tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe American Way Ch. 02

The American Way Ch. 02


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


A few days after the 2003 edition of the Summerslam Pay Per View at a Raw brand live event, the French duo that makes up La Resistance, Rene Dupree and Sylvain Greiner are walking down the corridor with their new associate Robert Conway. All three men are dressed in black trousers and white button shirts. Rene smirks, "Ah my friends, Miss Jackie is going to see why us Frenchmen are much better than Americans..." Rene says as he leads his associates down the hallway.

Sylvain nods his head, "Yes, with our new friend Robert we are sure to get the best of her this time."

Robert smiles, "Anything to help show that France is better than America is all right with me," Robert says as the trio walks around a corner as they head to meet Miss Jackie at her dressing room.

The two Frenchmen and Conway continue on their way until they reach their destination. Rene looks at Robert and Sylvain and licks his lips, "Remember... she knows we're coming... so let's be, friendly with her..." Sylvain and Robert both nod their heads as Rene knocks on Miss Jackie's dressing room door.

The door to Miss Jackie's dressing room opens and she steps into the doorway with an raised eyebrow before she smirks "Ahhh...you French pussies finally arrived." Miss Jackie says with a proud smirk before folding her arms over her nicely sized chest "I was wondering when you two would..." Miss Jackie pauses and raises her eyebrow as she notices Robert Conway standing behind Rene and Sylvain. She nods her head at Robert "Who's he?" Miss Jackie asks as she dressed in a pair of tight-fitting and comfortable tye-dyed pants and a matching tye-dyed top that's tied together behind her back. Miss Jackie presses her soft lips together as the stunning, tanned and flamboyant manager of the even more flamboyant Rico looks at the two Frenchmen and Robert Conway.

Rene motions with his left hand at Robert and smiles, "This is our associate Robert Conway... he is quite a supporter for us French..." Rene explains, "And he's more than willing to help us prove to you why we are better than you Americans..."

Robert licks his lips, "Yeah, that's right," Robert says as speaks in a pure American accent, that is a strong contrast to that of Rene's.

Sylvain smirks, "And as you Americans say Miss Jackie, all's fair in love and war..." Sylvain says before Jackie could question Robert's accent.

Miss Jackie smirks a bit and before she nods her head "Ok...ok...fair enough. So did you two pussies tell your new buddy how this American girl, wore out your two French asses..." Jackie says as she steps back from the doorway, stepping back into dressing room as she allows the two La Resistance members and their new associate enter.

Sylvain licks his lips, "You got lucky Miss Jackie... we are ready for you this time..." He says as he folds his arms.

"Yes that's quite right... we underestimated you before..." Rene adds as Robert closes the door behind them once they have all entered Miss Jackie's dressing room.

Miss Jackie laughs as she unfolds her arms slides a strand of her soft blondish-brown hair out of her face and tucked behind her left ear "Uh huh... sure, just admit it now America kicks France's ass, no matter what!" Jackie says proudly showing her patriotism for her country.

Robert raises an eyebrow, "We all know that's not true, and we're going to see that right now..." Robert says as he stands with his French comrades.

"Robert is quite correct, we shall prove to you today why us Frenchmen are better than you Americans, and we shall have an American assist with that as well..." Rene adds as he licks his teeth a bit.

Miss Jackie places her hands on her rounded, yet slender hips and laughs again "Robert, is it? Aren't you afraid your two French buddies might coward-out and leave you all by yourself?" Jackie asks with a smirk as she looks directly at Rene Dupree while making the comment.

Robert slides his right thumb against the side of his chin, "Rene and Sylvain are not going to back out on me... the odds are in our favor..." Robert answers.

Sylvain nods his head, "Yes... there is no way you can win this round Miss Jackie, today the French shall be victorious..." Sylvain says proudly as he looks right at Miss Jackie's chest.

Miss Jackie presses her lips together and slightly nods her head "You really think so, Sylvain? Ok, well lets find out then, you two French pussies..." Jackie says as she cocks her head with a slight cute attitude.

Rene smirks and licks his lips, "Then let us find out right now..." Rene says as he starts to unbutton his shirt. With each button he undoes, his smooth muscular upper body becomes exposed. Robert and Sylvain also start to unbutton their shirts. Jackie flicks her lips against her upper lips as she takes a slight step towards the two Frenchmen and the American traitor. Jackie flips her soft, wavy blondish-brown hair back as she reaches over her shoulder with her left hand and begins to untie her tye-dyed top, that rests on her smooth, tanned back.

