tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Amazon Journals Ep. 02

The Amazon Journals Ep. 02


EPISODE 2: "Constance's Gift"

Written By: Alissa Wilkins & J. Jasper Martin


Adrienne Wilkinson – Eve
Tsianina Joelson – Varia
Emily Perkins – Constance
Julie Strain – Daphmina
Reese Fairchild – Cyane
Amy Smart – Aimee
Kirsten Johnston – Sonya
Ingrid Park – Serita
Chrissy Massey – Chrissy
Alissa Wilkins – Alissa

* * * * *


This is a complete work of fiction. The actresses named to be taking part in this fiction of lesbian encounters, are in no way honestly having anything to do with them.

To those who've been reading my work, and also that of my dear friend Alissa Wilkins, we appreciate your support and hope you enjoy them more and more as they come out.

As for what has already come to pass. Eve has just faced her first night of sexual torture brought on by the Amazon council she once sinned against by selling their sisters to slaveries of many. Constance, Varia's daughter, awaits her moment of night fall when she may receive her promised gift.

And now… the story.

* * * * *


Eve's legs weak with the torment that befell them earlier this day. Her knees giving way as her joints quivered to jelly. Her tummy rumbling inside as she hang supported by Varia and the young Constance as they lead her back to her own hut in the Amazon village. Night fall had come and now she was about to complete the night of a birthday celebration… the birthday celebration of Constance.

"Down you Roman whore!" Daphmina demanded Eve as she placed her foot upon the young girls chest and pushed her onto her back.

"Careful, Daphmina." Constance sighed as she laid beside Eve, her fingers twirling through Eve's dark beautiful hair, as the birthday girl stared lustfully at her. "You don't want to damage any more goods than needs be."

Varia sat upon her throne, with her fingers running through Cyane's hair from between her legs as they Amazon's tongue worked her Queens pussy closer and closer to an intensely built up orgasm arise. The Queen lust filled eyes set upon Eve, and then to the naked and young body of her step daughter.

"What ever shall we have this little strumpet do?" Serita moaned beside Eve while resting on her knees and elbows as Sonya stood behind her with a long penis shaped object, stroking it in and out of Serita's pussy.

"Poor hot wax all over this little body…" Daphmina grasped Eve's hair. "Then beat her with leather belts until her blood runs."

The venom off of Daphmina's hard lips seeped unto the floor. The other Amazon's thinking this a little extreme, decided that not to do so.

"No… no beatings of blood this day." Varia eyed Daphmina. "The wax however…"

Eve's eyes seeming to tremble in their sockets along with the rest of her body as Varia spoke in agreement to this little torture.

"… will be just too exciting to pass up." She teased at Eve as her hips rushed up into Cyane's face.

"My Queen." Cyane breathed heavily between her lovers legs. "Chrissy and the Greek Amazon will be here soon. Should we not save that wonderful bit of torture for their honor?"

"Do you wish to be punished as well, Cyane?" Varia sneered jokingly at her lover who's head lay between her open thighs.

"Would a 'yes' be acceptable?" Cyane giggled in a giddy way as her lips came in a hot breathed encounter with her Queens.

"Mmmmm," Varia's hot breath moaned as her lips lost contact with Cyane's. "So many harlots, so little whips."

All Amazon's in the room, with the exception of Daphmina came to an outburst of laughter at the little slut their young Cyane had become in this short day. Thus far, they were seeing the birth of new harlots among them.

"Get the ice." Varia ordered as her sly eyes arched in her step daughters direction. "Not the snow my love… the ice blades."

Constance jumped from her place, her lips in a large smile as she walked out of the opening in the council hut and reached up the top of it. Her body shivering with the cold touching it as she stood bare assed in the snow. Her hand reaching higher, almost causing her to fall over as she reached. Her hand seemed to grasp something and cause a snap… followed by just a moment passing when she walked back inside with an ice sickle in her hand.

"Oooooh, freezing." She trembled as she handed the ice to her Amazon sister, Daphmina and walked towards a fire.

"Well, Gods!" Varia laughed. "I didn't mean for you to go out as bare as the day you were born, in all of that, you horny little dolt."

Constance's face red as the Amazon's laughed and teased her. Serita rising from her fucking with Sonya to grasp Constance's shoulders and warm them. Her laughter ringing in the girls ears, as she teased. Serita pulled playfully at Constance's nipples before hugging the chilled girl.

"She acts like a blonde." Sonya jeered beside Varia.

"HEY!" Cyane protested with a whine. "What's that suppose to mean?"

