tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Adventures of Daisy

The Adventures of Daisy

byRocky Mountain Man©

Daisy was excited tonight; Ron was going to sneak her into the bar. Ron loved watching her act like a slut and the bar is the perfect place for it. As she dressed she thought about what might happen tonight. Many things went thru her head, but the only thing she was sure about was that she would get fucked by at least Ron.

She began putting on the clothes Ron asked her to wear. Hmm she thought as she looked at the clothes. "Not the slut outfit they usually used." The mini skirt and tank top was replaced by a one-piece dress, the kind most girls wore over pants, but Daisy wouldn't wear any pants, in fact she wouldn't wear panties or a bra. Damn, this thing is tight as she struggled to button up the front, she couldn't even button the top three buttons. Haha she thought, "I'm sure Ron planned it to be this tight." Then she looked at herself in the mirror, oh my god! She thought! "I almost look naked in this, my tits are hanging out and you can see my nipples right thru the dress!" "I better not bend over either" she said as she turned around to see that the bottom of her butt cheeks were visible even without her bending over. Tonight is going to be hot she thought as she heard Ron walk into the room.

"How's my hot little slut tonight?" Ron asked as he put his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck.

Daisy said that she's ready to show her pimp what a slut she can be, with that Ron turned her around and kissed her mouth hard. "Good!" Ron said, "because I have big plans for you tonight!.

"Here's the plan," Ron said, "I'm going to drop you off at the bar, and give you an hour head start, then I'm going to come in and pretend like I don't know you." "I want to watch my little slut in action." "But, I will be right there if anything bad happens." "Sounds good to me!" Daisy said as she kissed him again.

In the car Ron handed her a bottle of Jack Daniels, which she took from him and took a really big chug from. Daisy knew tonight was going to be really wild and kinky and she also knew she was wet from thinking about it. As she was wondering what may happen the car pulled into the parking lot at the bar.

She wondered why he was pulling to the back of the parking lot if he was just dropping her off.. Just as she was thinking that, Ron stopped the engine and told her, "I want to fuck that hot little pussy first tonight," as he opened his door to get out. Then he went to her side and opened her door and took her by the hand leading her to the front of his truck. Then he took her in his arm and laid her face down on the hood of the truck. He wasted no time, no sooner had she been laid on the hood Ron had his cock up her cunt. He was fucking her hard and fast like a mad man......harder......harder......Then, just as he sensed she was ready to cum, he stopped fucking her and helped her off the hood.

"You're evil," she told him as he just smiled back and took her in his arms.

"Kiss me," he told her and she put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard and long. "Ok, slut, see you in an hour." he told her as he got back into the truck.

Daisy walked to the bar nervously as Ron pulled out of the parking lot. What Daisy didn't know was that Ron wasn't going far, he had made a deal with his friend who worked at the bar and went in the back door. There was a one-way mirror in the office that allowed the manager to look out and watch the crowd. Ron was going to watch Daisy be a slut without her knowing it. Daisy didn't know that Ron also had another plan in store for her.

Daisy walked into the bar, her eyes adjusting to the dark Smokey bar. She could feel the eyes of everyone in the bar on her and she felt naked. As she walked up to the bar to order a drink she could hear people making comments. She heard a man just groan as she walked by, a woman say to her friend "what a slut" and a table of construction workers whistle at her. Then she ordered a Jack and coke from the bartender.

After she got her drink she worked her way over to the dance floor where bodies were packed like sardines. She squeezed thru the crowd until she found a couple guys that she thought looked hot. The combination of the booze and Ron fucking her to the brink of orgasm had her horny as hell as one of the hot guys asked her to dance. She usually hates dancing, but she knew a slut has to do what a slut has to do and she accepted.

Once on the dance floor they began to dirty dance. She was grinding his leg and he soon had his hand on her naked ass. While she grinded up and down on his leg her dress had worked up so that her bare pussy was rubbing against his pants. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her belly and she wanted to fuck him right there on the dance floor. When the song ended he took her by the hand and led her back to the place they were standing. He offered her a drink and she accepted.

Taking her by the hand he led her to the bar, and he ordered them each a shot of Jack. While they were waiting for the bartender to get their shots Daisy felt his hand working her ass. Soon his fingers were rubbing her pussy, not entering but rubbing. As the bartender handed them their shots she felt a finger enter her hot pussy. Daisy pushed back drinking the shot as his fingers were now fucking her pussy hard.

The bartender noticed what was happening, and gave her another shot to show his appreciation to her, which she gulped down right away. She leaned on the bar for support, as her legs got weak; she was so close to cumming. Then she felt her nipples being twisted, when she looked up she seen it was the bartender who was doing the twisting, this caused her to cum hard on the guy's hand.

Daisy didn't even remember going back to the dance floor, but she was there and locked in a hot kiss with her new friend. Then she realized she wasn't kissing the guy who had just fingered her to orgasm, this was someone else. She kissed back anyway as she felt the guy feeling her tits thru her thin dress. When the kiss ended, he drug her to the dance floor. Where she began grinding on him too.

Daisy looked around to see where the first guy went and seen him on the dance floor mauling a hot little blonde, "hmm competition" Daisy thought. When the song ended the guy let go of her tits and led her back to where they were standing where the first guy and the blonde met them.

The first guy asked the girls if they wanted to do a body shot. The blonde said, "no" right away, but Daisy said she would do it. Not wanting to be showed up by Daisy the blonde said, "Well if she does then I will too." Daisy could tell the blonde didn't really like her as she was led back to the bar.

