tagIncest/TabooThat Slutty Stage

That Slutty Stage


I was in my mid-thirties when my step sister moved into my apartment. She was a couple of years older than me - closer to fourty than her mid-thirties - and was now going through a separation on her way to divorce. I had an extra room which I offered to her when she told me she had no where to live. And so here we are. Kirsty living in my apartment...

The Friday night after she'd moved in, we went out to a bar. The Irish pub was a little crowded and we'd ended up sitting outside. It was a little cold but they had a patio heater. While I'd gone inside to grab us our drinks, my step sister had flirted her way onto a table with a seat for me too.

5 or 6 pints later and I feel like going home. Kirsty was flirting with one of the guys and I'd been left to my own devices. Basically, to all concerned, I wasn't really there. I tapped Kirsty on the shoulder.

"I'm going to head home. Will you be okay?"

She pulls herself away from the guy for a second. "Yup. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Sure thing".

I woke up in a drunken haze to the sound of fucking in the next room. It doesn't sound like a full on fuckfest. It sounds tender. Soft moans. A slowness to it all. In a single moment I feel a change in the way I think about her. Through drunken ears I'm picturing my step sister biting her lower lip while being fucked. The occasional moan escaping. Suddenly Kirsty's someone sexual to me. An object of desire. I took the situation in hand so to speak - keeping pace with her moans.

The next morning I woke up early, put on some boxers and stumbled out into the kitchen to put on some coffee. The guy Kirsty had fucked last night came out and I couldn't, for the life of me, remember his name. I'd met him the night before. I settled for understated hospitality.


"Uh huh". Barely a grunt. He took a seat at the kitchen island and I pour him one.

Kirsty comes out. She's looking disheveled. Her long shirt barely covering, what yesterday was nothing more than a relative but this morning is an object of sexual desire. Shapely calves disappear under the loosely hanging hem of the shirt. The V at the top showing a welcoming curve leading to her breasts. I have a semi hidden by the island. The outline of my cock is perfectly visible to me. My boxers hide nothing. The kitchen island fortunately does.

She shoots me a pointed look. A "what the fuck are you doing?" look. I realise my gaze has lingered. My face heats up as I imagine it's now glow in the dark hot red.

She pecks ... still not knowing his name, I suppose "the guy" will have to do... on the lips. "I had fun last night".


I think they've both got the message. Fun "last night" - probably not something to be repeated. No exchange of numbers. Hell, they don't even call each other by name. There's a pretty good chance that neither of them want to risk getting the other's name wrong. And with that, he downs his coffee and is gone.

"What the fuck was that?" Kirsty turns on me accusingly.


"The coffee. The idea is to get rid of the one night stand. Not make them a fucking coffee".

"Oh right. Well... if only you'd left instructions". Not my gaze then...

Weirdly, given the change in how I was seeing my step sister, I wasn't feeling ashamed. I'd have thought that eye contact would have been out of the question. I'd masturbated to her moaning while imagining myself fucking her and now I had a bit of a chubby and yet...

That Saturday night she went out again. I'd decided against going out. Being in my mid thirties and not accustomed to drinking a lot I chose a night in on the couch watching TV. In reality I was trying to get over the hangover. It was only 5 or 6 pints...

It's only 10pm when I hear keys in the lock. Kirsty stumbles in with some guy. They pass me in the lounge on the way to her room. They're ... occupied. She's leaving a trail of clothing.

I hesitate. It's one thing to overhear her fucking. It's another entirely to go out of my way to hear it. It's not hurting anyone to go to my own room right? I'm just feeling tired and want to go to sleep. It's lame, but I manage to talk myself into going to my room.

I've only been in here a minute when the moaning starts. It's faster this time. Louder. More urgent. WAY louder. The rhythm changes. It's slow. The volume hasn't changed though. It's like listening to an especially erotic show. I have a hard time not cumming. I imagine myself going down between her legs and giving her a tongue lashing whenever I feel like I can't stop it. Sucking on her clit while using my fingers to probe her - purposely searching out her g-spot. While this does nothing to stop my excitement, it's at these moments that I let go of myself and give myself time to recover. She cries out and it's like permission to finally cum. When I do cum, it's a gusher. Best Wank Ever.

The following morning, smelling musky and feeling a sense of... release, I once again head to the kitchen. About 10 minutes later "the guy" (a different guy from the last "the guy") awkwardly heads straight for the door. "No high five for fucking my step sister?" I muse to myself (smiling but not going so far as to laugh).

