tagFetishThe Au Naturel Anal Bleaching

The Au Naturel Anal Bleaching


Author's note:This is a work of fiction. It's mostly about rimming, which by itself isn't quite enough to call it a fetish, but since the story is so thoroughly centered on this one topic, I'll put it in the fetish category.

Additionally, there's a plotline built into the story that's (a) a little unusual, and (b) may or may not be scientifically valid (nope, no University has studied it yet), so please just pretend and enjoy.


Forget about happy endings, my story opens up with a happy beginning. I met Shannon about a year ago, and we moved in together about six months ago. I couldn't imagine things being any better.

She is funny, intelligent, and beautiful, and although she looks angelic on the outside, she has a naughty streak behind closed doors that is to die for. She's slender and toned, with long hair that is most of the time in a cute pony-tail, but now and then flowing freely, and an adorably pouty set of lips. The sex is amazing, and she is adventurous and open-minded and willing to try anything at least once. She likes anal sex now and then (not just reluctantly agreeing it for my sake), she knows how to deep-throat, and she loves cum, whether it's cumming in her, in her mouth, on her stomach and breasts, or on her back. She'll make a sexy show out of collecting it on her fingers and licking them off, and she has strong little hands that can really grab a hard cock and give it a magnificent and powerful hand job.

And yes, she even likes girls too. No, she loves girls. To the point where sometimes, I even wonder what she's doing with me, until I remind myself to thank my lucky stars. Once a month or so, after girl's night out, she'd come home in a cab, a little tipsy, and although she made me swear never to teIl, she'd let me suck and sniff her fingers, which smelled and tasted like her beautiful best friend and lover's pussy and lick the pussy flavoring off of the outer edges of her lips. She would kid me that I had tasted her girlfriend as much as she had.

And finally, she likes making sex tapes, which typically we would watch then delete immediately, although a couple end up immortalized and stored forever on our backup hard-drive. With full device encryption and a really long password, of course. We may be wild and crazy, but we're not stupid.

All in all, Shannon was every mans dream. So how could things get any better, you ask? Because in spite of the amazing introduction to Shannon, all the marvelous things you've heard about her are just part of the introduction to my story.

I suppose to be fair, I should brag about myself also. I'm hilarious (well, I laugh at my own jokes), I work hard, I have a good job, I'm kind to animals, and I recycle. I'm also not bad looking either, I'm in good shape, and I'm open-minded and adventurous too. I am a very lucky man and I know it, but without being immodest, it's safe to say that we're both lucky.

The next bit of backdrop to how my story begins is a little tradition that I jokingly labeled "dessert time". After our long sex sessions, when things are mostly calmed down, I discovered that Shannon liked to lay back and relax while I would sit at the end of the bed and suck her toes. I would do that for a few minutes on each toe, and as she got more relaxed, I'd roll her onto her stomach, position myself between her thighs, and give her a gentle and lengthy ass licking. Not that I may not have given her a more vigorous licking during our earlier sex session (because often I had), but during the "aftercare" tender moments, I would softly lick her delectable behind until she fell asleep. In Shannon's case, she sincerely seemed to enjoy it, not in the sense of it being a major turn-on for her, but because she found it soothing and relaxing. It was a slow sensual tender moment after sex that often ended when I realized she had fallen asleep, although I had also quickly learned that I could keep going for as long as I wanted after she was asleep. So this also meant that I got as much ass-licking opportunities as I ever dreamed, and that Shannon's delightful ass got a lot of licking, at least three or four times a week, but sometimes more, including more than once in a day. I loved it, she loved it, and all was marvelous. But still, all this is just the beginning of the story.

As I mentioned earlier, every now and then, we would break out some of the classic sex tapes we had made and would watch them. One in particular, our favorite, was one of our first times to make a sex-tape. It was a daytime romp where a bright sunbeam hit the pale colored carpeting through the window and lit up the whole room in natural reflected light, so even though I wasn't a particularly good videographer, and even though my camera wasn't very expensive, the lighting quite by accident made the tape look magnificent and professionally made.

One evening, after a particularly hot evening of sex, we were watching the tape, as we had so many times before. This time I noticed something new. The tape had been made quite early in our relationship, and her absolutely adorable asshole did make a few appearances during the course of the tape. And at that point in time, her little hole was what people would affectionately call a "brownie". It was beautiful and she had excellent hygiene, but it was also normal and perfectly typical, meaning the area around the hole was a little discolored, just a bit darker than the surrounding skin. Remember, all assholes used to look like this before about the late 1990s, when "anal bleaching" came into vogue, first through pornstars.

