tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien Ship Ch. 06

The Alien Ship Ch. 06


Jun went into the cabin that she shared with her sister Lin and Shelley, found her purse, and pulled out her cell phone. The Chinese girl was delighted to find when she turned on her phone that there was indeed cell service on the ship, just as Kyle had told her. Jun settled down on the couch in her cabin and started making some calls.

While the Chinese twins were somewhat shy they were also extremely intelligent, both were straight A students in their classes in college. Jun and Lin lived with their mother, younger sister, and grandmother, their father had been killed in a traffic accident two years before. The twins' mother was a PHD professor at the same college the two girls attended, she taught physics, mathematics, and astronomy. Coming from such a background Jun and Lin had immediately recognized the significance of the alien ship the two sisters were now aboard.

If they could get Kyle to agree the twins wanted to bring their whole family on board the 'Adventure' as well as a select few of their friends. The ship offered the potential to provide for all of her family's emotional, material, and intellectual needs and the Chinese girl was determined to make the most of it. So far Kyle had been very accepting of herself and her sister, with all of the space on the ship Jun had a feeling he would welcome her family as well.

Jun's mother was still slim and well put together for her age and she thought her mother might look cool and sexy in Kyle's new uniform. The twins' grandmother also was attractive for her age and Jun though even she might look better in the same thing the Chinese girl was now wearing. When they were home alone Jun's family was pretty casual about what they wore or didn't wear around the house and even Jun's grandmother frequently went nude around the house in the summer.

Jun spent about fifteen minutes talking to her mother who already had some real idea where the twins were and Jun was able to confirm everything was real. Jun's mother agreed to come and bring the rest of the family if the twins could arrange it and Jun agreed to try. It seemed like the time when the ship was next closest to Earth would be the best time.

Jun then spent another half an hour making several other calls to some of her closer girlfriends at school. These calls were not as easy to make and Jun had to be more careful about what she said but in the end three more of her friends had agreed to come to the ship and she was confident those three would still come once they found out where they were actually going.

Meanwhile Shelley had the same idea as Jun and she also was on the phone to several girl friends who she thought might be interested in visiting the ship. In the end Shelley was able to convince two of her girlfriends to come visit the ship, if she could convince Kyle to send a shuttle for them.

With Jun and Shelley's efforts taken together the human crew of the 'Adventure' was likely to increase substantially. Since the inhabitable areas of the ship were almost completely empty there was plenty of room for more people, and a few more would make the rest of the trip more interesting. Since the humans didn't actually have to do any work in the ship the social interaction became more important.

Jun talked with her sister Lin, and soon the twins found Shelley and Cindy to talk about how they could persuade Kyle to send a shuttle on another trip to Earth, and who would go if he agreed to it. They agreed that Cindy, Shelley, and Jun would go, while Lin would stay on board to keep Kyle company while they were away.

Cindy walked into Kyle's cabin where he was sitting on the couch talking to Lin with his android Tracy sitting on the other side. Cindy quickly motioned for the android girl to move over then she sat down next to Kyle.

"Kyle, I need to make another trip back to Earth," Cindy said to Kyle.

"OK, when do you need to go?" Kyle replied.

"As soon as I can," Cindy answered. "I need to get a few more things, Jun and Shelley want to go, too."

"OK. Tracy, is a trip back to Earth in a shuttle possible and safe from here?" Kyle asked his android, knowing she was also connected to the ship's AI as well as all of the rest of the androids.

"Yes, Kyle, making such a journey is no problem. A shuttle could make a round trip to Earth in less than 24 hours," the android girl replied.

"You want Lin to stay here?" Kyle asked.

"Yes, she can keep you company while we are gone," Cindy answered.

"Is that OK with you, Lin?" Kyle asked, turning to the Chinese girl.

"Sure, no problem," Lin replied with a smile.

"OK Cindy, go ahead. Be sure to take several of the androids with you just in case and hurry back, Love," Kyle said.

"Thanks, Kyle. We'll be back as soon as we can," Cindy replied, getting up and going over to grab the bag containing her Earth clothes. Cindy walked out of the cabin she shared with Kyle and next door to the one where the other three women kept their things, where she gave Shelley and Jun the news of Kyle's assent to their return to Earth.

The three women quickly changed clothes after summoning four of the androids who were also now dressed in ordinary clothes. Leaving everything else behind the three human women and four androids headed to the hangar bay. Thinking of the size of the group that would be returning to the ship Cindy selected the largest available shuttle and moved the car over to its cargo compartment. Then the group departed the 'Adventure' and left for Earth, leaving Kyle and Lin alone together on the ship.

