tagLoving WivesThe Assignment Ch. 5

The Assignment Ch. 5


Gary stopped by my place a few days after Jim walked out on me. I was furious when I saw him on my doorstep I started to yell at him but he shoved by me and came into my apartment. Like he owned it or something.

"Kate, you should know that you are going to do some favors for me. I have some stuff you need to see before you say too much more and really piss me off. Your little ass is mine for the foreseeable future."

His words shocked me into quietness. What the hell did he mean he had some stuff? What stuff did he have that I needed to see? I wanted him dead and out of my life. He had possibly ruined my marriage forever and now he was strutting around like he owned me or something.

"Get out Gary. I don't ever want to see you again. You son of a bitch! You have ruined my marriage. Jim left me because of your bullshit story that you convinced me was Jim's fantasy. GET OUT."

"Now now, Kate. You better hear me out first. You see, your wimpy husband might have left you but we both know that you really loved all of the cock you had last week. We both know that you like to get gangbanged by strange cocks. You are, deep down, a real slut aren't you Kate?"

"You bastard. You tricked me into believing Jim wanted that. I did it because I thought Jim would really get off on it and I wanted to live out his fantasy. NOT YOURS. You prick!"

"Prick is the better part of a man Kate. Yes I have a big prick. You loved my big prick Kate. I saw the look in your eyes while you wee posting up and down on it several times. You loved every inch of my cock, didn't you?"

"How I felt then does not matter. What you did was next to rape."

"WRONG KATE. You willing let yourself be gangbanged. You willingly fucked all those men. You will also let some more men have you tonight too."

"You can't be serious. You are fucking nuts. GET OUT."

"Kate, Kate, Kate. Look at these and while you peruse them over I will tell you what you will be doing tonight. If you do not cooperate, well, these pictures will go out to you loving hubby, who will use them in his divorce proceedings. Some will go to your parents, his parents, your friends, your other relatives; your hometown will be plastered with them too. I can tell you this, you will do what I want or you will suffer more than you are now."

I was looking at the pictures on the coffee table. He had dumped them out and they had spread of their own volition. There I was with a huge smile on my face getting fucked by three cocks in a 'quad' fuck. One showed me taking a long black cock to its base. In all of the pictures I looked to be loving every minute of it.

I started to cry. If Jim saw these we were done being a couple for sure. He would leave me like yesterday's trash. I was trash. I was a white trash whore. I was Gary's white trash whore now. What was I thinking anyway, Jim had already left me.

"What time and where? I will only do this for so long Gary."

"Whore, you will do this as long as I tell you to. Your ass is mine from now on. Your wimpy hubby ran away. You stayed here, so you must want more of the same you have had. You will be my whore until I am tired of you. My place, six o'clock. Now, get down and thank me properly for getting you so well fucked."

I had no choice as far as I could see. I slowly dropped to my knees and undid Gary's pants. His erection was already sticking up out of the top of them a bit. The head of his cock was almost purple. As I started to lick and suck on it Gary put his hands on my head. He gently held me as I took his cock to its base.

"See Kate? You really are a natural-born cocksucker. You love to have my cock in your mouth, down your throat. You love getting fucked by strange cock. You are a real first class slut Kate, MY slut."

His words were like gasoline on a fire. I began to get into the blowjob I was giving him. I loved to be called a slut by him. I sucked on him the best I could until I was rewarded with his load. It was very copious and I wasn't able to swallow it all. What I missed I licked up off of his still hard cock.

"Get up and turn around. Drop those shorts. I want to fuck that tight ass of yours slut. Then you can clean me up properly."

I did as he demanded. I got up, turned around and dropped my shorts and panties. I bent over the arm of the couch and spread the cheeks of my ass for him. He stepped up behind me and pushed his cock into my wet pussy. After a bit he pulled it out and shoved it up my tight asshole.

As his cock entered me I started to cum. I couldn't believe that I was orgasming as he shoved his large cock into my ass. I felt like such a slut. Such a whore. Gary fucked my as for quite a while, then when he was about to cum he pulled out.

