The Adventures of Nikki Nipples Nicastro Ch. 03


"I'm not falling for that again. Just get out before I call the cops." Nikki had stood now and was unsuccessfully trying to cover her massive boobs and bare crotch with her hands and arms.

"Have a look then, whydoncha?"

Nikki looked at the cell and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Coach Badenhoff wasn't trying to trick her like Yarali had. He really had taken pictures of Nikki. He had snuck some pictures after Luke had opened the shower curtain. Nikki felt betrayed by the young lifeguard she had just sucked off.

"Now I don't know your husband, Nikki P, but I'm sure with a little research on the internet, I can find out where you live now. Ready to treat me nice? Good," he said as Nikki nodded. "I been wanting this for a long time. You and those other bitches ratted me out. I had a good thing going until you ruined it for me. Now suck this."

"Mmmph," grunted Nikki as the Coach grabbed the sides of her head and thrust his cock in her mouth. He had her over a barrel and she had no choice, but to relax her throat and suck him. His cock was the biggest she'd seen yet and as hard as steel. A man thirty years younger would have been proud to have a cock that rampant.

"Get it good and wet, Papadopoulos," said Mitch who added after Nikki gagged a little, "I know it's hard to suck one this big, but don't worry. You're just priming it for that pussy. I been waiting ten years to sink my dick in your pussy and I ain't wasting time with a blow job." Mitch thrust his cock in and out several times before pushing her head away from his cock. "It's time, lay down on the bench."

The bench was typical of those found in locker rooms. It was small and easily straddled. Nikki sat on it and laid back with her legs hanging over opposite sides. Badenhoff stepped over the bench straddling it. He stroked his giant cock while greedily staring at her pussy. Nikki looked up at the hated man. Mitch was actually quite good looking for a man his age and his baldness made him look potent. He was stooping to line his cock up with her pussy. Nikki glanced down his muscular chest to the huge rod nearly a foot long. "Oh god," she moaned with trepidation.

"Not quite, but once I get my prick in you, you'll think you've gone to heaven." Mitch laughed. He sat on the bench and scooted forward. Nikki automatically spread her legs wider for him. "You're gonna love this cock, Papadopoulos." Mitch bent his shaft down towards her pussy and let the head slide up and down her wet slit.

"No," moaned Nikki fighting the urge to push against the hard knob stimulating her labia. "Oh," she moaned as the head pressed against her slit which parted wider and wider around the knob. She heard the coach grunt at the head of his cock slipped inside her.

"That's one tight pussy you got there, Papadopoulos." Mitch wedged his cock in a little deeper before releasing the shaft. "Nice and wet too." Badenhoff reached down and grabbed Nikki's legs. He cupped her knees over his arms and pulled her legs wider apart. He slowly stood off the bench, lifting Nikki's ass up with him. When he was happy with the position, he started working the end of his cock around, letting it lubricate before sliding it in deeper.

Nikki reached under her and grabbed the bench's legs for support. The entire lower half of her body starting with the small of her back was raised off the bench as the coach started fucking her. His cock was stretching her like never before and he wasn't even half way in. He started fucking her a little faster working several more inches inside her. Nikki felt her pussy clenching down around his shaft, squeezing it and tugging, trying to pull it in deeper. Her breasts were jiggling from his thrusts. Since the operation, her nipples had always seemed hard, but now they looked even bigger like little volcanoes ready to explode. Her pussy felt like it was about to explode too. It was quivering around his thrusting cock. The cock head was banging on her cervix now, hurting her a little. His precum softened her cervix and his cock head pushed through into her womb. Nikki was getting the complete fucking only a truly massive cock can give a woman. Her pussy was spasming around the shaft now and she could feel his big balls slapping her thighs. No, no, this can't be happening. Not with him. Don't let him make you cum. Fight it, Nikki, but it was no use. "I'm cumming," she screamed. Nikki bucked her hips into Mitch's thrusting cock as her pussy finally exploded in orgasm. So did her breasts. The elongated nipples shot milk several inches up in the air. The nipples were aimed at her face when the ejaculated. Milk shot across Nikki's chin and into her open mouth. More splattered on her nose and cheeks. Her breasts bounced back down and shot some more milk on her belly and ribs while milk still trickled down her nipples coating her breasts.

"That explains why those big jugs felt so real," grunted Mitch assuming Nikki must have had a baby recently. "You look good for a bitch that just had a kid."

