tagLoving WivesThe Adventures of Maggie Continue

The Adventures of Maggie Continue


Her first time without me there

When my wife, Maggie gets in the mood to play out a fantasy scene we always do it together. Part of the thrill is the sharing and because I am a voyeur and she is an exhibitionist, it always works out well. I also love to eat and fuck her freshly fucked and hot, steamy pussy.

In this particular situation I had to make an extended business trip to Europe and Maggie asked me if it would be okay for her to get together with her newest lover, Clay (reference the story......Our most recent threesome). Maggie was kind of embarrassed and a bit sheepish when she approached me about getting together with Clay because she knows how much I love watching her experiencing pure passion and pleasure.

Only one day before I was about to depart on my ten day trip Maggie brought up the possibility of getting together with Clay. I smiled broadly when she told me what she had in mind. She was relieved that I was supportive of her desires. Of course I knew that she had already made up her mind to do this so I really had no choice although I thought it was a neat idea since we had never done anything like this before. I had already begun thinking about how I could call her and at least listen in while she fucked Clay. Being in Europe with the time difference would make that difficult.

Thinking of Maggie getting fucked while I was away made me hard as a rock and Maggie and I fucked twice before I departed. One of the benefits of her recent fucking by Clay was that she had become more vocal prior to and during our fuck sessions. As we made love for the last time before I left for the airport she kept telling me how much she wanted Clay's big cock inside her and she promised to tell me every detail of their fuck session once I returned. I kept pressing her for details about what she had planned but she told me nothing. She did confess that she and Clay had been communicating by email since their recent coupling at the St Regis. I knew Maggie had something in mind and she delighted in tantalizing me by not telling me what she was thinking.

When my flight left the ground heading towards Europe I had a raging hardon thinking about when Maggie and Clay might be getting together. It continued for most of the trip and I felt like one of the guys in the erectile dysfunction commercials about calling a Doctor if you had an erection lasting more than 4 days............how about 10 days??

I spoke with Maggie a few times and knew that she and Clay were getting together on the Saturday before I arrived back home on Sunday. My slutty Maggie knows how much I like her freshly fucked pussy and she even tried to schedule Clay for Sunday so she would be truly freshly fucked. However, he was not available on Sunday so they settled on Saturday.

I called Maggie from the airport and told her I wanted her to dress in something very sexy and be ready to tell me every detail about her encounter with Clay. She had already confirmed that they had a splendid time on Saturday and she was eager to tell me all about it. This is the story she told me when I arrived at the house. In order to help you visualize the situation you should know that when I arrived home my sweet, slutty Maggie was wearing a black negligee and had a glass of scotch waiting for me while she sipped a glass of Pinot Grigio. Her 5 ft, 4 inch petite frame makes her 39 D breasts look huge, especially in the negligee. Her slender but shapely legs looked even sexier with a pair of black high heeled shoes on her feet.

Here is the story she told me as my already bursting cock waited not so patiently for us to connect so I could finally get some relief.

Maggie decided that she was uncomfortable meeting Clay in a hotel without me present. After all, she had only been with him once and while he was a great fuck, she really did not know him very well. She surprised me by telling me that she invited him to our house.

Clay arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday. He was wearing jeans, loafers and Ralph Lauren dress shirt when he arrived. He brought flowers (roses of course) and a bottle of Pinot Grigio for Maggie. She greeted him at the door wearing a tight fitting silk blouse and a skirt which she knew would provide easy access for her lover. She topped it off with the same sexy black heels she had on while telling me the story. She rarely wears a bra and did not on that day. She did, however, wear a black thong undergarment that was no larger than a Pirate's eye patch.

Clay came in to the house and looked around asking Maggie if she was certain I was still out of the country. She assured them they were alone and she asked him to pour her some wine. They went into the kitchen where he opened the wine and then asked her if she would provide him with a glass of my scotch. She did.

They went into the living room and talked for a few minutes and soon began recalling their intimate and sexy scene at the hotel some weeks before. That led to Clay telling Maggie how much he enjoyed kissing her and he asked if he could do again. She willingly permitted his advance and they kissed deeply on the sofa. It did not take long before his hands found her braless breasts and once he started caressing those nipples Maggie was quickly over the edge.

As they began tearing at each other's clothes, Clay stopped and told Maggie he had an idea and he wanted her to know what he was thinking. He told Maggie he wanted to fuck her in every room of the house so that no matter what room she went into, she would remember what they did in that location. She thought that was a fine idea and so did I. Guess Clay is a pervert like me and I thought his idea was actually quite clever.

Once they stripped each other of their clothes and Maggie was standing totally naked pressed up against Clay's muscular chest, he gently laid her on the sofa placing one leg on the back of the sofa and spreading the other one to put her foot on the floor.

This put Maggie in a totally open position with her legs wide apart and provided an ideal place for Clay to put his head between her legs. He went straight for her clitoris and soon had Maggie cumming over and over. She can climax an amazing number of times when we are making love but when she gets hot and horny for sport fucking, she climaxes even more frequently and seems never to tire.

