The Affair


Susan sighed. The housewife was having tea with one of her friends, Cathy, and she was having a good time, but there was something she just had to get off of her chest.

"Mark and I haven't had sex in weeks," Susan finally said after a long pause.

"Huh?" Cathy asked.

"I mean, I love him and everything, but he's been so busy with work as of late that we don't have time to do anything together anymore, let alone sex," Susan sighed. "I really, really miss the sex."

"It was that good, huh?" Cathy replied.

"He's so long-lasting, and so big," Susan reminisced. "I still love him, but I really need sex. Once you've had sex with Mark once, it's hard to take a break," Susan said, blushing.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Cathy asked, taking a sip of her tea.

"I don't know," Susan replied. "I've tried dildos, the biggest I could find, but it's just not the same as a real cock. I don't want to find another man to have sex with because that would be cheating, and I want to remain faithful to my husband. I just need a huge cock, and I need it bad. I don't care where or who it comes from, but I can't get one without sleeping with a guy, and I just can't bring myself to do that."

Cathy put down her cup of tea and looked Susan in the eye. "Susan," Cathy said tentatively, "I can help you."

"What do you mean?" Susan asked.

Cathy stood up and, to Susan's surprise, flipped up her skirt to reveal a huge cock, already growing hard.

"Y-you're a guy???" Susan yelped, staring at Cathy's surprise penis.

"No, Susan," Cathy replied, eying Susan lustfully as she began to stroke her cock to full mast. "I have a vagina, and then I also have this cock. Since I don't have any testicles, as you can see, I'm a woman."

" wouldn't be cheating..." Susan said, growing increasingly aroused as she stared at Cathy's huge girlcock.

"That's right," Cathy grinned. "Want to take this to the bedroom?"


"Oh my god! Your cock feels so good!"

Susan moaned hard as Cathy lay on top of the housewife, thrusting her monster meat in and out of Susan's pussy.

"Your pussy is sucking me in!" Cathy moaned. "You really are pent-up!"

"Keep fucking me with that huge cock!" Susan moaned. "It's so big!"

"I bet it's bigger than your husband's, isn't it?" Cathy grinned.

"Yes! It's way bigger and better than my husband's penis! Keep fucking me!!!"

Just then, the two lovers heard a door slam downstairs.

"Honey, I'm home early!"

Cathy froze. "Your husband is home! I've gotta get out of here!"

"You're not going anywhere!" Susan replied, wrapping her legs around Cathy's midsection.

"H-hey, let me go!" Cathy protested, but to no avail.

"Oh, Mark, come upstairs~" Susan called out innocently.

"Oh, are you-" Mark replied, opening the bedroom door, stopping short as he saw his wife on the bed with her best friend.

"Y-you're cheating on me??? With a woman???" Mark angrily asked.

Cathy finally broke free of Susan's grip, jumping off the bed, her cock standing tall, coated in Susan's juices.

"And she's got a penis???" Mark shouted.

"Yes!" Susan replied. "You never have time for me anymore! I love you, but I need a cock! And Cathy's cock is bigger and better than yours!"

"I really should go..." Cathy murmured.

"LIKE HELL IT IS!!!" Mark shouted, disrobing, his cock already growing erect. "Go on, Susan, tell me whose cock is bigger?"

"Okay, this is weird, I'm going to-"

"Oh no, you're not leaving, Cathy!" Mark shouted, grabbing Cathy's arm as she tried to leave. "Nobody's leaving this room until Susan picks: me or you! Now who's bigger? Whoever is smaller has to leave!"

"Well," Susan said, getting on her knees in front of Cathy and Mark, "your cocks look about the same size to me."

"Bullshit!" Mark and Cathy said simultaneously, glaring at each other.

Susan went to a desk and got a tape measure, measuring the circumference and length of both Cathy's and Mark's penises. "They're identical!" she remarked. "Both of your cocks are completely identical in size!"

"Well then, let's test endurance!" Mark suggested. "Jerk both of us off, and whoever holds off the longest gets to stay."

"Sounds fair," Cathy replied. "Get ready to lose, Mark."

Susan took both of their cocks in hand and began stroking their monster meats. Both Cathy and Mark moaned as Susan sexily manipulated their rock-hard cocks.

"Heh, you look like you're going to cum any second now, Cathy," Mark grinned. "I can hold off from cumming for all night."

"You underestimate me," Cathy replied. "I've got more stamina than any man could ever hope for!"

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum soon," Mark groaned. "Susan, you jerk off cocks so good..."

"Just as I thought," Cathy smiled. "Typical man, can't hold it...hold it in...oh fuck...I'm gonna cum soon too! Susan, your hand feels so good!"

"Shit! My wife sure knows how to give handjobs!" Mark exclaimed. "I'm cumming!!!"

"I'm cumming too!!!" Cathy moaned, the dickgirl and the man cumming at the same time, their cocks spewing cum all over Susan's face.

"Well," Mark demanded, once both of their orgasms had died down, "who do you pick, Susan? Who came first?"

"Y-you both came at the same time...the mixture of your cum is so delicious..." Susan moaned, licking her face clean.

