tagNovels and NovellasThe Accident Ch. 04

The Accident Ch. 04


We had been apart for months and just now were beginning to talk to each other. I could see that John still had issues in very serious ways, as did I. I couldn't seem to stop apologizing to him for having cheated, and he couldn't seem to forgive me for it either. We were at a proverbial Mexican standoff.

One day while at my psychologist's she started me on why I had let Bill talk me into having sex that first time. I described the feelings of ugliness and inferiority I had been having and how all the flirting and suggestive conversation had warmed me up and made me an easy target.

As the hour went on I began to realize that Bill had intentionally set me up. I began to remember things from before that first time when Bill had made mention of my being beautiful and sexy. How lucky John had been to have me, and other things. Bit by bit it all came out. Suddenly I realized that I had been 'turned' by a true professional.

My doctor then asked me other questions about things that had happened. Mostly why I had done this or done that for Bill and never had let John. The farther that session went the angrier I got at Bill. By the end of the session, which had run over by an hour, I realized that Bill was not nor ever had been a 'nice' guy. He had targeted me and then using his best moves, brought me under his spell.

Shocked after that meeting I just sat in my car in front of my place. I couldn't cry or even get physically angry yet. I was remembering all the things Bill had said over that time and finally, for the first time, clearly saw how he had set me up and reeled me in.

That night I just fumed for several hours as I first bathed then ate my dinner. I was alone now because I had let myself be sweet-talked into cheating on my husband and I had never seen it being done. Even now I wasn't a non-target as Bill had just tried to re-establish contact with me.

Armed with the knowledge I had now, with the help of my 'shrink' I knew that somehow I had to get even on that bastard. He had used me, and in using me, he had used John too. At different times he had insinuated that John must have been cheating on me here or there. I had always denied that but deep down those accusations must have worked on my inner self-doubts.

After our first time and my being reluctant to do any more with him, I realized that he had been working on me here and there still. With my eyes wide open now, I could clearly see where I had been misled and hooked. Ashamed at myself I knew that I was lucky that we had been in that accident when we were or by now I would have been the company whore.

Shaking and crying, I sat in my kitchen wondering if John would ever be able to forgive me. My undoing had been neglect, but not neglect on John's part. It had been neglect on my part in trying to have a better relationship with the man I had loved for so long.

The ringing of the phone brought me back to the real world.


"Sue...I...look, I know that I've been pretty hard on you lately. I want to try to work things out a bit better than I have been. Could we...uh...look...I want to start all over. Can we do that?"

"Start over? Like how? I'm not sure what you mean John."

"How about a date?"

"A date?"

"Yeah. How about for tomorrow night around seven?"

"Uh...yeah. Sure. I mean...I'd love to. Seven it is."

"Great. I'll pick you up at your place then. Uh...dress up just a tad bit. We're going to the Laredo."

I was stunned. The Laredo was the first place we had gone to as a married couple. It was there that we had talked about our future together. It was there that he had actually first proposed to me. I wondered if he was trying to send me a message.

"The Laredo John? Why there? I mean, I'm more than happy to go there with you, but..."

"Because I want a fresh start Susan and because that is where everything went right for us a long time ago. I want the best chance for us and I have come to realize that in order to do that we need positive influences. The Laredo is one of those places for us. Can you understand what I'm getting at?"

"Yes. I agree. We do need to make the most of what time we do spend together. The Laredo brings back good memories to me too John. It really does."

I was excited and happy. It appeared that John wanted us to succeed at this too. For the first time I began to see a possible future with my husband. One that just might be full of happiness instead of sadness. I fell asleep that night with my head in the clouds and thoughts of what I would wear on our date.

When I asked Susan to go out with me to the Laredo, I thought for a moment that she was going to refuse. I misunderstood her happiness to be sadness. I guess I thought she would think that since that is where it all started for us, that this would be where I ended it for us too.

I had no such thoughts. In my time with the shrink I had come to realize that even though Susan had cheated on me...on us, I still loved her. That one thing had not changed. The other thing was something the shrink had mentioned that had caused me to think harder about. Why had Susan cheated on me in the first place?