The two Frenchmen and the French Sympathizer finish unbuttoning their shirts, and the trio if studdly young men remove their white button shirts from their bodies. Rene, Sylvain and Robert all have impressive physiques that have well developed chests and solid abs. "Hope you haven't forgotten of how great we look," Sylvain says to Jackie with a smirk on his handsome face.

Jackie rolls eyes but smirks "Yeah...you look so great..." Miss Jackie says with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Jackie locks her eyes on Rene's well muscular chest before she slowly peels her tye-dyed top off of her nicely sized, perky and tanned tits. Jackie lets go of her tye-dyed top and lets the top fall to the floor before she takes another step towards Rene, Sylvain and Robert.

Rene laughs a little, "I bet you can't wait to get back down with us..." Rene says as he starts unbuckle his belt.

"Yeah I can see the desire in your eyes," Sylvain adds as he, Rene and Robert unbuckle their belts, then undo their pants. The trio of handsome men all lower their pants down to their feet and step out of them, and now they are all wearing solid white European style boxer briefs.

Jackie folds her arms over her bare chest and raises her eyebrow as she glances down at their white European style boxer briefs "Oh...how cute..." Jackie says a bit sarcastically with a laugh before she steps even closer to the two Frenchmen and the American traitor. Jackie presses her lips together as she unfolds her arms from her chest, giving the three handsome studs a great, up-close view of her amazing chest. Jackie bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly sinks down to her knees in front of the trio; Miss Jackie goes down quicker then the French army.

"Our choice of undergarments are not cute... they are for style... but you Americans wouldn't know anything about that..." Rene says with a cocky smirk as he and the other two men begin to lower their boxer briefs.

Sylvain licks his lips, "You'll see we found a typical American..." Sylvain says as Jackie sees Rene's eight-inch cock, Sylvain's seven-inch shaft, and Robert's nine-inch dick. The Trio of men stands on three sides of Jackie, Robert stands to her right, Sylvain is right in front of her and Rene is towards her left.

Jackie licks her lips before she looks up at Rene, Sylvain and Robert "Let the war begin..." Jackie says before she reaches forward with her right hand and takes Sylvain's cock as she grips Robert's cock with her left hand. Jackie lowers her eyes as she starts to move her hands swiftly up and down their quickly hardening shafts, giving him an American style hand job.

"Mmmm... what a way to start a war..." Sylvain says as Jackie strokes his shaft. He puts his hands on his hips and keeps himself fairly still despite letting his pelvis move forward as Jackie pumps his cock.

Robert closes his eyes and moans a bit as Jackie jerks his dick with her left hand, "Ah shit yea..." Jackie closes her eyes as she leans her head forward and presses the tip of her tongue against the head of Sylvain's cock before she start to gently tap her tongue against the surface while she circles her tongue around the head of his cock. While Miss Jackie traces her tongue around the head of Sylvain's cock, she moves her left hand quicker against Robert's cock, grinding the soft palm of her hand against the skin of his cock. Jackie gradually slows down on the hand job she's giving Robert and shifts her hand over to the large, throbbing cock of Rene Dupree.

"Mmmm... yes... you are quite anxious to have my fantastic French dick again..." Rene says as he moves a bit so that Jackie can better grip his throbbing cock with her left hand. Sylvain licks his lips and looks down at Miss Jackie as she circles her tongue around the tip of his shaft in an almost teasing fashion that has him shifting his feet a bit. Jackie slowly drops her tongue down from the head of Sylvain's cock and towards his shaft. Miss Jackie removes her right hand as she starts to guide her tongue down Sylvain's shaft and places her right hand around Robert's cock. Now the flamboyant, hot and 100% American babe, Jackie, is doubling her hand jobbing efforts by stroking Rene and Robert's cock as she whips her tongue against Sylvain's cock, bringing her tongue back up his long, hard shaft.

"Ohh magnificent... I could almost swear she is really French... and not American..." Sylvain groans with pleasure as he feels Jackie's skilled tongue travel all over his cock as she coats it with a thin layer of her warm saliva.

"She sure gives a hand job like an American..." Robert says as he slides a hand over his own short brown hair, while Rene begins thrusting his pelvis forward, pushing his dick against Jackie's left hand.

Jackie tosses her soft blondish-brown hair back as she pulls her head away from Sylvain's cock and removes her hand from around Robert's cock. Miss Jackie turns on her knees and scoots slightly towards Rene. She licks her lips as she looks at his hard, throbbing cock "Mmmm...not bad...for a Frenchman..." Jackie says as she opens her mouth and takes Rene's cock into her warm, wet mouth. She wraps her soft lips tightly around Rene's thick, hard shaft and begins to bob her head swiftly on his cock.