"Here slut, come get your breakfast."

I turned around and took his erection, his very long hard cock into my mouth. I swallowed it as far as it would go. His balls were on my chin as he shot off in my mouth. Afterwards I licked and sucked him clean. He then left, with instructions on what I should be wearing when I got to his place that night.

"I want you to wear the blue dress, the one with the low cut front and back. NO underwear. Just the dress. We will be going out for dinner. You will act and be the slut like I want Kate."

After Gary was gone I went into the bedroom and cried. I was so miserable. I still loved my Jim. I wanted to be his wife. I didn't want to fuck on demand for Gary, but his hold over me was complete. While I was fucking and sucking, well, I got lost in it and loved everything I did.

That night Gary took me out to a nightclub that had a restaurant. We ate then he took me out on the dance floor. As we danced parts of me were constantly on show. It was impossible for me to stay covered all the time. Soon, the looks I was getting form the men around me had me hotter than I had been for a while.

My pussy started to get real wet, and Gary knew it. At our table he fingered me until I was almost to orgasm. He would take me so close then stop. It was driving me crazy. Soon I started to beg him for release.

"Please Gary. Please let me cum. I want to cum. I will do anything if you let me cum."

"Kate, be careful what you ask for. You just might get it. Be patient. You will get to cum in a bit."

We continued to dance. Now as we danced, Gary would finger me on the dance floor. Other people could see him finger-fucking me right out there. It only made me hotter. Other men began to cut in and Gary would let them dance with me for a while.

As one man was dancing with me he started to finger me like Gary had been. I let him do whatever he wanted to. He fingered me into a great orgasm. It had been building up for a bit so when he got me off I just rolled in it for quite some time. My dance partner held me firmly, and as we walked off the floor back to our table he whispered that he wanted to fuck me.

Gary overheard him and invited him to set with us. He sat down first, and Gary kept me standing. After the stranger sat down, Gary leaned in to me and whispering told me to sit on my new friends lap and let things go from there.

I was shocked. Gary was saying he wanted me to fuck this guy right here in public? NO WAY. I started to shake my head no but Gary then told me to do it or the mail would get interesting around my families places real quick.

I slid in and sat down on the strangers lap. His cock was already out and as I sat down he aligned it to my pussy. It was still wet, so as I sat down it went right in. He grabbed my breasts and soon the top of my dress was down around my waist. His stroking was getting rougher and his fingers were pinching my nipples so hard they left marks.

"What a slut. I have never fucked a woman in public like this before. You are a real slut lady. Your pussy is so tight too. God I can't wait to tell my buddies about this."

"You're going to need pictures pard."

Gary was nuts. He had a digital camera in his hands and he just pulled the table away form us and started to take pictures of me being fucked in public, my dress down around my waist showing off my breasts, and you could see his cock as it pumped in and out of my pussy.

I didn't try and stop him from taking the pictures. I didn't try to stop myself from being fucked in the club. People were staring at me as this stranger fucked me. Suddenly he decided that such a slut would take it anywhere.

"Hey, I'll bet you like it in your ass too don't you whore?"

"Oh yeah, she loves it in her asshole man. She will even clean you up afterwards."

Gary was not helping me at all. Gone was the caring and loving man who had been concerned for his 'buddy'. In his place was a real bastard. I hated him. I wanted him to die a painful death. At the same time I needed him to provide for my new needs.

The man I was fucking picked me up and since I knew where his cock was going next, I just it and lined it up on my asshole. He laughed and then let me down. His cock went right into my ass and I bottomed out in his lap.

He fucked my ass for quite a while, and the people in the club were walking by, gawking at the slut getting her ass fucked off right there in front of them. As he started to cum Gary had me get off of him and get on my knees. Knowing what was expected of me, I took that cock and swallowed it to its base. He shot off and I swallowed all of his cum, not missing a drop.

Afterwards I licked and sucked his cock clean. I could hear people in the background saying what a whore I was. What a filthy whore. A rotten slut. It fired me up and I actually had a small orgasm as I sucked his cock.

