tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 003-004

The Alien, Report 003-004


Report 003 Samantha

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zod of the SS Venus this is On Earth Observation Report 002.

I was right it only took me three hours by car at Earth speed of ninety miles an hour to return to the ship. Once back in the confines of the Venus I really had a chance to explore the Earth Female. She was much bigger that Sunsearey in the chest area and had slightly bigger hips and legs. She stood quietly as I removed her top. Her tits just seemed to spring free once it was removed. She also stood still when I slipped off her skirt.

My eyes fell on those wonderful tits. I never saw anything like them. Our women are so much smaller and are green; whereas, the Earth women or at least this one is pink. Her nipples stood out surrounded by a dark areola on huge melons. When I removed her handcuffs, her hands dropped to her sides and still she just stood there not saying a word. My eyes went down between her legs and she did appear to be built like Sunsearey. I let my eyes travel back her body and when they got to her face I could see her smile at me, as if saying, "You like what you see, don't you."

Then I looked in her face and it took my breath way. I was feeling things that I was not supposed to feel. I am a Space Ship Captain and I had to remain objective, but her eyes those beautiful blue eyes were gabbing onto something deep inside of me.

All of a sudden she crossed her arms and said, "You weren't lying when you said that this was a space ship. Who the hell are you, or to be more specific, what the hell are you?"

I smiled at her, "My name is Zod and I am from a planet you never heard of in the Alpha Centauri system. My mate and I were assigned to monitor your planet. We are part of a large network of planets that have been watching Earth for hundreds of years. Unfortunately for my ship we were hit by a solar flare that caused us to crash here." My voice choked but I continued, "Sunsearey, my mate and Science Officer was killed in the landing. Since we were assigned to observe Earth, that is what I intend to do even if it is on the planet itself."

She looked at me, "Your mate?"

I took a deep breath, "Yes my mate. Since we were to be here for over ten of your Earth years, we were mated. A man and a woman are chosen by a computer compatibility test as partners of this mission. Sunsearey had the equivalent of three of your PHDs in your Earth's history, Philosophy and Medicine. According to her, we are physically the same. To be honest however, I never saw any of our women built like you.

The woman got a strange look on her face, "You are kidding right."

"No I'm not," I answered. "On our planet, our women are green in color and they definitely do not have tits the size of yours. However, to tell you the truth I find yours very attractive. Now that is enough about me; what about you?"

She got quite, "My name is Samantha Swallow and as I said before my Husband died last year. And since he died I have had no contact with anyone except you."

I looked at her and began to sweat as I realized that this is going to be hard because I am finding myself developing feelings for this woman. However, I needed to stick to the mission. So I looked at her and said, "Look I hate to do this but I need to run some test on you. I can do it the easy way with you cooperation or the hard way by using my gun. This is your choice."

She stared at me for a second, "That gun hurt. What do you want to me to do?"

"Clime on that platform over there," I directed her.

She walked over to the platform. Then she climbed the stairs without hesitation. Before she could react, I turned on the force field and she was quickly dropped to her knees. At the same time, a probe came out of the platform and entered her anal cavity. She tried to pull it out, but it was useless.

She screamed, "Stop it's getting too big I can't take that in my ass."

I knew that the probe had enlarged itself and was sending pulses all through her cavity.

"Oh my god," she moaned this was followed by a string of "AHHHHHHHH."

I could see her vagina spewing fluid that flowed down her legs like a river. After twenty minutes, the probe pulled out of the anal cavity, and the force field flipped her around on her back and a second probe interred her vagina. As soon as it entered her cavity, the probe began to expand in length as girth.

"NOOOOO," she cried, I can't take any more it's too big."

As the vibrations got louder, her moans did too. As I watched, I could see she was having trouble breathing and those beautiful tits seemed to shake like Jell-O. Like the Earthmen would say. Soon she was moaning nonstop. Then I heard her say, "Please no more I can't keep this up."

