The Auction


He stopped Nina and rubbing his hands across her buttocks.

"I have 20,000, going once, going twice, going, going, gone, sold to Commander Weir. Thank you gentlemen, I believe there is another consignment tomorrow."

Nina was led to the entrance of the ring by a small table at which sat another officer. The long running leash was removed and a short leather leash was attached to her collar. The men there stared at her naked breasts and genitals while she remained standing, waiting. No attempt was made to cover her nakedness. Some of the men were barely out of their teens, still spotty faced. They were obviously excited by her beauty and nakedness. Nina bowed her head once more, ashamed to look at anybody in the face. A middle aged man in uniform approached the table. He was balding, with a red face and a definite paunch. He smiled as he came closer his small beady eyes fixed upon Nina as she stood naked amongst the uniformed men.

The Officer on the table turned to him as he came closer, "Commander Weir, let me congratulate you on this fine buy. If you would just sign here on the ownership forms and give me your credit card number."

The man pointed to a sheet of paper. The Commander bent over and signed the paper. Reaching into his jacket he produced his wallet from which he removed his credit card. The man took this and as he read it noted the numbers down on a credit form. Nina was appalled; the transaction was exactly as if the Commander had bought a television.

"Excellent Commander, here are the ownership forms, guarantee, and of course the collar and cuff keys."

As the commander pocketed the key and papers the man stood and walking around the table and reaching for the leash presented it to the commander with a bow. Who with a grin accepted it.

As if Nina was a prize pony the commander pulled her along behind her. Nina stumbled as he walked on. Where were her clothes, when would the cuffs be removed? She almost spoke but remembered the sergeants' advice to remain silent. The commander led Nina through the men standing around the entrance of the ring and out of the main front doors and down the steps into the bright sunshine. The men on the pavement glanced up as she came through the doors and remained staring at her as she stood waiting for the commander, who had stopped and was looking around. She stared at the floor, but was aware of the movement in the street and the people there. When was she going to be given her clothes, or any clothes?

A man in uniform approached the commander and saluted.

"Do you wish the car to be brought to the door, Commander?"

"Thank you Hans, but I think I'll go to the Cafe Felice and enjoy the air, and walk my new toy, what do you think Hans?

"Very nice commander shall follow along behind then, sir."

"Yes Hans, I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Walk along, in the open, naked, exposed to all, Nina felt as though she were going to faint, there was a buzzing in her ears, she now recalled the fleeting image she had as they had come into this town of what she thought was a mannequin, knowing now it had been a naked women, and now here she was being paraded in exactly the same manner. A sharp pull on the leash brought her quickly around.

"Come along 12, I can't wait to see the look on Josef's and Franck's face when they see you."

Nine wondered what her fate was and knew she was going to hate every minute.

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