tagRomanceTexas Jack Ch. 01-03

Texas Jack Ch. 01-03


Chapter One - The Hold Up

The four riders spurred their horses into a run as the stagecoach came into sight. Their leader, astride a big buckskin, adjusted his mask and drew his six shooter.

"Let's take it!!" He said reining his horse around and heading down the hill. Shots started coming from the coach as soon as the driver and guard saw the four men coming at them. At the gallop, the outlaw leader aimed and fired. The diver slumped back in the seat, dropping the reins.

"DAMN!!!" the robber cried as the team became a runaway. He wheeled his horse and came up beside the coach, as the guard was swinging his Greener around to blow his head off. The Colt fired once and the guard fell backward, off the seat, to fall beneath the coach's wheels. After some struggling, the outlaw was able to climb into the seat and retrieve the reins, bringing the team under control and stopping the coach.

As the passengers were opening the door, they realized that they might have gone from the pan to the fire.

"WE'RE BEING ROBBED!!!" one of the male passengers screamed.

"Oh shut up!" A woman's voice said, sharply, just before a well turned leg appeared over the doorsill.

"Mornin' Ma'am." The tall bandit drawled, touching his hat brim. "You have the honor of being stopped so that you might make a small donation to our cause."

She was a handsome woman, well built and with a strong proud look in her eyes, her auburn hair poorly hidden beneath her straw sunbonnet, shone like polished copper in the Texas sun.

"And what cause might that be?" She asked, her fists on her round hips.

"Why the enrichment of myself and my companions, of course." He said, as the three other bandits rode up and stepped from their horses.

The woman removed her jewelry and the contents of her purse, handing it all to the robber.

The other passengers consisted of two 'men' both looking very frightened, and a third man who looked like a lawman, or perhaps a former Army officer.

The outlaw leader ignored the two, less masculine males and addressed the third.

"You look to have military bearing sir. With whom did you serve?"

"I served with the Army of the Potomac, and the troops I led proudly destroyed your rag tag army of cut throats and thieves."

At these words the other three outlaws started muttering things like 'string the blue belly up', but his own stupid treachery removed the need for a rope.

No sooner had the outlaw leader holstered his pistol and turned away, the man reached beneath his waistcoat and pulled a derringer. What happened next almost happened too fast to see. As the former officer took aim, the outlaw spun, drew and fired, once, striking the man directly between his eyes. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Addressing the woman once more the outlaw bowed, "My apologies Ma'am, that this unfortunate display of violence was necessary in your presence, but he left me no choice. I am the leader of this rag tag army of cut throats and thieves, my name is Rhett, and I am at your service."

In spite of the situation, or perhaps because of it, the woman smiled. "Thank you sir, for your concern. My name is Kelly." She offered her gloved hand, which Rhett took, and kissed in his most courtly manner.

"An unusual name for a woman, especially one of such rare beauty."

Kelly smiled, unsure of how she should react to this man, beyond the immediate biological reaction she was feeling between her legs.

The outlaws went about stripping everything of value from the rest of the passengers, including the dead as well. Then Rhett started giving instructions. "Tom, get the express box, Charlie, take those two's boots and start 'em walkin' back the way they came, Waco, get all the baggage out and let's see what we have."

The express box hit the ground with a crash and Rhett shot the lock open. "Not bad gentlemen, not bad at all. We seem to have intercepted a large shipment of Yankee dollars." He stood up, and without counting it said, "Tom, take care of the split and meet me at Comanche Wells in ten days. The rest of you ride with Tom."

"Where you headin' Major?" The one called Tom asked.

"Why I'm rescuin' this young lady from you blood thirsty highwaymen, and takin' the coach to the next town. Too bad I arrived on the scene too late to prevent the violence." "Miss Kelly, I can permit you to retrieve only one case, it would be unrealistic to allow these brigands to have left you any more."

Kelly smiled as she picked up her case and walked to the side of the coach.

The other bandits rode off as Rhett was tying his horse to he back of the stagecoach.

"You'd best ride on top with me, I'll be putting the bodies inside the coach."

As the coach rolled along the dusty road, Kelly learned much about this mystery man. She found out that he had been a Confederate Major, and had, along with his officers, refused to lay down their arms after the surrender.

"But I've never seen a wanted poster on you. How can that be?" She asked, her hand resting on his strong thigh.

"Oh, they're up alright, but no one has ever been able to describe me. So there's no picture to go along with the name they've hung on me."