Nikki was moaning now and trying to pretend she wasn't loving the fucking she was getting. Her orgasm had been huge. Plus, she had never known her breasts to shoot so much milk before. Worse, and the thought horrified her, she hadn't been touching her breasts when she came. He'd given her an orgasm without the assist of her sensitive nipples. Already her pussy was responding again to his relentless thrusts. "Oh god, keep fucking me," she groaned, loving his big cock.

"I knew you'd like it."

"Cumming again." Nikki felt her pussy clamp down around Badenhoff's prick. Her nipples were aching again. This time, she released her grip on the bench legs and reached up to grab her nipples. She squeezed both nipples just as the orgasm overtook her. Her touch enhanced the experience and prolonged the orgasm. Her hands were able to keep her breasts from jiggling and this time the milk shot straight up. Several streams ejaculated from her nipples lasting as long as her orgasm. Nikki was gasping for air as she recovered. The coach was grunting now and his brow was sweaty. His head was thrown back. He was getting close. His big cock was about to spray it's hot seed into Nikki's womb. The thought excited Nikki. She twirled her wet nipples between her fingers. Nikki came a third time the second the first strand of hot sperm sprayed her womb. Her nipples ejaculated the second Badenhoff's cock did. This orgasm lasted as long as Badenhoff's did. Each jet of his seed prolonging her own orgasm. Nikki gasped as he pulled his spent cock out of her pussy and let her lower torso drop down onto the bench with a thud.

The coach sat down gasping for air as he straddled the bench. "Go get yourself cleaned up," he ordered. Nikki struggled to her feet. She had always hated how messy sex was and now her lactating breasts made it even messier. Her upper torso was wet and sticky where the milk had hit it. Her pussy wasn't even as messy as most of his sperm was trapped behind her cervix. Only a small trickle of semen was leaking out. "Leave the shower curtain open," he said when Nikki went to close it.

Nikki let the water rinse her off and lathered her breasts with a bar of soap. She fought off a fresh wave of arousal as the soap slid over her nipples. Nikki glanced outside the shower and was disgusted to see the old pervert stroking his cock while watching her. To her amazement, the shaft was stiffening up in his hands. Her pussy quivered at the sight remembering how great it had felt fucking her. Badenhoff's cock was completely hard again when she stepped out of the shower. She didn't grab a towel or walk over to retrieve her bikini, she just stood staring at it.

"Come over here and straddle the bench," said Mitch standing up.

Nikki did as she was told. He walked behind her and pressed against her back. Nikki leaned down and grabbed the top of the bench, bracing herself. She felt his cockhead press against her pussy again. This time it slid in a lot easier. The both moaned as he worked it in deeper. "I love those big breasts of yours, Papadopoulos and some day I'm gonna fuck them, but I'm not really a breast man. I've always been more of an ass man."

Nikki felt the coach's finger press against her tight little sphincter. Her Turkish landlord had done this and Nikki's body had responded to the anal stimulation. Her body was responding now. His finger slipped deep in her ass just as his cock head pushed past her cervix again. Nikki grunted as another orgasm swept through her body. Milk splattered, coating the bench beneath her swinging breasts. "Ow," growled Nikki barely recovered from the orgasm. Badenhoff had pulled his finger back and was now pushing two fingers into her anus. "Yes," moaned Nikki loudly as more milk covered the bench. The orgasm had been quick and intense. Her cum had shot from her pussy soaking Mitch's slapping balls and fluid covered her thighs.

"That should about do it," said Badenhoff pulling his cock out.

"No," begged Nikki. "Please, put it back in." She sobbed suddenly and tears rolled down her cheeks. She was ashamed that she had just begged him to keep fucking her.

Mitch pulled his fingers out of her anus. "Don't worry, I aint done with you. I told you I was an ass man. Now normally I use some lubrication for this..."

Nikki felt the gigantic cock head slide down her crack and press against her anus. "Oh god, please don't," she begged in horror.

"Your pussy is so good at juicing up my cock I don't even have to use lotion." Mitch pushed down on the head of his cock and her anus started pushing inward and opening.

"Ow! Ugh, no. Please Coach. It hurts." Nikki gritted her teeth and held her eyes shut to fight the pain. What kind of monster stuck his cock in someone's ass? She had thought sodomy was something only gays did. "Ah ah ow." Nikki could feel her spincter stretching wide around the head and she felt like her ass was about to rip open. "Stop. I beg you." And he stopped.

