tagMatureThat Damn Website! Ch. 02

That Damn Website! Ch. 02


This is just the second chapter in a longer story. For character background and storylines, please check out the earlier stories. I hope you enjoy.

I really screwed up big time. I should have never gone to that damn website but I was bored. Now I had seen nude and suggestive pictures of one of my employees.

Worse yet, she turned me on more than any woman I've ever known. All I could think about was fucking that young girl.

That young girl. She was old enough to be my daughter. I could be her father, yet I was able to manipulate that young girl into acting provocatively towards me. Hell, I jerked off twice that morning because of her!

The rest of the day was just dreadful. The afternoon wore on and all I could think about was Vandon69. I desperately wanted to log back on to that website and look at her again.

I wanted to chat with her and get her to do more. I really wanted to see just how far I could go with this even though I was married to Margaret.

Poor Margaret! Her only crime was that she wasn't 24 and sexy as all hell like Vandon69. I had never cheated on her before. The thought never even crossed my mind.

All it took was a few hours on a Monday morning and I was ready to throw all of that away. For what? Fantasy sex with a woman I had not even given a second look to for over a year.

Still, if I would have known what Vivian Anderson had underneath that frumpy exterior, with that curvaceous body in her lingerie, whew! She was driving me crazy.

That night, all I could think about was this morning and Vandon69. Those gorgeous, big, full tits. Her perfectly round ass. Her hourglass hips, the kind of hips you grab from behind and hold onto for dear life as you fucked her until your balls are dry.

Her wet, red, pouty lips. My cock ached as I imagined her using her mouth on me, dressed in one of her lingerie 'outfits.' Even though it was highly unusual, I had sex with Margaret that night while I thought about Vandon69.

The next morning, it was all I could do from logging on again and starting all over with her. My mind swirled with possibilities, wondering just how far I could get her to go today.

I sat in my office all morning staring at that blank monitor. Minute after painful minute dragged slowly by. I knew she was just sitting there only a few feet away from me.

Chinese water torture. That's what this was. Minute by minute, like drips from a water faucet above my head, time was slowly and incessantly calling me, reminding me of the pleasure that awaited me if I would only log on.

God, this time of year is so boring! There is nothing for a man in my position to do and all I could think about was Vandon69. She had become my lustful obsession.

Thankfully, lunch time finally arrived. I had made it through the morning without succumbing to my lust. And then I made the mistake of going out of my office. I turned the corner and we were suddenly face to face.

Well, her face was in the middle of my chest. My cock sprang to attention as her perfume danced in my nostrils. She softly said, "Oh, excuse me Sir."

I grumbled something in reply and continued out the door towards lunch, all the while the desire in my pants reminding me of a need greater than food. She was all I could think about as I ate my turkey sandwich at the coffee shop down the street.

Walking back to the office, images of Vandon69 burned in my mind. It was there, in the elevator on my way up to the fourth floor, that I realized the futility of resisting. My lust for that young girl had no bounds and it was not going to be denied.

I walked by her cubicle and saw that she was already back so I hurried to my office and closed the door. In an instant, I had logged on to that damn website and was looking at Vandon69 in her shear black bra.

Her nipples were big and stiff, her tits full and round. My cock throbbed, aching to be sliding in between those beautiful tits in the soft, warm, endless valley of her cleavage.

The thin fabric of her g-string sat high on her curved hips, diving down between her perfect ass in back and to the softest thighs in front. Those thighs, so soft and smooth looking, clad in those shear black stockings which somehow defied gravity and remained firmly in place.

I unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out, free from the constraints of my clothing. Slowly, my hand stroked my shaft, offering up much needed relief.

Suddenly, my screen flashed and I saw the instant message.

Vandon69: "Good Afternoon Sir!"

'She's been waiting for me,' I thought. My heart skipped a beat and that familiar hunger started stirring deep in my lap.

JadedDragon: "Good Afternoon."

Vandon69: "I hoped to see you today. How are you Sir?"

We exchanged pleasantries, asking about each other and how they were. Really, it was obvious that both of us wanted to get right back to yesterday. A little titillation, or in Vandon69's case, big, very big, titillation.

I began –

JadedDragon: "I enjoyed yesterday."

Vandon69: "As did I, Sir."