After some thought I decided that Bill had never been innocent. I remembered a few times when I had been present, like at Christmas or other parties for her work. He had always been kind of snide to me. His comments had been putdown in a mild sense, but always Susan had heard them. Also, several times he had made a big deal of my looking at some daringly dressed or underdressed as it were co-worker of Sue's too.

I began to see a pattern when I thought back over the year or so he had been Sue's boss. He had been manipulating her all that time. I was sure of it now. Sue had been under fire from day one on his first day on the job with her.

I began to think about that, and then decided to check up on Mr. Bill Samuel's and his history. A friend of mine was a cop in the city where Bill had come from. I asked him if he could find out anything about him for me. What he told me sent shivers down my spine and caused me to want to go hunting right away. I had other thoughts immediately too...and those were of the more calculating kind.

I found out that Mr. Samuels had been involved three times with the police in his last city. One of those times he had been caught in a compromising position with another man's wife. A wife that happened to work under him. In more ways than one.

Another time he had been involved in an altercation at a motel. It seems that an angry husband had shown up while Mr. Bill was doing the nasty with the husband's wife. There had been a third man involved, but his name was not on the report as he had disappeared while the questioning had been going on.

The third time had been a traffic ticket. He had gotten a DUI, and at that time he had another woman in his car with him that was not his wife. They had both been taken in, and both had posted bail through his lawyer.

I realized that Bill Samuels was a very dangerous man to married women. He was a predator in a most insidious way. I realized too that Susan had not known his history, nor had his employers. I began to wonder how many women and marriages he had ruined in his time?

Armed with this knowledge I decided I needed to let Susan know. I figured that if I had a date with her, we could talk about him and what he had done to us, and possibly we would be able to finally put this behind us once and for all.

I also began to work out a revenge for him too. I was angry enough that he had done this all on purpose now, that I was willing to go way out of my way to see he got what was coming to him. In my mind, he needed to be put into some kind of hell of his own making. A hell that would not let him off the hook for a long time.

I made sure of where he was living from calling his employer and pretending I was a client who wanted to send him a personal item for being so nice to me. The secretary at first was evasive, but once I mentioned several things that I knew about a certain client, she came out with what I needed fairly easily. It had paid for me to keep some memory of Susan's papers she would work on at home once in a while.

Next, I made a few calls to some women who had been in the information the cop friend had gotten me. After a few hours of calls and talk, I had part of what I needed. The rest would come with time. I then began to map out my revenge on Bill Samuels.

We met that night at the Laredo as planned. John looked so handsome. My heart was beating wildly when I first saw him standing there waiting for me. I walked up, hoping that what I had chosen to wear wasn't too slutty, but still sexy enough for him to build a desire for me. I wanted so much for everything to go right on this date.

"Hey handsome. You are looking very good tonight."

"Well, you are sure beautiful. Really, you are. Gorgeous. I mean it Sue, truly you are."

His stare was one of lust and desire. I felt a light blush go over my body as I realized that I was secretly enjoying his lustful staring. He was the only man I wanted doing that from now on.

"Oh yeah...I love it when you talk that way about me handsome. Don't ever stop."

We walked in, arm in arm. I felt so happy knowing that he was looking at me with desire. His eyes had always gave way to his inner thoughts to me. At least I always thought so. I felt like a Queen as he led me to our table.

"So, we'll order and then talk. Sound okay to you?"

"John, I want to say something. It's important. Well, to me anyway."

"Okay then. Go ahead."

He was looking at his menu, and holding it so I couldn't see his eyes at all. This gave me pause for thought. Was this a ploy or was he really interested in the menu items? I decided to plunge ahead and tell him what I had figured out about Bill. Get it out of the way right away. Then, whatever happened later on tonight, so be it.

"John, please. It's important...well to me anyway. It is what I figured out about...Bill."

I saw his hands freeze in motion. I knew that I had his full attention, even if he wasn't looking into my eyes. I waited until he finally dropped his menu. The look in his eyes actually scared me for a moment. Then I realized it had been Bill's name that had caused that look, not me.

