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That's What I Thought


I realize this story could land in any of a number of categories. I hope this choice doesn't offend you.

Roger Waters: "There's someone in my head but it's not me."

+ + +

It was just a few months ago, a normal weekend double header. My name is Brent and I play college baseball for a division I school.

I'm a true junior, play center field, and bat clean-up. I lead the league in home runs and hit by pitch. After parking a ball earlier in the game, I got plunked, smack in the ear hole of my helmet.

It had stunned me, but not enough to stop me from tackling the SOB and getting a few good shots into his chin. The benches cleared and our coach gave a few of us one game suspensions. We wouldn't play again until next weekend's doubleheader so no big deal. This upcoming doubleheader was against a weak team and I sometimes sat a few innings of those games anyway.

I had a headache that night and it just wouldn't go away. I checked my pupils and they looked normal, so I didn't say a thing to the trainers. If you want to ride the pine, complain about health issues. Once you complain they 'have to respond'. That means you sit and someone else gets to play. We all play through our injuries. We LOVE to play. I popped pain pills, every day, but the headache persisted.

It was at our pregame lunch that I first noticed it. They served us hamburgers again, and mine was overcooked. I thought 'I should spit this out' and the shortstop, sitting next to me, spit his mouthful out. An assistant coach reamed him and made him clean up the mess.

Since I had to sit that game, I was bored. The umpire on third had a cool beard and I thought 'I wonder how I'd look with a beard'. The backup catcher, sitting next to me, started stroking his face, like he was thinking the same thing. Two coincidences in one afternoon? I decided to experiment. I wandered around the dugout thinking 'My neck itches.' Three of the ten guys in the dugout scratched their neck. Counting the backup catcher, that was four out of eleven. As the players came into the dugout, between innings, I did the same test with them. Three of the nine players, including the shortstop, scratched their neck. Almost one third were responding to my suggestion. One out of three people were puppets I could manipulate.

I changed my suggestion to 'Blink' and repeated the test. The same people, who had scratched their neck, blinked. My mind was racing. What kind of trouble can I get into with this? I picked on the backup catcher. I thought 'face itches' and he scratched his face. 'Blink' and he blinked. 'Lick lips' and he did. 'Yawn' and he yawned. 'Cough' and he did. This is so cool. I started measuring how close I had to be to make it work. Five feet seemed to always work. Eight feet away was iffy. I confirmed my measurements with some of the others in the dugout.

With my one game suspension over, I warmed up for the second half of the double header. My concentration was not what it should have been, but nobody seemed to notice. In my first at-bat, with a runner on third and two outs, they intentionally walked me. When I reached the base I looked at the first baseman and thought 'Blink'. He did. I led off, trying to draw a throw. I heard the coach yell 'BACK' and, as I dove back into the base, I thought 'DUCK'. The first baseman took cover and the ball bounced off his shoulder and into right field. The run scored and I made it to third. This was going to be fun.

I led off the fifth with a solo shot. When I came to bat in the seventh, the pitcher threw at my butt. I turned away and it struck me in the hamstring. The umpire tossed the pitcher and I trotted down to first.

After the game, as I walked by the female assistant trainers, I mentally repeated 'Blink'. Jenny Harden was the only one to blink. Since she wouldn't date any of the jocks, we assumed she was a lesbian. Come on, we are studs. Well we think we are anyway. I waited for her table to open. As she was rubbing out my hamstring I mentally repeated 'rub cock'. I was rewarded with a few stealthy gropes.

"Miss Jenny, if you don't stop that you're going to get a surprise."

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Forget I did that."

"Tell you what; come over to my place at nine, and I'm sure you can make me forget it ever happened."

She caused me great pain, digging her fingers into my hamstring "Okay."

Let's just say, even if Jenny is a lesbian, she gives great head. It might not have been her idea, but she wasn't able to think straight. She didn't much care for me filling her mouth. I may have forgotten to warn her. Serves her right for digging into my bruised hamstring.

I had trouble sleeping, thinking about all the pussy I was going to get. It's not like I was having a lot of trouble getting pussy. Since high school the girls available to me, with just a wink, were groupies. They saw me as a meal ticket. In my mind they were all gold diggers, hoping I would sign some high dollar baseball contract. Of course, none of this stops me from bonking a different chick every weekend.

