. Only, somehow, he had to convince her to shed her clothes, so that the four men would see her walking naked in public.

Just as exciting to see the reaction of the four men seeing his wife naked, it would be equally as exciting to see his wife's reaction to being seen naked by four, handsome men. His ulterior motive, excited by their imagined reaction, he hoped that the four men seeing his wife naked would spur her to be more sexually uninhibited. He so wanted to exposed his beautiful and sexy wife to the four men, so that they could have some sexy fun, in the privacy of their bedroom with some hot pillow talk later. He wanted the four joggers to see Sheila naked. Only, for it all to happen, he'd have to somehow cajole and convince his beautiful bride to get naked, not an easy thing to do, being that she was so very modest and somewhat sexually inhibited.

A Catholic school girl who was almost a Nun, still very religious and active in and devoted to her church, and having worked as a school librarian in a Catholic college, while teaching the Bible on Sundays, if anyone was a prude, it was Sheila. Sex to her was not a pleasurable experience, but an obligation expected of a wife to do for her husband. He couldn't remember, when she relaxed enough for him to give her an orgasm. Yet, even though she was angelic on the inside and had the pure essence of a virgin, on the outside, she had the body of a rock star's slutty girlfriend. Naturally endowed and Heavenly blessed, Jenna Jameson had nothing on his wife.

If one was to judge a book by its cover, they'd be dead wrong about Sheila. With her outside looks so deceiving, no one who ever met Sheila would think that she was so good, so wholesome, so religious, and so innocent on the inside. If they were to guess her profession, they'd think, no doubt, that his blonde bombshell was a stripper or a porn star and not a librarian and a Sunday School teacher.

For sure, he had his work cut out just to convince her to remove her socks, never mind anything else. Not much fun sexually, except behind their closed bedroom door, a teetotaler and not a drinker, never is when she wanted to play strip poker with his friends or pose naked. She'd never allow him to proudly show his friends her cheesecake photos and/or post her naked images on the Internet. She wouldn't even allow him to take any nude or semi-nude photos of her for his personal use. She wouldn't even allow him to photograph her wearing her nightgown. Modestly shy, she was such a nice woman and such a good girl.

"Bob, I agreed to take a nature walk with you in the woods, but I'm not going to take off my clothes in public," she said giving him a warning look, the same look she gave him, when he had one too many beers and she wanted him to stop drinking. "That's just nasty. I'd die of embarrassment if anyone was to see me," she said giving him that same face that she gave him, when he wanted to cum in her mouth, instead of on her tits.

She never allowed him to cum in her mouth. Blowjobs were always an issue. Always he had to beg her to blow him and, not very good at sucking cock, when she did blow him, it wasn't very good. Then, even though he begged her to allow him to cum in her mouth, even though he promised to do more around the house and/or to buy her this or that, she refused to allow him to cum in her mouth. Even after being married all these years, never is when he's ever cum in her mouth.

"Good girls don't pose naked and good girls don't suck cock, Bob," was her mantra, when they were dating, and now it was "Good girls never allow a man to cum in their mouths." Yet, conversely and a bit unfair, she loved having her pussy licked.

"C'mon, Sheila. It's Nude Day. It will be hot fun to get in touch with nature by getting naked. We're totally alone. There's no one around for miles. No one is here to see us," he said watching out for the arrival of the four cross country joggers with excited anticipation.

He knew he was pushing the envelope in trying to get her to be uninhibited enough to remove her clothes. Yet, a sexual fantasy come true, he figured if he started out by asking her just to remove her top, one clothing item at a time, maybe he could somehow coax her to get naked.

"Naked? You're nuts," she said shooting him a look that made him feel that if he was nuts. By her high moral and wholesome standards, she always made him feel perverted. "I'd never get naked in public."

"I'll get naked if you will," he said hoping that would entice her but knowing that it wouldn't make any difference.

"Yeah, well, that's the difference between you and me, Bob. You want to get naked. I don't. You don't care about showing your naked body to other women. You don't care who sees you naked. I don't want anyone but you to see me naked," she said shooting him a look that made him feel dirty and perverted. "A very personal and private thing, my body is just for you to see and for no one else to ogle."

Sorry now that he even asked her to get naked, they walked along without talking, while Bob diligently monitored the time that elapsed on his watch and pondered how he could get Sheila to remove her clothes. Seemingly emerging from out of nowhere and running through the woods as if they were startled deer or running through a defensive football line, so much like Notre Dame's four horsemen, he knew that it was around this time that the four joggers appeared from the forest. Getting nervous with dread that she'd never strip and excited with the sexual anticipation of somehow getting Sheila to strip naked to show her naked body to the four men, it was now or never that he had to get her to start stripping off her clothes. Soon, it would be too late.

"What if you just removed your blouse and walked around in your bra? That would be so hot to see you in your bra, Sheila."

"You see me in my bra all the time, Bob," she said giving him a look that made him feel bad that he felt so good about trying to get her naked. Only, this time, as if pondering the suggestion, she bit her lip and Bob took that as an opening.

"I don't know what the big deal is, Sheila. It's just your bra," said Bob hoping to weaken her resolve to expose some of her sexy body.

