tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien Ship Ch. 05

The Alien Ship Ch. 05


Kyle was awoken by a hand softly shaking him and opening his eyes he saw that it was Tracy, his android. Taking a quick look around he saw the other two androids from the orgy a few hours ago were also standing next to the bed.

"Kyle, we will be arriving at Mercury in less than an hour," the Asian android girl said as soon as she saw Kyle was awake.

"OK," Kyle acknowledged as soon as he was fully awake.

Kyle carefully crawled over the others in the bed and went into the bathroom. After completing his business in the bathroom Kyle went out and decided to get dressed. He decided to let the women sleep for a few minutes more and just stop and let his mind catch up on what had happened so far. There didn't seem to be any reason to leave the cabin for the arrival, they could watch anything there was to watch using the large screen in Kyle's cabin.

The android girl Tracy followed Kyle out of the bedroom so that she would be able to help him with whatever he might need. As far as running the ship was concerned there wasn't anything that Kyle needed to do for the approach to Mercury, and there would not be much to see of the planet until they were almost into orbital range, which was still a few minutes away. Kyle sat down on the couch in the living room of his cabin.

"Tracy, please go wake the others," Kyle ordered the android girl.

"Yes, Kyle," the android girl replied. She turned and walked back into the bedroom, giving Kyle another chance to admire her perfect bottom as she walked away from him. The android girl, of course, was nude.

In about five minutes the whole group of women came out of the bedroom, all of them still nude, and the human women going to the various available bathrooms in Kyle's cabin and the ones next door to it. Kyle had the chance to watch the fun as the women ran around to the different facilities.

Twenty minutes later Kyle and the other humans sat down to breakfast in Kyle's cabin, the android girls having pulled in extra chairs and folding tables to allow everyone a place to sit. Once there were enough tables and chairs to seat everyone the female androids started taking orders for breakfast from first Kyle and then the women. The breakfast orders were relayed to the food synthesizers which quickly began generating the various food items.

Two minutes later the androids started bringing food out and serving the humans the meals they had ordered. Everyone started eating with the androids continuing to provide waitress service as the meal progressed. As the humans were eating their breakfast the ship was making the final approach to Mercury and Tracy informed them the planet could be viewed on the rooms view screen during the final approach if they wished. Kyle ordered the screen to be turned on so everyone could watch during while they ate.

The screen showed a view of an airless, cratered sphere similar to the moon. The sun's rays beat down relentlessly on the sunlit side of the planet, every bit of water and other volatile materials long since baked out of the crust. If anyone watched the screen they could see the planet slowly growing larger as the ship approached.

While the ship had the resources to mount an actual expedition to the surface of Mercury, using either just the androids or even with the humans, Kyle did not intend to make such a trip this time. For now he only wanted to test the ship and provide a junket for the women, they could return for further exploration when they knew more about the ship and its technology. Even so, Kyle and his guests were the first humans to visit Mercury!

However Kyle was planning to orbit the planet for a time to allow the ship sensors to scan the planet and to generate detailed maps of the surface. This information would be useful for future visits to the planet, as well as in the case Kyle decided to reveal the ship's existence to the general public on Earth. For now the humans would just enjoy their meal and watch on the screen as the ship entered orbit around Mercury.

As the group was finishing breakfast Kyle found his eyes wandering toward the two Chin sisters and he realized that so far he hadn't even had a chance to talk to them at all. He did remember they were on the ship as a surprise for him so it seemed obvious that Cindy meant for him to get to know them better. Kyle thought it would be nice to arrange some private time with the two while the ship was orbiting Mercury. Kyle went over to Cindy to talk to her about his plan for the morning.

"Cindy, can you take Shelley on a tour of the ship? I would like to spend some time with the Chin sisters," Kyle asked.

"I was wondering when you would notice them," Cindy said with a smile. "It took you long enough."

"Well, I've been busy since you brought them here," Kyle answered.

"I'm sure. Those two are cute, not quite as good looking as your android, but then they are real girls. Do you like them?" Cindy asked.

"Yes, they're hot," Kyle replied.

"Then I will give you some time with them. But save some for me, OK?" the girl said with a smile.

"I will," Kyle promised.

"I'll leave now, see you when we get back," Cindy said. Cindy walked over to Shelley and talked quietly to the other girl for a moment. Then Cindy called to her android and then the three walked out of the door, leaving Kyle with the two Chinese girls, and his two android girls.

The two Chinese girls were sitting quietly together on the couch and Kyle walked over to the two women who obligingly moved apart to make room for Kyle to sit in between them. Well, the two were definitely interested in getting to know him, too, Kyle thought as he sat down on the couch between the two girls. As soon as Kyle had settled the two moved closer until they were both right up against him. Kyle put an arm around each girl; it was a happy movement for him, snuggled between two naked girls.

