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In the bay side suburb of her childhood, Matilda sat quietly in the knee length grass. It was one of the few parks left now, especially since the transit system had been upgraded and people who once lived and worked in the city began to commute from the outer suburbs to the daily grind of their office jobs. Matilda plucked a blade of grass and, shredding it into three thinner pieces began to braid it, adding a dandelion to the braid. She smiled at the bright yellow colour. "It was such a shame they did not have a scent to match their sunshine colour," She mused as she completed the floral headband and placed it on her head.

Matilda had fought hard to save this park from investors and developers who wanted to place even more high density housing in the booming suburb. She had rallied the family first. Being majorly middle class, they seemed to forget that many of the parks and streets in this area were named for their family, one of the first families to settle in the bay area. A woman on a mission, she had badgered the surrounding neighbours into joining the protest against the proposed rezoning of the small piece of park land. She had hired a bus and taken a group into the court house in town to challenge the corporation face to face. She and her team had won.

Matilda let the dandelion crown fall from her head as she leaned back looking up at the sky and reclined back into the long grass. She sighed, "Tomorrow, the council would send the slashers in to clear the grass, just in time for the green army to arrive next week." The green army were a combination of people doing community service and those on long term welfare. The second group had to 'work for the dole' a minimum of fifteen hours week to qualify for their welfare payments. Matilda didn't care where the man power came from, who was she to judge she was just so happy this little piece of suburban wilderness was no longer going to be turned into some cement and steel monstrosity.

Picking herself up, Matilda stood and walked the short block back to work. She and her best friend, April ran a small vegetarian cafe on the esplanade facing the bay. Walking through the door, she hurried back over to the counter. Matilda disliked the yuppie, 'Hollywood Wives', clientele they attracted during the days. She saw them as pretenders who thought it was trendy to be seen to be eating healthy vegetarian food. The business kept ahead of their costs on these women's penchant for coffee and April's incredible chocolate brownies, so Matilda smiled and joined their conversations when invited. They didn't just keep ahead of the bills, but the cafe did well enough that they had been able to hire some part-time help. That help came in the form of Penny. Penny handled the waitressing when Matilda spent time on her campaign to save the park.

April laughed softly and pulled some grass from her friend's wild hair, "Go clean up before coming back here, Tilly. You know better than that." She shook her head. She loved Matilda like a sister, but she was such a flake at times. She had a brilliant mind and ran the business side of the cafe so well. They had built a good little venture here when so many others had gone bust. April made herself a fresh passionfruit and orange juice and took it out to sit in the fresh air during the lull in business.

People often underestimated Matilda. She looked and acted like a typical hippy chick, all peace and love and understanding. Behind that flaky facade though, April knew Matilda had a quick sharp mind with a genius IQ. It was her business plan, and savvy that got them to where they were today and her political know-how and convictions that saved her beloved park. April imagined that if Matilda ever decided to join Greenpeace and take on the Japanese whalers, they would surrender easily and head back home.

The rest of the afternoon went by in the blink of an eye, and before the girls knew it they were locking the doors and heading for home. Grateful they only stayed open for dinner Sunday and Monday nights, Matilda watched April climb into her boyfriend's car before beginning her walk home along the esplanade. She loved the walk home the smell of the mangroves on low tide and the sound of the calm sea as it lapped at the stone edged walkway.

Greeting all her neighbours as she walked through the marina, Matilda stepped aboard her boat. She loved this boat. Her mother hated it. When her father had died he had left the boat to Matilda. She had immediately left the house she shared with April and her boyfriend embarking in a life on the sea. Opening the doors it never ceased to amaze her how roomy it was inside, but then it was only her that lived there and she didn't take up much space, so it was bound to seem roomy.

The boat was her father's one indulgence, his man cave so to speak. It was more of a small yacht than a house boat, and he would take his mates out once a month deep sea fishing and host a boys' a weekend. She smiled remembering times he had taken her out to feed to dolphins at Tangalooma and swim in the pristine beaches of the small islands that dotted the bay.

