tagMind ControlThe Artifact Ch. 02

The Artifact Ch. 02


This is the second chapter of this story. It will be much more fun and make more sense if you have read the first chapter. Doc


Even though the room I had rented was not a suite, it was the largest motel room I had ever been in. There was a King size bed, a table with four chairs a sofa and a loveseat.

I looked into Julie's mind and saw that she was choking with lust for her first bisexual encounter with Kathy. On the other hand, Kathy was just ready for action. She was nearly always ready. Kathy had been raised that nice girls don't... (Add your own phrase here); but, she always wanted to. She had decided that she was destined to be alone, since her experience had led her to believe that her desire so out stripped those of any men she'd ever known.

Julie was the first woman that Kathy had ever thought of as an equal, because of the way they had been introduced. The whole thing had Kathy so turned on that she was having a hard time not attacking the both of us.

I pulled a chair up to the bed as the girls drifted to me and each other with frank curiosity. I looked at Kathy and said to her with a wide smile, "Honey, this is Las Vegas, why don't you give us a show?"

I could almost hear the juices begin to drip as she struggled to strip down out of her clothing all at once. Julie was nearly dripping with lust as she nearly dropped into my lap without removing her eyes from her new object of desire.

Within ten seconds, Kathy's shoes and socks were in a pile on the floor, and her blouse was flying through the air toward us. Julie caught it and tossed it toward the other discarded items while I examined the nearly sheer bra that we had seen some of earlier.

The bra was a light grey color in the satin fabric underside and the lace portions. The rest was filmy nothing with just a hint of a grey cast. Tan lines were evident through the bra, showing that she was no stranger to an abbreviated bikini top and sun. I watched the jeans roll down and saw that her panties matched in color and style.

Kathy looked up at us with her shining eyes; a smoldering lust was projected toward us with an intensity I'd never experienced. Julie was nearly bouncing on my lap in anticipation. When Kathy reached us, she turned around, straddling Julie's legs and took her hands, guiding them to the catch on the back of her bra.

Julie was nearly hyperventilating as her shaky hands released the catch. Kathy took a step away, wrapping her arms over her chest as she looked back at us and rolled her shoulder, allowing the strap of her bra to slip down her arm. She then slipped her arm from the strap, never losing eye contact with us and moved her arm back to hold her bra in place.

Kathy continued to roll her shoulder in a slow sensual display of the art of strip tease. With a deliberate wink of the eye facing us, Kathy turned her head the other way to look at us over her other shoulder. Her actions on this side were a virtual mirror image of her previous display. Julie was even more into the show than I was.

With her bra now completely free from her body, only held in place by her arms, Kathy approached us at a sensual glide, with her eyes focused on Julie. She took one of her hands, still holding the bra in place with the other arm, and brought Julie's hand to the material between her breasts, under her shielding arm. When Julie had a hold on the material, Kathy backed up slowly, allowing the bra to slip from beneath her arms.

Kathy was now topless, but we could see little more than we had when her bra was on. She began moving one hand, tracing over her skin underneath the breast tissue bulging past the limit of her arm. My eyes were drawn to the movement made by her hand, as it moved over her skin.

Kathy's other hand squeezed and caressed her breast flesh, in a well practiced movement. Her moving hand on her breast, occasionally allowed flashes of her areola to show through; but just small sections at a time.

Julie leaned back into me. Her breathing was deep and rapid, highlighting her excitement. Her focus on Kathy's display was overwhelming her other senses as she squeezed her thighs together unconsciously. I flowed my arms around her waist as I held her in place.

Kathy's free hand had worked its way down, and was now skimming just over the elastic of her smoky grey panties. A sigh issued forth from Julie as I began to unbutton her blouse. I noticed that the buttons were on the wrong side of her shirt. I was finishing with the last button when I noticed that Kathy's whole hand was into her panties. She was staring intently into Julie's eyes, while rubbing her sex.

Kathy's panties easily showed the evidence of her abundant lubrication. She came closer and closer as I hurried to undo the waistband on Julie's skirt. I hadn't used any of the power so far. I was fascinated by how turned on the girls were without it. I was running my fingers just under the waistband of her panties. Her hips were moving as energetically as her breathing.

