tagGroup SexThe Addition of Lillian Ch. 4

The Addition of Lillian Ch. 4


Legal disclaimer: This story contains illicit description of sex. Do not read if it is illegal for you to do so, i.e., you are under the age of 18 or are in a location that prohibits viewing pornography.

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Over the next three weeks Lillian was invited to dine with James and Liz on several occasions. She also had them over to her house for dinner and the small group enjoyed several nights out on the town. During this time there was no interludes like that last night when both Liz and Lillian had turned the tables on James.

Although they kept a portion of their relationship private, James and Liz were happy to include Lillian in their lives. Lillian in turn enjoyed the company of two young, intelligent, and successful people and after one particularly pleasant evening out she decided that she wanted to do something for them.

The time seemed right when she received word that a colleague would be in town for a few days and called to see if she was up for dinner. Lon was in his mid thirties, a few years younger than Lillian and close to James and Liz's age. He was well built, a runner by nature that lent himself to a lean physical appearance. He had light brown hair that was kept short and hazel eyes that sparkled with life.

Lon and Lillian had worked at the same company for a few years prior to her divorce. He'd been a good friend when she separated from her husband and often asked her to join him for a drink. When her divorce had been final he'd taken her out to celebrate and they'd ended up in bed together. From there the relationship developed into something enjoyable for both of them but it quickly became apparent that while their sex life was explosive their feelings for each other would never go beyond friendship.

When Lillian decided to move out west Lon had wished her luck and promised to come for a visit. Lillian knew that Lon would enjoy meeting both James and Liz but before she could put the question to him she needed to talk to James. The past few months had allowed her to come to know both James and Liz relatively well. In that time she'd learned that both had their share of fantasies and that they enjoyed experimenting. After the gift they'd given her in asking her to join them Lillian wanted to do something for them.

James, surprised by Lillian's phone call, sat back and smiled as she explained the reason behind this particular call. He agreed to meet with Lon to see if he felt comfortable with the other man. If that first meeting went well then they could make arrangements for Liz.

James reached out and shook hands with the tall handsome man before sliding into the booth beside Lillian. He brushed an affectionate kiss across her lips and ordered his usually gin and tonic. Lon seemed relaxed and the three easily fell into a comfortable conversation. After the usual discussion regarding how Lon and Lillian had met James broached the possibility of an evening together. He already felt comfortable of the idea of Lon joining them and was relatively sure that Liz would find the man attractive and the experience arousing. When the three left the restaurant they'd agreed to meet for dinner and drinks the following evening and then retire to Lillian's home.

Later that night as James slid inside Liz he thought about their up coming adventure, one that she was completely unaware of, and smiled. Liz had easily agreed to have dinner with Lillian and her friend and seemed more interested in wrapping her legs around him than in tomorrow night. She'd spent the day in court, which always left her with an abundance of energy and she took great pleasure expending it on his body. Never one to complain, James let her have her way with him. He took it as his duty to be supportive in any way he could.

The next evening Liz smiled as she walked from the steamy bathroom and into their bedroom. Spread out on the duvet cover was the clothes James had chosen for her. It wasn't unusual for him to pick her clothes. Often times he insisted she wear a particular pair of panties so that he could think of her in them while he was at work. It gave her a thrill to know that he had hand selected her clothing and would be constantly turned on throughout the day at just the thought of what she was wearing. On those occasions James was unable to pick out her clothes, either because she rose before he did or he was out of town on a business trip, she always made sure to email him a message describing her attire.

James sat in the chair across the room and watched as Liz slid delicate silk stockings up her legs, securing them against her thighs with a pair of matching black garter belts. Before she could slide into her skirt and clad only in her bra, panties and garters, James felt a sudden surge of desire and had to force himself to remain seated and enjoy the show.

Liz recognized the signs and slowly slid her skirt up and over her hips. After tucking in her blouse she walked over to stand before him. Turning her back to him she asked; "Would you mind zipping me up."