"I figured out that Bill must have used me. I know that isn't an excuse, and I should have withstood his manipulations, but looking back, he set me up a long time before we actually ever did anything. Matter of fact I..."

The look in John's eyes caused me to falter in my speech. I had prepared it all to get it over with right away. Yet, something in John's eyes told me that what I was saying wasn't new to him. Matter of fact, at that moment, I wouldn't have given a plugged nickel for Bill's life. It was the darkest I had ever seen in John's eyes, even when he had first found out about Bill and I.

His interruption was quick and concise.

"He used you Sue. He manipulated you like he had done to at lest four other women. I checked up on that bastard. You were not the first to fall under his spell. You will be the last though. No matter what happens to us, he will never again do what he did to you and those other women again."

"What have you done?"

"Nothing yet Sue. I have something planned though. He will learn to not fool around with married women from now on."

"You're not going to do something stupid are you John? I mean, I have not come this far to lose you now. Please tell me that you haven't planned something real bad to happen to him."

"Are you protecting him? Is that it Sue? You want him to get off scot free?"

"NO. But I don't want to lose you just when I have a chance of getting you back either. He's not worth it John. I love you too much to lose you now."

"Sue, he won't be physically hurt, he'll just get a hard lesson in what happens to someone who messes around with married women. That I'll have a minor part in it is sweet for me. He will learn though. The steps have been taken. This time next week, he'll wish he had never seen you or those other women."

"OH God...what have you done? You can't harm him or the cops will bust you. You can't go to jail for this...this...asshole. John, please tell me that you haven't done something that will send you away from me now."

"Relax Sue. Nothing illegal is about to happen. Matter of fact, he will have done it all to himself. He is going to learn the hard way that he can't use and manipulate women again. Trust me on this Sue. Nothing illegal is going to happen."

I relaxed a bit. I wondered what he had planned to happen to Bill. I now knew for sure that John was a very hard man when he wanted to be. Controlled and hard. This knowledge was a bit scary for me to accept as I wondered if he had plans for me too?

Our dinner went smoothly and we even talked like old friends for the first time. Nothing more was said about Bill and I didn't bring it up at all. After dinner we took a walk, and while walking John reached out and took my hand.

My heart began to beat wildly; my lips seemed to be dry. As I licked them, I saw John looking at me with a very intimate look. I turned to ask him what and as I did, his lips crushed against mine. His tongue slipped between my lips and began to explore my mouth. I hugged him tightly, loving him and what he was doing.

I could feel my nipples harden and a flood of juices hit my pussy. My God, I was so hot for him I about came just kissing him. As we kissed, he took me into his strong arms and held me close to his hard body. I could tell he had been working out. The muscles of his stomach rippled against mine, and I worked to press harder against him.

My hands went to his ass cheeks, and gripped tightly. Pulling him into me, I broke our kiss and began to rain kisses on his throat and upper chest. Right between the shirt lapels, where the hair on his chest started. He smelled so clean and sexy. I had a hunger for him now. A real deep need to have him completely. I want him to fuck me and fuck me hard.

"Down girl. We are in public here. Let's go home."

"I don't care where we are John. I want you. It's been too long. I need you. I need you to take me back. Make me yours. Please. Oh, God John, I love you so much. I've missed you. Please...take me tonight? Please tell me that you love me? Please tell me that you want me, need me?"

He looked at me, not saying a word. Taking my hand he led me to his car and opened the door. I got in; my breathing was hard and uneven. I had never been so horny in my life. Never. I would have let him fuck me naked on the hood of his car right there in that well lit parking lot. I just wanted him like I had never wanted a man before.

As we drove to his place I moved over closer to him. My hand was on his inner thigh, and at a stoplight, I began to massage the rather large lump in his pants. He looked into my eyes, then putting an arm around me; he began to kiss me. The sudden honking behind us told us the light had changed.

As John drove on, I bent down and unzipped his pants. Working his now very hard cock out of his pants proved to be difficult, but I got it done. Then, as he drove, I began to lick and suck on his cock. I paid extra attention to the head and soft underneath side of his shaft.