Kathy made it to right in front of us, and watched as my fingers ran through Julie's slit. Kathy very slowly took her hand from her panties, dripping with her juices, and sucked one of them dry. She looked intently at Julie as she put her hand up to Julie's mouth.

Julie enthusiastically began sucking on the soaking fingers, moaning as I continued to work on her. Kathy pulled her hand from Julie's mouth and finally moved the arm hiding her breasts. They were quite simply magnificent. Large, round, firm and all natural; the light brown areola were the size of silver dollars. The nipples were as big around as the tip of my index finger and nearly 1/2 inch long.

I was staring at the bounty before me when Julie moaned loudly as she began to orgasm. I was shocked, but continued with my manual effort. Kathy was moaning with desire as well as she grabbed each side of Julie's face and pulled her into a kiss.

I began nuzzling her neck, below her ear at the same time. Time stood still for almost two minutes as Julie's orgasm and aftershocks wound down. Kathy finally pulled back, taking Julie with her to the bed saying, "Come on Honey, let's give the stud a show he'll never forget."

Julie and Kathy practically ran to the bed. Kathy removed her tiny, wet panties and helped Julie remove hers as well. I was amazed at how quickly they had moved. Their bodies intertwined, and their hands explored each other's bodies.

Julie soon had Kathy on her back, and was kissing down her neck. Kathy's hands soon guided Julie to her large erect nipples. I was watching with increasingly noticeable interest as I began slowly undressing. By the time I was naked, I saw that Julie was on her knees between Kathy's legs, licking her pussy with obvious satisfaction.

I decided to finally begin using my gift to enhance the experience for the girls. I bound their sexual response; both of them would feel everything done to both of them. Julie was working on Kathy's clit, but both of them were feeling it. Julie was also feeling it as Kathy squeezed her own breasts and pinched her nipples. I moved around behind Julie, got on my knees and slowly slipped my incredibly hard dick into her wet willing pussy. Both women moaned as I began thrusting.

Kathy was watching me closely with her eyes wide in surprise. "Oh my god, Jack you're beautiful."

Seconds later her eyes scrunched as she began cumming hard in tandem with Julie. I felt her spasming cunt clutching me as I continued to pump out even more pleasure for the women. I began rubbing Julie's winking asshole with my thumb as I continued to fuck her.

It was at this point that I had a thought, why not intertwine my sexual response with theirs as well. I practically giggled as I tried it. They were both howling as I began bellowing out with surprising ferocity. The sensations were amazingly intense and prolonged. I came, triggering another orgasm from both women; which triggered another orgasm from me. For what seemed like an eternity, we ping-ponged orgasms, back and forth. I must have had ten or twelve orgasms, each one triggered a similar response from the girls.

It finally became too much, and I disengaged. Kathy bent down, pulling Julie into her arms, held her lovingly and kissed her. I stayed on my knees, watching until Julie rolled over onto her back, staring at me. She looked like a little kid who's had ice cream for the first time when she asked, "Is that what sex is suppose to be like?"

I smiled as I told her confidently, "Unfortunately, that's just what it's like with me. I seem to have a unique talent for it."

Kathy began giggling as she said, "Well, I guess I don't have to masturbate after you go to sleep."

I saw Julie looking at her curiously as Kathy continued, "My ex was pretty lame in bed. He thought that he was so good; but his ego couldn't stand any correction. He tried to make me come with oral sex, but he was so bad that I'd fake an orgasm so that he'd fuck me and go to sleep. As soon as he was asleep I'd masturbate a few times. We were together for over a year, and you gave me more orgasms than he did in all that time."

I had read her mind so I asked, for Julie's clarification, "When did you break up?"

Kathy smiled as she answered, "I knew for sure when I picked up the coffee pot from your table at the restaurant. I told them I was leaving, changed and rushed out to catch you in the parking lot. I didn't know that it'd be this good, but I knew that it was better than what I had."

Kathy looked at me and asked with frank curiosity, "When you started fucking Julie, I felt it in my pussy to, did you do that?"

I smiled as I said, "Yes, I wanted us all to feel the same thing at the same time."