Daisy looked at the clock and realized that Ron should be there by now, haha she thought, "he'd be proud of me" as her new friend pushed her back onto the bar. Then he unbuttoned her dress to her bellybutton and opened it up. She could feel the cool air on her nipples as they stiffened, and she felt the guy pouring salt on her cleavage. She opened her mouth when he placed the lime there. He was standing between her legs and she could feel his bulge against her bare wet pussy.

She watched as the guy took the shot, and then lowered his head to lick the salt off of her chest. He started at the bottom of the salt line and worked very slowly up. Daisy turned her head to see the blonde getting the same treatment. Then she realized there was a crowd of guys around them watching.

She was beginning to worry as the guy put his mouth on hers to eat the lime. He took his time looking for the lime as his tongue explored her mouth. His tongue went almost down her throat as he searched for the lime. She was dizzy as he raised his mouth from hers, and before she could react someone was pouring booze into her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but she could feel it running down her cheeks and chin.

Then she felt more salt being poured onto her chest, this time they were putting salt on her nipples and two different guys were doing shots. They finished the shots and each began sucking the salt off of her nipples almost in perfect unison. After they each sucked the lime out of her mouth Daisy turned and seen the blonde struggling.

There was a guy on each of the blondes arms holding her down as two guys were sucking and biting her nipples. Just then Daisy felt someone grab her by the hair and she began to get scared. Then she felt her body lifted and carried over to the blonde. While Daisy was being carried over to the blonde someone was pouring salt on the blondes tits.

The blonde was yelling, "leave me alone, I'm not a fucking lesbian" as Daisy felt her head being tipped back to take the shot of tequila. Daisy drank it down as she was placed between the blonde's legs. The blonde was struggling to get free as Daisy lowered her head to lick the salt off of the blonde's big firm tits. Daisy licked the salt off the struggling blondes tits, but she kept licking and soon had a nipple in her mouth. The blonde was screaming, "I'm going to kick your lesbian ass when they let me up," but that didn't scare Daisy at all, she kept licking and biting the girl's nipples. Then someone placed a lime in the blonde's mouth, only for the blonde to spit it out. Then someone pinched the blonde's cheeks so she couldn't spit any more and Daisy lowered her mouth to take the lime. The blonde bit Daisy's lip as she struggled to get free, but Daisy kept kissing her anyway. As Daisy stuck her tongue in the blonde's mouth she felt the blonde relax, soon the blonde was returning the kiss.

The two girls were locked in a really hot kiss. They let the blonde's hands free and Daisy could feel them around her neck as they kissed. Just as Daisy started rubbing the girls tits she felt a hard cock thrust into her hard. She was now sucking on the blondes tongue as somebody was fucking her hard from behind. Daisy could feel her body rocking against the blondes as the guy came in her pussy. All of a sudden a million thoughts shot thru Daisy's head; he didn't use protection, what if they hurt me, where is Ron.?"

The guy pulled his cock out of Daisy's pussy and another was put in its place. Daisy tried to get up, but there were so many hands holding her down. She was helpless and scared but she could feel another orgasm building as the cock drove in and out of her cunt, Daisy seen someone forcing a cock in the blonde's mouth right in front of her face. The man who was fucking the blonde's face grabbed a handful of Daisy's hair to help him keep his balance. The man fucking her had a hold of both of her tits pulling them hard as he drove his cock into Daisy's cunt.

Just as the man fucking Daisy shot his load in her pussy the man fucking the blonde's face pulled his dick out of the blondes mouth and shot all over the two girls faces.

"Lick it off of each other's faces you little bitches!" Someone yelled from the background. The girls were then forced by the hair to lick the cum off of each other. Daisy could hear laughter from the men as she licked the cum off of the blondes face. Just as she was licking the last of the cum off the blonde Daisy felt her body lifted roughly and carried to the stage. When they reached the stage Daisy was thrown down hard, hitting her head causing her to black out for a few seconds.

When she came back to there was a man on top of her fucking her hard. Even though she was groggy and dizzy she could feel her hips arching up to meet the strangers thrusts. Just as she was regaining her senses another man straddled her head and started ramming his cock down her throat. Daisy could hear men cheering the guys on, "fuck that little slut, pound that pussy hard, fill that bitches mouth full of cum, make her gag." But, the statement she heard the most was, "hurry up, I want a piece of that bitch too."

The next guy laid down on his back as Daisy was lifted and placed on his cock. Two guys lifted her up and down on the guy's hard cock as another guy stood in front of her and fucked her face. Daisy could feel her arms being pulled as the men lifted her up and down, she could feel her ears being pulled hard and rough to meet the thrusts of the man fucking her face, but most of all, she could feel the hard cock pounding in and out of her hot tight pussy.

Daisy lost track of who was fucking her and whom she was sucking, she also lost tract of how many times she came. After the seventh guy was finished fucking her, Daisy felt her legs being spread really wide and she looked up. One of the men had an empty bottle of jack Daniels and was bringing it up to her pussy. She panicked and started to fight against the men holding her down. She fought to no avail as she felt the bottle slowly entering her well-used pussy. Soon the bottle was in as far as it could go, and Daisy started arching to meet the thrusts. She could feel the cold glass rubbing against her pussy. The guys realized she was enjoying it let her hands go and placed them on the bottle. She fucked herself hard and fast on the stage as everyone cheered her on. She started shaking violently as she reached yet another orgasm, she came so hard she passed out.

When she woke up she was in Ron's arms as he was carrying her to the truck. Ron said, "Baby you are so hot, I hope you had as much fun doing it as I did watching it?"

Daisy kissed Ron and said; yes I did hon that was hot!

I love you baby, I hope you have some left for me, because I'm going to fuck you when we get home" said Ron.

Daisy said, "of course I do baby, I love you too!"

Note: Check the pictures of daisy and some of her real life adventures in the forum.

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