Aimee, who had fallen asleep in the corner of the room after her earlier receiving of a tongue fuck from Eve, had awaken and walked over to Sonya, slapping the Amazon's large breasts before sinking her sleepy eyed head between the Amazon's open legs.

"Take a guess you little slut." Varia pulled Cyane back into her open legs. "Keep eating you dirty tramp."

Cyane's lips suppressed a deep moan as they made sensual contact with Varia's pussy lips. Her tongue gaining entrance to the halls that held that sweet nectar she craved from within her Queen.

Constance, feeling a rush inside of her gullet as she watched this juicy scene, turned her eyes towards Eve, who lay on the floor, looking at the ice in Daphmina's hands with sheer horror at what would become.

"Hold her still Daphmina." Constance told the tall strong warrior woman. Her eyes glazed over with pure wanton lust as she moved closer to Eve, reaching for the ice.

Eve struggled to back away as Constance came closer and closer, but no avail as Daphmina's hands kept a firm, almost painful grip on the warrior girls arms. The dark haired beauty was at the mercy of her lovers.

Eve let out a short shriek as she was pumped to the floor, held there by Daphmina's strong grip, her eyes facing up into the hateful face of the woman. She felt a shiver of fear course through her body and wished upon the stars above that she would be freed from this damned hateful look, and peer into the eyes of Constance again.

She felt herself draw further and further into dismay as her eyes closed and she let her body tremble violently with the fear that surged deep inside.

"Shhh." She heard the soothing voice of Constance again. "Don't be afraid, Eve. The pain will pass into the most delicious torture you'll ever feel."

"Please." Eve squeaked in her voice. "Please don't hurt me."

"Quit you despicable whore!!!" Daphmina's hand made a firm hard slap against Eve's face… drawing a rage filled hiss from Constance, who stared red wide eyed at the Amazon…

"Don't you EVER…" She sneered. "EVER hit my toys again!"

Daphmina made a squinting mock at the young Amazon to be cut off by the dark stare of her Queen, who surely had no appreciation for the way her step daughter was being mocked. Daphmina quickly recoiled and bowed her head before the princess who commanded her.

Constance, turning her attention to Eve. Her face drawing in a sadness as she found the large welt growing on Eve's left cheek. The princess then used the ice sickle, rubbing it over the red glowing welt, soothing and cooling it into a tolerable comfort for her new play thing. Her lips gliding down softly to place a loving kiss upon the welt that brought tears from Eve just this moment passed.

"My poor poor Evie." Constance cooed as she set herself to sooth the hurting girls face. "Has my nasty sister hurt you so?… Let me make it all better for you."

Eve felt her heart fly high in her body, as her eyes opened in time to behold her dearest Constance coming closer and closer with her lips. This time to embrace them on the dark haired warrior girls own.

Constance's two smalls hands made a warm intake to Eve's face, holding her ever so close and lovingly as their lips made love in a sweet gentle manor.

"I guess I'm a little late for this party, huh?" Came the voice of a tan skinned Amazon Chrissy. Her arms crossed as her sensual lips curved in a lustful grin at her Queen Varia. "Never thought to invite me?"

Varia's eyes locked in a slow movement up and down the Amazon's body as her hips pushed and kept their grinding motion into Cyane's face. Her moans filling the room as her orgasm came closer and closer.

"I see,…" Chrissy began. "Too well fucked to speak. That's alright." She looked to Constance's naked form in the arms of Eve's. "I'll just entertain myself for a while,… you!" She held her hand out to Daphmina. "Hand me the ice."

Serita let out a loud cackle from behind Aimee, where her lips had once been planted on the blonde Amazon's pussy. "What a slut you are, Chrissy."

"Oh my my my, what ever do you mean?" She asked in with mock innocence in her voice.

"Look there my queen and behold a slut so dear…" Serita moaned as Sonya's fingers worked her pussy harder. "… slut so dear that she knows the game the moment she steps up to play."

"Oh YES." Varia gasp. "she sure does."

Chrissy giggled gingerly as she stepped towards her young lover, who today became of new age. Her young, tiny, but slender body writhing above Eve's.

"Are we enjoying our self, Livia?"

"Her NAME is EVE." Constance glared at Chrissy… almost stabbing the young Amazon with her stare.

"Oh," Chrissy laughed. "My bad then… Are we having fun, Eve.?" She laid a swat on Eve's firm round white butt as the girl arched into Constance's fingers.