After Clay had eaten her to a number of climaxes she told him she was ready to be fucked. He said, "Let's go in to your office."

Once they moved in to her office he bent her over the desk and entered her from behind. Apparently that is their favorite position together and allows his impressive and thick 9.5 inches to reach deep into Maggie's wet womb. She told me that she was so wet that he had little trouble going deep in just a few strokes (unlike their first get together which took some time for her to adjust to his incredible girth). Clay is about 6 ft, 2 inches tall, lean and fit and his cock is the thickest I have ever seen.

They fucked in this position for some time and then Clay told her that he wanted to eat her pussy in the kitchen. So they moved to the kitchen and he sat her naked body on the large cooking island in the kitchen. Once he laid her down and spread her legs, he pulled a kitchen stool over, sat down on it and began eating her again. She never gets tired of that and she told me she came at least another 5 or 6 times as he lapped at her love tunnel and clitoris.

She told Clay she thought it was time to go to the bedroom so they marched nakedly up the stairs to the master bedroom where they collapsed on the bed while embraced in a deep French kiss. She told me he could not keep his hands off her lovely breasts and I knew just what she meant as that was hard for me to do as well.

One thing she mentioned is that she had discovered that Clay has very sensitive nipples like me and she loves to tease and tantalize by flicking her lover's nipples. In Clay's case he told her it made his cock as hard as steel so she made sure to flick his nipples every time she had the chance. Her lips or fingers on those sensitive nipples always makes me hard as a rock and it had the same impact on Clay.

Once on the bed they assumed the missionary position and Maggie quickly spread her legs as wide as possible. Clay responded by pulling her legs up in the air and placing them on his shoulders. He penetrated her slowly at first before he began plowing into her with vigor. She pleaded with him not to hold back on climaxing. With plenty of time to fuck and recover, she wanted to make him cum as often as possible.

Soon Clay told her that he was close and she told him to do it. "Come on and cum in me.............cum in my pussy..............come on........."

Soon Clay exploded within her and she felt his cock swell and twitch with each blast of white hot sperm that he unloaded. He let her legs down but stayed on top of her for a few moments before he rolled off and tried to recover. They pulled the sheet up and rested for a few moments. Clay eventually got up and padded down the stairs to get the wine and scotch. He came back up to our bedroom and they drank their adult beverages and talked about me. Imagine that. It made my cock hard as a rock to think about them talking about me after they had just fucked each other's brains out on our marital bed. Maggie told Clay that she wished I could be there to watch them.

Soon Clay was fondling her breasts again and Maggie responded by finding his cock under the sheets. Soon he was growing into a full erection again and he told her it was time to change locations. He took her by the hand and they went into the bathroom where he bent her over the lavatory and asked her to spread her legs as wide as possible. She told me she looked at herself in the mirror and watched as Clay inserted his massive prick deep inside her. She watched the two of them as Clay pushed deeper and deeper into her. Finally he had all of his cock inside her and he started slowly at first but was soon fucking her at a furious pace. She told me she tried to watch in the mirror but soon had to close her eyes and simply enjoy the moment. She told me she came 4 or 5 times in that position and soon Clay slowed down and eventually stopped without climaxing.

He stood Maggie up and they kissed again as his cock pressed into her stomach. She responded by grabbing his cock and stealing a glance at the two of them in the mirror. She said it was so hot that she wanted his cock in her again and she told him so. He smiled and said it was time to change venues.

They headed for the guest bathroom where he sat down on the toilet. He guided her towards him and had Maggie sit on his cock facing him so he could play with her breasts. He took one in each hand as she guided his cock into her love tunnel. She slid slowly down until she had completely impaled herself on his massive cock. She told me she watched it disappear and could hardly believe she could take that much cock inside her. Once impaled she started a slow rhythm of moving up and down as he pushed into her with his hips as best he could while seated.

After several minutes of fucking in that somewhat awkward position he asked Maggie to trade places with him. She sat down and he straddled her placing his giant cock on her lips. She responded by opening wide and taking it as deep as she could. She loves the taste of her own pussy especially on a huge cock that has just been deep inside her.

She has an amazing ability to deep throat and while his cock was hard to manage, she took as much as she could deep into her throat. She was determined to make him cum like this and really wanted to feel his cock pulse in her mouth. Clay skull fucked her for several minutes before announcing that he was about to cum. Maggie responded by cupping his balls and taking him as deep as she could while stroking his now engorged cock with her other hand. She was soon rewarded as Clay bellowed out and came deep into Maggie's mouth and throat. She swallowed furiously as Clay spurted into her 6 or 7 times and she and was able to capture most of the hot, steamy liquid. She told me that some of it dripped out the corner of her mouth and onto her breast. She wiped it with her finger and then rubbed it into Clay's butt as he remained in her mouth and began to soften. Even limp his cock was more than a mouthful as Maggie cleaned his cock with her talented tongue. They decided it was time for a shower and returned to the master bathroom. Once the water was warm they stepped into the shower thinking about the last time they did this at the hotel.