Rene grabs two handfuls of Jackie's blondish-brown hair and tilts his head back as the flamboyant diva sucks and slurps on his 100% pure French cock. "Awww... yes... suck it..." Rene moans as Jackie bobs her head quickly along his cock.

Robert licks his lips, "Can't wait till she wraps those lips on my dick..." Robert says as he grips his cock with his left and begins to stroke his cock. Sylvain gets around behind the colorful diva, and kneels down so and begins pulling down her tye-dyed pants from her waist. Jackie closes her eyes as she lowers her head further down on Rene's cock before she bringing her head slowly back up his shaft. Miss Jackie's soft lips rubs against the skin of Rene's cock as she lifts her head. Once her head is completely off of Rene's cock she spits her warm saliva down on the head of his cock, which rolls down on his long, hard shaft. Miss Jackie flips her hair back as she turns on her knees and faces Robert's hard, throbbing and waiting cock. Jackie leans her head closer to his cock and opens her mouth as she works his hard cock into her war, soothing mouth.

"Ohhhh fuck yes..." Robert says as the lovely Miss Jackie takes all of his traitorous cock into her All-American mouth. He puts his hand on top of Jackie's head and begins moving his cock in and out of Jackie's mouth, almost fucking her face.

Meanwhile, Sylvain as lowered Jackie's tye-dyed pants down completely on her legs. He looks at Jackie's ass and smirks, "Almost as good as a French woman's..." Sylvain says as he lowers the tye-dyed thong that the hot American diva is wearing. Jackie moans gently against his cock as she moves her head along his cock, sucking his cock faster with her wet, warm mouth as she slaps her saliva against his cock. Jackie reaches over with right hand and wraps her hand around Rene's slightly saliva coated cock and begins to rub his slick cock with her hand, stroking him as she amazingly sucks on the cock of the American traitor, Robert Conway.

"Fuck... she's good..." Robert moans as he feels Jackie's chin press against his balls when she easily deep throats all of his nine-inch long cock.

"Yes she is... but she's not as good as a French woman..." Rene replies as Miss Jackie steadily pumps his cock with her right hand.

Behind her, the other Frenchmen, Sylvain Grenier lifts her up higher on her knees and slides his cock into her wet, warm pussy. "Ahh... let the French invasion begin again..." Sylvain says as he starts thrusting his seven-inch long dick in and out of Jackie's cunt while holding her still by keeping his hands on her waist. Miss Jackie groans against Robert's cock as she deep throats his entire cock inside of her warm mouth as she slaps her tongue quickly against his cock and begins to gradually push herself back against Sylvain's cock that's thrusting in and out of her tight, wet All-American pussy. Jackie lifts her head up slightly from his cock, only keeping some of his cock into her mouth as she shifts him to the left side of her saliva-dripping mouth. A moan escapes from Jackie's mouth as she pulls Rene's hard, thick cock toward her mouth and stuffs his cock into her wet mouth along with Robert's cock.

"Awww shit... she can take two cock in her mouth..." Robert groans in amazement as Jackie takes his and Rene's dicks into her hot wet mouth with no problem.

Rene smirks, "No surprise... all American women have big mouths..." Rene says as he closes his eyes. Meanwhile Sylvain is quickening the pace of how he's driving his cock in and out of Miss Jackie's tight cunt, and he also starts pushing her forward and pulling her backward so his cock thrusts into her more sharply. Jackie shifts her eyes up and locks her eyes on Rene, slightly narrowing her eyes as she amazingly bobs her head swiftly on Rene and Robert's cock. As she slaps her tongue against both cocks, she tightens her the grip of her lips around both cocks, causing Rene and Robert's cock to grind and rub against one another as the American hottie, Miss Jackie, continues to suck on their cocks. Jackie's moans vibrate against their cocks as Sylvain rams his cock deeper into her wet, tight All-American pussy. Miss Jackie starts to buck her hips as she slams herself back against Sylvain quicker and rougher.

"Shit.... she's... getting worked up..." Sylvain says before he suddenly pulls his cock out of Miss Jackie's tight pussy, making her moan in disappointment around both the dicks of Rene and Robert that are inside of her hot moist mouth.

"Maybe she needs... two fabulous cocks elsewhere other than her American mouth..." Rene says as pulls his cock out of Jackie's mouth and lays on the floor right next to the blondish-brown haired diva.

