tagLetters & TranscriptsThank You for a Wonderful Weekend

Thank You for a Wonderful Weekend


My dearest Lynn:

Thank you for one of the best weekends of my life. I've finally woken up early enough to watch the sun rise over the mountains, there's just a slight lightening of the darkness along the ridge, and Venus is prominent in the sky.

Did you wear that black dress on Friday on my account? If so I greatly appreciated it. Well, I greatly appreciated it either way. In fact, I loved feeling comfortable enough with you to gaze at your body without feeling creepy or guilty, finally knowing that you do love me, and that I'm not 'bothering' you. I loved staring into your eyes.

The matter of fact way in which you took my hand to descend the lake shore filled me with pride and reassurance that you love me. Did you feel my eyes on your delightful body when you swept the hem of your dress down your legs and commented that "This isn't the best dress to wear while crawdad fishing." I respect your modesty, but would like to reassure you that I was not the slightest bit offended by your outfit.

The goodnight hug you gave me on Friday night may have added years to my life. Your back is exquisite. But then, since I stared at it for years as a teenager, perhaps I've developed a bit of a fetish in that regard. I couldn't help pressing my lips to your shoulder during our embrace out of an infantile desire to receive your nurturance. Will you ever forget the feel of my (unfortunately) closed mouth on your skin?

I don't think I was too surprised at the feelings I experienced on Friday evening. I knew that you make me tingle, and even feel an ache in the abdominal nerves that get dragged down with the testicles during development. This happens every time I see your image, so naturally I would experience it in person. What did surprise me were my body's subsequent responses to you.

During our Saturday morning I Love You Hug, I was mortified to find my penis become partially erect. If you had wanted a longer cuddlehug, so did I, but I was afraid of and shocked by my body's reaction, and afraid that you might feel it, not wanting you to think that I only love you in a physical way (which I know you don't believe, but in a pinch, my brain reverts to old habits and worries).

Sunday threw me because my brain had somehow convinced itself that my love for you is so pure and cerebral that its desires could be fulfilled by simply napping next to you. When you covered me with a blanket, I wanted to feel only the love a child feels when his mother attends to him. Instead, I felt my penis stir again, completely contrary to my thoughts.

When you returned and lay down next to me, my respirations increased to feed my suddenly pounding heart. I thought that fighting to keep from touching your hair had been my biggest challenge that weekend, until I found myself having to consciously prevent myself from cupping your breasts and kissing your neck. All that leaked out of my brain was an awkward closed fist stroking of your back.

But as a physician, I should have known that there are behaviors that can occur absent of conscious thought. When I finally rose above you, and felt the heavenly sensation of your happy eyes gazing upwards into mine from 'our' bed, and you commented that "This is dangerous," my penis had already become suddenly, and fully, erect.

"We need to work on keeping our bodies to ourselves," you gently admonished your son. Words we should all live by. I feel much less guilty now than I did that afternoon, but I also feel like my (or our?) conceited view that we are somehow different from other dime a dozen philanderers has been crushed. While my wife must know that you are an unusually special person to me and vice versa, and wants to share me with you out of love for the both of us, she cannot and should not be expected to endure the pain of the truth. Or am I catastrophising again, as I'm wont to do?

I hope you don't feel as though I regret seeing you, or am feeling overly sad or guilty. You know that I must get some sense of pleasure from torturing myself so much, or else I wouldn't do it. I had a most memorable weekend. A healing weekend. A loving weekend.

Your ever-loving,


My Dearest Will,

It was an amazing weekend. I loved every moment of it. Savored every stolen touch and conversation. Yes, I did wear that dress for you. I'm delighted you liked it.

I was a little shocked you pulled away so suddenly Saturday morning, I did want you to continue hugging me. I know I probably shouldn't have wanted this, but I was hoping to feel your erection pressed against me. I love the feel of you, solid, strong, safe. I felt safe in your arms.

I stole upstairs to my bedroom one day and unbuttoned my husbands trousers, he was resting. I took him out and put his hard throbbing cock in my mouth, sucking and licking and stroking him, hoping he'd cum hard but then I heard the screaming of children and had to abandon him . . . Rejoining you and your wife in the kitchen, it made me wet fantasizing it was your cock in my mouth and I savored the taste as I went on with the day . . .

Sunday, when I lay down next to you on the couch I had to turn away because once I was laying next to you, touching your leg with mine, feeling you so near, I too had to use all my will power not to turn to you and start kissing your sweet mouth. When you rubbed my back, it felt so amazing, my body was on fire. I was so wet and didn't want you to stop touching me. I wanted you to slide your hands around me, over my breasts, over my underwear. You would sense the moistness there and slide a finger underneath, touching my wet, slick pussy, gently inserting your finger inside me .. . "This is dangerous" was a warning for me because I almost lost it. And then when you were leaning over me, towards me, all I could do was to keep looking at your eyes and steeling my body not to move.

Later that night I masturbated for a long time, thinking of how it would be and I couldn't wait to touch you again, for our good morning hug. Then that was interrupted by the presence of your very sweet wife and I felt guilty for wanting you so badly. I know the limits, and I won't cross them but you must know I want to so badly.

Again, I will settle for your friendship and hugs and sweet words but if life could be different I'd want you to take me in your arms and make love to me.

Thank you for all your love and for trusting me, even knowing how deeply physically and emotionally I want you, knowing that I would never jeopardize your marriage or mine.



My dearest Lynn:

Thank you for your reassuring words. As you know, I always feel like I'm just one touch from hurting someone, and it makes me feel so much better to know that my desires are also your desires.

I also found your sweet words and overly sweet looks reassuring, allowing me to comfortably end my hunger to look at your body, while filling me with desire to know your body.

While it took me 25 years to learn the color of your eyes, it only took me one weekend to catalog the rest of your sweetness.

Far from leering at you, instead I just took comfort in being close to you, learning how your body moves, and taking pleasure in details to which only a lover would attend.

I don't believe I have an actual foot fetish, but I enjoyed staring at your nude feet, along with the shape of your arms, your fingers, and any other place I could gaze at without making our spouses uncomfortable.

It also comforts me to know that your internal world last weekend was every bit as outrageous as mine.

I spent most of the day Saturday enjoying a fantasy about you after you had taken your shower (why my mind left the actual shower itself off-limits, I can't explain). I couldn't stop thinking about your downy pussy. I wanted to be in the bathroom with you as you toweled off, kneeling in front of you to nuzzle and kiss her. I wanted to turn my kisses and warm breath into the gentlest possible probing of your labia, sensing the very moment that the moisture left from the shower turned into the moisture from you.

I think that this would appeal to you, and we could decide whether to use the sink to support you comfortably while I continued to kiss and explore your sweetness. We might also decide to find the warm coziness of a bed for you to lie upon. Either way, I would use the opportunity to massage and caress your legs and bottom while teasing your labia majora apart with my tongue, as if I were savoring a lollipop.

Once in full bloom, I would stop teasing and proceed to finding the right place and pressure for you, feeling my cock leak at your words of encouragement. As you reached your plateau, I would reach towards your breasts, and gently determine the right amount of nipple pressure necessary to send you over the edge into the heavenly abyss.

Feeling your body jerk and spasm around me would be my greatest happiness, as I admire my handiwork and wait to see your level of interest in attending to my leaking cock after your recovery.

Your ever-loving,


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