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The Audition


When I moved in with Nick I was a 22 year old student. He was 21 and on a sports science course on the same campus. A mutual friend introduced us and it just so happened that Nick was looking for a roommate as I was looking for a new place to live. I was immediately attracted to Nick on a physical level; blond, 5"7, toned with a slim body and quite feminine features. He had a friendly, mild demeanour about him and we got along well.

The student house we shared was typically small with one bathroom, and in the mornings it was often the case where I would be going into the bathroom as Nick was coming out, a towel wrapped around his waist, hair damp from the shower. He had a hard washboard stomach, subtle abs, and a smooth torso. As a straight guy, I could not get over how horny the sight of him semi undressed made me feel, and had to work hard not to stare at him on our morning meetings.

One time, my stare had lingered just a little too long; Nick had stepped from the bathroom with a slight 'tent' as if he'd been masturbating minutes earlier. I was sure he'd seen me looking and I'd blushed deeply before quickly stepping into the bathroom. I had long harboured bi fantasies, and they were always of men with similar characteristics to Nick; never butch men. I had never had the opportunity to act on them but I found myself yearning to experiment, especially in sucking another guy's cock which had become something of an obsession.

Two nights after the 'tent' incident I was watching late night TV. Nick was upstairs studying. I slipped my favourite porno into the machine and turned the volume way down then ran the tape to the scene that always turned me on. The scene begins with a woman sucking a huge, thick cock in close up. The long scene is interrupted by another cock entering frame and the woman taking it in her mouth whilst jerking the other., then licking and tonguing both cocks, taking each head in her mouth as they erupt, before rubbing the cum dripping cocks together, lapping up the thick cream.

As the climax approached I stroked my hard cock through my jeans, wishing I had the house to myself so that I could strip and masturbate slowly, pausing and re-winding the scene. When Nick's voice broke the silence I almost shouted.

- "Don't let me stop you".

He was standing at the foot of the stairs.

- "I wasn't-"

- "I was just about to have one myself to be honest. That's given me some good material. Thanks."

I stood there, lost for words. What the fuck did he mean? He smiled, raised his eyebrows and made back up the stairs, calling;

- "I'll see you soon"

I stood there not knowing what to think or do. My hard cock pounded against my jeans and my throat felt dry. I was about to turn the TV off when the house plunged into darkness. The room, pitch black, fell silent. I looked out of the window and saw lights on in neighbouring houses and realised that a fuse must have blown. I knew that the fuse box was in Nick's room, and as soon as I remembered this, my heart started pounding in my ears.

Was Nick toying with me? I called his name and got no reply. I started walking up the stairs, my hands brushing the walls to keep my balance in the blackness. I called him again and got no answer. I stopped at his door, on the right at the top of the stairs and went to knock, then realised the door was open. I entered, searching the blackness for him, then stopped as I saw his outline; the moon threw just about enough light on him to partly illuminate him, standing in the centre of the room. I then realised he was standing naked, covered only by a thin dressing gown, tied loosely round the waist.

My voice catches in my throat as I try to speak.

- "Come here", he tells me softly. "I've seen you looking at me. It's okay. Don't be embarrassed."

I do as he asks, until I stand face to face with him. He hands me a lit joint. I take a deep pull, then another, the heady weed hitting me quickly. I take another long pull and pass the joint back. My hand is trembling.

- "You hard?"

I pause momentarily.

- "Uh huh".

His face is still mostly in pitch black, but I can make out the outline of his pouting mouth.

-"Get on your knees".

I feel like I'm dreaming. I feel slightly weak and the weed has really taken hold. I do as he says. He slips the gown open and his stiff cock springs out. Even in the near darkness I see the handsomeness of his cock; at least 7 inches, like my own, but thicker than I imagined. The shaft is smooth and his blonde pubic hair trimmed short. The mushroom head bobs and jumps in front of my face.

- "Not yet".

The instinct to engulf his throbbing meat with my mouth is huge. He starts to rub the warm cock slowly over my smooth cheek, and I feel the silky warmth, the softness of its skin.

