tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTesting a Theory

Testing a Theory


"You're crazy," he laughed as he ran his finger around the rim of his glass.

"I'm serious!" I said. We had already finished dinner, so we were in the 'idle chitchat' part of the date. The restaurant was emptying out, leaving only us, a waiter and two businessmen sitting across the room from us. The waiter was standing in the doorway of the kitchen looking bored, ready to leave, and irritated that we were still nursing our coffee and ice cream. "That's the main reason no porn magazine for women has ever taken off." I tapped one index finger with the other. "Playgirl was the closest. That's it. And I don't know a single woman who buys a copy of that. You mean have, what, Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, FHM, Maxim... a thousand and one ways to see a woman naked or next to naked."

"And women don't want to see men naked?" he asked.

"I didn't say that. There are celebrities we'd like to jump, but Brad Pitt isn't exactly a centerfold, now is he? Men will sit through a crappy movie because Angelina shows her tits, but a woman won't go just to see George Clooney's ass. My theory is that porn for women - visual porn, videos and pictures, fail because women are more mental. That, and we have better ways to see men naked."


"Sure. We ask." I leaned back in my chair and smirked.

"You... you ask."

I shrugged. "Yeah."

"Any man."

"Any man we want to see naked. We make even a half-hearted request, we'll see him naked within an hour."

He shook his head. "Nope. Not buying it. Women look at smut as much as men do... well. Maybe not as much. But they need it."

I laughed. How did we even get onto this subject? I leaned forward with my elbows on the table and said, "We prefer written smut. Have you ever seen the romance novel section at the bookstore? Hundreds of covers with men showing their nipples..."

"Aha! So..."

"We don't buy them for the covers, you buffoon. We buy them for the sexy writing inside. That's what gets us off. You have to engage the mind as well as the senses. More, even."

The waiter approached and pointedly asked, "Will there be anything else?"

I started to say no and send him away, but I thought of a supremely better idea. I leaned back in my chair, looked up at him and said, "Yes. I would like to see you naked."

He stared at me for a long moment, maybe thinking he had a misheard me, but then my date scoffed and said, "Oh, my God," and covered his eyes with his hand. The waiter looked at my date, looked at me and said, "E-excuse me?"

"I would like to see you naked," I repeated. I crossed my right leg over my left, crossed my arms and smiled up at him. He wasn't an unattractive guy; wide shoulders, dark hair, a little bit of a five o'clock shadow on his cheeks. He wore, like all the other waiters, a white tuxedo shirt with a black vest and black pants. He looked a little like a baseball player I couldn't name; fit and athletic and very earthy. He was still trying to come up with a response so I said, "You can say no, if you want."

"No," he said quickly. "Um... wh-when?"

"Now is good," I said.


The businessmen across the room were looking in our direction now. The waiter looked over his shoulder, but the others on the wait staff had abandoned him to his fate. He swallowed hard and said, "Um..."

"Now or never," I said. My heart was beating fast. This had all started out as a joke, but the more he hesitated, the more I really, desperately wanted him to say yes.

He tentatively reached up to the collar of his shirt and undid it. His cheeks were red, and his fingers trembled as they worked the tiny white buttons. He got the shirt halfway undone when he realized his vest was in the way. I reached out and said, "Here, let me." I undid the three large buttons on the vest and let the two halves drop open. "There you go."

When I sat back in my chair, I looked across the table at my date. He was blushing as well, his eyes locked on me. I smiled at him, lifted my shoulder in a shrug. I should have put money on it.

The waiter had gotten his shirt unbuttoned and untucked it from his trousers. He pulled the shirt off, leaving him in a white tank top, dropped it on the table and used the toe of one shoe to pull off the other one. I looked over my shoulder and saw the two businessmen quickly gathering their things. I raised an eyebrow and looked at the waiter. "Looks like it's just us. What was your name?"

"Jason." He undid the button-fly of his trousers and pushed them down. His legs were a little thin and pale, but still nice. He was wearing boxers, and I could see that the idea of public nudity had aroused him. I looked at my date and saw one of his arms was under the table. I smiled. "Are you getting excited?"

"Watching you watch him?" he said. "Hell yeah."

"Take off your clothes. Let me see you both."

Jason paused in the process of pulling off his tank top. He and my date looked at each other and then my date pushed his chair back. I shifted in my seat. Oh, this was too, too much. I bit my bottom lip and moved my hand between my legs, pushed up my dress and lightly rubbed two fingers against the smooth cotton of my panties.