"So, what do you two think of the ship?" Kyle asked, just to get the girls talking.

"It's amazing! I can hardly believe it!" the girl on Kyle's left said.

"Me either! We're so lucky Cindy invited us!" the girl on Kyle's right said.

Suddenly Kyle realized he didn't know the first name of either girl so he needed to ask them, which felt a little awkward.

"Ah, it's a little embarrassing but I don't know your first names," Kyle told the two.

"Oh, that is OK. I'm Lin, and that is my sister Jun," said the Chinese girl on Kyle's left.

"I am very happy to meet you Jun and Lin," Kyle said with a smile.

The two girls giggled a little at Kyle's slight formality and this helped Kyle to relax a little more. Kyle decided he wanted to get a good look at the twins for the first time, he's been too busy before to get a good look at them.

"Lin, Jun, can you two get up and stand where I can see you?" Kyle requested.

"Sure!" Lin said and the two girls quickly got up off the couch and moved in front of Kyle until they were standing about a foot away from the couch. Kyle drank in the vision of beauty of the two nude Chinese girls standing right in front of him. While they were not quite as physically perfect as the android girl Tracy, who was also Asian in appearance, the twins were real human girls which greatly increased their appeal.

Both Chinese girls were exactly alike since they were identical twins. The Chin sisters were even closer to each other than twins normally were, and had been having sex with each other for several years. Both girls were slim with narrow hips and small breasts that made them almost look like barely pubescent, yet the twins were 19. Their hairless, shaved public mounds heightened this effect and Kyle found the twins extremely appealing. The two Chinese girls found they were getting into showing their bodies off to Kyle; little thrills of excitement were starting to flutter in their bellies.

"Could you two turn around please?" Kyle asked.

"Sure!" replied Jun, and both of the twins turned around so their bare bottoms were now facing Kyle. Kyle gazed admiringly upon the slim back and trim buttocks of the two Chinese girls; the rear view of them was almost as good as the front. After a moment, and unbidden by Kyle, both girls bent down, and placed their hands on the floor, showed themselves even more to him. Kyle could see two perfect ass holes and pussies right in front of him and he just sat there for a couple of minutes drinking in the sweet view offered by the two Chinese girls.

The twins stood up and came back to sit beside Kyle once again. Kyle decided he was overdressed for the current situation so he stood up and removed his clothes and sat down again between the two already naked girls. It was even nicer now feeling their cool, bare skin on his own and he put his arms around the twins once again.

Almost as if the two girls were communicating with each other telepathically each moved a hand over to Kyle's penis, which was already responding to the show the two had put on the moment before. The two hands started playing and teasing Kyle's cock, which felt great to Kyle.

After a couple of minutes of the two playing idly with Kyle's cock Jun got up off the couch and knelt in front of Kyle with her face right at his penis. The Chinese girl took the cock in front of her into her mouth and started to suck it. Kyle's hands quickly moved to the other girl, Lin's breasts, and he toyed with her nipples and squeezed her breasts as her sister continued to suck his cock.

Lin got up off the couch and then turned around and climbed back onto the couch face first onto her hands and knees with her ass open. This position made it obvious what the Chinese girl wanted from Kyle and he couldn't resist the sweet temptation of this so he got up from the couch, carefully walking around Jun, who was still kneeling on the floor where she had been sucking Kyle. Kyle turned and came up behind Jun, who was offering her ass in obvious invitation for a doggy style fucking.

Kyle came up behind Jun and quickly pushed his penis into the Chinese girl. Jun moaned as he grabbed her hips and started moving in her. Lin got up and moved over to watch as Kyle fucked her sister, seeming to be fascinated at the sight of his cock moving in and out of the other girl's pussy. Kyle allowed himself to enjoy Jun for a few minutes then he decided it was time for a change. He pulled away from Jun and sat down on the couch again.

"Lin, it's your turn. Come sit her on my cock," Kyle told the other Chinese girl.

"OK," Lin answered with a smile. She moved until she was straddling Kyle's lap and then she let herself down until she was impaled upon Kyle's penis. Once Lin was seated completely down on Kyle's lap with him fully inside her, the girl began to move, riding him. Lin was just as tight and hot as her sister, Kyle was enjoying himself immensely.

It wasn't long before Kyle felt himself getting ready to cum and he decided to let Lin receive it. His whole body tenses and he pushed up hard against the girl that was riding him. It seemed like the entire insides of his body was shot into the Chinese girl as Kyle's orgasm surged through his body. Lin squealed as she felt the man she was riding cum in her and she joined his efforts to push his penis as deep into her pussy as possible.

Kyle collapsed back limply on the couch his orgasm had been better than usual and had left him feeling exhausted for the moment. Lin collapsed forward onto him with his cock still inside her for the moment. Jun sat down and cuddled up to Kyle and her sister, the three just resting there for a time.