Julie smiled as she said, "I felt every lick I gave her on my pussy too, but when you came, I felt like I had your orgasm as well. Every time you came I came. I didn't know that men could do that. My ex only came once a night, maximum."

I felt Kathy's eyes on me, and felt her becoming aroused again as she said, "I can't believe you're still hard."

Julie's eyes got wide as she looked down at my hard-on, and said, "I can't believe that thing fit inside me."

I looked down and realized that I was much larger than I'd ever been before; both longer and thicker.

Kathy's arousal was becoming apparent to both Julie and me. She finally forced her eyes to my face and asked, "Jack, would you please fuck me? It's my turn."

Julie's eyes were laughing as she said, "Go ahead Jack, it'd be like you're fucking my other pussy."

Kathy meanwhile was looking down at the bed when she said, "We better clean that up, or it'll never dry."

I looked down where she was looking and saw the pool of semen she was referring to. It must have been at least ten inches in diameter at its thinnest spot. I immediately got up to grab a towel and told Kathy, "I'll get a towel for that one if you take care of the one in Julie."

Kathy and Julie were both smiling as Kathy looked down to see my cum sliding from Julie's still twitching cunt. Small dribbles would occasionally appear and slide silkily down toward the bed.

I was in the bathroom when I realized that Kathy was eating Julie's pussy, and that I was feeling every lick. I almost forgot why I went in there as the sensations threatened to overwhelm me. I grabbed the towel as quickly as I could and hurried back out to join the girls.

When I got back to the room, I saw that the girls had moved into a sixty nine position, with Julie on the bottom. Julie hadn't yet started working on Kathy, but had dragged her fingers through the pool of cum on the bed and was putting her fingers into her mouth. I didn't even stop to clean it up, but just threw it over the mess and got behind Kathy. Julie was licking us both as I thrust myself into her.

I had a second of rationality and thought that maybe I shouldn't cum so much, and then I was in the throes of our first mutual, three way orgasms. Our frenzied wiggling produced another, even stronger orgasm. I continued to climb the stairs from peak to even higher peak. I lost track of time as pleasure piled upon pleasure. I was unsure how many times I'd cum when Kathy finally pushed away, but certainly at least three times as many as before, all of them were more intense than the one before.

I was a little tired, but the girls seemed totally exhausted. I moved to clean up the pool of cum that I'd just covered up, and saw that it had disappeared. The towel was dry, and the cum was totally gone. I picked up the towel and handed it to Kathy with a smile, so that she could wipe herself off.

"When did you fold our clothes?" Julie asked, eyeing the neatly stacked and folded individual piles on the table.

I tried to keep my expression neutral as I said, "I don't remember, I must have done it unconsciously while I was watching you two."

Kathy was laughing as she said, "I didn't know that men could fold clothes. My ex didn't even do his own laundry. If it wasn't for me, he would have probably worn the same dirty clothes over and over until they fell off."

We all laughed as we got up and went into the bathroom to shower. When I looked in the drawers, there were various full size female grooming products, along with a razor, shaving cream, toothpaste and new toothbrushes.

We were soon in the shower washing each other off, enjoying our time together when Julie groaned to Kathy, "Oh my god, he's still hard."

Kathy was giggling as she got down on her knees and took my rod into her mouth. The feeling was incredible as I quickly got into the rhythm. Kathy had a hand on my hip and the other was on Julie's. Julie was kissing me while rubbing my ass with one hand while exploring my chest with the other.

"This is incredible," Kathy said as she paused her efforts for a moment. "You have to try this," She said as she pulled Julie to her knees as well.

The two women traded back and forth for the few moments before we all came. I began cumming in Kathy's mouth, but quickly overflowed what she was able to contain. When she pulled out the spasming cock from her mouth, it immediately coated her face and hair. Julie almost started laughing until Kathy pointed it at her. The echoes of moans, shrieks and laughter filled the bathroom as I was treated to one of the sexiest sights of my life.

I decided to let myself begin to wilt a little when I realized that the girls were too tired and hungry to continue. I was starving as well, and began thinking of what I wanted to eat. My mouth was watering at the thought of hamburgers and French fries as we got out of the shower and dried each other off.