I think I have some morals. I hope that, when I do have a girlfriend, I will be monogamous. Not having a girlfriend has prevented me from testing that theory.

After my morning workout, in the weight room, I went shopping for a large box of condoms. There was only one cashier working. I waited in line behind two ladies with loaded shopping carts. Behind the last lady in line I thought 'Blink'. Nothing. Dammit, too bad this doesn't work with everyone. She cursed as she checked her list and pulled out of line. Well that works too. I moved up in line and tried it again. 'Blink'. Nothing from the lady but both of her kids blinked.

'Gotta pee' 'Gotta pee'.

"Mom, I have to pee."

"Me too mom."

"Kids, come on, were almost done, can't it wait?"

'Gotta pee' 'Gotta pee'

"Mom, I can't hold it, hurry."

Exasperated she pulled out of the line and headed towards the restrooms. I sailed through checkout. The cashier was kind of cute so I tried 'Blink'. Nothing. Oh well.

I put a few condoms in my pocket and headed to the cafeteria. I strolled around thinking 'Blink'. Much like the dugout, one out of three were puppets. I chose a tall, slender, but shapely, brunette. She had dark hair and big brown eyes. She was reading what looked like a math or physics book.

I sat at a forty five from her and started thinking 'Flirt'. She would look up from her book and smile. I thought 'Hello'.

"Hi, I've seen you around but can't place you."

"I'm Brent. I play on the baseball team and work out in the weight room."

I started thinking 'Walk with me'.

"Well I wouldn't have seen you in those places. I'm Steph. Would you like to walk around?"

After about twenty minutes I was in her apartment rubbing and buffing her tits. 'Rub cock' worked on Jenny, and it worked on Steph. After a little foreplay I was thinking 'condom'. She did a wonderful job of rolling it onto my cock. 'Fuck' seemed to work and she was on her back with my cock buried into her. 'Spread your legs' 'Wrap your legs' 'Push up' all seemed to work. 'Squeeze' was one I was going to remember. Oh my, that did the trick for both of us. The wave of pleasure that washed over me was something special. Her screams of 'yes yes yes yes oh gawd yes' as she climaxed stroked my ego.

I used the bathroom and started putting my boxers on.

"Where do you think you're going? I'm ready for round two."

"I have batting practice. If I miss that I get benched. I can be back here in about three hours if you want."

"Damn right I want. That was fucking awesome. Hurry back!"

I was something to see in the batting cage. Inspired comes to mind. Maybe the big smile on my face intimidated the batting practice pitcher. I showered and headed back to Steph's apartment.

She met me wearing a towel, which covered my shoes as soon as the door was closed. She tugged me onto her bed. I was already getting hard but her deep throat action firmed me to the max. 'Fuck' I thought and her legs spread apart.

"Come on lover boy. Do me again. Just like this morning."

I tried to remember all the commands I had given her earlier. I added lots of 'Squeeze'. It was every bit as satisfying as earlier. As I licked her, she was trying hard to crush my head with her thighs, but I kept thinking 'Spread legs'. She screamed and shook uncontrollably when she climaxed. Someone, outside her apartment, yelled at us to 'keep it down in there, we're all getting horny.'

Exhausted, we laid flat on our backs.

"I have never been so out of control. You do something to me that I can't explain. I love it. I'm no prude, and I'm no slut either, but the sex today is easily the best I've ever had."

I thought 'Kiss' and she rolled onto my chest and gave me a kiss.

"You are about the most responsive lover I've ever had. I'm hungry, how about you?"

"I am, let's run over to the cafeteria. You can spend the night if you want."

In the morning I almost hated to leave for the weight room. Later that day I got my ass chewed by the coach who did the oversight of attendance, homework, and tests. I should have been working on a paper due tomorrow. With batting practice followed by a few hours of outfield practice, it was almost dark when I left the locker room. Jenny avoided me like I had leprosy.

Steph was waiting outside of the locker room with a pizza box and a liter of pop.

"I have a homework problem I think you could help me solve."

"Wow, tough choice. Coach says I need to get caught up with my homework."

"In what subject?"


I showed her the textbooks and homework assignments.