-"You ever sucked a cock before?"


-"Ever been with a guy?"


He continues tracing the cock over my face. My own cock throbs in my jeans.

-"But you want to."


I inhale the cocks musty odour as it glides over my nose, under my nostrils, the new, beautiful odour overwhelming me, filling me.

-"Open your mouth".

I do. He touches the head on my moist lips. I'm helpless and weak as he starts to feed the length of his hard cock into my mouth. I suck hungrily on the head as he rocks his hips slowly back and forth, running his fingers through my hair before grabbing a handful and pulling my head back.

-"Stand up."

I obey him. We stand, close, face to face. His sweet breath is hot against my mouth.

-"Strip. I want to see you."

I pull my clothes free. My cock bounces as I pull my boxers down, and I stand naked in front of him, a beautiful vulnerability intensified by the semi blackness. He runs a hand over my firm torso and flat stomach and I almost moan out loud as he brushes my cock with his thigh as he starts to walk around me. I feel his presence behind me and then his hands slide over my firm ass cheeks.

-"Tomorrow night I'm going to make you cum like you never did before."


- "Tonight, you're gonna show me what you got. Go over to the bed. Open the drawer."

My knees almost give as I walk to the bed. The bed is under the window, bathed in a pool of semi-light; the rest of the room is shrouded in blackness. I open the drawer and find a range of sex toys; a long, flesh coloured jelly dildo with a suction cup at the base, a silicone 'ass' in a tube, nipple clamps and suckers, tubes and bottles of lube. I suddenly begin to tremble, as I take in the display. The anticipation of using the toys, his toys, makes my cock ache with anticipation.

-"Take the , the ass and the lube."

I remove them from the drawer. I have never used a sex toy before. The cock is 7" and flexible, with a defined mushroom head and veined shaft. The girth, whilst quite thick, is not too intimidating. The feel and weight of it in my hand excites me.

-"Face the wall."

I do as he says.

-"When you hear the door shut the room is yours. Take your time. Use your imagination...but I want you soaking with cum. Consider this your audition."

I hear the soft padding of feet on the carpet then the door open and close, and then silence. I turn and look into the room and see only black. I try to gauge whether he's still in the room, but it's impossible; only the bed, pooled with moonlight, is visible.

The thought of him watching me makes me shudder and I'm aware that my whole body is covered in goose bumps. My nipples now erect, hard buds. I brush at them, pull them and feel the dildo in my hand. The anticipation of the jelly cock overwhelms and I'm suddenly desperate to feel the head -- just the head -- at my ass.

I get to my knees and hold the cock up to my face, examining its realistic anatomy.

I lube the head heavily then hold the base of the cock between my spread legs, so that it points up to my ass. My prick jerks, desperate for attention. The shaft of the dildo wobbles and the slick head bumps against my asshole. The sensation is amazing. I lower myself so that I can rub the head against my hole, holding the dildo with my left hand, excitement building as I feel the lube running down the shaft as if it were pre-cum.

I kneel over the jelly pole and I feel the slick head once more at my hole. I shudder and pull my ass cheeks wide apart so that the head rubs against my anus. I have never felt a sensation as intense and I moan into the blackness, aware that even if Nick isn't in the room, he will have heard me. The thought intensifies the pleasure and I leak a small pearl of pre-cum, amazed at the sensations I'm experiencing without having touched my cock.

I lower down further onto the head and feel it prodding at my hole. I try to relax my ass muscles by rocking gently on the head and allowing it to slowly ease in, then the head is suddenly fully inside me; I grip down on it and feel the mushroom head, enveloped by my hole. It feels amazing, like I'm about to cum without ejaculating. I rock gently on the cock, consumed by the sensation now, and I look into the blackness to where Nick was standing earlier.

Is he still there?

I hold the cock inside of me, squeezing it; it feels both liquid and firm within me. I reach for the silicone ass and examine it up close; 6 inches long with a tight, puckered entry and wider exit. Both ends look enticing and I apply lube to each, and dribble more lube onto my jerking cock.