James groaned with sincere distress but obliged her by pulling up the small black zipper on the back of her skirt. It was one of his favorites; stopping several inches above her knees the skirt was made out of a combination of fabric that allowed the material to stretch, covering her figure and accentuating the generous curves of her voluptuous figure. Liz was not model thin but instead had ample breasts, a narrow waist, and hips that flared above a great pair of thighs. James enjoyed her body immensely; she felt soft and feminine in his hands and he would never understand what other men saw in women that looked like they'd come from a third world country's refugee camp. A man wanted to make love to a woman not a bag of bones.

As she went to step away from him, James grabbed Liz by the hips and pulled her back against him. Lowering his head he nipped lightly at her buttocks before releasing her. Liz laughed lightly and turned to run her fingers through his hair. The light scrapping of her nails moving across his scalp sent shivers coursing through his body.

James drove them to a small Italian restaurant that specialized in private, intimate dining. He wanted to ensure that Liz had a chance to get to know Lon and become comfortable with the other man. Lillian and Lon were waiting for them in the bar. Lon stood and after introductions were made suggested that they take their drinks to their table and order dinner. His warm, open personality instantly caught Liz's attention and she went willingly when he wrapped her arm in his and led her from the bar. Lillian asked that another bottle of wine be sent to their table along with James' gin and tonic. She had come to be comfortable with either James or Liz or both and it seemed that Lon would fit in nicely.

Liz laughed and smiled throughout dinner. Lon was a wonderful dinner companion and regaled them all with tales of his traveling woos. It seemed that he was destined to travel on every late flight available, loose his luggage, and end up with the most disgruntle clients imaginable. She wasn't sure if it was the wine or the company that left her feeling light headed. James seemed equal comfortable with Lon and no one seemed to want the night to end.

Everyone readily agreed that they should meet back at Lillian's house where they could continue talking and getting to know one another in a more comfortable and private atmosphere. James smiled knowingly over Liz's head at Lillian as he helped his girlfriend into her coat. Even in the warmer months the evenings could be chilly in the Northwest and Liz's skimpy attire required extra protection from the elements.

"Hmmm…that was nice." Liz settled back against the leather of her Jag as James steered the car expertly through traffic. "Lon seems like a nice guy. I'm glad that Lillian has some other friends that she can turn to."

James reached over and slid the palm of his hand up her thigh. "Yeah, he's pretty cool. I think that there is or was more to his relationship with Lillian than simple friendship."

"Perhaps, but it doesn't sound like it was anything permanent. He still lives back east and travels extensively." Liz had caught an undercurrent of sexual tension running through the room all night and she was sure that most of it was coming from Lon and Lillian. Liz was constantly conscious of James and the way his presence made her feel and what she felt tonight was something all together different.

James pulled into the driveway and parked behind Lillian's SUV. He went around and opened Liz's door and helped her from the car. Her skirt rode up high on her thighs giving him a quick peak of pale thighs above black stockings. The view combined with the knowledge of what was to come caused his cock to harden instantly. Luckily he'd chosen to wear a pair of loose fitting slacks that helped to minimize his arousal. While anyone looking close enough would know that he was currently in an uncomfortable state, if they were examining his crotch that close they deserved to see the truth.

Holding hands they walked to the front door and knocked. Their call was answered almost instantly by Lon who looked well and truly at home with a glass of wine in his hand. He smiled and beckoned them into the familiar sitting room. A fire burned bright and in the few minutes she'd been home Lillian had managed to arrange a tray of brie and crackers to go with the wine.

Minutes later Liz and James were seated comfortably upon the couch while Lillian and Lon sat in chairs across the coffee table from them. Liz settled back against James' side, his arm resting around her shoulders. As she talked he leaned down and brushed a kiss against her neck, sending chills down her body. As he moved away his breath caressed the sensitive skin along her ear causing her nipples to harden instantly.