"What… what are you going to do with that?" Eve questioned in utter dismay as she watched Chrissy hold the ice sickle up in the air.

In a sudden happening, the Amazons in the great council appeared in circle around Eve. Their hungry lust filled eyes glazed with delight as they stared almost venomously upon Eve's helpless body.

The sadistic grins curved the faces of these demented Amazon's as Eve's eyes moved from person to person. A terror filled curiosity on her face as she looked from one end to another… waiting.

Chrissy let out a laugh at Eve's trembling form. "I haven't even started and she's already shaking like a cold wet pussy."

"Daphmina, Sonya." Varia's voice captured the ears of her strongest two warriors. "Hold this little girl down… we don't want her escaping this torture."

Eve's heart pounding mercilessly at her chest at the word 'torture', as it was uttered from Varia's lips.

"Oh my poor Evie." Constance knelt close to her new play thing, holding Eve's head in her lap as she ran her hands soothingly through Eve's hair. She felt a small tinge of laughter almost rise as she felt Eve shiver in her arms. "Don't be afraid, my beautiful little toy."

"Chrissy…" Serita spoke up to the dark haired Amazon. "give her a simple teenie weenie little taste of what's to come."

After a moment of thought came to pass, Chrissy smiled devilishly with delight as her brain pleasured the thought.

"Keep a nice hold of her girls." Chrissy commanded.

Eve giving a yelp as Daphmina's grip tightened almost unbearably painful. Bringing a hiss from between Constance's teeth. A warning to the Amazon who would not withdraw from giving pain to her lovely Eve.

"Careful, Daphmina." Chrissy giggled. "I think our darling little Constance has fallen in love."

A roar of laughter emerged from the throats of the Amazons. Daphmina however… keeping her glare upon Constance, who returned it full force. Aimee's laughter dissolving as her eyes beheld the two women in their deadly stare. She felt her heart shot with jealousy and sadness when she realized that Constance, her one true love had truly taken heart to Eve instead. She suddenly felt a shear hatred for the Greek woman who came to their camp. Her need to give pain unto this girl was as strong as Daphmina's, only Aimee, would not do it so openly… not where she can cause the same hateful stare to emerge from Constance towards her direction.

The moment passing… Varia slapped her step daughters butt playfully. "Oh come on you two." She jest. "Get along or I'll take away your new toy and neither of you will get to play with it for the rest of the night, understood?"

This bringing another burst of laughter from some of the Amazons. Serita falling over herself in tears, to be caught by Cyane, her chest heaving in a heavy pant.

Letting her eyes leave Daphmina's cruel glance, Constance lowered them lovingly down to Eve's as she place a kiss so sweet, it felt like heaven's wings upon Eve's cheek.

Her lips curving in a big rose smile as her eyes stared dreamily up at Constance. The young girl who by some strange way, with her affection, reminding Eve of Alissa. Eve suddenly felt cold in her chest as thoughts of Alissa trailed into her mind. The cold grew deeper and deeper. Seeming to engulf her flesh in the freeze that she felt in her soul every time her thoughts moved to her long ago love.

I've never felt this cold thinking about her. Eve thought.

She let out a loud yelp as she felt a stream of icy cold water trailing down her chest and abs as a content of melting ice. The almost painful cold seizing her nerves in every part of her body it trailed upon.

"Oh GODS!" She moaned with an icy chatter in her teeth.

"Ooooh." Serita moaned from the far left of the circle where she knelt with her fingers stretching her pussy lips open. "I think she likes it."

"Your not hurting her are you?" Constance questioned Varia.

"Only a little bit…" Seeing the concern in her dear Constance's eyes, Varia decided to reassure her. "… but this pain will be a pleasurable and delicious pain for her."

Constance's eyes brought back down to her new lover as Eve's body shook in little grave convulses as the icy cold trail made river down her body. Seizing her nerves in an almost incredible passion.

"Yee Gods!" Eve gasped aloud. The cold overtaking her warm senses.

"I'm no expert on human emotion…" Serita cackled in her near drunken voice. "But I do believe our little slave is enjoying this."

"Why don't we go on ahead and put the ice where it should really go." Cyane jeered from her position of holding Eve by her left arm.

"Where…" Eve stammered with shivers and trembles in her voice. "where is that?"

"In your pussy of course." Serita moaned in delight.

"My… wha… my pu… no." Eve knew the ice cold and near painful torment her upper body was taking, would not weigh so naturally inside of her sensitive self.

"Oh, my Queen," Constance begged. "You can't… please don't hurt her?"