After a few minutes Lin got up off of Kyle and moved her head down and started licking Kyle, cleaning away all of their mixed fluids that had fallen on Kyle's crotch. Jun got behind her sister and began doing the same thing to Lin. After a few minutes the twins moved down to the floor, lay down side by side in the 69 position, and started licking each other. Kyle watched with pleasure as the two Chinese twins ate each other to several orgasms, after which the two rejoined Kyle on the couch, cuddling up to him once again.

When Cindy and Shelley returned an hour later that is how they found them, all three cuddled together on the couch, watching a movie. All three had the post-sex glow however so Cindy knew what they had really been up to. The two other human women both sat down on the couch, one on each side of the resting trio. All of the humans finished watching Kyle's movie after which it was time for lunch.

Lunch was served by nude female androids which provided a pleasant visual backdrop to the meal for Kyle and even the four female humans. The humans enjoyed a happy relaxed meal, Cindy seemed pleased that Kyle had spent the morning with the Chinese twins and she and Shelly were waxing enthusiastic about what they had seen during their brief tour of the ship. The travel and manufacturing capabilities of the ship were overwhelming to all four people; even Kyle was still having a little trouble wrapping his mind around it.

After lunch Kyle gave orders to wrap up the mapping of Mercury and to set course for the planet Venus, which was on the opposite side of the Sun from Mercury and so would require several hours of travel time. Venus was shrouded with clouds so again there would be little to see but the ship had sensors that could easily see through the clouds and reveal the toasty surface below. The surface of Venus was hotter than the melting temperature of lead and it would be difficult to explore even with the technology of the ship. Again Kyle wasn't planning to leave the ship, just a few orbits and some mapping was sufficient for this trip.

Just like before there wasn't anything for Kyle to do once he had given the order to set course for Venus. All of the calculations and propulsion control were carried out by the ship's AI. Kyle would have to find something to do while they were traveling to Venus.

One project Kyle decided to undertake was the design and manufacture of uniforms for all of the humans and androids on the ship. He already had something in mind but he needed an android to help model his design.

"Tracy, please come here," Kyle called to his android that was on the other side of the room. The Asian android girl walked over and stood next to Kyle, waiting for his instructions.

It only took a few minutes for Kyle to describe what he wanted to the android girl who then left for the clothing synthesizers. Tracy was gone for a few minutes and then she returned wearing Kyle's initial idea for the female uniform.

The uniform consisted of a single very short mini-dress with long sleeves. The one which Tracy wore was sky blue and came down to just below her crotch in front, and barely covered her bottom in back. There was no underwear or panty intended for this uniform, just the dress itself, which was thin and fairly form fitting so it displayed the curves of the android girl's body very well. Kyle was very pleased by the visual effect of the new uniform and he ordered ones made for every human and android woman on the ship. Matching boots completed the female uniform.

For himself Kyle decided on something similar, a long sleeve pull over shirt and black trousers with black boots as well. Kyle was a little undecided yet on if he wanted to use a naval-style rank system for the human part of the crew. Thinking about it more he decided to wait until he was more settled with the ship and had a better feel for how everything should work in terms of organization. In essence the ship was now his own private space yacht, despite its grand size.

All of the other human women had immediately noticed when Tracy had returned to the cabin wearing her uniform dress and they all looked curiously at Kyle, wondering what he had in mind.

"Everyone I've decided on new uniforms for us and the androids. Tracy here is wearing one," Kyle told the others. "I have had one like it made for everyone."

"What about you?" Cindy asked. "Do you have a uniform, too?"

"Yes, though mine is a little different," Kyle replied.

"When can we try them on?" Shelly asked.

"Anytime you like," Kyle answered.

"How about now?" Jun asked.

"Sure. Tracy, have everyone's uniforms brought here right away," Kyle ordered.

"Yes, Kyle," the android girl acknowledged and left the room.

After a few minutes Tracy returned with a large plastic box containing the newly manufactured uniforms. The android selected the appropriate size for each human so they could try them on. Kyle received his as well and soon everyone was dressed in their new uniform.

"I can see why you like these," Cindy said to Kyle with a chuckle. Almost any move the women made caused their ass or pussy to show.

Everyone's uniform fit perfectly and Kyle was pleased with them all including his own. Kyle's fit perfectly and remained comfortable with any body movement. After seeing his and everyone else's uniform Kyle decided to keep them exactly the way they were.

A little bit later Jun came over to Kyle.

"Kyle is there any way we can call home from here?" she asked.

"Do you have a cell phone?" Kyle asked in return.

"Yeah," she answered.

"The ship provides cell phone service for us to Earth. You can call anyone you want to there," Kyle told the Chinese girl.

"Cool!" the girl exclaimed happily and ran out into her room next door. Kyle assumed she had gone to make her call.

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