As if she was thinking about it, reading her body language as if she was an open book, when her shoulders relaxed, he knew she had softened to the idea of walking through the woods in her bra.

"And what will you remove, if I remove my blouse?"

Oh, my God. She was ready to remove her blouse. He couldn't believe it. Walking on thin ice, he had to handle her with care, so as not to startle her.

When he looked at her, she looked at him with a stare that made him want to confess his sins. He liked calling her Sister Sheila in bed, the only time he could get away with calling her that. It turned him on to call her Sister Sheila, while imagining that he was having sex with a Nun. Certainly, if he closed his eyes, she was good enough to imagine her being a Catholic Nun, but no Nun would have the body of a stripper and she did.

It was then that he realized that even Nuns would be more sexually promiscuous than his wife. If only she'd relax and loosen up a bit. With the unbelievable body that she had, he never understood why she wouldn't want to flaunt it and proudly show it, so that other men could enjoy it. His plan were that maybe, if he could somehow get her naked, even semi-naked, after today, when those four joggers saw something of her that they shouldn't, she'd not be as shy about nudity and they'd have a much better sex life.

"I'll take off my shirt," said Bob.

"That's hardly a fair trade Bob, your shirt for my blouse," she said with a smirk.

"People can see as much of me in my tee shirt as they can see of you in your bra," he said hoping to convince her. "Besides, you wear a bikini to the beach with loads of people looking at you, staring, actually, what's the difference in wearing your bikini top on the beach with lots of people and your bra in the woods, when there's not a soul here to see you?"

Staring straight ahead, she fell silent. Again, looking as if she was considering it, he felt hopeful that she'd at least remove her blouse. He loved her knockers. She had fabulous tits and looked fantastic in her bra. She had beautiful breasts with a long full line of mesmerizing cleavage. She had the kind of breasts that, if she was a prostitute, men would pay good money just to fuck her cleavage and cum all over her tits.

"Okay, but that's all I'm removing, just my blouse. You're right about people seeing me in my bikini top on the beach, so I don't mind some guy seeing me in my bra, but that's it. I mean, it Bob. I'm not removing another article of clothing."

Even though he had been so hopeful that she'd, at least, remove her blouse, he was shocked that she agreed. He was so excited with the anticipation of seeing his hot wife walking beside him in her bra that if she didn't remove another thing, he'd be happy. Now, he couldn't wait for the four joggers to see his wife's amazing bra clad tits. Still, even after she agreed to remove her blouse and walk beside him in her bra, not satisfied with her just removing her blouse, he pressured her to remove more.

"Okay, okay, Sheila. What's the big deal, anyway? It's just a naked body. It is Nude Day, after all and we're all naked before God. Let me help you," he said stopping in the road to help her off with her knapsack, so that she could remove her blouse.

"I'm only removing my blouse, Bob and God has nothing to do with me not getting naked, so don't even bring the Lord's name into our personal, sexual conversation."

"Okay," he said watching her unbutton her blouse, remove it, neatly fold it, and stick it in her knapsack. "Being naked has nothing to do with being sexual, unless you make it sexual."

He helped her put back on her knapsack, before looking over at her in her bra. Her tits appeared even bigger when wearing her knapsack. She was an amazing woman with an amazing body and he was so proud that she was his wife.

"That's bullshit, Bob. Being naked has everything to do with sex. Sex is all you think about. Sex, sex, sex," she said fanning herself with her hand. "Actually, I was a little hot anyway. This feels good walking around without my blouse and staying in just my bra. I can't help but feel so exposed, though," she said looking down at herself with a devilish smile. "I can't help but feel so wickedly naughty, albeit a little sexy," she said covering her bra clad breasts, by folding her arms across her chest. "Well, what about you?" She stared at her husband.

"Oh, okay," he said removing his shirt. "I was so busy staring at your bra that I forgot to remove my shirt," he said with a laugh, while hoping that someone would happen along to see his sexy wife in her bra. "God, I mean, gees, you have such a great rack, Sheila."

Barely covering her areolas, the bra she was wearing showed a lot of cleavage and every time she took a step the top of her C cup breasts jiggled.

"Thank you, Bob," she said looking down at herself. "I can't believe there's no one out here, today," said Sheila saying it, as if disappointed that there was no one in the woods to see her partially naked and walking in public in her brassiere.

"Yeah, I walk Ralph here all the time and I never see anyone," he said lying to her, while looking at his watch and counting the minutes to when the cross country joggers would mysteriously appear from out of the dense forest.

There was a long pause where neither one of them spoke. If Bob wasn't staring at his wife's bra, then he was searching the woods to see if he could spot someone coming before she did. Hoping to distract her, he didn't want her putting on her blouse, if there was someone coming.

"It's such a beautiful day, but it's so hot in the woods. I figured with all the shade from the trees that it would be cooler, but it's not," she said fanning herself with her hand, while looking around, before looking back at her husband. Then, as if thinking about removing more of her clothes, she looked around again. "Since we're so totally alone, Bob, I guess there's no harm, if I remove my jeans, too. With the sun beating down on me, it is getting hotter and, since it's Nude Day, anyway, walking around in my underwear would be sexy fun."

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