"That has to have been the hottest thing I have ever done in a club. You are one hot slut bitch. I hope you got some great shots there buddy."

"Oh yeah. Here, I'll let you have these. I took twenty-four, there are twelve here. I want to keep the rest for my collection."

Gary had gotten twenty-four pictures of me being fucked, ass-fucked and sucking cock in public in that club. I was a whore. I was a slut. I had an orgasm while listening to people call me a whore, a slut.

That was the way it went for the next month or so. Gary would have me meet him somewhere and then he would get me worked up. Eventually I would be fucking who ever came up to me and Gary would have me do what ever they wanted. I would do things that no woman should but I loved it at the same time.

Meanwhile, Jim and I had been talking. I knew that he could tell I was holding something from him. I couldn't let him know what a whore I had become. I still loved him with all my heart. I also loved getting all of the strange cock I had been getting.

I still hated Gary, but his cock and his way of getting me turned on by his control of me had me like putty in his hands. If Jim ever found out, well, if I had to choose, I would choose Jim if he would still have me. I would miss the cocks and the fucking, but I truly loved Jim, and I knew that he would take care of me and not let me be hurt.

Gary had me as a special 'guest' at several parties, where I was totally fucked out. There would be groups of men and usually I would perform with another woman or in one case, three other women. That had been a memorable time.

He had walked me into the room where there were about twelve guys in various stages of party highs. He walked me up on a little homemade stage and it was about three feet off of the floor. It was padded with four mattresses, and had some kind of cover over it. It was actually quite comfortable to lie on.

He had me do a little strip tease walking amount the partygoers. They were not real gentlemen. I was grabbed and felt up at every opportunity. I had fingers in my asshole and pussy. My breasts were pinched, nipples rolled between fingers. It was so nasty. I was so nasty.

Gary then had the other three girls come out. They were naked and had already been helping themselves to each other. They crawled out on the stage and Gary led me up to them.

"Get naked Kate, and show us what you are made of. These gals here want to suck and fuck you senseless. I am sure after that the guys around us will be next. You have been highly talked about and they can't wait to have you slut."

His words caused my pussy to flow with juices. I was shaking I was so turned on. I stripped off my clothes, and sexily as I could, crawled out on the stage. The women pulled me in between them and soon I had fingers and tongues all over my body.

I fell from one orgasm to another as they worked me over. At one point I was in a sixty-nine with a blonde and her shaven pussy was in my face. She rubbed it all over my nose and tongue as I tried to lick her.

While I was eating her out her tongue had me on the edge of a hard cum. The other two grabbed my legs and pulled them wide open then back over to my shoulders. It almost hurt since I was spread so wide and stretched out like I was.

Suddenly I realized that something was prodding my pussy lips. It felt like a huge cock. I squirmed around letting it rub up and down my pussy lips, wanting it in me. After a few minutes I felt it pushing against my pussy. I relaxed as much as I could in the position I was in and it pressed into my very tight pussy.

As I got used to the intruder the girl on top of me orgasmed and then fell off of me. When I looked down I saw that one of the other women had her fist and part of her arm in me. It wasn't a cock; it was a woman fisting me. That knowledge set me off. I came and came, shaking like a vibrator gone wild.

I could see flashes of light and I knew that Gary was filming this whole nasty fucking I was getting. The girl fisting me had her pussy near my head, so I figured 'tit for tat'. I placed my hand at her pussy, expecting her to shy away, but was pleasantly surprised when she spread her legs wider and allowed me to start to finger her.

As I dropped into an orgasm for the umpteenth time, my hand slipped into her tight pussy. It felt so wet and hot and tight, like a velvet glove with a heartbeat. I swooned as she started to ram her fist in and out of me. We rolled into mutual orgasms after a few minutes of our debauchery.

That had been a real first for me. I had been well fucked before, but she knew where to place her fist in me and get the absolute most spectacular results. Afterwards, the men joined in and at the very end of the night one of them fisted me too. I loved all of it.

