tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTesting Carol's Limits

Testing Carol's Limits


Carol heard a sharp intake of breath from her left and then felt her head fly forward towards the windscreen. She felt the seatbelt pull tight across her chest and then felt herself slam back into the seat as the car stopped abruptly. She looked to her left and saw her examiner, Mr Greene scowling at her, his foot still buried deep in the footwell where his emergency brake pedal remained mashed against the floor. Carol felt her face redden as she realised what she had done.

"Did you not see that red light?" asked Mr Greene sarcastically, as the 18 wheeler drove past, inches from the bonnet of the car they were sitting in.

Carol said nothing, her test (her third, and her second since her eighteenth birthday) had been going so well and now she had blown it. The lights changed and Mr Greene instructed her to continue. As she fumbled with the gear lever and then stalled the car halfway across the junction, he fought hard not to smile. She was a cute kid, and up until now her test had gone well.

For her part, Carol was getting more and more worked up and as she moved off she stalled the car a second time. When she finally managed to get the car going again, Mr Greene instructed her to do her emergency stop. Needless to say, she didn't do it quite as well as she might, but it was a borderline pass.

Eventually Mr Greene directed her back into the car park of the small test centre, it was getting dark and there was a chill in the air as they walked through the leaves strewn across the tarmac. Mr Greene held the door open and ushered the girl inside. She was quite short, only a little over five foot, which meant that he towered over her with his large 6ft plus frame. He often went for smaller women, and he found that smaller women often loved the feeling off being with someone so much bigger. He thought it made them feel safe, whereas he just loved that their small hands made his cock look huge.

He watched her as she walked down the hall in front of him, her skirt clinging to her lovely tight arse and her long dark hair swishing across her back. He felt his cock stiffen slightly as he thought about lifting her skirt up and....

"In here Carol," he said as they reached a door at the far end of the corridor.

The place seemed deserted, they hadn't seen anyone since they had got back and Carol looked at her watch. It was well after six. Mr Greene flicked the light on and Carol realised that she was in what looked like the staff room for the centre.

"Sit down, no-one will disturb us in here."

Carol sat down, grateful for the warmth of the gas heater in the corner of the room after the chill of the evening air. Mr Greene sat down opposite her and began scribbling on his pad, occasionally sneaking a look at her legs. 'No wonder she was cold, wearing a skirt like that,' he thought to himself.

Carol was pretty much resigned to failure at this point, she didn't understand why Mr Greene didn't just tell her she'd failed and put her out of her misery, but still he made her wait, ticking boxes and shuffling papers. After a while Carol began to feel a little warmer and peeled off her coat and laid it across one of the empty chairs. Mr Greene looked up for a second, just long enough to take in the shape of Carol's small breasts which were perfectly outlined by her tight top.

His cock twitched beneath his clipboard and he ticked a few more boxes, 'keep her waiting' he told himself, let her think she's failed. Eventually he clicked his pen and looked up at her, his face non-committal.

"So, Carol... here's the thing. Overall your examination was of a reasonable standard...not the best I've seen, not by a long chalk, but adequate nonetheless. Your emergency stop was borderline but my real problem is, as I'm sure you're aware, the red light you drove through..."

Carol shuffled in her seat, her top teeth biting into her bottom lip with nerves. He always loved this part.

"...I could pass you, but... that would mean setting aside my principles, and I'm a very principled man. However, I could overlook your little discrepancy, if you were willing to accept some other punishment as a way of making amends."

Carol looked utterly confused.

"Of course, you can reapply if you wish, I believe the waiting list is only about 8 weeks... maybe you'll even get another examiner next time, if you're very lucky. But..." he smiled, "... you'll find most of the examiners at this centre are just as principled as I am."

"I don't understand..." murmured the girl, looking every bit the teenager she was.

Mr Greene sighed. "Carol, I want to pass you, and I will, but you need to be punished for your mistake... then we can all leave happy and I don't have to carry round a guilty conscience knowing that I passed you when I really shouldn't have... okay?"

"What do you mean, punished?"

Mr Greene smiled at her warmly.

"Just a little spanking."

"What!" Carol retorted.

"Oh don't get upset, I'm not going to hurt you...well, not much anyway."

"But, you can't do that..."

"Who's to know? There's no one else here... I've already filled in the forms, all I need to do is sign them and you've got your licence."

Carol looked at her coat, wondering if she should just get up and leave... but on the other hand, there was her paper just waiting to be signed....she looked up at him with pleading eyes, but Mr Greene had seen those before and was no soft touch.