Having a quick shower, she wrapped a towel around her, sat at the small living room table and opened her laptop to check her email and look at her plans for the park. It would be a true community area with a community garden area, an adventure playground for children and seasonal flower garden. These three distinctive areas would be surrounded by grassy areas perfect for picnics or small games of football or cricket. Satisfied that she had covered everything with the landscape architect and driving herself insane with what if's, Matilda stood up grabbed the watering can and went up on deck.

Watering her prized potted garden, she picked random leaves off and nibbled as she carefully watered and tended to her babies. Spending more time than necessary fussing about the small plants, Matilda finally sat back and looked up at the moon. "Please," she spoke to the man in the moon, "Please let these people tomorrow care about the park as much as completing their community service."

Peeling off her towel as she walked into the cabin, Matilda crawled into her bed. She was restless and hoped the book she was reading at the moment would help her settle enough to sleep. She picked up the copy of One Second After and began to read enjoying the small breeze from the port hole caressing her body in the summer heat.

Matilda began to doze off, the book falling from her hands, and she rolled over not bothering to pick it up or pull up a cover. Her hand snaked between her legs as it usually did when she was falling asleep. She rolled her hips as her fingers delved deeper and she let out a purr of pleasure as her mind wandered to a favoured fantasy. A gently rolling orgy of flesh moved through a field of wildflowers. Akin to the loving hippy communities of the 70's in her mind's eye, the group licked sucked and fucked with care for the others needs.

Her clit was hard under her fingers as they stroked and rolled it with the increasing juices that leaked from her. A second finger joined the first as the fantasy changed and warped to the group of naked players being herded into police vans. She was detained, held back and trapped by two men in uniform. Offered the freedom of the commune for sexual favours what could she do but agree. The soft sexual exploration of the beginning of the fantasy turned darker and harder.

Her hands worked harder at her body slapping her clit as a slime covered finger trailed it way to her ass, the images so vivid in her fantasy she moaned into her pillow as her finger forced it way up into her tight asshole. Her other hand alternating slapping and pinching at her clit, Matilda came explosively, her whole body shaking as she arched up off the bed. Rolling over and drawing shaky breaths, she quickly drifted off to sleep her fingers and thighs still shining with cum.


Nate woke up and looked at the girl beside him. Groaning inwardly, he got up and got dressed quietly. He was jaded by constant one night stands with women he barely knew. The problem was that he never got to know them better, assuming they were typical bimbos who slept around more than he did. What he wanted was a girl to date, someone who didn't know who he was, or his family. He wore the mantle of being Connor McCarthy's son badly.

His father was an elite athlete who had made the transition into the business with relative ease. His mother, a well known actress had given up her career for the demanding man she married. Nate's earliest recollection was that he too would do as his father expected and walk in the same shoes, living an identical life to his father rather than one of his own choosing. A tennis racket was forced into Nate's hand when he would have rather been playing football with his mates. He was made to sit with tutors after school if he got anything, but a perfect grade, curtailing his already limited free time. By the time he was a teenager, he was a rebellious, angry young man.

Football had been his salvation in high school. His school had a formidable Rugby Union team and Nate had to work hard to maintain his position on it. He wasn't a star, but he was a valued member of the team. It was there he made friends he could trust and love like brothers. The coach was a tough man who did not care who you were outside of football as long as you played with heart.

Of all his football mates, only a few were still single including himself and his best mate Wing. Wing never had one night stands anymore it seemed, saying he was waiting for that someone special to come along and, as Nate looked down on the sleeping girl in the bed he has just vacated, thought perhaps Wing had the right idea. He didn't even know the sleeping girl's name.

Picking up his phone he used his favourite app, "Where Am I" to work out his location and called Wing to come and pick him up. Like Nate, Wing was obsessed with his car, they both had reconditioned V8 Holden Monaros that sounded like thunder and drove like a dream. Climbing into the car Nate smiled at Wing and said, "Thanks, mate."