But watching the tape made something dawn on me. Shannon's asshole today as good as any modern porn star's. Medically, I had no explanation. It was definitely not a case of licking a dirty bottom clean, she was always clean. This was purely a case of very gradually, over time, of the skin discoloration lightening, probably a combination of my saliva plus the abrasion and the frequency of my eagerly persistent tongue. While there was never a day where the difference was noticable from one day to the next, or before-licking vs. after-licking, there was without a doubt a major difference from the time of the tape several months ago, compared to the day we were noticing the tape.

"No way!" she laughed, as I paused the tape right where her asshole was on screen and told her about it.

"Way!" Here, raise your knees up to your shoulders, let me show you. I ran to the bathroom, dug through the drawer, and came back with the handheld mirror and positioned it to show her her perfect little asshole. "See?" Shannon looked closely at the mirror, then at the TV screen, then the mirror, then the TV screen.

"Wow! My asshole looks amazing!" she bragged. This is gonna be amazing when I'm on that nude beach in Tahiti! Shannon and her sister were going on a big trip to Tahiti in about a month's time as their annual summer getaway "girl's time" trip, as they called it.

"It was hard work, so hard. But all for you!" I kidded back. We both laughed, because she knew how much I loved licking her adorable ass. And of course, it put me in the mood, so I grabbed her and gave her an extra-long ass licking right then and there. Another of those 'twice in one day' days. God, I was lucky.


Not much changed after that day. I still viewed myself as the luckiest man on earth. I had a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, we had hot sex all the time, and I got to live out two of my somewhat secret fetishes on a regular basis: I got to suck her toes and lick her asshole on a regular basis, usually for as long as I wanted. Wait. Three fetishes, because her underarms, like her pubic area, was also laser smooth, and exuded magnificent pheromones, just like every other inch of her body. Life went on, and I didn't think much of it other than realizing how lucky I was.

One lazy Sunday morning, we were sitting across from one another, drinking our coffee and reading the newspaper. Ok, maybe she was reading the newspaper and I was looking at electronics ads and the comics, but still, they were on paper and came with the newspaper, so I count it as reading the paper.

"Oh, by the way, Anya's coming over at about 11." Anya was Shannon's sister, who like Shannon, and actually, like their mom and aunts, was also intelligent, funny, and gorgeous. I confess, from the day I had met Anya, I had I secretly noticed how beautiful she was also. Shannon continued. "I told her about my asshole, and she wants you to do hers too. How long do you think it'll take for hers to look like mine?"

"Ummm... What?" I chuckled nervously. I was pretty sure I knew exactly what she meant, but I chose to do two things: Try not to act too excited, and feign a little ignorance and surprise.

"Oh, give me a break! I see you staring at her toes and her ass whenever she's over here. And she asks about you altogether too often, she has the biggest crush on you. But anyway, it's your lucky day, or week, or month, however long it takes. She made me show her my asshole, and she loves how it looks, and wants hers to look like that. So, I told her you'd lick her ass every day until hers is all pink like mine."

"Ummm.." I grinned. I still decided not to act overly excited, but Shannon just laughed at me and said something about how she didn't think so.

Anya is slightly older than Shannon. They are only a year apart, in effect, almost like twins. They have a great relationship, and Anya had always seemed to be fond of me too. And why not, right? I'm amazing! At least that's what I tell myself. What's probably much closer to the truth, is that I treat her kid sister Shannon very well, and that's the real reason she likes me.

She's over at our place all the time, usually on her way home from work, all dressed up and looking like a million dollars, the other half of the time in her post-yoga class outfit of yoga pants, leather flip-flops, and on a good day, just her sports bra. Her toes were as sexy as Shannon's, and on the yoga-class days, I would sometimes get the opportunity to catch a momentary whiff of her post-workout scents. She did that Yoga thing where the room was hot and steamy, so she'd come by smelling salty and sweaty and amazing. One time, she came by all warm and sweaty, while she was also on her period. The pheromones she was exuding just about stopped my brain from functioning in any way. Occasionally, she'd stretch, and I would always imagine how great it would be to just jump on her and stick my nose in her underarms. I knew how great Shannon smelled, and with Anya looking so much like Shannon, I couldn't help but daydream.

