The Addict


"Honey, do you smell anything?"

Hector paused to sniff the humid air. "Yeah, now that you mention it, I do. It's sort of musky but sweet at the same time. I don't think I've ever come across anything like it before. Let's look around. Maybe we've stumbled on some new species of wildflower. These mountains may be well-mapped but they aren't visited often. There could be all sorts of discoveries here."

Rolling her eyes impatiently, Kelly shook her head. "Hector, we're not that far off the main trail. I doubt that there's anything here that's going to make you famous, not even for fifteen minutes." She took a deep breath to really tell him off but there was that scent again. Like he said, it was musky and sweet and now that she thought about it, there was an overtone of some spice, cinnamon, perhaps. It certainly was intriguing.

Hector chuckled. "Yeah, you're probably right but if we can figure out what it comes from we might be able turn it into a perfume. That way we could get rich instead of famous. Let's see, the breeze is coming upslope so if we walk up wind down into that hollow . . ."

Kelly watched her boyfriend's shorts-covered butt lead deeper into the foliage. Though she was hot, sweaty and tired from the morning's hike, the sight suddenly gave her a tingling between her thighs. Surprised, she stepped forward to follow.

Even in the shade of the dell, the August day was hot. Sweat trickled down Kelly's body beneath her shirt. The temptation to drop her pack and tear the clinging material off was great, but places like this were usually thick with mosquitoes and the repellant was in the cloth. She tried to keep track of where they were going but it was getting hard to concentrate. The scent was getting stronger and it blotted out all other sensations, confusing her.

"Hector? Hector, where are you?" Oh great, now she was lost as well as hot and thirsty. Horny, too, she thought, really horny. A stronger whiff of the strange scent made her raise her head. There, high in a tree was—something. A branch knocked off her bush hat letting more sweat drip into her eyes, stinging and blurring her vision. What was that thing? "Hector, I think I've found something . . ."

Not far away, Hector leaned against a trunk. He was light-headed and oddly listless. Not much mattered now, just the heat and the wonderful smell that he could almost feel through his skin. It was a peculiar idea but the more he thought about it, the better he liked it. Yes, the more skin he showed, the more of the sweetness he could get. Shrugging off his daypack, he shucked his shirt. Why stop now, I'll take my shoes and socks off, too. Heck, there's no one around to see. In minutes, the man sat naked on soft grass, his head back and eyes closed, completely lost in the aroma.

Kelly's daypack lay unheeded on the forest floor behind her. The tree was huge, with multiple trunks that made for easy climbing. Clambering up, Kelly reached for the next branch then muttered a sudden curse. "This damned shirt is driving me crazy!" Ripping it open, she threw it to the ground. "Now, maybe I can climb up to that—whatever it is."

At the next branch, her shoes slipped on the bark, almost spilling her out of the tree. Ignoring the rough bark, Kelly recovered her balance then sat down and discarded the hiking boots. Now she would have better traction as she climbed. If only she weren't restricted as she climbed and scrambled . . . Damned bra, I can hardly breathe! And these stupid shorts keep getting caught on twigs and branches. I'll just get rid of them.

Nakedness made her skin tingle with goose bumps. The scent flowed down over her body, stimulating her nerves and making her wet. Kelly's nipples stood up tight and hard, her nether lips swelled pink and dark as the blood flowed into them. Higher she climbed, breathing ever harder. Now her mind was blank, her only goal the pulsing dark shape in the tree above her.

The being that identified itself as BlueField/OrangeSpots quivered in anticipation. The female human was almost within its grasp, her captivating pheromones wafting upwards toward it. Once it had her, the alien life form would next need to catch the male. Only when the pair was together would the chemistry of their arousal be complete. It had been so long since it had been properly satisfied with the scent and body fluids of copulating humans. Coming to this planet was dangerous and illegal but once the xeno-mollusk had tasted the sexual flavors of the local inhabitants, the sensations could neither be forgotten nor resisted. Another fix, it must have another fix!

When Kelly reached her goal, warm pseudopods entwined her wrists and lifted her effortlessly. A writhing mass of arms pulled her into their embrace, pinning her inescapably to the alien body. No matter, by now the young woman was enchanted by the perfume and the soft caresses about her thighs, buttocks and sex. Mouth slack and eyes shut, Kelly licked the spicy-sweet honeydew off the nearest tentacles and when one brushed her lips, she sucked it in eagerly.

