tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Amazon Journals Ep. 01

The Amazon Journals Ep. 01



Adrienne Wilkinson – Eve
Tsianina Joelson –Varia
Ingrid Park – Serita
Julie Strain – Daphmina
Amy Smart – Aimee
Kristin Davis – Sonya
Emily Perkins – Constance
Reese Fairchild – Cyane
Chrissy Masey – Chrissy
Alissa Wilkins – Alissa


The story you are about to read is made completely of my own imagination, and that of the inspiring fans, and more over, the wondrous ideas given by the radiant Alissa Wilkins. Whom I have named to be my co-writer for "The Amazon Journals."

This story and those that fallow in the dubbed to be "The Amazon Journals", are the adventurous sexual explorations of Eve during her time among the Amazon nation in which was under the rulership of the Amazon Queen, Varia. I have named actresses to play these parts. The women named as actresses for the chosen characters, in no way have ever had anything to do with these stories. There for I submit that this is complete and utter fiction, and any names of fake or real persons to have ever had anything close in their lives to do with these events, take heed. It is by far a coincidence. That said... enjoy this work of fiction brought to you by J. Jasper Martin and Alissa Wilkins. Thank you.


"Rhea bathed her dark beautiful skin in the cool sparkling water of the pond. My sex going mad with heat as I watched my sister Amazon in all of her Glory. I just could not blame Joxer for spying on us that day which passed almost by a whole month since."

Eve let out a slight squeal as her felt herself near the edge of her orgasm as she read the story of a royal orgy in the Amazon history.

"I was taken back when Rhea had began to touch herself in the same place my hand had went. She never struck me as the girl brave enough to do so. But as I live and breath, her hand was below and working into her sex with a fast and frantic fury. The vigorous way she pumped her fingers into herself gave me the expression that she hadn't had this kind of pleasure before. All so new, she just had to bath herself in it."

" 'ERIS!' I heard a stern voice say my name, and I looked back to see my Queen, Cyane had caught me pleasuring myself while watching Rhea. 'You depraved harlot!' my queen had called me. 'Rhea, get up here.' She had called her."

"Oh." Eve groaned, feeling herself all over her small body. Her hands taking in her soft delicious breasts, squeezing and pulling at the nipples as she read on.

"I was scared out of my mind, mortified that my Amazon sister Rhea knew that I was touching myself inappropriately while she bathed. I stood there waiting for something to happen but only found Rhea and Cyane laughing with one another, thoughts running through my embarrassed mind over what they would say or do. 'Eris'. Rhea said my name as she came up to me. 'You've done something really bad, really naughty.' She was laughing at me. 'You must be punished.' My eyes rested on her in fear as Cyane came face to face with me. 'That's right Eris, you've broken a sacred Amazon law.' She and Rhea began laughing harder at me. 'Thou shalt not pleasure thine own self.' ..."

"Oh Gods!" Eve was breathing harder again, arching her womb up into the air as she pumped her fingers deeper and deeper into herself. "Oh Gods, oh gods!" she was squealing hard with her fingers pumping faster and faster.

"EVE!!!" Varia's voice cried out.

Eve was near her point of orgasm when her new mistress Varia had walked in on her. Frightening her to a halt, leaving her as she was, fingers in her pussy and scared look in her eyes.

"One is forbidden to please her own self, you whore!" Varia's stern and dominating voice echoed through Eve's mind.

"For this abomination onto our ways you've just committed," Varia grasped Eve by her hair and pulled her hard to her feat. "You will be punished, severely!"

* * * * *

Varia escorted Eve into a large room she had appeared in once before, when the tribe was dead set on ending her life.

A large group sat before her on small sacks used like chairs. They were women that Eve had come to recognize over the short few days she had been in this tribe. The blonde haired young one, Cyane, far too young to be so old in mind and spirit. She had this smirk curving into the right of her cheek upon seeing Eve brought into the room.

Another woman on the council that sat before Eve was Daphmina. A dark haired warrior. Tall and powerful, big all over, near her middle age. Though she was thin, her muscles were there to show their might to any who made the question.

To the left of Daphmina was Serita. A firy red head... beautiful for any age, even reaching her fortieth year. Her lips were full and almost as red as the face make up. Her bosoms pushed through her top, heaving with every breath she took. She had the curves that caused a compulsive itch inside Eve's sex. Her eyes stared lustfully up and down Eve's slim and short and sexy form. Giving a deep soul kiss to Eve from afar.