"Ok, here's what's happening. You know our girls trip to Tahiti next month, and how we're going to be naked the entire time we're there? She wants her asshole to look as good as mine. So that gives you just a few weeks to tongue-bleach her asshole. Think you're up to it?"

"It'll be hard work, but I'll do it!" I promised. "One thing I'm not sure of, since I didn't even realize it was happening until you and I watched our tape. I don't know exactly how long it will take. She might need to come every day, to make sure it all changes in time for her trip."

"Yes, that was what I told her anyway," she said, then paused. "Tell you what, for this first time, go make yourself beautiful. Go shower and shave, and she likes your after shave lotion too. Just put the normal amount on."

"OK." I was rock hard, talking about this, and I wasn't quite sure how Shannon would react knowing how I felt. I turned around as I got up, in hopes that she wouldn't notice, but Shannon wasn't the type you could ever trick.

"Well, someone seems a bit excited." she laughed. "Go get ready, she'll be here in a bit."

I went off to my morning ritual. Usually on a lazy Sunday morning, I might not shower and shave until we decided to go somewhere, but this was clearly not going to be any ordinary Sunday. I did what I was told, and was just about done and ready to get dressed when Shannon came into the bathroom. "I think this is what you should wear." and she handed me a T-Shirt and a pair of knit cotton boxers. She likes boxers, so we'll just pretend this is what you'd normally have on." Then she said, "Oh, wait!" and she also undid the button on the flap. "If you start poking out, pretend you don't notice, leave it poking out. Let's show her that dick she always seems to want to talk about with me."

"Ok. Now, umm, How is this going to work?" I tried to pretend I was all business. And that I wasn't thrilled to hear that Anya and Shannon talked about my dick.

"She's coming over, and you're going to lick her asshole." Shannon said, rolling her eyes good naturedly, as if this were a perfectly normal conversation, as if every man gets to lick his significant other's sister's ass.

"I mean, how? Details. On the sofa? Standing? Will you be vacuuming or doing laundry while this is going on?"

"Ah, I see what you mean. Why don't I set up cushions on the dining table, she can lean over it, you sit on a chair behind her. Seems like a good starting place. I'll get you guys started, then I'll leave you alone"

Keeping in mind what a great relationship Shannon and I have, and how open and adventurous it's been, I said with a grin, "No, stay and watch. It would be amazing, knowing you're watching."

"You're so bad." she laughed. "Ok, I'll watch. Actually, she's a little nervous about it all, she might want me to be there anyway. We'll see how it goes." She paused. "And I told her to wear her sports bra, yoga pants no underwear, and flip flops. I'm assuming you're not going to mind?" she said with a grin.

"Sorry I'm late!" Anya exclaimed, hurriedly coming in through the front door 45 minutes late. She wasn't her usual composed self. She actually did seem a bit nervous and flustered, which was very cute. Normally, she is the model of composure. Part of me was so excited that I couldn't think straight, but with the few lucid brain cells I had that were working properly, I was flattered that she was nervous about this. Happily for me, she was in my favorite outfit, just as Shannon had dictated: yoga-pants with no underwear, flip-flops, and her sports bra. I didn't recall telling Shannon that I knew when Anya wasn't wearing underwear. These two women were altogether too good at reading my mind.

"Oh my gosh, don't worry!" Shannon said. "We've just been sitting around, reading the paper and stuff."

"So you told him?" Anya said to Shannon, almost as if I wasn't there.

"Yup. He's all over the situation. He says you have to come over every day, too. He said some crap about needing to be sure there's enough time, but I think he just wants to get to lick your ass every day." Shannon kidded. "He's freaky that way."

"Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe I'm doing this!" Anya said. The poor thing, she really was nervous and embarrassed. I decided I needed to take a shot at putting her mind at ease.

"Listen, don't tell Shannon, but I've secretly wanted to do this from the moment I saw you!" I said loudly, jokingly pretending as if Shannon couldn't hear, when she obviously could. "And yes, as payment for my hard work, I get to suck your toes when we're done too. Come over here." I took her gently by the fore-arm, and led her to the dining table where we had set up the sofa cushions. "Here, lean right here. Is it comfortable for you?" and I guided Anya to lean over the table and lay her torso and head on the sofa cushion. "Wait, that doesn't look comfortable, let me get fluff the pillow up." and I guided another pillow under her head to what looked more comfortable.