"And what might that be?"

"Texas Jack." He said, looking at her and smiling.

"YOU'RE Texas Jack, murderer, stage robber, bank robber and God knows what else?"

"Yes Ma'am, also soldier of fortune, gunfighter and all around bad fellow."

"How is it there's no description of you? Or should I ask?"

"I usually wear a mask, but even so," He wet his finger and drew it over his moustache. The black coloring disappeared, and the steel gray showed in its place. He snapped the reins to speed the team up.

Kelly decided that she was in no danger from this man, otherwise he would have already killed her. "How long before we get to town?" She asked, her hand moving a bit higher on Rhett's leg.

In answer, Rhett brought the coach to a dusty, rattling halt, then tied off the reins and turned to her. "As long as you want Kelly, as long as you want." His eyes took hold of Kelly’s and spoke volumes.

Their lips met in a searing kiss, desire that had been smoldering since they met burst into flame, their lips and tongues moved over each other as their hands busied themselves with the fastening of their clothes.

"Oh my God!" Rhett said when he had freed Kelly's magnificent tits from their restraint. He took a firm nipple between his teeth and gently bit it, his tongue flickering over the swelling tip.

"Oh yesss, that feels so good," Kelly moaned, her hands reaching beneath Rhett's jeans and grasping his erect cock.

In moments they were both naked, the hot Texas sun baking their skin as Rhett put his face between her satin thighs and licked her hot, wet, willing pussy. His tongue moving up and down her creamy slit, flickering over her clitoris as his hands held her firm ass, pressing her tighter to his hungry mouth as he devoured her steamy cunt.

Before long Kelly was screaming in pleasure as her thighs clenched around Rhett's head, her hands pulling his face tighter to her throbbing pussy as she came in great torrents, her thick juices flowing over his questing tongue.

"Fuck me, Rhett, please fuck me, fuck me hard," She gasped, her voice hoarse with lust as she moved up onto the top of the coach, and waited on her hands and knees.

Without further preliminaries, Rhett knelt behind Kelly and steadied her with his hands on her ass as he rammed his rigid cock into her in a single powerful stroke.

She gasped as his iron cock slammed deep into her eager pussy.

He began moving in hard, fast strokes, his cock driving deep inside Kelly's willing cunt, feeling her wet lips clutch his shaft, her inner muscles gripping him like a hot velvet vice as his cock drilled into her again and again.

"YESSS!!! YESSSS!!!" She hissed as Rhett pounded his cock into her, ramming it in with all his strength.

He reached beneath her and his fingers found her swollen clit, as his cock was slamming into her, his fingers took up the pleasant task of stroking her throbbing clitoris, rubbing in circles over the hard, swollen tip.

Kelly ground her creamy pussy over Rhett's pounding, pumping dick, her cunt lips clutching at his shaft as he drilled into her harder and harder.


Rhett speeded up the movement of his rock hard cock, ramming it into her eager pussy as hard and as fast as he could.

In moments Kelly's body was trembling in the throes of a shattering orgasm. Her thighs quivering, her pussy gripping Rhett's cock in a vice grip as her juices flowed over his ramrod dick.

Rhett could not hold back any longer, as his balls spasmed, his hot cum erupted deep inside Kelly's waiting cunt, filling it to overflowing, and running down her trembling thighs.

When their orgasms had subsided, and their breathing returned to, more or less, normal, they sat in the coach seat, both nearly naked, basking in the heat of the Texas sun.

"Do you think we scared the horses?" Kelly asked, her hand resting on Rhett's hard thigh.

"Not this time, but it's still a few more hours to town." He said, caressing Kelly's warm breast with his hard, callused hand.

Slowly they dressed, pausing to grope and fondle each other as they did, playing and teasing.

Once they were underway again Kelly asked Rhett where there was a dance hall that might need an experienced hostess.

"Is that what you do? I mean for a living?" He asked.

Kelly was immediately on her guard, "Yes. Why? Is there something wrong with it?" She asked.

"Hell no! Is that why you're travelling?"

"Yeah, the blue noses took over the last town I worked in, they said there was no place in their 'community' for the likes of me. COMMUNITY!!! Shit!! I remember when the whole fuckin' town was six goddamn tents."

"We have our share, more than our share, of those in Georgia as well."

"Is that where you're from? Georgia?"

"Yes Ma'am, I am proud to be a Georgian, borne and bred."