James felt Liz shift slightly on the couch and smiled. His gentle touches were obviously having their usual effect on her and he decided to step things up a notch. He slipped his fingertips inside the collar of her blouse and started stroking her collarbone. Giving him better access, Liz tilted her head back and let her eyes close slightly. She could still see Lon and Lillian sitting across the room. Lon had his arm around Lillian and the two were watching her intently.

Turning his body so that he sat facing her, James bent his head and lightly bit Liz on the neck. As he licked away the sting, his left hand slid up her thigh and started working her buttons free on her blouse. Sighing, Liz allowed her eyes to close the rest of the way. This evening was strangely reminiscent of their first night with Lillian. She could still recall the intense emotions that had stirred within her when James had made love to her while Lillian watched.

James parted the sides of her blouse and slid the palm of his hand along Liz's heated skin. She was already warm and her breasts felt swollen as he cupped first one and then the other. Her bra was made with a front clasp that held the delicate material together. There was just enough lace to hold her breasts firmly yet it didn't come up high enough to hide her hard nipples. With a quick flick of his fingers, James released her breasts smiling as she arched her back and pressed them firmly into his hand.

Kissing his way up her neck, James brushed his lips against her ear. "Stand up."

Liz opened her eyes to find the three of them watching her. Slowly she stood, setting her glass down upon the table.

"Take of your shirt and bra." James sat back and watched as Liz slowly slid the blouse off her shoulders, letting it float to the floor. Her bra, already undone, quickly followed.

James reached up and did what he'd been waiting all night to do. Slowly, he unzipped the back of her skirt, pushing it off her hips. The sound of metal moving against metal was obscenely loud in the quiet room but it did nothing to hide the quick in take of breath from Lon as he got his first glimpse of Liz dressed only in her garters and stockings.

Without waiting to be told, Liz slipped out of her shoes and placing one foot on the edge of the coffee table proceeded to slide the thin silk covering off her thigh and down her legs. After repeating the process, Liz stood beside the couch completely naked, the firelight casting a golden hew over her skin. Her eyes were bright with desire and everyone in the room responded in kind.

James stood and walked to stand behind Lillian. After whispering something in her ear, she stood and moved her chair to the edge of the room. "Liz, come here."

Liz followed James to the chair and sat down. James refrained from touching her as he knelt down in front of her. From here he could see that her pussy was already wet and that her clit had turned a bright pink. She was clearly aroused and he had a hard time stopping himself from burying his face between her thighs.

"You are to sit here, do not move and do not touch yourself. Do you understand?"

Liz gave him a pleading look. Whatever was planned it was bound to make it hard for her to follow his instructions. She could already feel her clit throbbing and she wanted desperately to rub herself against the hard chair beneath her.

James smiled at her distress. He could practically see her thoughts as if they were written across her face. Knowing that she was about to be thoroughly aroused, James stood and asked her once again if she understood.

Nodding, Liz licked her suddenly dry lips. "Yes."

James turned and walked back to where Lillian now stood with Lon. The two had moved the other chair and now joined James in the center of the room. Instantly the tension in the room rose another notch as James reached out and slid his hand inside Lillian's blouse. Unlike with Liz, James didn't bother with her buttons. Instead he grasped the two halves and pulled, sending buttons flying and ripping the delicate fabric.

Lillian inhaled sharply at the rough treatment but didn't object. Lon, now standing behind her, slid the ruined fabric from her shoulders. Once the shirt had been discarded, Lon slipped the straps of her bra from her shoulders, caressing the skin along her arms as he moved the thin strips of ribbon past her elbows. Lifting her arms, Lillian helped free herself from the delicate restraint. James waited until her arms were free before sliding his palms across her breasts, under her arms and around her back to undo the hooks holding her bra together. Immediately, her breasts sprung free, brushing against the rough fabric of his shirt causing her nipples to constrict. Lon reached around and lifted them in his hands, offering them up to James. James bent his head and circled one, distended nipple with his tongue before moving to suck the other deep into his mouth. Lillian arched her back and moaned as white hot bolts of pleasure shot out from her nipples and settled between her thighs. As James continued to lavish attention on her nipples, Lon unzipped and slid her skirt from her body. While it had been apparent that she wore neither stockings nor pantyhose, he was unprepared to find that she wore nothing at all. Knowing that she'd sat through dinner without anything on under her skirt caused his already harden cock to throb.