Maggie admitted that she found his massive cock absolutely fascinating and it did not take long before her soapy hands focused on his cock. Clay of course was focused on Maggie's large and lovely breasts so in a few minutes they were both aroused again. Maggie found herself stroking the giant cock back to its full glory while the hot water made the scene feel even more sensual.

Clay kissed Maggie and then bent his legs so he could insert his cock into her while they were both standing. Once inside her he picked her up while she was impaled on his cock and he moved her to the shower wall with her back up against the granite blocks with Maggie literally impaled and hanging on his cock. Just as she had done in the hotel in a similar position, she reached down and started playing with her clitoris bringing herself to another gushing climax.

As the hot water began to cool they realized they had expended all the hot water in the tank and soon moved out of the shower. They toweled each other dry and moved back to the bed where the adult beverages were sitting unconsumed.

As they sat naked on the bed Clay smiled and asked Maggie which room was next. She told me she thought they should go outside to the deck overlooking the lake. Since it was still daylight the thought of being seen by a neighbor made my slutty wife wet just thinking about it. After finishing their drinks they headed downstairs still naked as the day they were born.

Although our house is fairly secluded Maggie checked outside to see if anyone might be able to see her with her lover. Seeing no humans around Maggie motioned Clay to come outside to the deck. Once outside in the late day sunshine they embraced and kissed deeply on the deck overlooking the lake. As Maggie stroked Clay's cock back to "performing status" he tickled her clit and played with her breasts and soon had Maggie in a frenzy and ready for action.

Clay turned Maggie towards the lake and she grabbed on to the railing while bending at the waist. She spread her legs knowing exactly what they both wanted. Clay moved in behind her and guided his cock into her while she played with herself so she would be nice and wet for his entry. He slid his cock in an inch at a time and in spite of their afternoon fuckfest it still took time for his massive cock to make its way to the bottom of her womb.

They fucked in this position for several minutes and after several climaxes Maggie looked over her shoulder at Clay. He asked if there was something wrong. Maggie said no but I think it is time we try something different.

Clay asked if she wanted to go back inside. My wonderful slut wife smiled and said, No, I think I am ready to try anal again with you." Clay smiled and understood. He asked if she had any personal lubricants on the deck and after a good laugh Maggie went inside and came back with a small jar of olive oil. "If it is good for cooking it must be good enough for sex."

She assumed her position again while Clay applied the oil to her anus and to his cock. He positioned his cock at her anus and pushed slowly. Soon the head popped in and the olive oil made the journey easier as he slowly penetrated the depth of her anal cavity. Slowly in and slowly out he was gentle and effective helped along by Maggie playing with her clitoris as he pushed his way to the bottom.

At some point Maggie's wicked sense of humor overtook the moment and she turned her head towards Clay and said, "Kind of ironic that you are using extra virgin olive oil on this not so virgin ass." They got quite a chuckle out of that comment.

After a few minutes, Clay was fucking Maggie's ass furiously and she was in world class slut mode talking dirty to Clay and begging him to fuck her ass harder and faster. She knew her trashy talk would make him cum and she was ready. She told me she came at least 4 times while he was fucking her ass.

Soon Clay told her he was ready and he moaned loudly and came deep in her ass. I must admit I was somewhat jealous that he could cum that much in one afternoon. He remained in her ass for a few moments before pulling out. As he did the white hot liquid dripped out of her ass an on to the wood deck below. Maggie thought momentarily that it might leave a stain but then remembered I would probably like that so she made a mental note of exactly where the puddle had landed on the deck.

As they made their way into the house darkness was beginning to fall. Clay asked Maggie what she was going to do about dinner and she told him that she thought about fixing a fruit and cheese platter and eating it in bed with him. And that is what they did.

Maggie and Clay fucked again after eating in bed and again the next morning before he left for a business trip that day. Maggie laid in bed thinking about all that they had done and she wanted to remember everything so she could tell me every detail.

By the time she was finished with her story my cock was about to explode. I took her by the hand and led her to the master bedroom. I striped her of her negligee as she stepped out of her heels.

As we fell on to the bed I noticed that she had shaved all the hair on her pussy. I looked at her and smiled and asked if she had told me every detail about her escapades with Clay. She looked down at her hairless pussy and grinned ear to ear.

"Oh, yea, I guess I did leave out one major detail. After Clay and I showered he asked if he could shave my pussy. When we got out of the shower he sat me on the lavatory and shaved my pussy before he ate me to another 5 or 6 climaxes. He told me it would make oral sex so much more sensitive and stimulating. And he was right. It was so hot and sexy and I came really hard after he shaved me. I hope you like it Honey."

Although I like her normally hairy pussy I smiled and put my arms around her. How could I get mad at my world class slut wife after the wonderful story of her pleasure session with Clay? Somehow I feel like there will be more fuck sessions with Clay and as long as she shares them with me, I have to admit that I do benefit greatly from the adventures.

The sex with Maggie was great and we fucked twice more before going to bed that night. My only regret is that I was not there to take pictures. I did find that I liked her new hairless pussy and it did seem to heighten her sensitivity and pleasure. I guess her first time without me turned out okay. Stay tuned................we'll see what happens next.

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