Since the system was preprogrammed, all I could do was watch. Her body went into one convulsion after another and the juices flowed from her like water from a broken dam. Then the probe pulled out of her and she collapsed.

This part I hated but I had no choice I was on a mission. I carried her limp body over to the next testing station and hung her from the ceiling chain that was suspended between two poles. I took wires from the poles and I attached them with using the clamps one set to her nipples and the other set to her clitoris.

When I finished with the front, I went behind her and shoved attached probe up her anal canal. Just as I finished hooking her up, she regained consciousness. She moaned, "What are you going to do to me now?"

"This system tests your pain thresh hold," I said softly.

Then I threw the switch. She began to scream at the top of her voice as her body was jerked like a tree in a windstorm. Looking at her, I turned the dial up to maximum. Her screams intensified and she sounded like a wild animal caught in a trap. I watched those huge tits of hers bounced in every direction almost to a rhythm of their own. Finally, her body could not take any more and once again, she passed out. Although unconscious, her body continued to shake.

As she hung there, I went over the test results. Sunsearey was right; they are like us in every way. The test proved her reproductive system was just like ours. She also had a very high thresh hold for pain. Looking at her sexy body hanging there, my next question I asked myself was, "What the hell am I going to do with her now? I sure in hell do not want to harm her any more that I have to." I had to admit to myself, "Yes I'm attracted to her, but after these tests she will not feel the same about me and there is the rub, as the saying goes."

When she regained conscious, I unhooked the wires and released her from the chain. Although unsteady on her feet, she began to vent her anger. "What the fuck are you going to do to me next? Cut my tit off to see what they are made of," she screamed.

"No," I said quietly, "my tests are finished. I am sorry you were the one that had to go through that." The my voice got stronger, "But understand this, I am on a mission and I will complete that mission no matter what even if I have to forfeit my life. I have landed on this planet through no fault of my own and I will have to deal with that. You know I am on this planet and that is a big problem for me. What happens to you depends on how you act from now on. Do I make myself clear?"

I did not wait for an answer but dragged her over to the cell and shoved her in.

As she went into the cell, she saw the shower immediately went over and turned it on without saying a word. The last I saw of her as I let the room she was busy washing herself.

Report 004 Samantha Sexual Sensitivity Testing

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zod of the SS Venus this is On Earth Observation Report 003, Star Date 5940.

I am still transmitting only solar power to transmit at sub-light speed. As I had reported earlier in Earth Observation Report 002, the previous tests on the Earthling subject Samantha Swallow showed her to be physically compatible with our race and she also has a high threshold for pain; which means they could stand the rigors of deep space travel. I will test her next for her sexual sensitivity. This is a test that is part of our requirement for space travel since we always mate our crew. Sunsearey had always said, "The Earthlings were like us in every way." I, however, contended that this was only a theory and not proven. As of right now, I have been proved wrong and Sunsearey proven right. To begin the new test, I returned to Samantha's cell the next morning and found her on the cell floor sound asleep. As I approached her, she began to stir.

As she slowly she staggered to her feet, she glared at me and snarled, "You Bastard, you damn near killed me. I never felt such pain before in my life. What are you going to do now finish the job?"

I open the cell door and let her out. "Look I told you I was here to observe you Earthlings. One of the things we needed to find out was your genetic makeup and your ability to stand pain. We wanted to know if your kind could stand the rigors of deep space travel."

Still glaring at me she snapped, "I bet you enjoyed every bit of inflicting that pain too."

"For your information," I replied, "I do not like to cause pain for anyone or anything. Now are you hungry? Based on your test results you can eat the same thing as me."

She hesitated, then said, "Food, did you say food," her voice losing the harsh edge.

"Yes food, follow me and I will feed you," I said. I took her to the galley and gave her one of the energy drinks that we had there. The drink also had something a little extra in it. I put a large dose of Venderdall in it to reduce her willpower. Sunsearey had said that it would work on the Earthlings and make them docile. I stood there and watched her drink it to the last drop.

