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She woke when she heard the door shut. Thank God, she thought. She had heard them get the call around 3:30 this morning. "Attention all fire fighters, attention all fire fighters. Structure fire 145 Glover Ave.. Will be The Glover Center. Caller advised flames and smoke visible." After hearing all that over the scanner in the bed room, she wasn't sure he'd be home till after noon. She was now pleasantly surprised to see it was only a little before nine.

She got up and went to meet him. He was in the bathroom shedding his filthy uniform in preparation for a shower. He turned when he heard her in the hall and said, "Sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to wake you."

"That's alright, I heard the door" she responded. She kept watching him and then she smelled it. That acrid, smoky smell that was always on him after nights like this one. She drew it in and savored it. It's funny, but that smell always turned her on, and this morning was no different. To her this mixture made him smell like who he constantly told people he was...a fire fighter. It also made her stir for reasons she did not exactly comprehend, but thoroughly enjoyed.

He reached to turn on the shower and she stopped him. "Not yet" she whispered, "I want you just the way you are." And with that she turned him toward her and kissed him. "Fine by me" he said between kisses and embraced her.

As their loving began, she was overwhelmed by his aroma. His sweat (which she had always found exciting), the smoke, his turn out gear and time had all mixed to form this powerful aphrodisiac and she was completely under it's spell. She ran her hands across his thick shoulders and down his broad back. His hands were pawing at her ass and occasionally squeezing a little harder than they should, but hey, no pain, well you know the rest.

She could feel his beard around her mouth, kind of rough and abrasive. He could shave later; he had two days before he had to go back to work anyway. She groaned as his mouth bonded hers and moved to her neck. The pull of his kisses was strong against her throat and she began to feel that blush run through her from one end to the other. She got a little week kneed and jerked lightly; he caught her. Then she felt his arms around her back and under her legs, picking her up and carrying her back to the bed.

He kissed her again and then gently laid her down. She pulled him down to her to feel his weight on her. He held his torso off her with arms extended and at her side. She put her hands on his chest and rubbed it till he began to move. She felt him on her throat again and then on her collar bone (he's fascinated with these) and finally to her breasts. He repositioned himself straddle of her legs and then took a tit in each hand and cupped them. His hands were strong and rough against her supple flesh and she loved it. He squeezed them together and went back and forth between them with his mouth. His kisses were powerful and sent shivers round her ribs and down her spine. As he sucked on her nipples she could feel her very first twinges of excitement start deep in the pit of her stomach. God he was good. Those lips, surrounded by stubble, were torturing her good.

He was on her belly now kissing every square inch it seemed. Her hands found themselves in his hair, which was gritty and damp from all he done the night before, and she tried to grab double handfuls to slow his downward progress, but there was nothing she could do. He was on his way to do what he loved to do, and she knew that she was about to love it too. He completely bypassed her pussy (as a tease, she knew) and went instead to the inside of her thigh. He held her legs open and began just above her knee, working his way up. That tingle in her belly was swelling now. His tongue found the crease of her thigh and traced it several times over. Then he moved around her swollen sex to the other leg and repeated the process from the thigh down. He raised his head to see if she was watching and she smiled down at him. This was what he wanted and his attention returned to her flesh and that was what she wanted.

She felt his tongue slip inside the part of her lips and then move up and down, repeating for several minutes. His hands came around her legs and held her open to his mouth. His tongue never stopped moving and her tingle was now a rumble. Off, but not that far. He pressed his face into her as his tongue dipped inside. Those whiskers were a wonderful sting against the pleasures his mouth was bestowing upon her. She began to manipulate her breast with one hand, while the other found her mouth which eagerly started sucking her fingers. As her hips initiated their rocking his mouth moved up to her clit. She felt the little lightening bolts run for her belly as he pulled it into his mouth, dragging it between his exposed teeth.

She could have cum right then if he had stayed put, but as he always does he was off momentarily after upping the ante again. She felt him move back toward her opening again. He paused there to look up at her again. She didn't see it this time, her eyes were closed tight and she was consumed with the pleasure he was imparting. He moved back to her and began to suck on her. She could feel her flesh moving in and out of his mouth. He pulled hard enough that she felt the ridges inside her moving over his lip covered teeth again and again. The rumble in her tummy was now a roar. As he pressed against her harder she felt the stubble above his mouth find her clit. She began to rock her hips emphatically to take advantage of this double pleasure he was offering her. The rush began to wash over her, her blood was pounding in her head, her heart was leaping in her chest, her breathing had all but abandoned her. She grabbed his head and held it as she ground herself against him. Her lungs froze. Then, after a second, her squeals began. Every ounce of energy in her seemed to run for the exact same spot and yet every inch of her was a part of it.

She released him as the orgasm began to subside and he returned to her pussy with gentle licks. Right now though no matter how gentle he was, the rush threatened to return. He stopped after just a minute and crawled up between her legs. He lifted them and placed his cock deep inside her. The rush returned immediately. It was smaller, but she had cum again.

He paused, leaned down to kiss her and she pulled him tight against her. She rolled him over easily as he wasn't expecting her to take control. With him on his back, she held his arms down beside his head and positioned herself for a ride. She began to press down and then lift off. Even as wet as he had made her she could feel the ring of his head as it ran the gauntlet of her own sphincter like rings. She increased her pace as the friction ushered groans and gasps from her lips. She was now almost oblivious to his presence, except for his dick that is. As she rode toward the next climax he was trying to keep pace. His hips lunged forward to meet her each down stroke and his hands held her breast and toyed with her nipples.

Her hands were on his chest as well, and had dug in for an anchoring point. She bit her lip to try and dissuade her approaching orgasm, to no avail. As the waves began to crash she felt the release. She felt the pleasure explode in all directions. She felt it as she impaled herself on his member and attempt to grab it with her love muscles. Her grip was the final straw for him and he blew his load against her cervix. As the waves left her, she loosened her grip and gently moved on him again. She felt it as he began to disappear inside her and then she couldn't feel him at all. She fell down on his chest and breathed in a new scent. It was the smell of them; her fire fighter and their love. She loved it.

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