At one point I felt him swerve a bit, and realized that if I kept it up, we could get into a car wreck. I backed off, sitting upright. I kept my hand on his hot and oh-so-hard shaft. Playing with his cock, as he drove, I kissed his neck and cheek.

"Hey, be careful there honey. I'm driving."

"Driving me crazy with lust maybe. God I want you John."

"Look, I want you to know...I'm not sure...that is I mean...uh...I'm not sure how I'll..."

"John, I love you and I think that in spite of everything, you still love me. We will work through this. Tonight I just want to be your little...I want to be your lover. No matter what, I will be patient with you and things will be okay."

His nervous laugh made me have a few doubts. I think he was worried about having sex with me. After all, this would be the first time since...the accident. I was nervous too. I was fearful that he might get angry with me and hurt me. Fearful that he might not stay turned on, maybe even walk out on me in disgust. Neither of us had any idea of what would happen later, and I'm sure we were both afraid.

At his place, just as he opened the door, I attacked him. I was too horny, too worked up, and wanted him too much to hold any restraint. It had been months since I had had any kind of sex. It had been longer than I cared to remember.

I stripped off John's clothes in record time, and as he began to work on mine, I stopped him. I moved away and began to strip as sexily and sultry as I could. With no music to guide me, I just tried to remember a certain song and with it in my head, I began to dance and strip.

John's eyes lit up as I undid my blouse, and then, while he almost drooled, I pushed my dress down my legs. In my bra, panties, garter-belt and stockings, I danced over to him and rubbed up against his naked body.

His cock was standing straight up, hard as steel. I trapped it between my tummy and his, and ground against it. My lips were on his neck and chest, kissing and licking him. I felt him each around and undo my bra. Stepping back a bit, I shrugged it off my shoulders, baring my hard nipples to him.

He bent, and soon I felt his soft tongue caressing them. Each time it would slip across the end of one or the other nipple, I would moan. The feeling was so delicious and so sexy; I almost came with just his tongue stimulating them. I wanted more though.

Breaking away from his tongue was hard, but I managed to do it. I then went to my knees. Taking his cock into my mouth, I began to suck. I worked more and more of it into my mouth until I felt the head of his cock bumping against my throat. His hands were in my hair, holding my head, as I began to deep throat his cock. When my nose crushed against his pubic hair I heard him moan loudly.

Looking up as his cock throbbed in my throat, I saw his eyes on me. When they made contact with my eyes, I felt him throb even harder.

"Oh...God. Sue. What you're doing...is...wonderful. I love it. I...love...you."

I backed off, and then with his hands still in my hair, I began to work up and down on his hard cock, wanting it to spurt into my throat as I face fucked it. I went faster and faster, trying my best to get him to shoot off. I spent a few minutes literally bouncing back and forth until I felt his cock throbbing and beginning to jerk.

As John began to shoot, I moved my head to about half way down on his shaft. Holding my lips tightly around it, I squirmed as his scalding hot cum hit the back of my mouth and throat. I held him tightly like that until he finished shooting all his cum. Then I took all of his cock, to the base, and gulped his cum in several swallows.

His hands remained in my hair, and I started to work my head up and down, getting him hard right away again. I kept up the blowjob until he was once again rock hard. I brought him close to orgasm again, then pulling off his shaft I stood up.

He took my head in his hands, and began to kiss me. I tried to turn my head so that his lips wouldn't touch mine, fearing that he would be turned off by the taste of his cum on my lips. He forced his lips onto mine, and then I felt his tongue pressing between my lips. I parted them, allowing him to lick the inside of my mouth, my teeth, and then my lips.

I was shocked. This was something that we had never done before. Ever. I had never let him cum in my mouth, let alone gone all the way down on his cock like I just had. To have him tasting his cum in my mouth and liking it was another thing we hadn't done either.

He picked me up, and carried me to the bedroom. Once there, he pulled off my thong panties, and leaving my stockings and garter-belt on, he laid me carefully on the bed. I was on my back and he was at my feet. His strong hands caressed my legs, then spread them wide. He crawled up between my legs, and before I knew what was going on, his hot breath was at my pussy. I had trimmed it close wanting to do something special for him, and obviously it didn't go unnoticed.

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