tagNon-EroticThat Special Moment

That Special Moment


It was a bright sunny day and Zoë was meeting up with James again that afternoon. They had met a couple of times in the summer but the difference in their ages was too great and a relationship was out of the question for him.

They had spoken on the phone that morning and it was good to hear his voice again. Zoë wondered how the weekend would go now that their relationship would not have the possibility of romance. When they had first met up, the evening had developed romantically and James missed his last train home, so Zoë said he could have her spare bed. They stayed up talking until 4:00 am and ended up sharing the same bed. The kisses and cuddles were close but that was all. In the morning their ardour intensified but stopped short of anything too sexual.

A second date had been arranged for two weeks hence and Zoë had been really looking forward to it, but when communications became sparse from James, Zoë sensed that perhaps the feelings were one-sided. When they met again as arranged, James was not feeling too good and Zoë thought that was the reason for his reticence but she perceived reluctance on his part to resume where they had left off two weeks previous. They shared a bed and a hug but that was all.

Zoë had been very disappointed and eventually an email confirmed her thoughts. He really liked her but the gap in their ages was a problem for him. A friend was the deal. Oh well, that would be lovely. You can never have too many friends.

A couple of months had passed since then and now here she was waiting for him as arranged. Zoë looked up and there he was. They greeted each other with a kiss and hug, then set off down the road to a pub. James was looking good in blue jeans and a sweatshirt. It looked like he had lost a little weight and looked better for it. Zoë liked what she saw. She was wearing jeans that showed off her long legs, and her favourite green hooded top.

There was plenty to talk about, as they had not seen each other for a while. After a couple of drinks in the pub, they got a video and wine, then dropped these off at Zoë's flat before going to eat nearby. She needn't have wondered how they would be with each other because it was very relaxed and much like their first meeting. However, this time Zoë held back and any lustful or romantic thoughts were held at bay.

Even so, once back at the flat they lay close while watching the video. Cuddled, held hands and Zoë thought, this is lovely, a tactile friendly relationship without the complications of sex. James remembered things they had done on the previous occasions, like sharing a sip of wine. He had particular liked that he said, and Zoë was pleased because it had meant a lot to her too. They laughed when he remembered how they played at Star Wars with her metal weight training bars!

After the film, talk turned to what they wanted out of life and Zoë tried to explain how she really just wanted to be happy and because she had been in a long-term relationship and was not looking to settle down again yet. However, if she did meet someone and fall in love again she would stop seeing other guys and become content. James asked her what she had thought when they first met? Zoë hesitated because she didn't want to spoil a lovely friendship and beautiful evening, and she was not sure how to put it. For she had really liked James and thought the feeling was mutual. She had gone into work on cloud nine after their first weekend. Should she tell him that? She hesitated too long and James said that she was probably going to say something he would not want to hear, so not to say it now! The moment was lost, so she let it go, as she was unsure how to proceed.

James told her about the flat he now shared with Jenny and that they got on so well people thought they should be a couple. When questioned by Zoë on this, James said that he loved Jenny to bits but did not fancy her. They were just really good friends.

"Oh! That is lovely," said Zoë. "I would love to have a friend like that!"

"Well, you have," said James. "You have me!"

Zoë was completely taken by surprise and overwhelmed. All caution went out of the window.

"That is so lovely," she said. "I really, really like you a lot." By this time they were lying on the cushion with their arms around each other. They hugged closer and it felt very warm and safe. Nobody had ever said that to her before, and James got the answer to his earlier question.

They slept together entwined and even had a long lingering kiss. It was friendly with romantic undertones.

Zoë went to sleep smiling, thinking of 'that special moment'.

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