She was already acting submissive and it really turned me on. I decided to see just how far I could go with it.

JadedDragon: "You were a very good little slut yesterday."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir."

My cock ached for her, my lust for her had no boundaries. Right then and there, I knew I somehow had to have her.

JadedDragon: "Did you masturbate last night?"

Vandon69: "No Sir. You did not give me permission."

The perfect answer! She was now my willing, submissive little slut and she enjoyed it as much as I did. I continued –

JadedDragon: "Do you think your boss did?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. I bumped into him today and he could not even look at me."

JadedDragon: "And how did it make you feel?"

Vandon69: "Very turned on Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Such a little slut you are. You like turning men on, don't you?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. It's new for me."

JadedDragon: "How so?"

Vandon69: "I've always thought of myself as overweight Sir. That my boobs are too big, my backside is too big."

JadedDragon: "You are wrong."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Why would you post pics of yourself?"

Vandon69: "I was a little drunk one night and feeling lonely Sir. The response to them has been surprising."

JadedDragon: "You like men looking at you, wanting you, don't you?"

Vandon69: "Like I said, it's all new for me Sir."

JadedDragon: "And you dress plainly, don't you?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. For my job. Very conservative and nondescript."

JadedDragon: "But only I know the slut underneath."

Vandon69: "Yes. Only you Sir!"

Oh, this girl was driving me crazy with lust. She had absolutely no idea how sexy she was. If she would only loosen up a little, she would really be something, but for now I wanted her all to myself.

JadedDragon: "You liked that little flirtation with your boss yesterday, didn't you slut?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. And thank you for allowing me to cum yesterday Sir."

My cock ached for her. I wanted to march over to her cubicle and fuck her right there in front of anyone who cared to watch.

JadedDragon: "Tell me your favorite fantasy."

Vandon69: "I want to be taken Sir. Not raped mind you, but taken, forced to do things to a man. Or men. Strong men, like you Sir."

My mind swirled in thought. Suddenly, I had an idea.

JadedDragon: "What are you wearing today?"

Vandon69: "Like yesterday, a long wool skirt, jacket, plain blouse, low heels Sir."

JadedDragon: "Underneath?"

Vandon69: "Cotton bra, panties, pantyhose. Like yesterday Sir."

JadedDragon: "Today is the last day for that. Tomorrow, you will wear your shear black lace bra, g-string and black lace stockings. The same type of skirt but a darker blouse. From now on, only your sexiest lingerie. No more cotton."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir."

JadedDragon: "Conservative outside, but slutty underneath. Just the way I like you."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

JadedDragon: "You liked turning on your boss yesterday, didn't you slut?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. Very much. It made me wet Sir thinking about getting him excited."

God, I could have cum right then and there. Instead, I continued –

JadedDragon: "Will he be in his office all day tomorrow?"

Vandon69: "He usually leaves for lunch Sir."

JadedDragon: "Good. You will dress as I ordered. At lunch time, you will slip into his office. Inside your purse you will have your favorite vibrator. I want you to sit in his chair behind his desk and fuck yourself with that vibrator until you cum, slut. Hike up your skirt, spread your stocking-clad thighs, pull your g-string aside and cum on his chair."

Vandon69: "What if he catches me Sir?"

JadedDragon: "That will not happen slut. Do as I say and I will reward you. In person."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir! I'm wet thinking about it."

JadedDragon: "You DO NOT have permission to masturbate. Now, tonight or tomorrow morning. You can cum when you fuck yourself in his chair, slut."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Vandon69. Explain the name."

Vandon69: "Vandon is different parts of my real name, which I'd like to keep private Sir."

JadedDragon: "You may, as will I until I decide we should meet. And the 69?"

Now, I knew full well what that was but I wanted her to say it.

Vandon69: "It's for oral sex Sir. I love to give as well as receive."

I groaned again as I imagined her full, pouty lips wrapped around my cock. I needed to go to the Men's room and cum again so I finished for today.

JadedDragon: "I must go now. Do as I have instructed tomorrow and you will be rewarded, slut."

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

I quickly logged off tucked my painfully erect cock back inside my pants. I carried a file in front of me as I carefully walked to the Men's room where I gave myself some much needed relief.