Miss Jackie pulls her head away from Robert's cock, causing some of her warm saliva to drip down onto the floor of her dressing room. Jackie presses her lips together and smirks as she looks over at Rene "You really think you can handle me again, you French pussy?" Jackie says with laugh as she turns on her knees to face Rene and look down at him as he lays on the floor; his hard, thick and rigid French cock points straight up.

Rene smirks as he licks his lips, "Yeah I can... you may have won the last time... but this time it's going to be different..." Rene says as he takes a moment to look at Robert and his motions with his head for him to do something. Robert gets a smile on his face as he moves a bit so he's behind Jackie and he bends down to lift her up from the floor. The French Sympathizer drops the hot American diva down straight onto Rene's cock.

Jackie grits down on her teeth as she comes crashing down on Rene's hard, thick cock; slamming down with an incredible deep impact "Ohhhhh shit!" Jackie moans as she places her hands down on Rene's muscular chest and starts to rock back and forth on his cock, beginning to ride his cock.

"Don't... get used to it..." Rene says, commenting on Jackie slowly gaining momentum as she bounces a bit up and down on his thick French prick.

Robert licks his lips as he squats down behind Jackie, "Reason why American women suck... they think all they are going to get is a simple fucking..." Robert says as he puts his left hand on Jackie's left shoulder while using his right hand to guide his cock to her pussy and pushes it in into her so that he and Rene are both stuffing Miss Jackie's hot tight wet cunt.

Jackie tilts her head back "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Miss Jackie groans as she holds her mouth open, while Rene and Robert quickly begin to alternate thrusting their two cocks in and out of her wet, tight pussy.

The two-studdly men slide their hands all over Miss Jackie's hot body as they fuck the sexy diva with swift strong thrusts. Rene arches his legs a bit so that his knees are pointing up into the air. With his legs in the new position, the proud Frenchmen is able to ram his cock up into Miss Jackie's pussy with more force than she would expect while with two dicks in her soaking wet cunt. "Ahh yes... fucking American women... is quite... a pleasant thing..." Rene grunts.

"But not as good as fucking French women right..." Robert says as he wraps his arms around her waist to pull her backward so that her ass cheeks press against his waist, while Sylvain stands up and moves to where he's near Jackie's head. Sylvain takes a handful of Jackie's sweat dampened hair and pushes his cock into Jackie's open mouth. Jackie lets out a moan as Sylvain suddenly rams his cock into Jackie's warm, saliva dripping mouth. As she bounces quickly on Rene's cock, while Robert powerfully thrusts his cock into her tight All-American pussy, Jackie starts to bob her head quickly along Sylvain's cock as he starts to thrust his cock into Jackie's warm mouth deeper, making her slightly gag on his cock as the American hottie in gang bang by the two Frenchmen and the American traitor.

"Ohhh god... she's made for fucking... I'll give her that..." Sylvain says as he pulls on Jackie's blondish-brown hair as he pushes all of his cock past Jackie's luscious American lips so that his ballsack presses against her face.

Robert Conway licks his lips as he realizes something, "Let's... us... make her... air tight..." Robert says as he eases his cock out of Jackie's pussy and sticks it into her tight asshole, so that now, her mouth, her hot pussy and her ass are filled with the thick meaty cocks of all three men. Jackie closes her eyes as she gently presses her teeth against Sylvain's cock and begins to grit her teeth along his shaft as she bobs her head, slapping his cock with her tongue and her saliva while Rene and Robert steadily thrust their cocks deeply into the hot American as she begins to sweat.

"Ahhh... shit... she's had experience with three men at once..." Rene smirks as he reaches up and grabs both of Jackie's round breasts with his strong hands. He continues to buck his hips up so that his cock goes up into Jackie's pussy sharply.

Sylvain moans as Jackie's lightly bites down on his cock and he rakes her sweaty hair with his fingers, "Mmmmm... she knows... how to work it..." Sylvain groans as he starts to cum inside of Jackie's hot moist mouth.

Jackie slowly pulls her head away from Sylvain's cock as she tilts her head back and swallows the large load of his warm cum "Mmmmmm..." Jackie moans.

Sylvain steps away from Miss Jackie with a smirk on his face, "Typical American Woman... swallow it all at once... never bother to savor the taste of the pure French cum..." Sylvain says with a smirk, while Rene and Robert continue to slam their cocks into Miss Jackie's tight, hot pussy and asshole.

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