This time, when Kirsty comes out, her satin shirt hides next to nothing. The buttons look hastily done. Mismatched to their holes. I can see her nipples through the cloth and the curve of her breasts are more exposed. But more importantly, she seems to have a light sheen of sweat. Her hair is disheveled and she's flushed. Have I missed out on listening to quick morning sex? I can make out white panties from her side due to the cut of the shirt.

I pass her a coffee while trying not to stare.

"Did we keep you up?" she asked.

"A little. It's nice to hear you happy", I say smirking.

I expect her to look embarrassed. Instead she just smiles.

Tuesday night she goes out again. I kind of want to stay up just to hear her fucking again but I've got work in the morning. I've been thinking about listening to her fuck. I know she's, to all intents and purposes, my sister, but I just can't stop thinking about her. I've masturbated a few times since but it all feels different. Less... in the moment.

At 1am I hear something. It's not in the next bedroom. I get up (quickly putting boxers on) to check it out. I see her at the end of the hallway in the lounge. She's facing toward me straddling someone in the armchair. Her tits are out and are bouncing. I stop. Stunned. A deer caught in headlights.

She sees me. I'm trying to will myself to bolt. To respect her privacy. My eyes locked... onto her eyes. I expect her to yell at the perve to go away. Instead her hands go off the shoulders of whatever "the guy" she's fucking tonight and into her hair. She pushes her chest out. The sheen of sweat on her tits catch the light. Her rhythm changes. She slows down. And all the while she's locked onto my eyes. She's putting on a show for me and all I can do is smile. There's no hiding this hard on.

In the morning I almost bump into her as I'm heading off to work.

We don't talk about it. I'm embarrassed to bring it up but secretly I'm hoping she broaches the subject. I have no fucking idea what this means. Should I "make a move"? What if it was a lost in the moment kind of a thing? Like... something that just kind of happened and was fun but, much like a one night stand, isn't supposed to happen again or reach new levels or anything?

It's Thursday morning. I'm grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading off to work. I normally leave well before Kirsty. She comes out dressed only in a towel.

"Have I told you how much I appreciate you letting me have your spare room?" she asks. She doesn't wait for an answer. She grabs a handful of my hair, pulls my head back. Her towel drops and she makes no effort to pick it up. My erection is so hard it hurts. She kisses me. It's playful. Her tongue probes at my lips and they part. Her hold on my hair lessens. Just a little as our tongues play with each other.

And then it's all over. She lets go of me and turns. Leaving her towel on the ground. "Have a good day at work". She disappears into her room while I realise I'm running late. It's going to be a hard day...

I get home and figure I'll make dinner. Tonight's the night. She couldn't have been clearer. I'm going to fuck my sister. Step sister... My raging hard-on throughout the day was only temporarily relieved by a discreet trip to the toilets.

I've thrown together a pasta dish and a salad. When she comes home, a little after 7, she's not alone. She's brought home a woman. Sarah. Sarah's really cute. She's a little shorter than Kirsty, about my age, brunette. If I had to choose a word to describe her, it'd be "pixie". Two words: "Pocket rocket". She's kind of my type though I've only got eyes for Kirsty. Kirsty introduces me as her flatmate.

We eat dinner and end up in the lounge. Kirsty's taken the armchair which leaves me and Kirsty sitting on the 2.5 seater. Despite this, she seems to end up sidling up to me. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable. And a little turned on but dejected. All I really wanted tonight was to come home and fuck Kirsty.

We're talking and then Kirsty says something about dessert. I'm confused. I didn't make dessert and didn't see them bring something in. She presses a button on the stereo remote and the room fills with music. It's rhythmic. Perhaps a little faster than what I'd have expected for what happens next. She's planned this...

Sarah exclaims "Oh goody!" and ends up leaning against me. I'm still a little lost as to what's going on. Kirsty gets up and is dancing. Losing her shoes and teasingly lifting her hemline on her skirt. Removing her shirt in agonizingly slow fashion. Not at all suited to the music.

And then she's straddling Sarah and giving her a lap dance. The faster than expected music makes sense as she's essentially dry humping Sarah. I feel every thrust in agonizing detail.

The song ends. Still straddling Sarah she stage whispers into Sarah's ear, "I want to see you fuck my baby brother". Sarah's hand is on my leg and I've already started to nibble on her ear.