"No worries. What sort of a wingman would I be if I didn't follow up after helping you score?" Wing smirked at him.

"Did you catch her name?" Nate asked with genuine curiosity, "I think I am starting to agree with you about wanting more than a drunken fuck."

"Not like you to be planning a second date," Wing laughed.

"Hell, I haven't had a first date since I was seventeen. I just want to meet a nice girl, not a drunken club bimbo and see what happens," he said thoughtfully. "I mean it's not like I am looking for a virgin or anything but I always thought that if I settled down and started dating someone seriously, I would want a nice girl, with values and a brain."

Wing was laughing hard by this stage, "Yeah right and that's why you always go home with the most beautiful girls and don't even get their names let alone know if they have a brain."

"If they are taking my drunken ass home, how much brain power do you really think they have?" Nate shot back. "Let's go out to Archersfield tonight. Give the cars a few good runs," he suggested.

Still laughing Wing agreed but admonished, "You aren't gonna find any 'nice' girls out there!"

"True, but who says I gotta start looking straight away?" Nate laughed with him.

The men spent the day lounging poolside at Nate's palatial family home enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. Eventually, they got dressed and driving their own car headed out to Archersfield. They were early, so they made their way to a local burger joint. It was here that most of the street racers hung out, and the cops patrolled trying to get a lead on where the races would be happening.

Grabbing some burgers and taking a seat at a booth, the men looked around not recognising anyone as someone they might know from the street racing crews. Nate decided to ring Simmo and see what was going on. The police had pulled off a major bust about a month ago. Those that didn't have their cars impounded for illegal modifications were fined for public nuisance. Almost all were doing some form of community service now. Anyone who wanted a run needed to join up with the Highlanders down in the Reserve.

Half an hour later the men rolled into Highlanders Reserve seeing a few familiar faces but mostly new ones. Parking their classic muscle cars side by side, they got out to look around at the other cars that had come to race the streets. The newer younger guys looked over the Monaros calling them sweet rides but bemoaning their relic status as not being worth racing.

Wing and Nate said nothing, knowing the custom design and reconditioning they had both paid heavily for, meant that their classics could outrun most of the modified beasts on display here.

"Alright gentlemen, are you in tonight just spectators tonight?" The tall lanky man known as Highlander inquired.

"Yeah we're in," Nate said handing over the entry fee for both of them, "Where's the half way turn around?"

"The jetty out at Blake's Well. There will be six shotguns to pick up and there are ten cars racing so good luck," the answer came as a surprise. Usually it was just a turn around, no picking up passengers involved. "Ready to roll in fifteen minutes," he said as he walked away towards the other competitors.

Wing shrugged and turned toward his car, "No harm sharing the Monaro legend with someone."

Nate laughed and swung into his own car, the engines starting up a twin symphony of thundering roars before rolling slowly forward to the start line. There was only one direct route for all of the racers to take but some were obviously punching data into navigators, 'Maybe they weren't locals,' Nate thought.

Nate remained hyper alert as he raced through the streets toward the south end of the bay. This car was his baby, and he would rather pull from the race than have some jerk side swipe him in an effort to win. They drove for about twenty minutes before pulling up at the pier. Wing was right behind Nate. A girl jumped into each car, and they peeled away again.

"You're running third," the young girl informed him, "Better put the pedal to the metal if you have any chance."

"Well buckle up, sweet cheeks, or we will lose any chance when I pull over and make you," Nate growled and surprised by the tone in his voice and the threat, she pulled the seat belt into place. The girl had the typical tough persona that went along with hanging out with macho sexist men. Nate raced back through the streets Wing hot on his tail.

They heard the cars coming toward them before they saw them. The cars that had lined Highlanders Reserve came teeming out onto the road, police lights and sirens accompanying the noise of the roaring engines. Nate shifted down and turned down a side street getting lost in a maze of twists and turns. Eventually, he pulled over under a great tree with large low branches that semi disguised the car.