She saw the sorrowful look on his face and at once understood, "There's no place there to go back to is there?"

He just shook his head and snapped the reins.

Sitting beside him on the seat, Kelly reached over and began opening his pants. She reached in and took his hardening cock out and began stroking it, slowly moving her hand up and down, feeling his cock become fully erect.

As Rhett looked over to her he saw her lick her lips, then form them into an "O" and lower her mouth to the head of his cock.

He scooted down in the seat to allow Kelly to better take his cock into her hungry mouth, the bumps in the road causing them to bounce, and having the added effect of driving his cock deeper into her sucking mouth.

Kelly swept her tongue over the swollen head of Rhett's cock, her lips moving up and down the shaft, sucking him deeply as her hands fondled his balls.

"Damn, Kelly!!! That feels, Ohhhh that feels good!!!" He groaned in delight as her mouth moved up and down his erection, her tongue now pressing the huge vein that ran along the shaft. He could feel his balls filling again as Kelly licked and sucked his raging cock, he knew he would not be able to hold out much longer, in spite of the intensity of his last orgasm. It had just been so long since he had been with a woman, and he had NEVER been with a woman as passionate and lusty as Kelly.

As Kelly swallowed his cock, taking it all into her mouth and tight, spasming throat, Rhett erupted into another orgasm, his pulsating cock spraying hot cum into Kelly's sucking mouth, poring down her hungry throat. She didn't let up for an instant, as his cock sent more and more semen flowing into her, she swallowed it all, her lips milking him dry before she released his deflating cock from her mouth and rested her head in his lap.

"Feel better, Rhett?" She asked softly.

He simply stroked her hair, then leaned down and lifted her lips to his, kissing her gently, tenderly. "I know where there's a town that needs a dance hall hostess." He said after a few minutes.

"WHERE?" Her face brightened.

"About a hundred miles south of here, Comanche Wells."

"Isn't that where. . .?" She began.

"Yup. We're headquartered there. We took the town over about a year ago. Spent the last six months building it up. It's ours; lock stock and barrel. Funny thing is, it was, almost, legal."

"How long will it take us to get there?"

"Depends, can you ride?"

"Yes, I can ride!" She said, slapping him on the leg.

"Well I reckon we'll overnight in town, then ride south in the morning. We should get there in a few days."

After a stop for water, and for Rhett to remove his disguise, they resumed their trip.

"The black hair and moustache weren't the only things you took off. What happened to the scar on your cheek?" She touched his face gently.

"A bit of spirit gum and some greasepaint will do wonders My Dear." He said in an exaggerated voice.

"Don't tell me. You used to be an actor!" Kelly said in disbelief.

"Not just an actor Kelly, My Sweet, but a good one. I trod the boards with the Brothers Boothe, Edwin, and his poor lunatic brother, John Wilkes."

"Was he the one that. . .?"

"Yes, one and the same. An understandable, but futile gesture, and one that caused the tightening of the Yankee noose around the South's neck I'm afraid."

It was almost dusk when they reached the town and Rhett halted the coach in front of the Sheriffs Office. After spending the next hour delivering their well rehearsed, statements, Rhett and Kelly were free to go.

Kelly went to the hotel while Rhett found a stable and arranged for his horse to be seen to, and to the buying of a sound horse and tack for Kelly, then he joined her in their room. Kelly was waiting for him when he slipped through the door. She had undressed and washed the dust from her body and was laying on the bed, in all her naked glory, ready for her lover.

Rhett quickly undressed and went to the wash stand.

"Don't bother with that Baby, just come to Kelly, I need you so bad," She pouted.

By the time Rhett reached the bed, his cock was erect and ready.

Kelly reached up and took it in her hands, stroking it up and down as he knelt above her.

Rhett gasped as she lifted her head and took his stiff cock into her mouth, briefly sucking and licking it until it glistened with her saliva.

"I want you to fuck me between my tits Rhett, I want to feel your hard cock moving between them." She purred.

Rhett straddled her and rested his cock in the warm valley between her wonderful breasts.

Kelly squeezed them together, enclosing his cock in a tunnel of warm, satiny flesh.

Rhett began to move his hips back and forth, his cock sliding between Kelly's opulent tits easily. As the head of his cock drew near enough, Kelly's tongue flicked out to lick the dark, swollen, bulb, whisking away the small drops of pre-cum that formed there.

