The Arrangement Ch. 01


Jade could feel an orgasm fast approaching. Amazed that she could come this way, her breathing became more ragged as she tensed feeling every synapse fire in her mind. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her as a feeling of euphoria started to settle over her. She didn't take her hand off his cock, instead squeezing harder.

Ayden drank her adrenalin filled blood and moaned. As she came down he withdrew his fangs and licked the wound to seal it. He held her as she breathed heavily against him. Jade came to her senses quickly impressed with the power of the orgasm she experienced. She realized that he was still hard under her hand. She turned in her seat and slid down so that she was on her knees between his thighs. Without preamble she undid his pants and release one of the most beautiful cocks she'd ever seen. Certainly one of the largest.

Ayden was feeling a little light headed from the feed. He didn't immediately realize what she was doing until his cock was out and her hand was gently stroking him. He was about to stop her when her lips descended on him and he was enveloped in her warm wet mouth. All ability to think left Ayden then. All that existed was his cock and her mouth and tongue.

Jade tried to get as much of him into her mouth as possible but couldn't. She resorted to licking and sucking as much as she could. Her hand assisting her as she bobbed her head along his length. She was enjoying him. His taste and the feel of him in her mouth were scrumptious. Jade hoped that she was giving him as much pleasure as he had given her.

It didn't take long before Ayden felt his balls tightening and the rush of his seed spurting into her mouth. He didn't even have time to warn her. His breath was coming in pants. He opened his eyes to find Jade valiantly swallowing all of his come and continuing to lick him clean.

Jade regretfully released him and stood. Blueberries, good Lord he tasted like blueberries. A girl could get use to that, she thought. She was musing over this discovery when she felt him slide to his knees and wrap his arms around her pressing his face into her stomach. He held her like this for the longest time. He was shaking all over. Not knowing what to do, Jade stroked his hair and his shoulders.

Eventually Ayden disentangled himself from her and sat down on the bench seat heavily. Jade saw a look of what she perceived to be pain cross his features and panicked. "Ayden? Did I do something wrong? Was I not suppose to? I'm so sorry." She stammered very concerned.

Ayden was shocked out of his confusion at her words. She thought she'd offended him again. God she was amazing. "Jade." He said, his voice gravelly. "Why? Why would you?" he asked in wonder.

"Why? Because you gave me so much pleasure. Because you are too gorgeous for words. Because I wanted to. Because it felt right. Again I'm sorry if I overstepped the bounds." Jade said with a slight blush at having to explain her actions.

"You have done nothing wrong. That was the most incredible experience of my life. A first." He said looking at her intensely.

Jade burst out laughing before she noticed the look on his face and clapped a hand over her mouth. "I find that impossible to believe. You cannot honestly tell me in your long life that you haven't had a blow job." She said incredulously. Was he trying to flatter her? Someone as stunning as him surely had women falling all over him.

Ayden stared. He'd never had to explain this to anyone but he couldn't let her think that it was nothing to him. "No Jade, not my first blowjob. My first blowjob where the person giving it knows exactly who or what I am and did it anyway." He said gravely.

Jade let the words sink in but was still confused. "Ayden, I don't want to pry but I still don't understand." She said quietly.

"I have lived a long time Jade." He started. "In that time I have found that most people are repulsed by my kind. Intrigued, curious, fascinated even, but repulsed. I have had many women but all under the guise of being human. Never as myself. And none of the people in my current arrangement would condescend to let me touch them, let alone touch me." He explained bitterly.

Jade shook her head in amazement. "Haven't you told any of your lovers?" she asked gently.

"Oh, there was one woman around the time I was made. I was young and foolish, in complete denial about what I had become. I didn't want to be what I am. I fancied myself in love with her. I thought that I could tell her and we could live happily together. I was so deluded. She screamed and yelled for me to leave her alone. To die like the evil creature I am. She said she would rather die than have me touch her again. I left. I have never told another woman what I am. The only ones that know are those that I have a feeding arrangement with." He said sadly looking at the wall lost in his memories.

"What a stupid bitch!" the vehemence in Jade's tone jerked him back to the present and he stared at her. "Sorry, but she was." Jade said simply.