"Carol, it's no use fluttering your eyelids at me, I've made my position perfectly clear, if you want to leave and re-apply then I don't have a problem with that, but if you want your licence passed today, well..."

Mr Greene patted his knee suggestively, while Carol's eyes flicked from her coat to the door and back to his knee.

After several minutes of silence, Carol finally spoke. "You promise you won't hurt me?" she said softly, her eyes cast down to the carpet.

"I promise. In fact I think you'll probably enjoy it once you get started."

Carol doubted that, but she really wanted her licence and she didn't want to have to wait another two months. She walked slowly over to her examiner and he leaned back to let her position herself over his knee. She looked tiny on his lap, almost child-like, and he could already feel his cock pressing against her stomach. He swallowed hard and slowly slid his palm up the back of her bare legs, bringing a shudder from the girl.

"You understand why I have to do this don't you Carol?"

"Umm....yes, Mr Greene...."

"You know I can't let you go unpunished for what you did don't you?"

"Yes..." Carol's voice had a little shake to it now as she felt Mr Greene's hands softly stroking the back of her thighs. She hadn't expected him to be so gentle, she thought he would just spank her and that would be it.

"Good girl. Now you just try to keep still...."

His hand moved higher and she felt his fingers slip down between her thighs, a finger brushing very softly against her pussy through her panties. Carol heard herself groan and at the same time try to push herself off Mr Greene's lap, but his other hand held her firmly in place, just until she got over the initial shock.

"Keep still," he whispered. Carol was confused, on the one hand she felt like he was already overstepping the mark, but at the same time she could feel her pussy getting wet and part of her wanted his fingers to touch her there again. As she lay there Mr Greene continued to stroke the backs of her legs but he waited some time before he allowed his fingers to move between her thighs again. When he did he was delighted to feel the cloth between her legs had become damp with her juices.

"Good girl," he said again as he gently stroked his finger up and down, the wet cloth of her knickers rubbing gently against her dripping pussy.

"Please don't," whispered Carol, though she had no idea why.

"Oh, you don't mean that," he said. "You're already wet, you know you want it, don't you?"

There was a long pause and then Carol heard herself say 'yes' and she raised her bottom up in the air just a little. Mr Greene smiled, and used his left hand to slide her skirt up to expose her gorgeous, tight bottom.

"Very nice," he said.

Carol blushed deeply and was glad of the long hair falling over her face to the floor.

"Mmmmm," he said, his large palm circling the twin globes softly. "I think we'll start with a few warm ups."

Carol tensed, ready for the first blow, but was surprised at how gentle it was when it came. He was no novice though, he knew exactly what he was doing and each following slap landed just a little harder than the previous one. Carol felt her bottom began to heat up, but because of the gradual build up she found she quite enjoyed it. The lighter slaps had warned her body of what was to come and so her body had released endorphins that made the harder slaps pleasurable rather than painful.

She closed her eyes and began to enjoy the sensation of being spanked by the huge man, at one point she tried to reach back to play with her clit as he spanked her but in the position she was in it proved impossible. Sensing her intent, Mr Greene again allowed his hand to fall between her now open thighs and rubbed a little harder against her sodden panties. Carol let out a loud groan and Mr Greene felt confident enough to slide his finger inside the material and rub his fingertip against her pussy lips. She was so wet he couldn't believe it and his finger slid effortlessly inside her little hole.

Carol let out another groan as he circled his finger gently, stretching her gently before withdrawing and hooking his fingers into the waistband of her knickers. As he pulled on the material, Carol lifted herself slightly to help him remove her underwear. He pulled them down as far as her knees and left them there, stretched between her open legs. Then he slid his palm back up her thighs and onto her bare arse cheeks.

"Okay Carol, that's the warm up, now it's time for your punishment."

Carol groaned again and he saw her cheeks tense as she anticipated the beating she was about to receive. He lifted his hand off her backside and then licked the pussy juice from his finger.

"You taste delicious," he whispered, distracting her momentarily just as his hand slapped down onto her bare ass. Carol moaned as the shock of what he'd done hit her, but soon the endorphins were kicking in and as he slapped her over and over and her arse became redder and hotter she began writhing in ecstasy rather than pain.

Suddenly he stopped and his hand moved between her legs again, for some reason this time Carol instinctively pressed them together even though they both knew she wanted him to touch her. Mr Greene waited a few seconds and then saws her legs relax, he'd done this before after all and he knew how these things worked.

