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Tete a Tete


Susan eagerly looked out the window as the airplane set down. She was really going to do this! She was going to get to see Mike in person! After chatting with him on the Internet for so long she was ready to see her lover in the flesh.

She disembarked through the gate and scanned the crowd, looking right and left for him. Suddenly she felt arms go around her waist. "Looking for me Beautiful?" a sexy voice said in her ear. Susan spun around to face Mike, "You DID recognize me!!" she said surprise in her voice.

"Darling how could I not recognize you? I've seen you so much online... I would never forget that body." Susan smiled at the compliment, not really believing she was here with him, after so long.

Mike looked longingly at Susan's perfect cupid's bow lips. "I think I know how to greet you properly." He touched his mouth to hers, teasing and tempting her with his tongue.

"Mmmm that was nice, where are we going now?" Susan asked after they broke the kiss, gasping for air.

"Straight to my house, of course." Mike answered, a lecherous smile on his handsome face. Susan looked at that familiar smile and felt faint, he was so gorgeous when he smiled, even more so in person. She couldn't wait to see what he had in store for her.

Mike pushed the door to his bedroom open for Susan to enter. "And this is my bedroom, there is the computer where I chat with you, and this is my bed."

A frisson of pleasure went through Susan's whole body at the word "bed'. God the man should be fined for having such a sexy damn voice! She sat on the edge and looked up at him expectantly.

"Nah uh baby," Mike said grinning, "There is a rule for the bed, clothes are not allowed on it." He wrapped his arms around her and brought her to her feet, in one smooth movement. Susan felt the breath leave her body as he captured her lips in another kiss. He sucked gently at her bottom lip and lightly bit it. She felt weak in the knees... As they kissed his hands roved her body, caressing her arms, up the back of her shirt to rub on her spine, squeezing her ass through her blue jeans. She suddenly stepped back and looked at him panting, getting hotter when she saw the dark, smoky look in his eyes.

Mike grabbed her, pulling off her shirt, revealing the shell pink satin bra she had worn just for him. Then without preamble, Susan slipped off her shoes, socks and jeans, standing now only in the pink lingerie set she had purchased the day before.

"See I bought a matching set." She said huskily, growing wet from the look in his eyes.

Mike looked at Susan hungrily, his eyes devouring her smooth tan skin, perfectly accented by the delicate pink bra and panties. From her lush lips to her full breasts, flat stomach on down to her pink toenails, he could not find one imperfection. Growling deep in his throat, he seized her in his strong arms. Susan, caught up in the frenzy of sexual frustration as well, began to undress him hastily, admiring his finely muscled form, as each part was revealed.

Unable to take it, a now naked Mike laid Susan down on the bed, pulling off her panties slowly, enjoying the feel of her silky legs against his palms. He then knelt between her spread legs, kissing and nibbling the inside of her thighs. Susan felt more wetness between her legs. Reaching for him, she rasped, "Mike please oh please put your mouth on me, please, I can't stand any more teasing."

Giving her a big grin, Mike spread open the lips of her sex, and bent low, tasting the dark pink flesh with his tongue. Susan writhed on the bed, moaning helplessly as he twirled his tongue around her clit. Sucking the tender bud into his mouth, Mike began to vibrate it with his tongue with ever increasing pressure and speed. Groaning with pleasure, Susan twined her fingers in his wavy hair, forcing his mouth harder against her pussy.

Unclasping her bra, Mike reached under the silky fabric and began to pinch her nipples lightly; making her come in a frenzy of moans and shudders. He sat back on his heels, staring at her; she was flushed prettily from high on her cheekbones down to the tips of her breasts.

Looking at the rigid erection Mike was sporting, Susan knew what to do. She guided him down on the bed and took the head of his cock in her mouth, swirling her hot tongue around the shaft. She took the whole length of him deep into her throat and licked at the base of his penis with the tip of her tongue. Moving slowly up and down, she increased the suction by increments until he was twisting the sheets in both fists, trying to keep from climaxing.

He pushed her back and got off the bed abruptly. Susan stared at him, wondering what was next. Mike picked her up and she instinctively wrapped both of her long, brown legs around his waist and looked deep into his eyes. He guided his cock into her tight sheath, as he grabbed her ass to keep her aloft. When he penetrated her softness, Susan's eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure, climaxing at the sensation.

"Wow darling, you really meant it when you said that you can cum at the drop of a hat." Mike growled. "Now wrap that wet cunt around me and lets enjoy ourselves."

Mike walked her over to the wall and propped her against it, still supporting her, a hand cupping each buttock. He thrust into her, lifting her with the movements. Susan held onto his shoulders, knowing nothing but the orgasm after orgasm that flowed from her pussy up to the top of her head. Her nails bit into his back, and she moaned loudly at the glorious feeling of having him inside her finally.

"Mike, put me down baby, please I want you behind me." He obeyed, dropping her legs carefully, groaning in frustration as his cock slid out of her warm pussy. Climbing on the bed, Susan got down on all fours, head upright, legs spread, showing her dripping pussy to full effect. Mike growled again, and positioned himself behind her, easing his cock back inside her. He pulled in and out, twisting his hips a bit to caress her g-spot, and grinning every time his movement elicited a moan.

Susan kept up his rhythm; delighting at the glorious pleasure this tete a tete was bringing her. Suddenly she felt him stop and purr in her ear. "Yes, you naughty girl, I remember what you wanted me to do while I was fucking you..." As he said that she felt his lubed finger gently slide into her ass. Her body shuddering, Susan gave in to the helpless orgasm caused by the feel of him so completely filling her body. He jerked his hips against her, gradually building up rhythm, making her moan once again as she climaxed over and over, coming so copiously it even dripped between them onto the bed.

Mikeb felt himself tighten and knew that his pleasure was at hand. Withdrawing his finger he slammed into Susan's pussy a final time and gasped as he felt himself shoot spurts of hot cum into her.

Exhausted he lay down beside her, tingling all over with a contented feeling. "So, Beautiful, was it good for you?" Mike asked, a slight grin on his chiseled features.

Susan looked up at him coquettishly, "Yes lover it was the best ever, but I must ask, where is your cat?"

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