Once the others had left Kyle and Lin took a leisurely walk through the ship, not taking a tour this time but instead just walking along the passageways and seeing what was inside whatever room was behind any of the doors they came to. The android girl Tracy accompanied the couple to provide extra company and a more personal interface to the ship. In the area near Kyle's cabin all of the rooms they looked into were other cabins of various sizes. All of the cabins were fitted for human occupancy and all were currently unoccupied. The androids had no need for the space within the cabins, when inactive they simply each occupied a small storage alcove.

As he was walking along Kyle got an idea for an improvement to be made to his own cabin. He quickly relayed his idea to Tracy.

"Tracy, is it possible to cut doorways in the walls of my cabin into the adjacent cabins on each side?" Kyle asked the android girl.

"Yes, that can be done easily and will not affect the structural integrity of the ship," Tracy replied.

"Good. Please have the work done while we are walking. Don't put in closable doors, just make them open walkways," Kyle ordered.

"OK, the work is being started now," the android girl replied.

Down in their storage alcoves several work robots immediately activated and started making their way toward Kyle's cabin. These were not the human-like androids but heavier work robots used for repairs on the ship and its equipment. The work robots made quick work of making the doorways that Kyle had asked for and quickly returned to their storage alcoves as soon as they were finished. When Kyle and Lin returned later the new doors would be already finished and waiting for them.

Kyle took Lin down to the holographic viewing room and allowed her to experience the view outside the ship for the first time. The Chinese girl was awestruck when suddenly it appeared as if she was floating in space with Kyle. The large sun dominated the view as the ship powered to increase the distance away from it. Venus was barely visible, almost lost in the relative glare of the star they all orbited. The computer generated view displayed the sun as bright, but not so bright that it hurt their eyes to look at it.

Kyle and Lin spent more than half an hour in the viewing room just taking in the view of the space around the ship. Weightlessness made the two a little queasy at first but after a time they got used to the constant falling sensation. The view and weightlessness made the experience almost like floating in space and it took a few minutes to get used to it, especially for Lin. But once she realized that she wasn't actually lost in space the Chinese girl found herself entranced by the beauty of space.

After leaving the hologram room Kyle and Lin continued to wander around the ship. Many of the rooms they passed seemed to be filled with incomprehensible machinery; they didn't bother to ask Tracy this time what it was for. Kyle was enjoying the way Lin filled her uniform and the occasional flashes of bare bottom or pussy that were offered as the oriental girl moved. In some ways it was sexier than if the girl was nude and the dress was thin enough that Kyle could see Lin's nipples pushing up the material over them.

Kyle was starting to feel hungry and he started toward one of the dining facilities that he had seen on his previous tour of the ship. When the door to the dining hall slid open Kyle found it had been laid out similar to a restaurant. An android waitress, dressed in Kyle's new uniform, came out to take their food orders. Kyle found the experience in this dining room to be quite pleasant and he decided to take more meals there in the future. When the others returned he decided to bring them there and get some ideas on how to improve the décor further.

After lunch Kyle and Lin continued their slow walk through the passageways of the ship and they soon found themselves in an area of laboratories and shops, which had again been re-fitted for human use. Because of this Kyle was able to understand what many of the tools and machines were for, and resolved to look in again in the near future. There was a lot more here than what Kyle had in his garage!

The couple next wandered into the medical area which was also extremely well equipped, with both medical technologies from Earth as well as adaptations of some the aliens had used. As they walked through the hospital area Kyle's android Tracy mentioned that he should have all of the humans, including Kyle himself, examined and treated for any chronic illness or injury they might have. The examinations would also allow the medical center AI to improve the treatments available for the humans. Most of what the medical AI knew about human disease came from remote sensing which was not as accurate as close examinations of humans.

The more Kyle saw of the ship the more amazed he was at what was now essentially his private space yacht and he was feeling grateful that by some big stroke of luck it had become all his own personal property. He was determined now to make the most of the opportunities owning the ship brought to him as well as what he could do with it to help others. But there was also a strong need to be discreet about it because Kyle could already foresee that only trouble could come if the world learned of the 'Adventure' before he was ready to reveal it.