Kelly started to squirm beneath him as his cock moved between her breasts, their soft, warm skin caressing the shaft of his cock, her hungry lips kissing the head as it approached her mouth.

"Your choice Rhett," Kelly whispered as his cock moved over her, "In my mouth, in my pussy, between my tits, or in my ass," She looked at him with passion blazing behind her eyes, "Anything you want, anything," she purred.

Rhett sat back on his heels, his cock slipping from Kelly's tits. He rolled her onto her stomach and began caressing the cheeks of her ass. His fingers delved between her cheeks, seeking the tight puckered rosebud of her ass. He licked his finger and probed the tightly clenched muscle until he felt it begin to relax some, then he placed his cockhead against it and began to urge it forward.

"Ram it into me, Rhett. I need it hard and savage," She demanded, her voice a hiss from between clenched teeth.

Rhett felt her sphincter relax as he drove his cock into her, feeling the tightness of her ass as she gripped him, clenching her ass around his invading cock. His hands reached around and began fondling Kelly's swollen clit, his fingers probing inside her steamy cunt as he pumped his rigid cock into her ass, hard and fast.

"YESSS!!!" She hissed, grinding her ass back against him, forcing his cock even deeper inside her Rhett's cock moved like a steam piston, pounding into her tight ass without mercy, his fingers moving wetly in and out of her wet, creamy cunt faster and faster. Kelly buried her face in the pillow to avoid making too much noise, the feather pillow muffling her cries as she reached a shattering climax.

Rhett was not far behind, his body shuddered as his pulsating cock sent hot cum surging into Kelly's ass, filling her to overflowing as Rhett kept pumping and pumping until he was spent.

By the time their orgasms had subsided, they were both exhausted. They collapsed together on the bed and sleep in each other’s arms, Rhett's .44 Colt beneath the pillow.

Chapter Two – The Ride South

When Kelly woke the next morning, she was stiff and a little sore, but she felt good, until she realized that Rhett wasn't there. "That no good son of a bitch!!" She spat, "The rotten bastard stranded me!!" Cursing his no account soul, then throwing off the covers and sitting up.

As she did, Rhett slipped through the door, two large parcels in his hands. "Here's some jeans and stuff. I didn't reckon you could ride too well in that 'female' stuff you had on." He grinned.

"I thought you'd run off and stranded me here." Kelly said, half apologetic in her tone.

"Hell no. We've got too much fun to be had yet girl." He said, patting her warm breast, "Now listen here, wait an hour after I leave, then ride south out of town. Keep goin' 'till you're on the other side of the ridge. That should take you about two hours. I'll be waiting for you there."

"How much time have we got?" Kelly asked, her eyes starting to smolder in invitation.

"Long enough, " Rhett said, pulling his shirt off, "Long enough." The outlaw was naked and beside her in seconds, his strong arms wrapped around her, holding her firm tits pressed to his chest as his hands moved over her succulent ass.

"I'm still sore from last night," Kelly pleaded, pushing Rhett over onto his back, "Let me pleasure you this morning." She whispered, moving to kneel between his legs.

She leaned forward, her long auburn hair caressing Rhett's hardening cock as her face grew nearer and nearer to it.

Rhett felt her warm breath as she softly exhaled on the dark, swelling head.

She took his cock in her hands and gently stroked it, before putting her tongue on the head and licking it.

As Rhett groaned, Kelly licked his cock from the head down to the base and back up again, all the while slowly, gently stroking it. "Mmmm," she purred, "You taste good this morning." Her lips sealed around his cock head and she slowly sucked him into her hot, wet, willing mouth.

Rhett's fingers tangled in her soft hair, holding her head as his hips began to move, his cock probing deeper into her sucking mouth, until the head lodged at the top of her throat.

As she swallowed Rhett's rigid cock, he felt her throat spasm, constricting her muscles around his pulsating dick, then she drew her head back, letting his cock slide from her mouth until only the head remained, held warmly between her soft lips. She ran her tongue over the head, licking away the small drops of pre-cum that had begun to accumulate there. As she sucked his cock, she hummed softly, adding the vibrations of the tune to the ecstasy her soft lips, questing tongue and sucking mouth were giving him.

Rhett groaned, thrusting his hips upwards, putting his cock deeper in her mouth, causing her to swallow him again, which she did happily. Kelly began fondling Rhett's ball then, feeling them grow tighter as they filled with his semen, the hot cum she hungered for.

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