Finally finished, I decided to slip out of the office and call it a day. Besides, I needed time to prepare for tomorrow's events. One quick stop on my way home and I was able to buy all that I needed for my plan.

Wednesday morning could not come fast enough. I walked into my office as usual, with my briefcase in hand, fully aware of what I was about to do. Closing the door behind me, I placed the case on my desk and took out the supplies I had purchased yesterday afternoon.

Methodically, I placed each item in the locations I had determined would provide optimum results. Once finished and content with my efforts, I watched the minute hand as it slowly and painstakingly made its way around the clock face.

One hour, two hours and finally it was lunch time. I walked out of my office, my erection reminding me of what was to happen there in my absence, and passed Vivian's cubicle. She looked up at me, smiled and I thought I'd cum right there.

I grunted again and continued on my way. I caught sight of her walking away from me and towards my office, purse in hand, as I looked back and over my shoulder.

Vivian closed my office door behind her as she slipped inside unnoticed. She had made a lifetime of that – going unnoticed. She watched me walking across the street from my fourth floor office window and quickly sat down to the task at hand.

Vivian reached down to the hem of her wool skirt and slowly raised it up to her hourglass hips. Her black silk stockings shimmered in the fluorescent light of my office as the skirt rose higher and higher, up past the elastic band and up to the waistband of her flimsy g-string.

She sat down in my chair, splaying her legs slightly. She reached for her purse and brought out a large vibrator. Lifting her left leg, she draped it up and over the arm of my chair. Her heart raced from both the anticipation of what she was about to do as well as the possibility that I may walk back in on her at any moment.

Vivian took the vibrator in her right hand and switched it on. It made a soft hum as it shook rhythmically in her hand. With her left hand, she reached between her thighs and pulled back the delicate strap that disappeared between her magnificent ass cheeks and held the tiny triangle of fabric strategically in place.

Her breath quickened as she pointed the vibrator between her legs. The tip brushed the opening of her lips and she inhaled sharply. Slowly, Vivian worked the tip up and down the length of her swollen lips.

Her nipples stiffened visibly even though they were buried beneath the fabric of her dark blouse and the thin material of her shear black bra. Slowly, up and down, she worked the buzzing tube across her moistening pussy lips.

Vivian pulled back her fleshy lips and the tip of her vibrator brushed her stiffening clit. She moaned and began working it across and around the sensitive nub. Her breathing quickened and she unconsciously began rocking her hips to the building rhythm of the mounting pleasure inside of her.

She threw her head back against my chair and cupped her large breast in her left hand. With her right, she pushed the vibrator inside her wet pussy. Slowly, she worked it in and out, brushing the sides along her clit with each stroke.

Vivian's thighs began to quiver as her fingers found her sensitive nipple beneath her top. In and out, she worked the imitation cock inside her pussy, the juices soon moistening her thighs as well as my chair.

One final brush against her clit with the vibrating cock and Vivian threw her head back against my chair in orgasm. Her body rocked and quaked as the juices gushed from her pussy. She bit down hard on her bottom lip to muffle her moans of ecstasy.

Slowly, her pleasure began to subside with each deep breath she took. Her eyes glazed over behind her glasses as her leg still dangled seductively over the arm of my chair.

A wry smile crossed her face, the evidence of a devilish thought. She reached for my desk phone and brushed the mouthpiece across the wetness between her legs, sending yet another shiver through her frazzled nerve endings.

Quickly, Vivian replaced the phone back into its holder. She turned off the vibrator and slipped it back inside her purse, adjusted her g-string, blouse and skirt. She stood up from behind my desk, her thighs still shaky from her orgasm, and pushed my damp chair back behind my desk.

Vivian straightened herself in the reflection of the window, adjusted her glasses, slipped quietly and unnoticed out of my office, and back to her cubicle.

I took an unusually long lunch today – one hour and fifteen minutes. Just in case she needed the extra time. My cock ached as I walked painfully and slowly back to work. Finally, I was back in my office.

I closed the door behind me and immediately opened my closet door. There, up against the back wall, was the monitor for the cameras I had set up earlier that morning. I hit 'PLAY' and watched Vivian as she put on her show for me.

I smiled as I watched Vivian masturbate for me. I thought the phone dipped into her pussy juices was a nice touch. My plan was working perfectly. Time for Phase 2.

Please let me know what you think of this work.

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