That Damn Pink Thong


If I could fit three fingers, then why not my cock? I knew this was the ultimate risk but all signs by now pointed that I could get away with it. Jana hadn't even moved in the last hour since I started to fool around with her, and now I have three fingers in her ass. I knew I wouldn't last too long, I was so horny and hard by now. That little bad voice in my head didn't need to convince me this time, I was going to go for it. I was going to fuck Jana's ass. This was going to be my fantasy fuck, come true and I was going to savor it.

I managed to work a leg in between hers with my other leg on the ground, propping me up just right to get at Jana's amazing ass. I smothered my cock with the lotion and dripped a glob right onto her brown-eye. I used my cock to work the lotion into her ass and, as if it was natural, the head of my cock pushed past her anal rim, and in one move, I had penetrated Jana's ass. It took all I had not to shoot a fat load of cum in her ass right there. I got composure and began to rock back and forth, working more of my cock in the sleeping beauty's anal passage. Her asshole felt amazing, relaxed enough to let me in, but nice and snug, so tight.

I started to really get into it, just watching Jana peacefully sleep away as I molested her ass. My cock was working into her ass, almost 5 inches, at least, working in and out of her asshole. I would have liked to have had more stamina, but considering the circumstances, I had no chance. In just as quick as it took me to get going, I could feel the cum building. I didn't want it to end, it felt so good. I kept pushing and I knew I was going to cum. I tried to pull out but there was no chance and my first shot went deep in her asshole. I managed to pull out and get most of my cum into my shirt, but I knew the first shot went right up her ass.

I fell back onto the floor, and it took me a minute or so to collect myself. The enormity of what I had just done just hit me, and even though I had an intense orgasm, I was still kind of hard. I had to shake it off though, I had my fun and now I had to get those panties back on. Fortunately, Jana was still out, and getting her panties back on was less of a challenge than I expected. I pulled the panties up her legs, and then it happened, my cum began to seep out of her asshole. Now, I'm not really into eating my own cum, or taste the lotion I used to lube up, but seeing her asshole creampie like that, was too much again. I found myself buried to the nose in her ass, furiously stroking my cock. Soon enough, I was cumming into my shirt for a third time.

I pulled Jana's panties back up and pulled the blanked over her body. She was still unmoving, I decided to give her a good shake now, just to make sure she was alive. This time she stirred a little bit and muttered something that made no sense at all. I shook her again and this time she woke a little. I asked her if she was alright. She said something else, and I figured that was good enough for me. I put the lotion back into the bathroom, hid my shirt in the laundry and went back to the living room. Now, Jana had moved around on the couch and was all bundled up. I went to bed a little nervous that she would totally know the next day, but the feeling that really was there, was complete satisfaction. I had just lived one of my fantasies, although it originally had Jana being awake and willing.

I awoke the next morning to the voices of all the girls gabbing and laughing about the events of the previous night. I pretended to be asleep until I heard Jana talk, to make sure she wasn't saying anything. Sure enough, she was complaining about being hung over, and saying that she would never drink again. Missing, much to my pleasure, was any complaints of feeling molested. I got up, and joined the girls. I was extra giddy knowing I got away with it. Even if Jana would have complained by this point, I figured due to how drunk she claimed to be, I could talk my way out of it. And sure enough, to this day, I have never heard anything about it.

The girls invited me to go to breakfast / lunch with them and even though I was starving, I asked Erica to pick me up something. I had other plans. As soon as they left, I was rummaging through their bags, searching for last nights panties. I found four pairs, including Jana's hot pink thong. I think that Jackie must have gone commando, since I couldn't find another pair, besides the pair I found the first morning. This thought was enough to have me hard in no time. I laid on my bed and jacked off taking turns sniffing and tasting all the panties. My orgasm, again, was very intense and I lay back smiling.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy alcohol consumption of the night before, the next afternoon and night were spent in sweats, watching movies. I didn't get another chance to sniff the girls' panties, but I felt more than satisfied. I now had a distinct idea how each girl smelled and tasted, and that knowledge always turned me on. I also knew that I had fucked Jana, and had my way with her ass, and she, and more importantly, Erica, had no idea. It was a great weekend for me, and Erica wonders why I always tell her to have her friends visit again.

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