Mitch Badenhoff hated women. They were all sluts and he especially hated the ones who didn't admit to being a slut. Anal sex was one of the ways he punished women. Most women he blackmailed or fucked came back to him for seconds, but most gave up when he insisted they give up their ass to him. Nikki's cries for mercy were music to his ears. Still, she had said no and he didn't want to face a rape charge. "Either I fuck your ass or show your husband what a slut he has for a wife. The decision is yours Papadopoulos."

"Do it," she growled.

"Do what?"

"Do it. Fuck my ass."

"Gladly." Mitch started pushing again feeling good about himself as she cried in pain. Finally, the head was in and her sphincter closed around the crown. He pushed deeper.

Nikki's eyes were glued shut and tears were leaking around them. This was too much. She'd rather tell Alex then take this kind of pain. It was all Alex's stupid fault anyway. Nikki opened her eyes and looked down. Her long dark hair was resting in a pool of her breast milk on the bench. Her breasts were hanging down practically in her face. They might be her only chance of making it through this. Nikki lowered her body until her cheek rested in a pool of cold milk on the bench. She spread her legs wider which helped open her ass a little. Mitch seemed to like it and pushed his cock in a little deeper. Nikki winced. Her breasts were now dangling on each side of the bench and her hands were free. She reached up and twirled both her nipples before tugging on them. The change was almost instantaneous.

Mitch wet his lips and licked them as he stared at his cock disappearing in her anus. Her sphincter was bright red around his cock. He had dreamed of shoving his dick up this prissy stuck up bitch for ten years.

He started fucking her ass, pushing a little more of his cock in each time her ass loosened up a little.

Nikki could feel her pussy lubricating and jumping. She could also feel the big throbbing cock against the walls of her pussy. She groaned and squeezed her nipples harder. The pain seemed to vanish from her ass. Nikki grew horny. She momentarily released her nipples and placed her palms on the cold floor of the locker room. She pushed back trying to push her ass into his thrusting cock. She quickly returned her hands to her nipples. Her arousal transferred to her anus and Nikki moaned as a wave of pleasure swept her body. "Fuck my ass," she cried.

Badenhoff paused in shock. His brow lowered in anger. How dare she enjoy this! He started fucking her harder. He pushed more of his cock in until it couldn't go any further. She was moaning and whimpering in pleasure. He could feel her ass cheeks clenching his cock trying to pull it in deeper. His balls were slapping her slit surely stinging her, but with a loud groan, her pussy squirted fluid on them. The bitch was cumming from having her ass fucked. His toes felt wet and he glanced down to see a stream of milk running across the floor. He fucked her harder. "Take it all bitch," he growled.

"Harder. That's it fuck my ass. I'm cumming again!"

Mitch felt her ass clench his cock as she came. He couldn't hold back and his semen shot up out of his cock to flood her ass. The both groaned together while his balls drained. "Take that slut," he groaned.

"Yes. Yes. Fuck my ass. Don't stop. I love it. Do it again," she whimpered and moaned.

Nikki's cries were barley whispers, but he could hear her clearly over his gasps for air. He felt his cock shrivel and recede as he fell back and it plopped out of her ass. "Get out of my sight, slut," he ordered in disgust.

Nikki was weak and exhausted, but she wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible too. She pushed herself to her feet. She moved over to her crinkled up bikini and dressed as quickly as possible.

Mitch stood and entered the shower. For the first time in his life, he felt dirty. He had finally been bested. He had met a true slut. How do you punish a true slut? Maybe, he could arrange a gang bang? It wouldn't be the first time all the lifeguards banged one whore. Mitch grinned again. He stepped out of his shower and noticed that his cell phone was missing.


Nikki ignored the stares as she walked along the short boardwalk. Dried flakes of milk were in her hair, on

Her face, breasts, and belly. Worse, her ass was squishing with each step she took. The thong did little to contain all the sperm filling her anus. She could feel it oozing out around the thin material. Anyone glancing at her ass would notice and considering her ass was bare, every man she passed glanced at it.

Nikki was busy flipping through the pictures on the Coach's cell phone. There were over fifty pictures and at least ten different women. Many were of women with Luke or other lifeguards. Some were clearly a woman sucking on the coach's cock. Nikki erased all the pictures of herself. Then she dialed 911.

"911 emergency. How may I assist?"