Looking around he couldn't see Wing, but he hadn't expected to, on such occasions they invariably split up so one could bail the other out if necessary.

"What do we do now?" The girl beside him whined in a nasal high pitched voice.

"We wait until the police go back to the lockup, and then we will go home. About an hour or so, I reckon, just to be safe," he spoke as if to a child.

"An hour? But I'm fucking bored already," she whined and Nate considered throwing her out of his car. The girl turned to look at him, "I'll give you a blow job if you take me home now."

Nate considered the girl. She wasn't bad looking, and it would stop her whining at him for a while, so he scooted his seat back and undid his pants. "Sure. Why not? We have time to kill," he smirked at her.

"Take me home first," she whined.

"If I move my car right now neither of us will be going home, I guarantee it," Nate muttered, "We have to stay here for a little while whether you like it or not." He turned to look at her properly, and her jaw dropped.

"You're Nathaniel McCarthy aren't you?"

"Last time I checked I was," he sighed as he saw the look he got from most girls who just found out they were with one of Cosmo Magazine's, rich and eligible bachelors of the year. He groaned and pulled his seat forward just as she started to lean across.

"I'm sorry," her whiny voice was getting to Nate, "If I had realised...."

Nate cut her off, "Realised what? That you could blow a guy with a reputation like mine easier than the average street racer? It's fine I will take you home."

"I thought you said it wasn't safe," she looked at him as he started the car.

"I decided I would rather be arrested than put up with any more of your shit," Nate said through clenched teeth. Checking google maps on his phone, he found a back way out of the industrial area they had parked in and started the car. The girl was crying now, and Nate shook his head in disgust, he needed to hang out with a better crowd.

Nate's phone rang, and he grabbed it up. Wing had been picked up by the police. They let him go as his car had not been modified beyond legal specifications, but he got charged with public disturbance. The girl with him wanted to talk to her sister, so Nate told him he would meet him at Barracuda bar and hung up. The lone police car at the other entrance to the reserve was obviously overwhelmed and barely even looked up as Nate slowly drove past the cars that had been pulled over and out onto the highway.

They pulled into the car park of the bar and the girl finally broke her silence, "I'm not eighteen."

"Fuck! Jailbait as well," Nate swore. In that moment, he had never been happier to have turned down a blow job. Pulling up beside Wing's car he saw the relief in his friend's face. They all got out and seeing the girl's sister was older than her he walked over to her, "Call a cab to take you and your sister home," he pressed a hundred dollars into her hand and turned walking into the bar.

Wing of course made sure they got into a cab and that the money they had would cover it before following Nate inside. Nate turned to look at his friend, "I am way too old for this shit," he shook his head a stared at his beer. "It's time to grow up my friend," he said sadly.


Matilda sat on the newly installed swing, pumping her legs up and down as she test rode it for the tradesmen who had installed it. She laughed as she flew through the air enjoying the feeling of weightlessness as the swing reversed its arc. Matilda leaned back letting her hair fly out behind her. She closed her eyes, "Whee," she sang out letting the swing slow down. Jumping from the swing, she stumbled a few steps and tumbled over. Quickly getting up and straitening her clothes she looked around feeling the eyes on her. 'Oh Gosh, thank goodness I wore decent underwear today,' She thought.

Looking around Matilda smiled at the project supervisors and tried to ignore the whistles that came from the men doing community service. She wandered over to the section being cleared to create the community garden. The guys on community service worked surprisingly well as a team, and the clearing of the large space had been fairly rapid. They looked up as she approached a couple of men smiling and moving toward her, "What, no brownies today?" One of the men complained.

"Ha! I will bring some when I get back if you are still here," she smiled sweetly.

"Trying to bribe us now?" He laughed with her good humour, "Where do you run off to every day anyway? Not much around here."

"I work nearby," she said enigmatically. She had been warned not to give out too much personal information. These men were doing community service for various reasons, not all of them nice. A scruffy looking man got up from where he seemed to be taking a nap and walked towards Matilda.

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