tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien Insemination Ch. 01

The Alien Insemination Ch. 01


Charley and Lisa had headed to visit their best friend. It was a long cross-country trip—From Georgia to New Mexico, Clovis New Mexico to be exact. They couldn't believe that their best friend had gotten married straight out of high school and landed here. Here in the dust and the dirt. But then that's what happens when you marry a military man. Hillary and John had been stationed at the Air Force base out here in this hole in the wall town of Clovis.

The girls new all the jokes about the area: "Come and be abducted" the coffee cups at the local diner read. They laughed and joked about all the signs they'd seen along the way that touted Clovis as the biggest sight of all alien abductions and sightings in the world. But they didn't put any stock in it.

They'd had a good trip down. Teased the truckers, swam in the pool at every hotel that they stayed at. The girls had sung to the radio until the radio had gone out...they'd laughed at all the tiny little shacks that were covered in aluminum foil with alien keep out signs posted everywhere.

Their visit with Hillary was great. They'd been there just in time to see the baby arrive and she was as cute as anything they'd ever seen. But now after two weeks it was time to hit the long road home again. They figured they'd drive out of Clovis tonight and then be out of New Mexico by the end of the next day. They were about half way through Clovis when the car ran hot. The dry desert heat Charley theorized. It was only about 3 hours from daylight so the girls decided it was deserted out there and it would be safe to lock their doors and sleep until daylight, but they couldn't have been more wrong.

Charley awoke to feeling of cold steel against her bare back.

"What the hell?" She thought aloud to herself.

When she tried to open her eyes she realized that she couldn't. There was a horrible bright light shinning straight into them. She thought maybe it was a police officer's flashlight and that the cold she had felt was only the window glass.

But then in a flash everything changed a she tried to move her arms and legs and she felt the thick restraints chaff against her skin. Where was Lisa? God! What was happening to them?

And then it became all too clear as she saw the ugly globular shaped head starring down at her and she began to scream for her life. But they didn't want to kill her, or to dissect the two girls. They wanted to probe them. To learn from them. They'd been studying the idea of having female human hosts to bear their young. At present they were using incubation tanks and then trying to implant the young ones into the earth world as sleeper cells that they could call to active duty if there ever came a need for an insurrection.

The aliens had been studying insemination material from earth clinics and they had also been studying the mating habits and rituals of earth people.

But they had to explore the two earth girls to be sure that they were fit candidates for insemination. They decided to test their luck at mating rituals and probing of the earthling species on Charlie. And for Lisa, well, once they knew what they were doing and how to do it on Charlie then that would be when they'd impregnate her. And she would be set free with no memory of the alien fetus that would be growing inside of her.

Charlie still hadn't seen Lisa yet. She was strapped to a standing examination table in the far corner of the medal room. Everything was shiny; every surface seemed to be made of stainless steel. Just then Charlie realized that the lights above her had dimmed and a screen had dropped behind her head and then she heard the familiar sound of...bad porno-flicks playing loudly form every corner of the room.

The light in her face was cut off entirely then an alien said in a stiff and bad rendition of English:

"We are not going to hurt you, we will mate you...each of us will mate you tonight. Do not scream. Do not resist you will be set free. But you cannot change the events that are in motion and we will all have you. We study your mating habits through documents like that and on you we will try all things."

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