The Auditions


Without saying a word, my wife had placed a newspaper clipping on the table in front of me; she now sat watching me intently as I read it. The article had been taken from our local paper and described how Newton Spencer, the well known photographer, was to be holding auditions locally to find models for his next shoot. Newton Spencer is best known for his use of 'ordinary' people in his photographs and the fact that invariably they were in various states of undress. Newton Spencer is also my wife's favourite artist; she has a number of his 'coffee table' books, although she would never actually leave them in public view on our coffee table.

"So, what do you think?" she asked expectantly, seeing I had reached the end of the article.

"It's interesting that he is coming to our neck of the woods but beyond that I don't know what you want me to say. What are you thinking?"

"Well, I..." she paused, her eyes intently focused on the toe of her shoe that was nervously tapping the floor. "I was thinking that, perhaps, I might go to the audition."


I was surprised, Kate isn't a prude but in the years that I have known her she hasn't shown any exhibitionist traits.

"What, to audition?"

"Yes. You know how much I like his work and this is a chance to possibly meet him and even be part of it." she replied with more confidence in her voice.

"But you know his work, he will probably want you to be, you know, naked...and exposed."

"Yes," she said looking down and blushing slightly, "I have have been thinking about that and I think I am prepared to do it. That is, only if you don't mind. Would it bother you?"

I thought for a while; not for the first time, the mental image of my wife proudly displaying her body to someone else was filling me with lust.

"I don't think so but I'm not sure what my feelings would be closer to the time or afterwards."

"I know how you feel but can we give it a go?" she asked, coquettishly biting her bottom lip.


That evening in bed Kate was rampant. She denied she was thinking about the audition but I couldn't think of anything but her standing completely naked in front of strangers. For some reason, this stirred something inside me.


Eventually it was Friday, the eve of the audition. In the preceding days, little had been said about it. I was aware that Kate had rung the number in the advertisement and that she had received a letter from them a couple of days later, presumably with more detailed instructions of where and when it was being held, but she hadn't directly conveyed this to me. Kate and I sat on the sofa having finished dinner; she had been unusually quiet.

"Kate, we haven't really discussed these auditions, am I right in thinking that you have decided not to go through with it?" I asked.

Kate looked a little shocked and worried, "I'm sorry, I thought you realised that I have decided to do it."

"To stand naked in front of a complete stranger?"

"Yes," she replied with a tone of determination. "Are you okay with that?"

"I guess, as its art and something you want to do."

"Thank you" she said with relief, kissing me on the cheek

"So where are they being held?" I enquired.

"I think its at a club down town." she replied. "As its getting late, I think I'm going to take a bath and prepare."

Kate disappeared upstairs and left me wondering what she meant by the word 'prepare'. I heard the bath running so knew, with Kate's love of long baths, that I had time to kill.

About half an hour later I was ready for bed so headed upstairs. I poked my head into the bathroom to see how much longer Kate was going to be. I had expected to see her lying in the bath; however, what I was faced with was the sight of her perched on the edge of the bath, razor in hand and her pubic region covered in shaving foam. Kate shooed me out of the room as soon as she realised I was there.

A while later, Kate came out dressed for bed in the long t-shirt she usually wears. I had hoped that she would be naked as I wanted to see her trimmed pubic hair. Kate prefers to keep a full bush but will, occasionally, trim the edges to neaten it up, which I like.

"Well are you going to give me a peak?" I asked.


"Why not? Just a peak." I pleaded.

"No, I'm tired."

"Oh come on, just a quick look. You know how much I like it when you have trimmed down there."

"Okay" she reluctantly relented. "But you have to promise, no touching until after the audition."


Kate stood about five feet away from me and slowly raised the hem of the t-shirt.

"Wow!" I was shocked. When the hem reached her crotch it revealed that Kate's labia were now hairless and the rest had been trimmed into a neat triangle that pointed to her clitoris. I had never seen her like this, she looked so sexy and so, I searched for the right word, 'available'. She dropped the hem back down and climbed into bed.

"Now, remember what you promised." she said, smiling.

*** When I awoke after a somewhat frustrated night, Kate was already up and, by the sounds of running water, showering. So I prepared breakfast. When I re-entered the bedroom, Kate had finished showering and was sat on the stool in front of her dressing table, the towel loosely bunched around her waist. I stood in the doorway admiring the sensuous lines of her naked neck, back and shoulders. As she raised her hands to fix her hair the side her breasts was revealed. The sight was too much to resist; I moved forward and, standing behind her, gently placed my fingers on the warm skin of her waist. Then, slowly moving upwards, I brushed against her torso, the hollow of he armpits, coming to rest on the underside of her arms. Kate hadn't acknowledged my actions up to this point but, arms still raised, her hands now rested idly in her hair. My hands retraced their path back down her body before journeying up for a second time. This time my fingers detoured to explore the curve of her breasts. First, tracing the line along the underside where they came to rest on her torso. Starting at the sides, they moved towards the sternum; then on up, drawing delicate, ever decreasing, circles on each mound until I found her hard nipples. Taking them between thumb and forefinger, I gently twisted and pulled, feeling the weight of her breasts. Kate let out a deep moan and slumped back against my body, my stiffness now pressing against her back. After continuing to play with Kate's breasts for a little longer, my hands dropped to her waist, sliding under the towel and along the tops of her thighs; causing the towel to fall completely from her. Kate tilted her pelvis, spreading her legs further apart. Taking this cue, I drew my hands towards her pussy, first stroking the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. As I neared my goal, Kate clamped her legs together, sat upright and pulled the towel back around her.