BlueField/OrangeSpot trembled. The woman's mouth was exquisite, it thought. Only here on this primitive world could it find such raw emotions. It oozed across the great branches of the ancient oak, carrying Kelly without effort through the canopy. There! Below the next tree over the male human sprawled limply. To the alien's satisfaction, the scent lure had done its work well. Hector's manhood was engorged and stiff, however flaccid his arms and legs might be. The alien rippled down the tree, lifted Hector easily and carried both his prey deep into the undergrowth. It spread its flexible body out and around, forming a tunnel with the couple inside.

Hector came to. He felt muzzy and disoriented but the one thing he was sure of was that Kelly was naked and in his arms. Now he wanted her more than anything in the world. She opened bleary eyes, smiled at him and spread her thighs. "Fuck me, Hector. Fuck me hard!"

The man's response was guttural and incoherent. He thrust. She was hot, slippery and wet. Her fingers clutched at his back. Strange, fingers also clutched and gripped his buttocks, his thighs and pressed into the metatarsals of his feet. The effect was electric. If Hector was hard before, he was now an iron rod. Kelly's nails raked his shoulder blades and something blunt and slippery squirmed around his butt. It pushed inside and plunged against his prostate. Sparks flew across the inside of his eyelids as he emptied himself with a scream into Kelly's waiting womb.

BlueField/OrangeSpots shivered in ecstasy. The pheromones, aromas and sweat chemistry the pair he enveloped were a thrilling cocktail to his own metabolism. But once was not enough! He knew human physiology and biochemistry well and giving Hector just a bit of extra hormone on his prostate sent the man virile and rampant again. Four times he had the woman until, completely spent and unconscious, the alien released him.

Now the pseudopods squirmed with excitement. This was the best part, the time when the spice of adrenaline peaked BlueField's pleasure. Kelly roused from her sated languor enough to find herself bound helplessly in a mass of tentacles. Her eyes flared wide in horror. She opened her mouth to scream but before any sound emerged, an arm thrust between her lips. It was covered in sugary slime and she swallowed in reflex. Aghast, she felt not just the syrup but the entire tentacle slide down her throat, writhing and pulsing. Something jetted into her stomach, something that paralyzed her arms and legs but that heightened her sensations.

Kelly was powerless. Her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees were encircled. She was spread wide and lifted clear of the living surface. BlueField/OrangeSpot flowed over her. Now the young woman hung above the forest floor, suspended and spread-eagled. Small arms emerged from the alien body, slithering down to encircle and bind her breasts. They squeezed. Delicious pain shot through her body as between her thighs she could see two larger, much thicker arms poised above her mons. No! Her mind screamed but her body could not resist. The arm in her mouth slid in and out in time with her panting, the one between her thighs pressed gooey against her engorged labia, forcing itself relentlessly inside. There it swelled, larger and larger, rotating back and forth. Never had Kelly been so filled.

The alien was in ecstasy. The chemistry of the woman's desire and fear caused hallucinations and orgasms. Only one thing was needed to complete the joy. A last, slippery tendril wriggled against Kelly's anus. Unable to clamp shut, all she could do was suffer its intrusion. Anger and indignation filled her brain and BlueField/OrangeSpot reveled in the hormones they produced. What a wonderful species, it thought vaguely, that gave such joy to any being lucky enough to possess one. It regretted that it couldn't just load them onto its ship and keep them forever but the law was harsh on those who interfered in the lives of sapient species.

At last, Kelly blacked out and the hormones dropped off. The alien gently released its toy next to the male she came with, making sure to give each of them a small dose of memory eraser to cover its tracks. Giddy and barely able to navigate, it returned to its ship and disappeared, at least for now.

In the light of dawn, Hector woke with a naked Kelly in his arms and their clothes in a pile at their feet. "Kelly? Kelly, wake up!"

"Hmm? Hector! What are we . . .?"

"Honey, I have no idea how we got here like this but we need to get out of here quick. We were supposed to be in Gainesborough by nightfall and now we're eight hours late, at least. Uh, the worst part is . . ."

"That you don't remember screwing me? I don't either. What happened?" She scrambled into her clothes. "The last thing I remember is a funny scent up on the trail."

"That's all I can remember, either. And I'm not about to answer any questions about why we're late."

"I will. We got turned around, somehow, and the GPS battery died. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."


Nine months later, Hector wiped Kelly's face while the doctor cleaned up their new son and handed him to them. At once they were in love with the little boy. Mother and Father smiled as they looked down at his perfect tiny toes, his perfect chubby hands, his tangerine eyes and peacock blue hair . . .

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