"If I help you, you have to spend the night."

After a quick fuck, she tutored me when I stalled on my homework. She's a whole lot smarter than me. I'm no dummy. I carry a 3.5 GPA, and I'm not taking the same soft schedule as some of my teammates. As I closed my books Steph began nibbling on my ear. We had tried about every position I could think of. I tried to behave and let her make love the way she wanted. It was a wise choice. She did things to enhance my experience. The sex with this woman was nothing short of fantastic. I still thought 'Squeeze' a few times. Hey, it helps her cum too.

"I've got a road game tomorrow. We leave after batting practice and I won't get back until after midnight. You get a day to recover."

"I don't want a day to recover. Plan on doing homework together on Wednesday."

The team bus stopped for gas at a truck stop. One of the guys behind the counter was closing out his register. I thought 'Blink' and he did. He was trying to count his till. I thought 'One Two Three Five Eight Thirteen Twenty-one Blackjack.' He started over; so did I. He was cussing quietly. After one more round he was getting pissed so I stopped.

I tried 'Blink' on the other strangers in the store. It occurred to me that I was happy that none of the chicks had blinked. The time I had spent with Steph was turning into something more than just the sex. That didn't stop me from thinking 'Blink' when I passed by a girl. It never hurts to have a backup plan.

Our game was lopsided. I was three for five with a two run shot. After I hit a tape measure foul ball, I took one in the shoulder. The on deck batter wrapped me up to prevent me from charging the mound. That one came a little too close to my head.

'Does it hurt when they pitch at you?' was the text from Steph when I turned my phone on. Coach will bench anyone who turns a cell phone on before we are back on the bus.

'Depends on where you get hit. Today was my shoulder blade so not so bad. Hands, elbows, ankles, and knees are the worst. You must have followed the game.'

'It was on the internet. You never mentioned you were such a stud.'

'You never mentioned you were such a seductress.'

'LOL not me. I was trying to get my masters and now I can't wait for someone to get back from a road game.'

'Can you meet me in the library tomorrow? I have a research paper to finish. No late practice so anything after noon works for me.'

'I can do 2 pm.'

'Great. Can I take you to dinner tomorrow night?'

'Well I was hoping for something else but maybe that's dessert?'


We continued to text until my phone died. I should get one of those battery backup things.

The following day I wandered around the library thinking 'Blink' and found several viable babes. Deciding to be childish, I sat next to one, put my headphones on, and starting playing tunes. I thought 'Smile'. She didn't. She had just responded to 'Blink'. I tried 'Blink' again. Nothing. I paused the song that was playing. 'Blink'. This time she did. Interesting. I have a way to prevent my thoughts from being shared. I had her itching just about every part of her body before she left.

I moved next to a guy and girl who had both blinked. They had their chairs pulled close together. He was sitting further away than she was. I started with 'cough' and they both did. He was just a moment behind her. She thought he was mimicking her.

"Quit it."

'Ear itches' 'Ear itches'

Both rubbed their ears.

"I told you to stop it."

There must be some kind of Doppler Effect. He was just a split second behind her.

'Snort' 'Snort'

Not quite in unison.

"You're a jerk!" and she stormed out of the library. No nookie for him tonight.

There was a group of four girls at one table and two had blinked. I decided to have some fun. I pulled out a chair and opened my textbook. I kept thinking 'Giggle' and soon all four were giggling. It is somewhat contagious. The library monitor asked all four to leave. It did open up some chairs so I set some books next to me to save a chair for Steph.

Not only did Steph help me with my paper, she explained it in a way that I understood. I had her put on my headphones, under the guise of asking who the band was. 'Blink' didn't work. Good to know.

Dinner was the first time we actually learned things about each other. We had been nonstop fuck buddies since we'd met. She had read my bio in the press guide. She knew my high school awards and who had drafted me when I was a high school senior. I learned she was an honor roll student and had always been the top of her class. She was two years older than me and working on her masters. Her thesis was on Quantum Mechanics. She has been accepted to Oxford University, in London, and will start there in the fall. She would like to get her doctorial degree there. I was smitten. She's smart, funny, and absolutely spectacular in bed.