"Well, I'm still hard!" Cathy exclaimed. "I'm willing to keep going until Susan decides! I don't know if her husband can keep up, though!"

Gripping his fat cock, Mark laughed. "I can go all night, you futa bitch! Come on, Susan, suck my cock! Lick your husband's dick clean!"

Susan obliged, wrapping her lips around Mark's cock, moaning as she tasted a penis she hadn't tasted in so long.

"Oh, fuck! I forgot how good you were at giving blowjobs!" Mark exclaimed, pushing his wife's head further down his hard cock. "Suck my cock, Susan!"

"If you're going to keep her mouth busy, then I guess I'll just have to go in another entrance!" Cathy declared, walking around Susan, lining up her fat cock with Susan's dripping pussy. "It's time to finish what I started and fuck your wife's pussy!" the dickgirl resolved, ramming her throbbing cock into Susan's tight pussy, the housewife moaning all over her husband's dick as her best friend's cock ground up her insides.

"What???" Mark yelled, forcefully extracting his penis from Susan's mouth, the shaft glistening with saliva. "You think you can just fuck MY wife's pussy and get away with it??? I'll show you!"

Cathy was too lost in the pleasures of slamming her hot fuckmeat in and out of Susan to notice Mark walk behind her and line his cock up with her pussy.

"This'll have you cumming in no time, and then Susan will pick me!" Mark exclaimed, shoving his rigid cock into Cathy's depths, causing the dickgirl to scream in pleasure.

"Oh shit! Your cock's so fucking huge!" Cathy exclaimed. "But I'll be damned if I cum before your precious wife does!"

"My technique is unmatched, you hung whore!" Mark grunted, hilting his massive cock in Cathy's tight depths. "Your pussy is pretty formidable, but it's no match for me!"

"C-cock..." Susan moaned, her body convulsing under the repeated thrusts of Cathy's hot fuckmeat. "I need cock! M-more cock!"

"Yeah? Well, I'm giving it to you, Susan!" Cathy replied, driving her point home with her thick cock.

"N-no..." Susan moaned. "One cock isn't...isn't enough..."

"I've got you, Susan!" Mark exclaimed, pulling his cock out of Cathy's pussy, causing the dickgirl to moan. "Cathy, turn Susan over and lift her up so I can fuck her ass."

"Fuck you! Why should I help you out?" Cathy asked.

"P-please, Cathy," Susan moaned. "Let my husband fuck my ass!"

"Well, fine," Cathy sighed. "But I'm only doing it for you, and this will decide once and for all who you choose, me or Mark!"

Cathy turned Susan around on her dick and lifted the housewife up, Susan's tits rubbing against Cathy's as the dickgirl continued pounding her dripping cunt. Mark positioned himself behind his wife and began to insert his huge cock, wet with Cathy's juices, into Susan's tight ass.

"Fuck, your ass is so tight!" Mark exclaimed as he pushed his thick cock further and further into his wife's bottom.

"T-two huge cocks...inside me!" Susan moaned. "F-filling me up! This is so good!!!"

"Susan, whoever cums inside you last is the one you pick, OK?" Mark grunted, hilting his cock inside his wife's ass. "I'm going to start moving now."

"Oh fuck! You're stirring up my insides! I'M CUMMING!!!" Susan screamed as Mark began thrusting in and out of her ass, her pussy tightening up on Cathy's cock.

"Holy fuck, she's tightening up!" Cathy exclaimed, pounding relentlessly at Susan's tight cunt. "I'm gonna cum soon! I can't hold it in!"

"Fuck, me too!" Mark exclaimed. "Her ass is too tight! I can't hold it in much longer!"

"Cum in me!" Susan screamed, bucking hard as she got double penetrated by her husband and her dickgirl best friend. "Fill me up! Both of you!"

"I'M CUMMING!!!" Mark and Cathy screamed in unison, hilting their throbbing cocks in Susan's respective holes, their hot seed flooding the housewife's insides. Susan screamed in orgasm as her ass and pussy filled up with thick, hot cum.

"Her ass is milking my cock!" Mark exclaimed. "I'm cumming so hard!

"This is the best orgasm ever!" Cathy moaned. "Your wife is the best!"

When their orgasms subsided, Mark and Cathy pulled out of Susan, the housewife collapsing on the bed, cum leaking out of both of her holes.

"Y-you both came at the same time..." Susan breathed.

"Well, I'm still hard!" Mark exclaimed. "I'm willing to go at it as long as it takes for you to decide who you want, me or Cathy!"

"I'm still hard as a rock too!" Cathy replied. "I won't lose to this...this man!"

"Can't I just pick both?" Susan futilely sighed as her two lovers descended on her once more.

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by drabcas01/27/18

It is so very cheating

Honestly,I'M ABSOLUTELY TIRED of this HUGE BULLSHIT that if a married woman has sex with another woman "it's not cheating"!Oh,YES,IT IS SO VERY CHEATING,exactly as if she would have sex with another man!Growmore...

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by TheLastMadman09/12/17

Competitive Threesome

I feel like instead of turning it into a competition, Cathy and mark should've just tag teamed his wife instead. Maybe even let mark creampie Cathy.

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