I slowly ease myself into the wider end, afraid that anything tighter will make me explode in seconds. I want this to last as long as possible. The tube seems to swallow my head in a wet slurp and the feeling is blissful, making me squeeze down on the dildo and causing my prick to spasm. I move the silicone tube down my shaft, the tighter end closing around the head now, the feeling becoming too intense as I start to leak pre-cum into the tube. Afraid that I may cum too early, I force myself to withdraw my protesting cock.

Is Nick watching this? Is he aroused - slowly masturbating and planning the things he will do to me tomorrow night?

I sucker the dildo to the wall; the cock bobs and sways but stays firmly affixed. I lube the whole length liberally, massaging the entire shaft. A thick wad hangs in a slow drip from the head, arousing me even more. I scoop it with my finger and apply the lube to my asshole. I'm on all fours now with my feet on the wall, tentatively backing onto the dripping head of the cock. My hole sucks it up greedily. Then, pulling my ass cheeks wide, I ease myself further onto it, gasping as my ass stretches to accommodate the invading length. My hole seems to swallow the jelly pole and I start to moan as my cock jumps against my stomach.

I slowly rise up so that I'm kneeling upright with my back arched, almost touching the wall. I run my hand down to my ass and feel the slick firmness of the dildo, and my ass grips around it.

I search the blackness for signs of movement. My cock jumps and jerks at the thought of his eyes on me and my hands go to my nipples, brushing at the buds and then squeezing them hard.

I make out the leather armchair in the darkness and a delicious thought springs to mind.

I ease myself from the pole and step off the bed. My legs are weak and my whole body is trembling now. I drag the chair to the bed so that it faces out to the room. Light from the window partly illuminates the chair. It is deep set with thick, wide arms. I notice the ring marks on the seat -- exactly the same size as the suction cup-and grow further excited at the thought of Nick having performed the same act I am about to, on this chair.

I re-lube the cock and the silicone ass. I plant the cock in the middle of the seat, then climb onto the chair with my hands and calf's resting on the wide arms. My ass is directly over the dripping member. I slowly lower myself down onto it and engulf half of it in seconds. I re-position myself so that my back is now pressing against the cushioned back of the chair, my ass still hovering above the seat. I pull my ass cheeks apart and sway myself down on to the quivering jelly, slowly, each inch causing my

to twitch and jerk and threaten to spurt cum. I hear myself moaning out into the blackness.

He could be standing 2 feet from me

Finally, my ass consumes the entire length, and I gently sway, feeling the jelly pole move within me and my aching cock spasms and leaks pre-cum.

My cock aches for attention and I know that I can't possibly hold out much longer. I reach for the silicone ass. Lube drips from the wet opening over my aching cock, as I slowly tease it over the head, gently twisting it down to fully engulf me.

The tight, wet tube takes my cock firmly and I moan at its liquid grip. I squeeze down on the jelly length in my ass, pulling the silicone tube slowly up my shaft and the sensation causes me to buck in the chair. I know that I'm only seconds from cumming as the orgasm begins to course through me. I pull the tube from my cock. My eyes are closed tightly as my ass spasms around the jelly and I moan and writhe uncontrollably

- as I feel someone standing over me. I open my eyes and see Nick standing at the foot of the chair, his hard cock in his hand as he moans loudly and a thick ribbon of cum spurts from him, then a second third and forth; the hot, heavy cum hitting my face , stomach and chest.

I ejaculate harder than ever before as ropes of cum erupt from my spurting cock and I buck back in the seat, gripping the dildo hard as more of Nick's cum hits my face and neck.

I grip my jerking cock and milk the last drops from it onto my cum slicked torso.

I collapse back in the chair, tingling, glowing, exhausted. I look at Nick; his spent, dripping cock still firm in his hand. He half smiles at me.

- "You passed the test. I'll see you tomorrow."

He leaves the room and pulls the door shut, engulfing me in darkness, slick and wet with our fresh cum.

Alone, with only thoughts of what tomorrow night will bring.

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