"You are not repulsed by me? By what I am?" he asked in awe of this woman in front of him.

"Repulsed?" she spat. "You are fucking gorgeous. I should be falling at your feet thanking you that you would even let me anywhere near you." She exclaimed with passion. Ayden's eyes widened in shock. This generous, loving, amazing woman was grateful to be in his company. How could she think so little of herself?

"Jade, colourful language aside, you are a beautiful woman. You could do so much better than something like me." He said and looked at his feet. His comment pulled her in two directions. Pleasure that he thought her beautiful and frustration that he kept putting himself down. Anger won out.

Jade stomped up to him and shoved hard against his chest. It was like trying to move granite but it got his attention. "You have no right to wallow in self pity." She yelled at him. "So most people are stupid idiots. Hey they would be stupid idiots regardless of you anyway. From what you've left unsaid I get the impression that you didn't choose this lifestyle and you are trying to make the best of it. So just grow up and start appreciating what you have." She huffed at him.

Ayden looked at her and laughed. He hadn't laughed in such a long time. She was incredible. She wasn't repulsed, she wasn't frightened. She was beautiful standing there yelling at him as if he was a regular guy, an equal. A very dangerous emotion reared its head: hope.

Jade halted in her fury and started giggling. Embarrassed at her tirade she blushed. Ayden caught up in the moment gathered her in his arms and kissed her. At first he was still chuckling and it was simply a light brush of his lips against hers. Soon enough the warmth of her body pressed against him and her fingers threaded through his hair were driving him crazy. He moved his lips against hers more purposefully.

Ayden's tongue ran along her lips seeking entry and she opened willingly. His tongue felt hot in her mouth as they duelled. His hands moved lower to cup her arse and grind her against him. Jade groaned as she felt his hardness along her belly. They were both panting as they broke the kiss. "Jade, if you would like, I mean if you are willing, I would like to –" He said haltingly as he kissed her collarbone.

"I would be honoured Ayden. Also, if it is safe, feel free to bite me as much as you like." She said breathlessly. Ayden didn't know what to say to such a precious gift so he simply kissed her as he led her backwards towards the bed.

Ayden undressed them before falling into her arms. They kissed and explored each other slowly. Jade ran her tongue lovingly over his already extended fangs causing him to shiver. Her acceptance of him was going straight to his head just like her blood had.

Ayden moved lower down her body aching to taste her and see if her other fluids tasted as good as her blood. Not having tasted a woman in over a century made him almost ravenous as he attacked her glistening folds. He was right, she tasted like heaven. He lapped and sucked on her trying hard not to nick her with his fangs. Jade was writhing above him making the most delicious sounds. He felt her climb towards her release and he couldn't help himself. Ayden bit down into her soft flesh and drank down the combination of her blood and her juices.

Jade came hard, every muscle in her body straining. She also felt something she'd never experienced before. She actually squirted her release into his mouth, chin and chest. Ayden released her and licked the pin-pricks closed much to her squirming. He practically purred his satisfaction.

Jade draped an arm over her eyes and blushed as he lay next to her and drew her close. "I'm so embarrassed. I've never done that before. The gushing I mean." She said quietly. Ayden pried her arm away to look at her.

"Why? That was the most erotic thing I've ever been part of." He said kissing her face. Jade succumbed to his kisses. "Would you like to stop?" He asked not letting her go.

"No way. I want you. I want you inside me now. Fuck me Ayden." She pleaded.

Ayden growled in approval as he positioned himself above her and slowly eased his hard cock into her. Jade groaned at the exquisite feeling of being filled. Ayden trembled with the effort of holding back from pummelling into her. He took his cues from her as he slowly started to move. Ayden withdrew until only the head of his cock was at her opening before plunging back into her. She cried out to his delight every time he bottomed out in her.

"More Ayden. Harder. Faster. More." She begged as she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. Ayden was more than happy to comply and he upped his pace. He loved how tight and warm she felt around him. Her responsiveness was driving him to his peak faster than he thought possible. Ayden kissed her passionately savouring the way she fit against him. Grunting he grabbed her hips hard as he pounded into her over and over.