I left the bathroom shortly before the women, with a towel wrapped around my waist, intending to call for room service. Before I even got to the phone I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door just as the girls came out of the bathroom wrapped in towels that did little to hide their phenomenal figures.

"Room service," The uniformed man said as he rolled the loaded cart into our room.

His eyes were wide as he handed the bill to me for my signature. I realized as I heard the exchange from the girls why he was so focused.

"... but if you don't take it off, you'll probably spill food on it." Julie said as she stripped Kathy's towel from her otherwise nude body.

Kathy was laughing and sputtering, "You're every bit as messy as me," as she jerked the towel from Julie as well.

The girls wrestled each other to the bed as the man stood, staring in open mouthed amazement. It took me nearly a minute to get his attention, hand him the signed chit and usher him out of the room.

The girls were shrieking with laughter at the mayhem they had caused. I looked at them and said, "I can't take you anywhere can I?"

Julie looked at me with a wide smile that shone even through her eyes and said a little tiredly, "Not tonight, but we'll do better tomorrow."

Kathy was smiling just as widely as she added, "Maybe."

We all went to the cart and saw a covered platter of maybe a dozen hamburgers, a tub of French fries, plates, pitchers of soda, glasses, ice and condiments. We moved everything off the table, filled our plates and began eating. When I could no longer eat any more we noticed three large slabs of chocolate cream pie.

We managed to eat the desserts, but the effort wiped the girls out. I wanted to go out, but the girls were tired, so they got into bed. Just for fun, I disconnected myself from their sexual response and began to give then a desire to hold each other. I could tell that they missed me in bed with them, but cherished the sensations they had in each other's arms. I watched them as they had gentle, loving orgasms in each other's arms and fell asleep.

I closed the door softly; I didn't want to wake the girls. I worked hard at wearing them out and after the room service; they'd both fallen asleep in each other's arms. Since finding the artifact, I no longer seemed to need sleep, so I decided to look around.

Lance, the desk clerk that I met earlier appeared to be getting off of work soon, and was greeting his replacement. I didn't say anything, but looked into his mind to find out where he would meet his wife after work. His wife, Janet, would be by to pick him up in twenty minutes. I walked outside to where he was expected, calmed my mind and listened to the rhythms of the new environment I found myself in.

I was aware of the pain and unhappiness of many of the people nearby. I'd sensed it earlier, when I'd been in the casino, but it seemed even more pronounced now. I was too far away to do more than scan groups of people, but I felt the financial despair some of them were feeling. I realized that I had a lifetime of work to do at this one location, if that was what I wanted to do.

As I was pondering the things I'd discovered, I heard the spirit of the artifact speaking to me, "You now know one of the reasons why I wanted you to come here. It is good that you have compassion for those you rule; but before you make any decisions, I've got something else you need to see. Pay close attention and be cautious, there will be a small amount of danger."

I was thinking about what the artifact told me when I felt Lance coming up behind me. He smiled and said, "Hello."

I smiled back and said, "Hi Lance. Are you just getting off work now?"

He looked puzzled as he said cautiously, "Yes I am. Do I know you?"

"I'm sorry," I said as I held out my hand, "You probably see a hundred people a day, and I was just one of them. I'm Jack, you checked me in a few hours ago."

A genuine smile lit his face as he reached out his hand to shake mine. "I remember you now ELL TEE. I haven't talked to anyone about the army since I got out, except you. You didn't say anything, but I have the feeling you know what it was like over there for me. I still dream about it every night ELL TEE."

I felt his pain as I told him, "Call me Jack, I'm out of the army now. I was in the field, and I know how you feel. I did my best, but I couldn't keep all of my men alive, but I did better than most. Are you meeting someone?"

I felt the sadness that he felt over the state of his relationship as he said, "My wife is going to pick me up in a couple of minutes."

"Let me take you both out to dinner, I don't know anyone here; you'd be doing me a favor." I told him as I reached into his mind to guarantee his agreement.

Lance took a deep breath and smiled sadly as he said, "We'll do it if I can talk Janet into it."

"I'm sure that she'll say yes," as I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder.

Janet pulled up in their car a few seconds later as Lance walked over to her and said. "Hi honey, Jack here has invited us out to dinner."

"I don't know honey, I've been on my feet all day and I'm really tired." She said.

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