Anya wasn't saying much, but seemed to be relieved that I was taking charge of the situation, freeing her from needing to feel nervous. "Shannon's going to stay and keep an eye on me, to make sure I don't get too excited." I said, as I guided her T-Shirt upward slightly, so that I could get to the waistband of the pants and start pulling them down.

"I said no such thing!" exclaimed Shannon from the background. "Get as carried away as you want!"

By now, Anya's yoga pants were down to her knees, me right behind her, and I was staring at a perfect ass, very much like my beloved Shannon's. Anya was a tiny bit less buff than Shannon, but still the same original build. Where Shannon's cheeks were toned and firm, Anya's were a bit softer but still sheer delight to look at. I leaned in and planted a little kiss right between her cheeks, as I finished getting her yoga pants to her ankles. I decided to have a little fun, so instead of having her step out of the pants, I stretched the waistband around her left ankle one time, then up and over her left foot, so her yoga pants were serving as a light binding around her ankles. I planted a second kiss right between her cheeks, and began gliding my hands up her calf muscles.

Her ass was so familiar, so much like Shannon's, yet uniquely her own. She had clearly showered just before leaving and was squeaky clean. She smelled very lightly of a citrusy type of soap, because by now, I was nuzzling my face in between her cheeks to get closer to her little back door. And by now, my hands are up to her cheeks, and I lightly pry them open, fully exposing Anya's anus. I momentarily stop and enjoy the sight and the heat and the experience of being there, but it is time. I lean in, and tried to be subtle by inhaling as quietly as I could, to breather her in, then for the very first time, the tip of my tongue touches Anya's glorious back door, and I give it an affectionate flick. I hear a sigh off in the distance, I see Anya's perfect little hole draw in and tighten up, then Shannon's voice saying, "Relax and enjoy it. He'll do it for hours if you let him." She exhaled, and between relaxing a bit, and me prying her ass cheeks apart to get my tongue back to her asshole, I was back in business.

"Mmmmmmm." was all Anya managed to say. After having started off with her ass cheeks clenched together, a few licks into it, she shifted her balance a little on her feet, wiggled a bit, and suddenly, she was much more relaxed and comfortable. Her cheeks softened, and I could gently open her up a bit more, and apply broad strokes of my tongue up and down the crease between her cheeks. I still had that little voice in the back of my mind, reminding me that I'm here to help Anya with a request, and that it's not officially any kind of sexual interaction between us two, it's just me giving her an ass licking to help naturally alter the skin coloration around her asshole. On top of that, her sister, my girlfriend, is right next to us, watching, so I also need to be careful not to lick Anya TOO passionately, in spite of how much I'd like to. With Shannon, it's an act of passion, part of a bigger encounter of loving passionate sex. Anya, in spite of how delectable and beautiful her ass was, in spite of how great her cheeks felt in my hand, in spite of how she looked and tasted and smelled, I had to keep an eye on boundaries.

"Jesus Christ, lick her ass the right way!" Shannon suddenly but good naturedly scolded me. "Do it right!" Shannon had walked behind us, and she gently but firmly pushed my head further into Anya's ass, making my nose bury itself between the upper crease of her bottom. I was in heaven. But apparently, I had been going too far in the opposite direction, playing things too safely and nicely. Shannon herself was telling me to lick her sister's asshole more vigorously.

"Yeah, I've heard stories. Lick my ass like you mean it!" Anya joined in on the mock scolding.

"Sorr-Ree!" I said, defiantly, then took the encouragement to heart, and pressed my lips firmly against Anya's asshole, and glided the tip of my tongue into the opening for a deep and complete lick. Some people get caught up on technicalities, but even if it's realistically barely penetrating barely an inch, facts are facts, and my tongue is deep in her ass, relatively speaking. And we both seem to be loving it. I proceed to do a series of thrusts in and out, and give her a nice little tongue fucking for a delightfully long time. One thing about Shannon, and it was happening with Anya too. As a lover of this particular act, you rarely get to do it as much or as long as you want to with regular girls, but it had become almost routine, that I always gotten to lick hot beautiful asses for as long as I wanted to. At times, I applied broad strokes of my tongue all along and between her cheeks, then the right, then the left, a little diagonally along one cheek, a little diagonally along the other. This was amazing. The more I licked, the harder and better it meant I was working.

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