Kyle and Lin walked back to Kyle's cabin and when the door to it slid open he was pleased to see the work he had ordered earlier had already been completed. Open doorways now connected his living room to the living rooms of the two cabins adjacent to his, which made it slightly easier to get between them but more importantly gave the feeling the three cabins were one cabin. Since Kyle had control over every door on the ship there was little actual reason for adding the access to the adjacent cabins but he liked the way it felt like it gave him more space.

Kyle sank down on the couch and Lin plopped down beside him. Kyle's eyes were almost immediately drawn to the Chinese girl's exposed legs and thighs, her uniform mini-dress barely covered her pussy the way she was sitting. Lin smiled when she saw the target of Kyle's glance and her smile widened when Kyle placed a hand on her thigh next to his. Lin was feeling excited from walking around with nothing under her uniform and she was feeling her pussy needed some attention once again.

Kyle put his arm around the Chinese girl and pulled her closer, pulling her in for a kiss. Their lips and then tongues dueled with each other as the couple kissed hungrily. Kyle slid his hand up the girl's thigh until his fingers reached Lin's shaved pussy which was already wet with excitement.

"Let's go in to the bed," Kyle whispered to Lin.

"OK," the Chinese girl replied.

Kyle stood up and pulled Lin to her feet and led her into his bedroom. As soon as she was inside the room Lin pulled off her uniform and jumped onto the bed. Kyle quickly removed his own clothes and followed the Chinese girl onto the bed. Lin rolled over onto her stomach and then raised her ass in the air in lewd invitation, which left no question about what the Chinese girl wanted.

Kyle immediately moved behind Lin and moved into position to give the Chinese girl what she wanted, a doggy style fucking. Lin was already wet and ready as Kyle plunged his penis into her in a single stroke, the girl sighed in pleasure as he filled her pussy. Kyle grabbed Lin's hips and quickly began to fuck her and soon the slapping sound of his body striking the oriental girl's ass with every in stroke of his cock filled the room.

The two fucked heartily for several minutes but both were so excited that it could not last very long. Lin quickly reached her peak, her pussy exploding into orgasm just as Kyle shot a load of hot cum into her. Then exhausted the couple collapsed on the bed and quickly fell asleep. That is how Cindy found them when she arrived two hours later.

Kyle woke up to the sound of a group of people moving around, luggage and other items being stowed away by humans and androids. Almost at the same time Lin awoke as well. Kyle opened his eyes to see Cindy looking down at him with a smile.

"I see you two kept each other good company," Cindy said to Kyle when she saw his eyes open.

"Ah, yeah," Kyle answered, just a little flustered.

Lin quickly scrambled out of bed, grabbed her single piece uniform, and left the room, pulling the uniform on over her head as she went. Lin wanted to see her family and help them get settled.

"So who did you bring this time?" Kyle asked Cindy.

"Well, we brought the twins' family, that is three more," Cindy answered. "We also brought eight other women, some you know, some you don't. So it is eleven more in all."

"So that gives us sixteen people in all now," Kyle said.

"Yes," Cindy replied.

"Get as much help as you need from the androids to get everything unloaded and everyone settled," Kyle instructed.

"Already going," Cindy replied.


"I notice you made a few changes around here," Cindy observed.

"Yes, I thought it would be a little nicer to have direct access between the rooms, though it doesn't really matter when you think about it," Kyle replied.

"I know, but I like it. Somehow it makes it seem like we have more space," Cindy said.

"Yes, exactly what I thought when I had it done. I am glad you like it," Kyle replied.

"Get up, come meet everyone," Cindy said.

Kyle got up and pulled on his uniform and then followed Cindy out of the bedroom. All of the area of his cabin living room and the other cabins that now opened into his were a hive of activity. All of the new women seemed to have brought several items of luggage each and even Cindy and the ones who had been to the ship before had brought more. So now everything was being unloaded from the shuttles by androids, hauled to the cabins, and then stashed away in various closets, cabinets, and drawers.

Kyle walked around meeting each of the new women while they worked. He noticed that the other members of Jun and Lin's family were as beautiful as the twins, and already Jun had changed back into her ship's uniform. Kyle noticed that despite the very revealing nature of the female uniform the twins had no hesitation about wearing theirs in the presence of their other family members.

As he walked around the cabins greeting all of the new visitors, Kyle noticed there was a fairly large variety of a different woman now. There were two more Chinese who seemed to be friends of the twins' mother, one black girl about Cindy's age, and even what looked like a Hispanic girl. The mix was made even nicer by the variety of female androids that were helping with the stowing of various items. For Kyle the visual experience was now even nicer than before because every one of the human women were very attractive, each in her own individual way.

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