"Hush, my darling." Varia seductively placed her finger to her adopted daughters lips. "In time, she will grow to love it as much as you do."

In a sudden burst of instance, the angelic white skin of Constance became of a hellish crimson red blush. A notice of delightful surprise in Serita's eyes upon her, as Constance's mind sought and found the one who dared to share so much a secret with the tribe. Damn you, Aimee. Her mind reeled in embarrassment.

"Administer the Crime of Cold Pussy." Varia commanded playfully to Chrissy, who knelt between Eve's thighs and held a small little round piece of ice before her vaginal opening.

"Administer!!!" The group chanted. The chant then in their lustful impatient simply became. "Do it! Do it! Do it!"

Looking around at the Amazon's before her, Chrissy looked at Eve sympathetically. "Tough shit, honey slit."

Eve's eyes widened in disbelief and utter amazement as her opening was seduced by the enchanting cold of the round little probe of ice that entered. Her soul grown cold and instantly around for but one moment in time.

"OH GODS!" Eve's shout caused a stir in the walls of the hut around her. The pain shaking ground within her body. Her skin within grown to a thick ice cold. "OH FUUUCK!!!"

She drastically clawed as best she could possible. Her body struggling to be free for an instance of chance to relief. Her cries echoing the room around her, bringing strange and interested ears to the scene from the outside.

"Hold her!" Varia commanded.

Daphmina's cruel arms holding tight and firm to Eve's right arm. Her cruelty never satisfied as she pulled hard at Eve.

"Stop!" Constance begged.

"Patients my love." Varia spoke soothingly to her child. "Patients will grant you many favors."

"PLEASE!!!…. STOP!!!!" Eve was writhing in agony, the cold over taking her mind as she squealed and begged for the mercy of the given court.

"HOLD STILL!!!" Varia commanded Eve. The shock in amazement at her tone of voice driving Eve's chilled body lower.

"You will hold still and stop scaring my poor little Constance!" Varia kept a stern eye on Eve. "Do you understand?"

Eve merely nodded her head slightly, allowing her body to freeze in agony over the cold ice in her pussy.

Constance raised her lips to Varia's ears and began to whisper something that brought a dejected sigh from Aimee's lips. She knew what her lover was telling Varia and only wished she could stop it, for Eve's torture was too great a thing for her to let go of right now.

It serves this bitch right for stealing her from me. Aimee thought mercilessly.

A smile formed itself on Varia's lips as she listened carefully to her luscious daughters words.

"So be it." She softly spoke before her own smiling lips touched Constance's. Giving the youth a wave of permission as to what she whispered.

"I know how to make it better Eve." Constance ran her fingers through Eve's dark hair. "It wont hurt much longer… I promise."

In that instance, the birthday girl's dark hair fell low as her head crept slowly down towards Eve's trembling chest.

"Release her, girls." Varia commanded her women.

Daphmina at first wanted to refuse, but remembrance of who her commander was, she did as she was told with utter disappointment.

"Oh my dearest Eve." Constance said near breathless release.

Eve felt a singe of heat rise into her body as her right nipple came in contact with Constance's lips. The ultimate feeling of being suckled by the young girls lips made a warm surge of lighting cause impact to Eve's body.

A loud moan escaped the warriors mouth when her body was taken even higher by the caressing touch of Constance's hands upon her breasts. Massaging them slowly and passionately as her kissed moved down the cold icy trail made on Eve's bare flesh body. Her eyes dazing slowly into a wanton light as her sex began to heat up more and more over the ice inside of her.

Aimee found her hand slowly working two fingers inside of herself much like the other women as she watched closely and unwittingly at the scene before her very eyes.

Constance looked into Chrissy's eyes and in seemed to share herself with the women by way of mind, for Chrissy knew then what was wanted, as she lowered her own head down between Eve's legs and let her lips come in contact with Eve's sex.

A slow hard moan came from Eve as she felt a warm tongue reach inside of her channel and seem to seek out the ice that was nestled inside of her.

Eve knew not what to think on this moment except that she was in love. Not with one person, but this entire group. Even Daphmina's cruelty held a place in Eve's heart as she felt herself flowing through sexual frenzy in the likes that seemed all so new and unknown to her.

I can't believe it. She was thinking. The only time something this cold was in my pussy was when Ares fucked me. But this is sooooooo different. This actually feels good. NO!!! It feels fucking wonderful!!!!

"Oh yes, Chrissy." Constance was breathing heavily. "Suck on her beautiful pussy. I wanna watch you lick the ice right out of her."

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