Constance sat on Cyane's right. She was eighteen years of age, as Eve had come to learn, but she looked no older than that of a thirteen year old child. When Eve found herself having fantasies about this young girl for the first time, she felt a pang of guilt, even knowing her real age. Her long brunette hair fell down to her backside, adding on even more of her young child like persona. She really impressed eve the night they first met when the warrior woman found out that this young child like was by far the youngest girl to ever be let into the Amazon council. Her face made many think of her as a dunce, but when her mouth opened up and words formed themselves, she would bring philosophers to their knees.

With her arm around the brunette, Constance, was the other blonde of the group Aimee. A goddess like beauty shined through her bright eyes that seemed to sparkle. Her blonde hair waving down like angels hair past her shoulders. Her lips brought on a breath taking imagination of kiss when looking at them. She would at times press those wonderful lips against Constance's neck or cheek before looking back at Eve. Her small but tasteful breast pressed up against her lovers shoulder blade.

One seat was missing a body. The council member that Eve had become acquainted with just the day before. Eve felt a slight sadness that she wasn't here today. As far as she figured, the young Amazon was on a mission of peace, seeing as she was the peace keeper of the Amazon nations.

I miss Chrissy already. Eve thought.

The tall woman on the far left of the Amazon's was Sonya. The Greek/Russian Amazon from the north. Her jaw set strong and straight... Her body tight and slim, shinning in the light with its slight tan. Her light brown hair falling to just above her shoulders, curling all over. Eve had the good fortune, much earlier in the few days she'd been here, to experience the insatiable tongue lashings this woman gave.

Varia left Eve in the middle of the room as she went to sit cross legged in the Queen's seat. Her milky thighs bringing a rush of heat to Eve's face as she laid her eyes upon them. The Amazon Queen of this tribe kept her eyes sternly on the nervous and near trembling Eve.

"What crime, my Queen..." Cyane spoke from beside her Queen. "... Has this young Roman bitch committed this time?"

"She has committed a very serious injustice to us all, sisters." Varia glared at Eve before letting her eyes look from one side to the other at her Amazon sisters. "She dared to let her juices be spread without so much as offering them to her sisters."

"You selfish little bitch." Aimee scowled Eve.

Serita's eyes moved to a glare. "You come to us, asking our love and forgiveness, and you do not even have the respect to share your juices with any one but your greedy little self."

"You should be ashamed of yourself, you self absorbed harlot!" Constance pointed her finger accusingly at Eve.

"This little tramp must be punished." Daphmina snarled.

Sonya whispered words that Eve could not hear into Serita's ear. Brining a sadistic grin to the woman's sexy lips. Serita leaned over to Daphmina and seemed to share the words that were given to her. Daphmina did the same into Varia's ear, bringing a soft snort of a laugh from the Queen, who in tern share the words with Cyane, who passed them to Constance. A giggling Constance whispered the same to Aimee who laughingly almost whispered the same to no body, catching herself almost forgetting that Chrissy wasn't around today.

"Well, you selfish little whore." Varia spoke. "We've decided on a punishment for you, but remember. You try to get out of it, and we will add more and more."

"We should make her bark like a little doggy." Constance cooed as Aimee's lips pressed against her bare shoulder.

"What is with you and people barking, Constance?" Sonya asked.

"I find it amusing." She commented.

Serita stood up and began walking towards Eve, looking over her shoulder at the others in the council. "I have a wonderful idea."

Leaning in close to Eve's ear she whispered to the woman. "Tell me something, dear. What is it you are the most reluctant to do?"

"Why should I tell you?" Eve asked.

"Because..." Serita's hand grasped Eve's tight little round buttocks. "... the punishment will be grave and dear if you don't. Be sure to answer me honestly too."

Eve remained silent and would not speak until Varia rose from her throne and ordered Eve to answer the woman's question.

"Being... being watch by..." Eve looked down in sorrow. "Being watched by other women." She covered her face with her hands. Feeling Serita release her soft buttocks as the red head moved back to her place in the council.

"I say..." she said. "Have her strip her cloths from her body, right where she stands. For, of course, our amusement."

"I like that." Constance giggled as Aimee nibbled her ear.

"Me too." Daphmina said.

"Yeah!" Sonya jeered.

