tagMatureThat Damn Website! Ch. 03

That Damn Website! Ch. 03


This is just another chapter in a longer story. For character background and storylines, please check out the earlier chapters. I hope you enjoy.


My hard cock ached as I watched Vivian masturbate on that videotape, unaware of the cameras I had placed earlier in my office. I stared, mesmerized, watching her hand slide that vibrator in and out of her sweet, tight, wet pussy.

Her stocking-clad legs spread wide, one leg hung seductively over the arm of my chair, all looked so inviting. I shuddered as I watched her dip the mouthpiece of my phone in her pussy juices.

I wanted to take my cock out of the confinement of my pants and jack off but today I had other plans. Today, now, was time for Phase 2. If only I could pull it off.

I rewound the tape and synched it to where Vivian spread her thighs and draped a leg over the arm of my chair, her skirt raised and vibrator in hand. I hit the "STOP" button and closed my closet door. I walked over to my desk and picked up the phone.

Mmmmm, I could smell her juices on the mouthpiece. I couldn't help myself. I gave that phone a little flick of my tongue. She tasted like heaven and my cock pulsed, throbbed to be released.

I dialed her extension and she picked up. "Yes Sir?" she said apprehensively.

I took a deep breath and did my best to fake a professional demeanor. "Ms. Anderson," I began earnestly. "I need to see you in my office. Now please."

"Yes Sir," she replied and hung up the phone. I stood at my desk, my erection pointing out obscenely against my loose pants. Some quick adjusting and my cock pressed flat, pointing up, against my belly.

Two seconds later, I heard a knock on my door. "Enter," I said, as authoritatively as I could muster with a raging hard on pulsing against my loins.

She opened the door and slowly, timidly, entered my office. It was in here, only a few minutes ago, where she put on her bawdy display for my cameras. "Please, come in. Close the door," I said.

Oh, she looked incredible. She wore a bulky jacket over her gray cotton blouse. The long dark, wool skirt matched her jacket. Vivian's hair was up, her make-up subdued and simple behind those glasses. She was as plain as every other day but only I knew what was underneath that exterior.

She stood motionless just inside my door, looking down at her shoes, her hands behind her, together at the small of her back. I wanted to jump her right then and there, but I first had to play out my little game.

"Ms. Anderson," I began, "do you know why I asked you into my office?" My eyes moved slowly, deliberately over her well hidden body.

She looked at me with doe eyes behind those glasses. Sheepishly, she looked down at her shoes again, averting my stare and said, "No sir. Is it about that file from the other day?"

Sternly, I replied, "No, Ms. Anderson. It is not about the file. Are you aware that there has been some thievery here, in this office?"

She looked up at me, confused, and shook her head no. I smiled slyly but immediately feigned consternation again.

"Well, Ms. Anderson, those thefts have forced me to install surveillance cameras here in my office. And, do you know what I saw on those cameras today after I came back from lunch?"

Her eyes widened in horror and shock behind those glasses, her pouty, soft lips, parted slightly as she inhaled sharply. She stood silent, holding her breadth, waiting for me to begin yelling.

I walked quickly towards my closet door. Flinging the door open for added dramatic effect, I showed her the monitor. "I saw this," I said angrily as I pushed "PLAY."

Vivian watched in humiliation as the tape showed her moving the thin garment of her g-string from her pussy and lowering the vibrator between her gorgeous thighs. We both looked on in silence, my lust building, boiling over. She was embarrassed and flushed.

She looked back down at the floor, her hands behind her back, shaking slightly, and stuttered, "I'm ..., I'm, ugh, I'm sorry Sir. I don't know what to say, Sir."

I loved watching her like this. She was ashamed, embarrassed, vulnerable, exposed, and still slightly aroused from a few minutes ago. And so Damn sexy! The power I felt over that young, sexy girl at that instant was overwhelming.

"What am I supposed to do about this, Ms. Anderson?" I asked sharply. She said nothing, only continued looking at her shoes.

"You've been a very bad girl, young lady." I almost could not get the words out of my mouth. My heart pounded in my chest, my mouth was dry and my cock throbbed, aching for relief and gratification, aching for this young girl.

She looked up at me silently. "You should be punished," I said, again the words almost stuck in my mouth. So clichéd yet so incredibly arousing. My cock felt like it would explode in my lap, the heat from my lust unbearable, scalding my belly through my erection.

I slowly moved over to my office door and locked it behind her. I could smell her perfume and her arousal from earlier at lunch, the remnants still on her long, woolen skirt.

I walked painstakingly slowly to the side of my desk. I sat on the corner and faced her as she stood silently, submissively in the center of my office. My eyes again moved slowly over her covered body.

'No,' I told myself. 'No evidence of what treasures hide beneath those drab clothes.' "What are we going to do about this?" I repeated.

My cock ached for her. My mouth was as dry as a desert as she stood passively in front of me. My eyes moved slowly, deliberately over her body. "You looked good in the video." I could barely get the words out.