"I'm making an anonymous tip. I'm calling from a cell phone I found on the beach. This phone contains nude picture of women performing sex acts. It doesn't look like they are aware they were being photographed. I also believe that some of the men in the pictures are lifeguards employed by the city. I'm leaving the phone at Pizza Roma on the board walk in North beach." Nikki hung up the phone.

The Italian bakers stared at the bikini clad woman as she approached the front counter. One wouldn't take his eyes off her breasts. Nikki was aware that her nipples had leaked a little and the fabric of her bikini was wet around them. "How can I help such a beautiful woman today?" asked one.

"I'm just turning in this cell phone I found on one of your tables. Thank you." Nikki turned and heard the men gasp as their eyes no doubt went to her ass. She headed down the beach to retrieve her stuff and didn't feel comfortable again until she'd pulled the sundress over her head. She glanced at the lifeguard, but it wasn't Luke. He must have moved to a different location. There would undoubtedly be a scandal. She almost hoped Luke wouldn't get into to much trouble. He had looked a little sad. Badenhoff may have been blackmailing him to, for all she knew.

A police car was already at Pizza Roma as she headed to her car. The police would easily discover who owned the phone and if they were thorough, they would go through Badenhoff's computer files at home. If she knew him, they were loaded with evidence. The bastard wouldn't get off this time.

Nikki smirked as she drove home.

Note: In Chapter 1, I mentioned the Coach's name as Cox. I changed it for this story, preferring Mitch Badenhoff as a spoof of David Hasselhoff. I'll correct the name at my repository site at asstr.

Nikki Nipples Vs. The Garbage Men


Nikki awoke early Friday morning and stretched. She reached down to pull up the strap of her baby doll nighty. It was a sheer light and very skimpy. The bra cups were pulled down and she adjusted them back up over her enormous bosom. Her panties were also bunched up on the base of the bed. Alex had bought her this and she had gladly worn it for him last night. She felt the dampness between her legs and realized she was quite horny. It was getting harder for Alex to please her. She needed more then he had to offer to feel satisfied. Plus, his erection troubles had returned lately. Nikki had forced Alex to remain inside her long after he had cum while she teased her nipples. Her orgasm had been small and unsatisfying.

Nikki reached down and opened the drawer next to her bed. She grabbed the dildo inside and crinkled her nose that it was sticky to the touch. It wasn't her juices that made it sticky. It was Jill's. Her friend had stopped by yesterday and easily seduced Nikki back into bed. The dildo had been a gift to keep Nikki satisfied when Jill or Alex weren't around. Nikki kept mum about all her recent sexual encounters. Jill didn't need to know about them.

Nikki climbed out of bed and took the dildo to the bathroom. She washed it in the sink. Nikki found she wasn't that impressed with it. The thing was hard plastic and molded like a real penis. It was only about seven inches long and Nikki wished it were bigger. Now, if it had been molded after Badenhoff or Yarali's big cocks, then she might have been satisfied. Nikki had been resistant at first. What kind of person shoved plastic in their pussy for sexual pleasure? Jill had convinced her though. Her friend had laid on her side, sucking one of Nikki's nipples while slowly sliding the dildo in and out of Nikki's pussy. Nikki had orgasmed several times from her friend's skillful ministrations. Later, Nikki had held the base of the dildo between her legs, with the head sticking up and Jill had ridden it to her own orgasm. After Jill had cum, they looked at the time and realized Alex would be home any moment. Nikki gave Jill the plastic container the dildo had come in to throw in her trash and Nikki had taken the still sticky dildo to hide in her drawer. Jill had passed Alex in the driveway. He waved at his wife's best friend.

Nikki laid back in bed and positioned the dildo at the entrance to her pussy. She heard a garbage truck compacting up the street as she worked the head inside her. Nikki moaned. This might work. If the dildo were just a little bigger it might solve her need for big cocks. No more adultery.


Ares jumped off the back of the garbage truck. His eyes, hidden by reflective sunglasses, fell on the trash can. There was a old bicycle, missing a tire next to the can. Ares waited for it.

"Hey boy, throw that bike in the cab for me," said the man driving the truck.

He sighed. "Alright Uncle Mack." Ares grabbed the bike and carried it up to the truck's cab where he struggled to fit it in next to his uncle. Mack couldn't turn down anything free, even beat up old bicycles. Last week, it had been a television stand.

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