James released his hold on Lillian's nipple and looked over to see Liz gripping the arms of the chair. Her eyes were bright, intent on watching him and Lon undress Lillian. Turning his attention back to Lillian and Lon, James wasn't surprised to feel a pair of large, strong hands brushing up against his chest. Together, Lon and Lillian lifted his shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor. The room was warm but still the sudden exposure to the air caused his nipples to tighten slightly. Next he felt a pair of hands reach for his belt and slide the leather free. Moments later, his pants were undone and being slid from his body by Lillian as she knelt between him and Lon.

As the only one left dressed, Lon looked slightly out of place next to James and Lillian. Liz struggled against the desire, the need to rise and stand behind him, her hands working over his body to free him from his clothes. Her breath was now coming faster and she pressed her thighs together against the tension building within her.

Seeing the movement out of the corner of his eye, James turned. "Open your legs." Liz slid her legs apart and whimpered as the cool air brushed up against her sensitive pussy.

Any concerns Lon may have had at being the last one left dressed were quickly laid to rest as James and Lillian slid his shirt from his body and helped him out of his slacks. The three of them, standing together, made for a striking picture. James was light in coloring with a wide build while Lon was a little darker with a tall, lean build. Standing between them was Lillian with her red coloring and extremely feminine figure.

It was as if they communicated on another level for the three of them came together in an embrace that entwined them around one another completely. Their hands seemed to dance across each other's skin, touching and testing the different textures. For Lillian it was the first time she'd ever been made love to by two men and she was surprised to find that they each had their own distinct feel. She could tell James' hands from Lon's and she knew whose lips were on her neck and whose were on her breasts.

For James this was the closest he'd ever been to another man while making love and was amazed to find the sensation extremely arousing. He felt Lillian's hands against his chest, her nails digging in to his skin as he suckled her nipples. At the same time he felt someone reach down and grab the base of his cock. He didn't have to look to know who was holding him. Suddenly, he understood the benefits of having another man jerk him off. Lon knew exactly how to hold him, where to apply the most pressure, and what areas were tender and needed to be treated with care.

After a few minutes he was released. At the same time Lillian turned in his arms and dropped to her knees, immediately taking Lon's cock into her mouth. As James watched, Lon grabbed her by her hair and thrust his cock deep into her mouth.

As Lillian knelt before Lon, her ass resting back on her heels, James decided it was time. He and Liz had already discussed the possibility of him sleeping with Lillian and they'd agreed that it would be okay as long as it was always done in the open. Liz believed that if James and Lillian slept together without her present it could indicate deeper emotions. Their recent conversation still playing in his head and with the knowledge that Liz was watching he slowly lowered himself behind Lillian and grabbing her by the hips he raised her slightly. He turned, his eyes locking with Liz's, and started lowering Lillian on to his hard and throbbing cock.

Liz caught her breath as she watched James slide slowly into Lillian. She could almost feel the sensation of him filling the other woman and groaned at the emptiness of her hot, wet pussy.

James, now firmly buried inside of Lillian, rocked his hips thrusting himself deeper and deeper into her pussy. Without breaking her rhythm, Lillian spread her thighs wider and arched her back allowing James to thrust deep enough to touch her womb.

Lon watched as Lillian continued to suck his cock. The sight of his dick disappearing into her beautiful mouth nearly undid him. Her mouth was hot and wet around him and she rubbed her tongue along the length of his shaft. His hand was tangled in her dark red hair and his eyes were slightly closed when he felt his balls cupped gently in a large, rough hand. Looking down he saw James, one arm wrapped around Lillian's waist guiding her movements up and down his cock while he reached forward with his other and explored the tender skin of Lon's sac.

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