She stood motionless, her hands behind her back, looking down at the carpeting. "Let me see those stockings again," I said huskily, my voice cracking. Vivian never looked up. She merely reached down, stooped forward, grabbed the hem of her long skirt, and lifted it up to mid-thigh.

The fluorescent light of my office made the silk in her stockings shimmer. Her soft, sexy legs looked electrically charged, the shear material glowing sensuously under the harsh glare. My eyes drank in every curve.

"Very nice legs," I managed to mutter through my lust. "I liked the way you spread them in my chair."

She still said nothing but remained motionless, holding her skirt up on her thighs for my benefit. Why I said this, I do not know, but somehow the words, "What do you say after a compliment?" came out of my dry mouth.

With her head down passively, her eyes glued to the carpet, very quietly I heard her obediently say, "Thank you, Sir."

Her voice was soft, demure and sensuous all at once. My cock throbbed and my balls swelled. "Take off that skirt for me," I ordered through my lust.

Vivian gently dropped the hem and twisted to her side. With one hand she unbuttoned her skirt and with the the other she slid down the zipper. The loose, heavy skirt crumpled to her feet.

She held her arms at her side, head down. She looked incredible in her loose jacket, that boring cotton blouse underneath, standing in front of me in those thigh high, black silk stockings in medium high black heels.

"Now, Ms. Anderson, the jacket," I continued. I watched as she obeyed. First one arm, then the other, she let the oversized jacket slide off her shoulders and crumple next to her skirt.

Even in that oversized blouse, her stiff nipples were clearly visible through the thick cotton fabric. My eyes moved slowly down her body. Her blouse hung below her hips and bottom, exposing only a hint of bare thigh and then those incredible silk stocking covered legs.

I wanted this young girl, Vandon69, Vivian Anderson. I wanted to do every dirty, filthy urge I've ever had with her, but all I could manage to say was, "The blouse."

I watched as her fingers began undoing the buttons. First the top. Slowly, like a glacier melting, more and more buttons opened until finally the glorious chasm of her cleavage became visible.

I could only watch, speechless, as she opened another and another button until finally her blouse was open completely. She undid one then the other sleeve and slowly slid her top off, dropping it with her other clothes.

She was a vision, standing there in front of me. Her pictures on that website did not do her body justice.

Her hips were nice and round, with the waistband of the g-string resting high on top, at the very apex of those curves. The thin patch of shear fabric barely covered her sweet pussy.

My eyes however, were drawn to her magnificent breasts. They were big, so much bigger than her pictures showed. Big, round, heavy, full, that shear bra strained under the weight of her enormous chest.

The valley of her cleavage seemed to go on for miles and her nipples looked hard enough to burst through that strained fabric she called a bra. My cock felt like it was going to explode as I swallowed hard at the vision standing before me.

"Very nice," I muttered through the dryness in my throat. "Very nice, big tits, Ms. Anderson." My palms were sweaty and I was close to a heart attack as I drooled over this young girl's body.

"Thank you, Sir," she replied softly.

If she wasn't turned on, I was enough for the both of us. "You should be punished," I repeated hoarsely. "Bend over my desk," I ordered.

To my amazement, she did as I had ordered. I gawked openly as she walked towards me sitting on the desk, her enormous breasts swaying heavily with each step she took. Her nipples poked obscenely at me, leading the way.

She stood next to me, feet shoulder width apart, and placed her palms on my desk. "Yes Sir," she said quietly. There was a huskiness to her voice. She was as aroused as I was.

I stood up and moved behind her. My God, her ass was as incredible as her tits! Round, full, perfect spheres with that thin strand of g-string diving, disappearing between those magnificent ass cheeks.

I watched as my hand developed a mind and will of its own. I reached out and cupped and squeezed her perfect ass. First one cheek then the other. My cock ached for her and I knew I didn't have much more restraint.

With that, I drew my hand back and slapped her bare cheek. "SLAP." The sound reverberated throughout my office and I watched as the flesh of her ass jiggled. She stood there, motionless, staring straight ahead.

To my amazement, I heard her say in a deep, hushed, quiet voice, "Thank you, Sir!"

I slapped her again, "SLAP," and watched her ass jiggle again. Vivian merely grunted in response.

Her breathing quickened and deepened. My hands moved slowly over both cheeks, cupping, squeezing, groping her magnificent ass. "SLAP!", "SLAP!" She responded with first a whimper and then a deep, guttural sound.

I leaned forward, my hand kneading her ass, and whispered in her ear, "Oh, you are a dirty girl, aren't you?"

She gulped hard and managed to say, "Yes Sir. I'm a dirty, little whore."

I couldn't take it any more. My lust for this young girl won out. With one hand I pushed her forward, down, her enormous tits flat against my desk top. I lightly held her down with one hand and undid my belt with the other.

Pulling it from my trousers, I took her hand and put it behind her back. I did this same with her other hand. I slowly wrapped my belt around her hands, wrists and forearms, securing them behind her back.

In a flash, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I yanked them down and then my boxers, with the large, moist, pre-cum stain on the front.