Almost on cue, her face went blank and she just sat there motionless holding the empty glass. I took her glass from hand. "Stand up and follow me," I ordered.

She got up without a word and followed me back to the testing room. I pulled out the pleasure harness and gave it to her. "Put this on. She obeyed her face staring blankly at me. I took her back to the ceiling chain, attached her wrists and began to hook the wires to the back of the harness. I went around and started to hook the wires to the front of the harness when she began to squirm.

"No, not again," she cried. "Please no more pain I can't take it anymore," she sobbed. In a calm voice I said, "The design of this program is to test your sexual sensitivity. The nerve ends that control your sexual drive will be stimulated until you have an orgasm. Once you do, then the program will stop, begin again and continue." When I finished talking, I flipped the switch to begin the pleasure program. The system started to hum and she gave a little jerk and gasped saying, "Oh that feels nice." As the machine increased in intensity she began to moan, "Oh my, I never felt anything like this, Oh my, Oh my."

I stood and watched as her juices began to flow down her legs. As the hum got louder, she stopped talking and began to pant. All of a sudden, she let out a little squeal, and liquid shot out from out between her legs. After a second, I could hear her beginning to pant again. I knew the program was starting up again. Once begun, the program would not to let the subject come down from an orgasm high; instead, it would keep building in intensity. Since everything was automated, I did not need to stay in the room. I had something else to do.

From the beginning, I knew that I could not hide in this ship for the rest of my life. I had to get out among the Earthlings if I was really to observe them. To this end, I had brought the rebuilt computer from Samantha's house. I wanted to use it run a financial program that Sunsearey and I had written. This program would transfer a 1/64th of a cent from all the stock transactions Earth wide to a dummy account. At the time, we had no plan to use it, since it was against Directive 10 to interfere with the Earthlings in any way. However, now everything is different, I am stranded on this planet and I need to have access to ready funds.

While Samantha was occupied with the pleasure program, I sat down logged on rebuilt computer and began to search for a Cayman Island Bank. You know the ones that everyone hides their money in. The Cayman Hallmark Bank sounded like a good one and it only took me a few minutes to create an account. I added my new account number 0300789 to the financial program and let I run. I could not believe how fast the money was pouring in.

Suddenly the screen started to flash bright red as I got a warning signal that someone was trying to bypass my firewall. I quickly shut down the program made some quick changes and ran it again. Again, someone was trying to breach my firewall. As I was shutting down the program, I began to hear screams. Once I was sure that it was completely shut down, I got up and ran into the testing room.

Samantha covered in sweat and shaking was screaming, "I can't take it anymore. Oh the pain, the pain, I can't stand the pain." She collapsed hanging limply while her body jerked as it did during the pain threshold test. I quickly shut down the program.

I thought to myself, "I was proven right in this case. Sunsearey use to run this on herself at full throttle for sexual release when I was too busy with running the ship, which was not often.

I took Samantha back to her cell and laid her on the floor. She could barely raise her head. Finally, she just rolled over, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I went back to the computer and checked my account. I was struck dumb; I had over 50 million dollars in the account. No wonder someone was trying to find out what I was up too. I made sure that no one could follow my electronic trail so I created several dummy accounts as an added measure.

Now Since I had money I needed an identity. I thought of the name Emanuel Zod I always did like the name Emanuel, and then went about creating a person to go with the name. I inserted records to show that I was in born 1975 in Great Falls Indiana and I graduated from the University of Indiana with a Master of Science in Engineering. I created an Indiana driver's license, birth certificate, draft card, and an ATM card that I could use for my bank account.

When I finished I knew I had one more problem to solve, Samantha. Then it came to me, I would take Samantha back to her home tomorrow and leave her there. She would be again handcuffed and blindfolded when we leave here so she will have no idea where the ship is located and the camouflaged program will ensure no one can find it. Once I was gone, she could call anyone she liked and report her abduction. Based on the things that I read, no one would believe her except a few crazies. Since I would keep the computer, the only thing she could report was a theft of her computer.

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