Eve stood there holding herself, clothed in her average attire with her red pants clinging to her thighs, causing a slight discomfort in her sexual state. Her body closer to a shiver as she cowered in the lustful eyes of the circle of Amazon's. She could feel their heat burning through her entire body as her eyes wondered from one to the other.

"You've heard them." Varia said. "STRIP YOU WHORE!" She yelled out to Eve, causing the dark haired beauty to jump in her place.

"Oooooh!" Aimee moaned. "Make her do that again when she's done stripping."

"You'd better do as she says, LIVIA." Serita coxed the young girl. "You can save yourself a lot of punishment if you do."

"Please,..." Eve choked. "Don't make me do this. Don't make me take off my cloths right here. Right in front of you all."

"Tie her up,..." Serita spoke softly into Varia's ear. "Tie her up and let me strip her. She obviously will deserve all the punishment we can dish out."

"Perhaps you're right, Serita." Varia agreed. Varia then snapped her fingers at two of the council members.

Daphmina and Sonya rose from their places and stood before Constance and Aimee, who both lifted their legs in the air. Constance's yellow stalkings pulled from her legs by Sonya, while Daphmina pulled Aimee's green, foul skinned panties off. Then Sonya and Daphmina moved over to Eve, smirking at the fear in the young girls eyes as they snapped the panties and stalkings like belts before grasping Eve and tying her hands behind her back with the panties. One of the yelled stalkings tied around her neck, softly, but firm enough to use like a leash. The other stalking was tied over her eyes, wrapped around twice to ensure darkness into her eyes.

"Please?" Eve pleaded with a low whine. "Don't do this. Don't take my cloths off right here. I cannot do this!" She was trying a sob.

"Hush up, you trollop." Varia said as she nodded for Sonya to begin. "Remove her top first and then stop and wait for my further orders."

"Yes, my Queen." She obeyed. Eve sobbing silently as she felt Sonya's knuckled touching her flesh above her breast, just under the fabric of her top. "Stop crying, Livia. You know you enjoy this as much as I do." Sonya jeered as she made a quick rip at Eve's top. Bringing a lustful gasp from the women of the council as her breast bounced out of the fabric. Her nipples hard already as they could well see. Serita sitting in her place with her hands squeezing hard against the fabric of her seat while her tongue seductively wet her lips.

"Oh!" Constance moaned. "She is so beautiful my queen."

"You want her my child?" Varia asked. Bringing a curious thought to Eve's mind that passed as quickly as it came.

"Ooooh, yes I do mo,... my Queen." She wiggled up from her seat to her Queen, staring lustfully at Eve.

"You shall have her shortly, my sweet." Varia gave a quick kiss to the young girls lips. Constance moved back to her seat, staring at Eve with an almost impatient stare.

"Hard to believe she is only eighteen, my queen." Cyane commented as her eyes locked on the brunette child like.

"Indeed it is." Varia looked from the young girl and then back to Eve. "Tell me something, Eve. Livia... are you truthfully embarrassed to be seen by us? Are you so shy?"

Eve nodded slowly, her eyes straining to catch any bit of light from beyond the blind fold that covered them. Feeling a little twinge of guilt at that lie. She was shy and embarrassed, but not as much as she was putting herself out to be. In fact, she felt herself growing wet in her sex as felt the cool air breeze cross her breast, and at the feeling of knowing all of those piercing eyes were on her body, lusting after her flesh.

With a loud cry from Eve, she felt a pair of hands grasping around her waist and yanking her red pants down to her ankles exposing her thin patch of dark pubic mound to the entire room of women with drooling mouths.

"Mmmmm." Eve recognized the moan next to her to belong to Varia. She knew then that it was Varia who pulled her pants to her ankles. "I may have had my lick at this tasty little box of yours, but it defiantly looks even more delicious today, wouldn't you agree, Constance?"

Constance seemed to wiggle and fidget more and more in her seat as her eyes devoured Eve's naked body from head to toe. Drinking Eve's naked flesh into her mind more and more as her pussy began to ache for attention. Aimee knowing Varia's nod to mean not to give Constance any release at this particular moment.

"Please stop this?" Eve begged. "I didn't know that law. I'm so sorry... forgive me... just stop this, please, stop."

"You should have thought with better judgment." Varia whispered coldly into Eve's ear. "Little sluts like you are the reason the law was made... besides, if everyone knew this law, we wouldn't be having all this fun, now would we?... oh..." Varia giggled. "I almost forgot. I owe little Constance there something she wanted to see."