My cock sprang forward, finally free from its constraints. Vivian's perfect ass was sprawled out in front of me as she lay across my desk. Her massive tits pushed out on each side of her body, cushioning her as she lay there, helpless.

I slapped her ass again and she instinctively spread her legs wider. I hooked her g-string in my finger from between those magnificent ass cheeks. I placed a hand on each of her cheeks and spread her ass wide.

Her pussy lips were swollen and extended, like a clam from its shell. A small trickle of moisture was clearly evident.

I was crazy with lust. I grabbed my cock in one hand and guided the head towards her slick opening. I grabbed her restrained hands and pushed my hips forward.

Her pussy was soft and warm and wet and tight all at the same time. I groaned loudly. So did Vivian. She breathlessly said, "Please fuck me Sir."

I pushed farther, my delirious cock pushing deeper inside her pussy. Deeper and deeper, my cock head brushed up against her pussy walls. She writhed, rolling her hips back against me and my desk as my cock found her g-spot.

I could not hold back. I grabbed her hip with one hand, her hands still bound in my other, and began slamming my hard cock in her tight pussy. Faster and harder, my cock pushing deeper and deeper.

The sight of my hard cock, sliding in and out, disappearing somewhere between those magnificent ass cheeks was the most glorious sight I had ever seen. Her ass jiggled as I thrust my hips and cock into her again and again.

She groaned and grunted with each thrust. I could feel her young, tight pussy squeezing my cock as I fucked her. She lifted her head up, looking straight ahead and breathlessly said, "Thank you Sir."

Slowly, a torrent of softly spoken words started filtering through her parted, pouty lips. "Fuck your slut, Sir!", "Please fuck me, Sir!", "Give me your big cock, Sir!", "I want all of your cum, Sir!"

That's the one that got me. My balls began to tighten and I could feel my cock stiffening. Her ass jiggled with each thrust and I could hear the slurping sounds coming from her tight, wet pussy as my cock pistoned in and out of her.

I pulled back on her belted hands one more time and thrust my cock as far inside her as I could. Suddenly, my balls exploded. Wave after wave of orgasm pounded my senses and I could feel my balls pumping cum into that young girl's pussy with every beat of my heart.

She pushed back hard against me, squeezing her inner pussy lips, milking me of every drop of my cum. Then her orgasm hit. She bucked her hips and ass wildly, her hands restrained behind her, lifting her massive chest up off my desk.

She groaned as she slid up and down on my cock. A flush of her juices washed over me, splashing my shaft, balls and thighs, and wetting her round ass and the backs of her stocking-clad legs.

Slowly, we both regained our breadths. I loosened my grip on her wrists and she slowly lowered herself, chest down, onto my desk. I pulled out of her wet, cum-filled pussy and took a step back.

She looked absolutely incredible. Her ass perched lewdly on my desk, supported shakily by those black silk stocking covered legs. Her black heels were more than shoulder width apart and the lips of her used pussy were stretched and hung obscenely out.

A small trickle of my cum had escaped with my cock and was now making its way down along her moist, swollen pussy lips toward my desk top. Still facing away from me, I heard her say softly, "Thank you, Sir!"

I moved back behind and began unbinding her wrists and hands. My cock cradled softly in the cleavage of her incredible ass, so soft and warm and firm. She felt like heaven and I did not want this encounter to end.

I wanted to quickly re-bind her hands and fuck her all over again, but I knew I couldn't keep her too long in my office before someone would notice. So, I pulled my belt from her wrists and she slowly began to pick herself up off my desk.

Rubbing her wrists softly, she turned back to face me. Her face was flushed from the fucking we both just did, her glasses sitting barely on the end of her nose. Her massive tits slowly began to reshape back into the mammoth globes that they were, while her nipples remained maddeningly hard.

She stood in front of me in that shear, sexy lingerie and it was all I could do from throwing her down and fucking her all over again. My cock was hard as I tried to tuck it inside my pants. She watched my hands working, her eyes glazed as if still lost in a trance.

"Do you require anything more from me Sir?" she asked seductively. My God, this young girl was driving me crazy! But I had to show some restraint.

Fastening my belt, I replied, "No, you've been a good slut." She smiled broadly and for the first time looked up at me and into my eyes. Behind that dowdy exterior, Vivian Anderson was, dare I say, pretty? This girl obviously had no idea how sexy she was.

For whatever reason, I maintained my composure and continued on in my role as stern taskmaster. "Now," I continued, "pick up your things and leave me to my work."

I watched as Vivian quickly put on her oversized blouse, jacket and skirt, all the while my cock ached for Round 2. I knew it would come soon enough.

She turned and walked towards the door as I sat back down behind my desk. She unlocked the door and before leaving smiled and said, "Thank you Sir."

Her smile was big and genuine, like she actually enjoyed this more than I did. I watched as the door closed behind her.

I sat in my office, trying to grasp all that had just happened. This young girl had just fulfilled my darkest, deepest life-long desire and it was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. I knew this was only the beginning. I both blessed and cursed that damn website.


Please let me know what you think of this piece.

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