Ayden's mouth left hers to capture a nipple and suck on it. Jade arched her back feeding him more of her breast. She was close to coming again. "Bite me Ayden. Make me come." She panted unable to breathe with the pleasure building inside her.

Ayden growled and bit hard into her breast and Jade exploded. Her pussy clamped down hard on his cock. This combined with her blood in his mouth triggered Ayden's release. He shot pulse after pulse of come inside her as she contracted around him milking every drop. Ayden finally let go of her breast and held her tight as they fought to regain their breath.

"Fuck." Jade breathed.

"Yes, I believe we've already covered that."Ayden chuckled as he buried himself in her hair. Jade laughed breathlessly, her movements causing him to groan. Reluctantly Ayden withdrew from her but would not let her go. "Are you all right? Do you feel dizzy or lightheaded?" he asked his voice full of concern.

"I feel both dizzy and lightheaded but it has nothing to do with blood loss. I feel incredible, a little tired though." She said running her fingers over his furrowed brow.

"You need to rest. I'll have a vitamin drink sent up immediately." He said as he grabbed the phone from the bedside table and spoke quietly. "I don't think I took too much but I was so enthralled that I can't be sure." He continued.

"Ayden, I trust you. You wouldn't hurt me. I feel fine. Please don't stress." Jade soothed. "So, how long before we can do that again?" she asked with a seductive grin. Ayden should have been use to her amazing him but he wasn't.

"You mean you'd like to. Again?" he asked to her enthusiastic nod. "Well, I won't be able to feed or bite you again for a couple of weeks to allow your blood to replenish. But as for the rest, give me about half an hour." He smiled his eyes darkening with desire.

Jade's breath caught at how gorgeous he was and then a thought occurred to her. She slapped her palm to her forehead. "That was so presumptuous of me. I mean you don't have to if you don't want to. I-" She stammered too embarrassed to look at him.

"Jade." He said. "Jade look at me." He demanded. "You are the most beautiful, generous, understanding and accepting woman I have met in the 400 years of my existence. If you think that I'm giving this up so quickly you are sorely mistaken. I'm more concerned about how you feel about being tied to me." He said with a catch in his voice.

"Tied to you?" she queried.

"I would like to offer you a place by my side. How does this go? I'd like to see more of you, get to know you. I don't know if I'm doing this right." He said nervousness marring his beautiful features.

At that moment there was a soft knock on the door. Ayden quickly covered her with a sheet as a distinguished gentleman entered with a tray. He placed the tray on the bedside table and left quickly, but not before shooting Ayden a little smile. Jade looked at him questioningly. "That was Kyle, he looks after me. I think he is a little surprised to find you here. I'll explain it to him later." Ayden said.

The short interruption allowed Jade to think. She had no real claim on this man, vampire, whatever. But she needed to know some things. "If I was to be tied to you would you still be feeding off others?" she asked tentatively.

"No, just from you." He said firmly.

"But what about your arrangements?" Jade wondered.

"I'll pay them back, it's not like I need the money." He said simply. "Jade, let me make myself clear. I want this to be exclusive. I know it is a lot to take. It is an easy decision for me but it may not be for you. After a while you may feel it is too restrictive. You may want a normal life with a man that can give you that." He said.

Jade looked at him. Really looked at him. He needed her. He needed to believe in himself again, in people, in the world, in his existence. In something.

"I understand Ayden and I accept." She said quietly looking in his eyes.

"Are you sure? One word and I'll let you go." He said meaning it but it pained him. Jade had many thoughts running through her head. Several she wasn't prepared to voice at this point in time but none of them involved doubt.

"I'm positive. You need me. I'm irresistible. You can't get enough of me. It wouldn't be fair to deny you. I'm a generous goddess." She said haughtily laughing at herself. Ayden chuckled and kissed her lips tenderly. "So, are you ready yet? This goddess needs worshiping." She said in the same lofty tone.

Ayden growled as he captured her lips and rolled her on top of him to take her again, and again, and again. Until they collapsed into an exhausted sleep.


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Such a wonderful tale, and verrrry well told.
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Thank you so much formore...

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