Eve yelped and jumped with a start as she felt Varia's hand make a nice firm swat on her naked backside. Bringing a little sting with the connect.

The council burst into a loud round of laughter, while Constance let out a gasping moan as got to see those juicy tits of Eve's bounce naked this time. Her pussy growing as wet as Eve's as to show her enjoyment for that show.

Eve's face went crimson red with blush as she heard the laughter rise from the council. Feeling herself weaken with humiliation as their laughter echoed through her ears. Her naked backside with a red hand print from Varia.

"You shouldn't let yourself grown too embarrassed right now, Eve." Varia said. "It's getting worse for you soon. This is nothing at all... Livia!"

A slight tear leaving Eve's eye caused Varia too laugh and make her voice into that of a giddy child's while she teased her. "Is little Evie going to cry?... is little Livia sad standing here with her bare bottom all red? ... bad girl... you shouldn't cry... you bad little girl. Don't make auntie Varia spank you again."

Eve sniffled as another tear escaped in her humiliation. "Oh!" Varia mocked her. "Looks like our little Livie needs another spanking on her cute little bottom."

"No!" Eve squealed in horror.

"Don't you talk back to me you little strumpet!" Varia glared at Eve before her hand made a nice hard, not so painful swat on Eve's backside.

"You are a dirty little girl, Livia!" She teased into Eve's ear. "You need to be punished for being such a dirty tramp... (Smack) ... you slut... (smack) ... how dare you pleasure yourself (smack) without asking anybody if they wanted (smack) some."

"Stop! Please!" Eve cried out.

The other Amazon's were laughing at her humiliation. "Look at her face!" Aimee was laughing hard while holding her stomach while almost rolling on the floor.

Constance would have joined in, but her eyes were drawn to Eve's breast. The way they looked when the bounced in the air as she jump with each swat Varia's hand landed against her bare arse. Even in her embarrassment, Eve could feel her thighs getting even more and more wetter with every sharp crack she felt land against her bottom. This, though humiliating, was indeed becoming a very big turn on for Eve.

"You shouldn't have made us tie you up for being such a prudish bitch." Varia snarled into Eve's ear. "I know you, Livia. I know you like this... you used to do it to my mother a long time ago... You did it to many Amazons. Now its your day to pay the debt."

Eve only wondered for a moment as to who Varia's mother way, but the thought was broken by a hand on the back of her neck, forcing her down to her knees.

"Look at her." Serita stood and walked next to the young blind folded woman. "She's a perfect little pet for us."

Varia looked to Aimee and made a 'come-here' motion with her head. The young blonde Amazon leaping to her feet at a chance to please her Queen, Varia. She walked slowly over to the Amazon Queen and knelt before her.

Varia leaned down and whispered something in the blondes ear, bringing a slight giggled from behind her lips.

Eve could scarcely hear what was being said, but something about sugar, blanket, feet, fruit, and something that sounded like ice. She heard more laughing, actually more like a cackle from Serita as Varia whispered what she was having Aimee do in a moment.

"While Aimee is away doing that." Varia spoke to her council. "I believe that it's time to have some fun with our little slave... so dearest." She said to Constance. "Come closer."

The women of the council rose from their places and crept closer to Eve. They reveled in her nervous shivers as she knelt in the middle of the room, her butt in the air as Varia commanded.

Eve squealed when she felt two fingers pinch at some sensitive skin on her backside. Pumping forward as she felt three separate hands smack at her butt playfully. She felt something soothing her body, but making the heat rise inside. It was a pair of tiny hands feeling and massaging her breast.

She began to let out small moans as she felt tongues, lips, and fingers exploring her body in various areas. Teasing her flesh with their wicked wanton hands and mouths, the Amazon women took into their enjoyment of her torture.

Eve groaned softly as she felt what had to be two fingers from one persons small hand and another long middle finger from another woman's hand entering her pussy from behind, as a pair of hot glowing lips suckled at her left nipple. The tiny hand was still fondling her right breast as the lips sucked and tugged at the nipple of her left breast.

She gasped allowed when she felt teeth sinking firmly, but in a gentle sense, into the flesh of her bare backside. The full lips making little kisses after every nibble the teeth make. A firm hand was massaging the other bum cheek while sticking a finger into Eve's back hole, a place nothing had ever been before. Yikes! Right then, she knew it had to be Daphmina.

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