The next day I had the realization that even though I still loved Jim, I was fast becoming addicted to the sex and the type of group sex I had been having. I knew that now, even if I went back to Jim, if he would want me back, I would have a very hard time staying faithful to just him.

It wasn't the size of his cock or the fact the fact that he had never done some of the things I liked to do now. It was more the amount and variations I was getting now. I still hated Gary, don't get me wrong, but I loved the sex he had introduced me to.

I knew that Jim wouldn't ever be able to accept this new me, and he would probably leave me if he knew how much I loved this debauched sex I had now. I still loved him with all of my being, but the sex was a very real and serious block to us staying together in the future.

Several times when I would talk to Jim I would almost tell him of my newfound needs. Then I would look at him as he sat there trying to come to terms with what I had already done to him and to us and chicken out.

Right now I didn't have the best of both worlds, although some people would have thought so. What I had was that feeling of being in purgatory. Close to heaven, no quite in though. Deep down I wanted Jim to want me to be a slut for him. I wanted him to treat me like Gary had been and currently was. I could love Jim even as he would make me fuck others. Gary I hated.

When I finally had enough, I made up my mind. I was either going to lose Jim forever, or he would come around for me. I went to his apartment in the other town he had moved to. He wasn't expecting me. He was a bit cold towards me but I didn't let it get to me. I stayed cheerful and that upset him and mixed him up.

I had my say and then as he questioned me I started to cry. I really wanted him to love me enough to let me live the life I had been living, but at that point I realized he would never accept it. I also knew that I loved him enough now to walk away from that life and go to him alone.

When I heard what had happened to Gary I realized that Jim had been pushed way too far. I had never thought that he could be violent like that. He really fucked Gary up. I loved hearing about his condition, but deep down I knew that I was going to miss the great sex he had provided both with him and with the other men and women.

That is when I also realized that Jim was more than I had thought for some time. I had actually bought in with Gary's thoughts of how much of a wimp Jim was. I was ashamed when I saw that I had been so wrong, so misled about my own husband yet again. That bastard Gary deserved every hit Jim had put to him.

My feelings and my mental state were so mixed up now. I wanted the sex and the debauchery. I wanted to be fucked and everything I had experienced these last months. I also desperately wanted my husband back. I wanted him to forgive me. I was so torn between my slut self and my loyal 'faithful wife' self.

During our 'reunion' at Jim's place I thought that he had heard about my fucking around since the party. He threw out that 'bet you have been getting fucked on a regular basis' thought and I almost gave up.

For a minute I figured he had seen pictures of me being fisted or gang-fucked. I was sure he was done with me. Then the part about my never asking for his forgiveness came out. I hadn't said I was sorry. I guess I felt deep down that I had enjoyed what I had done, why be sorry.

As soon as I knew that he was hurt over my lack of asking him to forgive me I knew that I had been looking at this all-wrong to begin with. I could see the pain in his eyes, the love pouring out of his soul. I felt so terribly rotten. I had let Gary in his lust; convince me of so many things I had forgotten what it was to be married to the sweetest and most loving man in the world. I had forgotten in my lust, how much we had together.

Later that night, after we had the best sex we had ever had in our married lives, together, I told him a little bit about my new desires. I had let Jim cum in my mouth, cleaned him up after he had been in my ass, all the things that before all of this happened I had dreamed about doing.

The lovemaking, that is what it was too love making, well, I had had the best orgasms of my entire life with my husband. That night and the next morning had been so much better because it was with the man whom I loved more than life itself. I had been pleasing my husband, not a stranger.

The stranger sex had been great mind you. Not knowing whom you are fucking had an edge to it. Doing those things with the love of my life, well, that was miraculously better than I would have thought. I still wanted the gangbangs and the other men, but I also knew that I could live without it if I had Jim and he didn't want to play that way.

Jim told you of our 'demons' in his story. Let me tell you a bit about our 'demons'. Jim came to the understanding that I liked the variations of strange men, and women. He admitted, after about three months that it turned him on too. He also admitted to the fact that while we had been separated he had played with another woman.

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