Sarah looks wide eyed and surprised as she turns around.

"Is she really your sister?" she asks.

"My step sister".

Off with her shirt, and I get an eyeful of her beautiful breasts. They're small - fitting her frame well. A modest handful. They feel great to my tongue and she lets out a moan when I gently use my teeth.

I kiss my way down her body and get down on my knees in front of her. She's playful. Her legs don't just open for me. I have to push them apart. I'm gentle at first as I gently push her knees apart. She giggles. It takes me kissing her knees and reasonable force for them to finally open... just a little. Another kiss further up. It turns into nibbles.

I'm taking my time. It feels a bit like dancing. I'm putting on a show for Kirsty. Kirsty's watching as I make Sarah writhe and moan in pleasure.

Sarah's hands in my hair finally bring me back to reality. She pulls my head up gently. "I want you to fuck me" she says. She turns to Kirsty. "Okay with you?".

The idea of asking my sister for permission adds a whole new dimension.

"God yes! Fuck!".

I sit back on the couch while Sarah fumbles with my fly. Across from me, on the arm chair, Kirsty has her feet on the coffee table, skirt pulled up, and fingers working furiously. I pull off my shirt...

Sarah frees my erection from its confines and straddles me. I suck on her nipples as she starts to slowly rock. All the while I'm watching Kirsty. We smile at each other as I meet each of Sarah's thrusts. We're making eye contact while Sarah rides me.

Sarah's pace quickens. There's too much movement. No sucking, no grasping. Just manic fucking. The room is filled with moans. Mine... Sarah's... and Kirsty's from across the room.

Sarah doesn't orgasm. I cum. Sarah and I end up cuddling on the couch as we watch Kirsty bring herself to her inevitable end. I'm drinking in Sarah's smell and using my fingers; pushing first 1, now 2 fingers past her well lubricated lips, watching my sister (step sister) and already starting to rise again.

Kirsty cums and I stop, my fingers still buried deep in Sarah. I'm applying pressure to her g-spot while I enjoy the sight of Kirsty cumming.

"Thanks for the fuck" says Sarah, as she moves my fingers out of her. Her and Kirsty disappear into Kirsty's room leaving me hard and alone.

I don't see Sarah the next morning. Her and Kirsty were pretty noisy most of the night. Sarah never really fully orgasms from what I can tell though given the amount of noise, I don't think it was through lack of trying.

It's Friday night. Kirsty must have left work a little early as I bump into her in the foyer. There's an energy. We seem eager to get into the elevator. The doors are barely closed before I've pushed her against the wall and am kissing her. Only a few moments of frantic kissing pass before I've lifted her skirt and have my hand down her panties. Frantic panting fills the air and seems to hang there like a smell. I imagine the next person to use the elevator still being able to hear it. Still able to smell the musk. Still able to feel the raw lust. It all seems so tangible.

My fingers haven't penetrated her when the door opens on our floor. We disengage from each other - Reluctantly.

We rush to open the door and then we're back at it. Consuming each other as if our lives depended on it. She's pulling my head back again while she kisses me. She's taken charge as she feels my cock through my clothes. As her warm hand finally encompasses it, giving it a few playful tugs, I find myself wanting nothing more than to thrust it into her.

She bites my lower lip. It hurts but it just puts a little fight in me. I rip at her shirt. A button flies off but ultimately I have to pull it off over her head. I remove her bra and run my fingertips over the impressions made from the bra. It's a gentle gesture. It belies the intent. I squeeze a nipple and she moans loudly.

I push her into the armchair. I really want to taste her. There's no playfulness this time. No gentle nibbling. Instead I remove her panties with a single movement and hook one of her legs over my shoulder while I go straight for her clitoris. There's no hesitation. She bucks and I feel like I'm on a wild ride.

It's not long till she's pulling me back up to kiss her. Only this time she's tasting her own juices. She fumbles with my pants and shuffles forward to the edge of the armchair. They're barely off, hanging at my knees, before I'm thrusting into her. It's a quick passionate fuck. A release of massive pressures.

I come first. I keep working her with my fingers. With my fingers buried in her I'm able to suck on her nipples. Not just suck. I'm biting them. She cries out. I can't tell if I'm hurting her or if it's just pleasure... or a little of both. She doesn't cry out for me to stop though so I keep going.

She finally comes. Her cries fill the room and seem to hang there.

"God that was hot", she says, catching her breath. "Are you coming out?"

Out. She was heading out...

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