"You want me to touch you, don't you Carol?" he asked softly.

There was a long pause as Carol fought with her conflicted emotions, but eventually there came a quiet 'yes'.

"You'll have to do better than that Carol, remember your licence depends on this...."

Another long pause and then a breathless request came from under the long dark hair.

"Please touch me again Mr Greene....."

"That's better," he said, and slid his hand back between her open legs. Carol moaned loudly as he softly caressed her pussy and then gently slid a finger inside. His cock was aching for release now and he longed to feel the soft silky walls of her tight little cunt wrapped around it as he spurted his load inside her.

He added another finger and soon Carol was pushing back against his hand, willing him to go deeper and harder. He looked down at her tight little asshole and wondered if she had ever been fucked in the ass. Teen girls were a lot more adventurous than his generation after all. He pressed the tip of his thumb against her puckered hole and Carol groaned deeply, before begging him not to touch her there.

"Please, no, I've never...."

He moved his thumb away, slightly disappointed. That groan had told him all he needed to know, but for now he was happy to play along. Carol relaxed, relieved that he had done as she had asked, but was then shocked as he returned to slapping her asscheeks even harder than before.

After a couple of minutes she was begging him to stop, her backside was red and burning and she couldn't take much more. Mr Greene paused for a moment and then slid his fingers back inside her pussy, bringing another long, deep groan from the girl.

"Better than spanking?" he asked, barely able to hide the smirk in his voice.

"Ye....yes," breathed Carol.

"I tell you what would feel even better..." he continued. "How would you like me to slide my rock hard cock into your tight little cunt?"

Carol moaned as his fingers moved to her clit and began a rhythmic stroke.

"I promise not to spank you any more if you let me...."

Mr Greene's fingers moved faster, expertly teasing her most sensitive spot until she finally agreed.

"Good girl," he said, pushing her from his lap and down onto the carpet. He stood up and unbuckled his belt and trousers, his cock standing out, hard and aching for attention. He reached down and pulled her to him and then sat down in the chair, pulling her between his legs, her head inches from his throbbing stalk.

"Suck it," he said. "And rub your clit too, I want to see you cum."

Carol was so turned on she never thought twice and thrust her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as she devoured the man's pulsing meat. It wasn't huge, but it was more than big enough that she couldn't get it all in her mouth, even though she tried hard.

Mr Greene however, was unimpressed, "deeper, I want to feel your lips on my balls!" he barked.

Carol couldn't quite manage that, but she did get a lot of his cock into her mouth and within a couple of minutes she felt herself starting to cum. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and wanked it hard as she rubbed her clit until she started to shake with the force of her orgasm.

As it subsided she wilted onto the floor and Mr Greene moved from the chair and positioned himself right behind her. He grasped his cock in his hand and despite the slightly awkward height difference, fed it into her waiting, dripping cunt, slamming it home with one hard thrust. Carol cried out as he stretched her tight hole but soon she was thrusting back towards him, crying out for him to fuck her harder and deeper.

Mr Greene needed no encouragement and was soon fighting the inevitable need to cum. He slowed momentarily, but Carol begged him to continue, begged him to fill her hole with his hot spunk. Her words drove him on and he fucked her as hard as he had ever fucked anyone in his life, until finally he felt his balls contract and his cock spurted it's load deep into her slippery, wet cunt. He shook uncontrollably as he pumped his ball juice inside her and then remained where he was as his orgasm subsided.

He looked down and saw his still hard cock spearing into Carol's tight pussy and imagined what it would have felt like to force it into her virgin ass. Then he pulled his cock free from her hole and watched as his come dripped freely onto the carpet. He massaged the last few drops of come out of his cock and Carol, suddenly embarrassed and a little unsure of herself scrabbled to her feet and pulled her stretched knickers up to cover her dripping cunt.

Mr Greene smiled at her warmly, he genuinely liked the girl and he was more than happy to be able to give her her licence. As she stood there, her hair messed up, her skirt splashed with his cum and reeking of sex, he thought she looked absolutely beautiful. But Carol was so ashamed she could barely look at him, her cheeks were red, her bottom was sore, her cunt was still leaking his thick cream, but she felt more alive than she ever had before.

He held out the signed form for her and she took it with only a mumbled 'thank you', her eyes to the floor as she snatched up her coat and made for the door.

As usual Mr Greene had written his phone number on the back of the form, just in case she wanted a repeat performance. They didn't always ring, but he had a good hit rate, and anyway, in his line of work there was a fresh batch of pussy every week.

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