I slipped off my shoes and watched as Jason hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and, quickly before he could change his mind, shoved them down. He was a little hairy, but that was all right. His cock hung heavy between his legs, plump but not full erect. He didn't seem to know what to do with his hands, and ended up crossing them over his chest. He and I both looked at my date, who had his shirt unbuttoned and was busily undoing the button on his pants.

I stretched my leg out and ran my stocking foot over Jason's calf. He gasped, looked down and then looked at me. "Stroke your cock for me." His hand immediately went to his cock and he looped his fingers around the base. He stroked from the base to the tip with slow, sure strokes until, before long, he was nice and hard.

I looked back at my date as he pushed his underwear down and kicked them off. My date was older than Jason, and his hair was starting to go gray. He wasn't muscular, but he hadn't let his body go to seed, either. He still had a nice build for a man his age, and I felt a thrill as his underwear skimmed down his legs to pool around his ankles. His cock was harder than Jason's, bigger but thinner. I was surprised to see that his pubic hair looked trimmed. I'm sure he expected to show off his stuff tonight, but probably not quite like this.

"Are you...?" Jason asked. He nodded at my blouse.

"Huh-uh," I said, shaking my head. "That wasn't the theory. But you boys are definitely putting on a very nice show for me." I licked my lips and ran my eyes down Jason's chest. My date, ever the good boy, was already stroking himself without being asked. They stood next to each other, with an appropriate 'straight-man' buffer between them. I briefly considered asking them to stroke each other, or to kiss, but I was already pushing my luck enough as it was.

I used three fingers to rub myself through my underwear, then pushed it out of the way and touched my fingertips to my labia. I gasped and my eyes closed, but only briefly. I didn't want to miss a minute of my show. Jason and my date were now picking up speed, struggling to be the first one to get off. I slid out of my chair and knelt on the floor in front of them, on my knees but retaining the feeling that these two beautiful boys were worshipping me.

My date reached out and stroked my hair, and he groaned when I turned my head and nipped his wrist. Jason, apparently nervous about touching me, used his free hand to squeeze his balls. "I could do that for you," I said. He groaned and moved his hand away as I brought mine up. His balls were warm against my hand, tight and dimpled. I squeezed, massaged, and pulled as his hand continued to pump his cock.

"I'm coming..." he grunted.

I walked on my knees until I was close enough and rolled my tongue over the head of his cock. When I closed my lips around the head, his body jerked and he came into my mouth. I moaned and let it sit on my tongue before I swallowed it. There wasn't much, but I savored what he offered. When he was done, his cock resting limp on my tongue, I let him slip free and wiped my palm across my bottom lip. I turned and saw my date was nearing lift-off himself. I moved on my knees over to him, my hand still between my legs and teasing my clit. I wrapped lips still wet with Jason's come around his cock head and flicked my tongue against him. I pressed my tongue against the slit and then let him fuck my mouth.

He clutched the back of my head and held me in place while he came; I nearly used my teeth on him. Big no-no. Instead, I squeezed his balls. He yelped and released me, and I released him. "Hands off." I raised an eyebrow, bowed my head and took him back into my mouth. I felt his hands in my hair, but he wasn't pulling. Good boy, fast learner. I eased my fingers on his balls, lightly kneading them until he grunted and arched his back.

He came harder than Jason, and some of it spilled from my mouth before I could swallow. I pulled back, started to wipe my lips, but then said, "Jason. Kiss me." He hesitated, glanced at my date and then bent down to kiss my lips. I brushed my come-wet tongue against his lips and he moaned. When he pulled back, I made a 'come here' gesture to my date. He bent down without question and kissed me hard.

When he stood up again, I held my hands out. Jason took one, my date took the other and they lifted me to my feet. My fingers were wet from playing with myself and my date brought them to his lips. He kissed each one, sucked them into his mouth with his eyes closed as if tasting a succulent treat. I smiled and waited until he was done, then looked at Jason. To my date, I said, "What do you say? Think he deserves a tip after all of that?"

"What were you thinking?" my date asked, breathless.

"You want to come home with us?" I asked.

Jason swallowed, looked at my date and said, "Um."

I laughed and said, "Relax. You can say no."

"No to what, ma'am?"

I blinked. Jason was standing next to the table, fully dressed, hands clasped behind his back. My date was across the table, looking at me strangely. I cleared my throat, shifted in my seat - God, how could I have gotten so wet in a matter of seconds - and waved my hand. "No, no thanks. We're good."

Jason raised his eyebrows, stifled a sigh and moved back to the kitchen door. I glanced at the check, then looked at my date. "Actually," I said, raising my voice to get the waiter's attention. He turned around and looked at me. "There is something you can help us with."

"And what is that, ma'am?"

I rested my chin on the back of my hand and smiled up at him. "You could help us test a theory."

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