As we were eating dinner, I realized how Steph was able to work through my problems understanding my homework. She was reading my mind. She didn't know it, but when I was thinking about the problems, she was getting those brain waves too. The need to keep my head clear became evident. We could listen to music or I could move out of range.

I may have manipulated her to get the friendship started, but it had taken on a life of its own. I knew I was in over my heart when it occurred to me that I was always concerned with 'when would I talk with Steph again?'

Steph was starting to stress, about falling behind in her studies. She said she just couldn't concentrate when I was around. Not surprising, having someone as ordinary as me cluttering up her mind. I suggested that I'd come over after she was caught up. It was about 11 pm on Thursday and 10 pm on Friday. I took the opportunity to take naps before heading over to Steph's apartment. We weren't getting a full night's sleep; not even close. I was still manipulating her and that just seemed to increase her passion. She was used to being in control and, with me, she wasn't.

Saturday morning, getting ready for our home doubleheader, I had my tunes playing. Here I have this ability to work my way into the panties of one third of the girls on campus, yet I've only used it twice. I couldn't be happier. I hadn't had a steady girlfriend since my freshman year in high school. My time with Steph was more than the sex. I was starting to get worried that she would get bored with me, since I wasn't as smart as she was. What if I lost my puppet skills? Would the sex be as good? Shit, I was more than smitten. The little things she was saying and doing told me I wasn't the only one.

When we took the field I searched the stands and found Steph sitting behind our dugout. She had painted my name and number on a jersey.

The umpire behind the plate responded to 'blink'. When I was batting, I would constantly think 'Ball'. I drew walks in my first two at bats. Their coach got tossed for arguing balls and strikes. I had two long outs and a sharp lineout to the shortstop. O-Fer in the first game. Maybe I was trying too hard. I walked twice and had two sharp singles in the second game. We clinched the league title with the split.

It felt different having a girlfriend waiting for me. Steph said it was the first baseball game she had ever watched. I told Steph I had a headache and could we listen to music while we made love. The sex, rather making love, was natural and still quite special. I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't a complete fraud.

After weight training on Sunday, I took Steph out for brunch. Our waitress blinked on command. I bet Steph that the waitress would lick her lips while taking our order. Steph and the waitress both licked their lips. My prize was a kiss, which I enjoyed. She asked how I knew. I lied and said I saw her do it when taking another table's order.

I have this ability and haven't a clue how to use it responsibly. I'm debating whether Steph would be understanding or should I hope I never get caught. I tried not to think too much about it while Steph was bouncing up and down on my cock. She had one of the biggest orgasm since we'd been fucking. I smiled as we listened to the music. Now that she knows to squeeze while sliding up and down, I can lie back and enjoy.

We had our first horizon talk Sunday night. I made sure to leave the music playing. Steph had been thinking about 'us', and what that meant, when she left for England. There was no easy solution. I was planning on getting my degree. I'm not from a rich family so hopping back and forth across the pond wasn't going to happen.

I explained the professional baseball structure to Steph. The minor leagues were all about developing pitchers. They can't do that pitching to a catcher. They need position players trying to hit their pitches. They feed off of the dreams of the young jocks. Granted they get to tell their grandkids they were signed by the Yankees or Cubs, but they are just pawns. I might be considered a top prospect but I knew that, unless I could learn to lay off the down and away slider, I was destined to shrivel up and die in the minors. My best asset to a major league team would be my speed. You are either born with it or you dream of having it. Did I really want to ride the pine so I could pinch run?

We made love a few times that night. I left on Tuesday for regionals. I was going to be gone for six days. Steph and I texted and chatted when we could. I knew I was in love. It wasn't the sex I was missing. It was her voice, her perfume, and her smile that I was missing. She was watching the games on the internet. We lost the winners bracket final but came back to sweep them to take the championship. We would only return home for a few days before heading to super regionals.

Steph met me when the team bus arrived. Like the famous cover on LIFE, I received a crushing and passionate hug and kiss. Super regionals were a disaster. We were swept and our season was over.

Steph said she had a surprise for me when I got back. She met me at the airport. Have I mentioned how much smarter Steph is than me? She had three interviews set up. I would meet with an admittance guidance counselor from Oxford, the men's cricket coach, and the manager of the local professional cricket team.

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