"Wait until we get back." she teased, standing up and slipping on a cotton dress.

"Are you going out without underwear?" I asked, slightly surprised.

"Well I will be getting undressed in a short while and, anyway, my pussy is very sensitive at the moment, knickers would be a distraction."


We parked near the club and followed two other couples towards the entrance. It was a thrill watching Kate walk beside me, her breasts bounced with each step and her hard nipples straining against the thin fabric of her dress. To think that that fabric was all that was preventing the world seeing her naked body. We entered the foyer of the club and joined a throng that had gathered there. There were couples and single women and the room was full of nervous expectation. Looking around, it was clear that many of the other women, like Kate, had decided to go without underwear. My people-watching was interrupted by Kate tugging at my sleeve.

"Look over there it's John and Chris." she said, pointing to a couple stood in the corner. "Let's go over and say hi."

We wandered over; John seemed relieved to see someone he knew but Chris looked equally embarrassed that we now knew she was here to audition for a nude photo shoot. To be honest, I didn't think she was the type but I guess you never know what goes on in peoples fantasies.

During the small-talk that ensued we established that they were calling people through in small groups. Chris and Kate compared registration numbers and, as they were close, guessed they might be in the same group. Sure enough, after about quarter of an hour, a pretty woman called out their numbers. Kate looked at me, took a deep breath to calm her nerves, gave me a peck on the cheek and joined the group of girls waiting to be taken into the next room.

John and I watched them go and then started to idly chat, both of us avoiding the obvious, that our wives were at that moment probably stripping naked. It was a somewhat surreal situation. The time passed slowly, my mind running though scenario after scenario of what might be happening. While we had been waiting, women had been slowly returning in to the foyer. Eventually, I started to recognise them as members of Kate's group. Then John spotted Chris coming towards us, she looked relieved but still embarrassed. John gave her a hug and asked her how it went. She said it was fine. John pushed her further for details and she reluctantly recounted that, when all the women in their group had gathered, they were taken through the club to a room backstage. It must have been a changing room for the girls that worked there because it had lockers against one wall and a long mirror with a dressing table along the other. The women were arranged in order of their registration numbers along a semi-circle of chairs in the centre of the room. They were asked to remove their clothes and place them in a locker and wait to be called for their audition. Once they had all stripped. the girl returned and explained that she would take them, one at a time, to the stage where the interviewers would ask them a couple of questions and take a couple of Polaroids for their file. They would then be brought back here where they could dress and leave when they were ready. They would be contacted in a few days to let then know if they had been chosen to model during the main shoot.

Chris was vague about her audition but said that, as she had registered before Kate, she was called first. It was as the girl had described, she went in and they asked her name etc, took a couple of pictures as she turned around and then it was over.

"Kate should be done soon as there were only a couple of women between us in the line." Chris finished.

We waited and, while we waited, I couldn't help wondering what Chris looked like as she had her audition. She wasn't fat but had large breasts and the rest of her was well built. She was possibly uncomfortable with her body because she tended to keep it well covered, never showing any hint of cleavage. I noted that two or three more women had returned from their auditions. My mind turned back to my wife, what was she doing, shouldn't she be done by now? When the fourth woman came through the door the same thought obviously occurred to Chris.

"I can't understand what's keeping Kate, she was only just behind me in the queue. She should be out by now."

I didn't know how to respond to this as I knew even less about what she was doing. Luckily, at just that moment, Kate appeared. She looked flustered and her face and chest were flushed.

"What took you so long?" Chris asked.

"Oh, nothing, I had to wait for the girl in front."

I could tell that Kate wasn't telling the truth, not least because Chris had identified the 'girl in front' leaving some time ago. I could also tell that Kate didn't want to be questioned further on this, so before Chris could chip in, I said that we ought to be leaving or we would be late for our guests. A brief flash of confusion crossed Kate's face but she played along and within seconds we were leaving the club.

"So what really took you so long?" l whispered as we exited the club.

"I'll tell you later." Kate replied with a naughty smile and we walked in silence back to the car, my mind running through a number of possibilities.

Kate sat in the passenger seat beside me with a glazed look on her face. She was less flushed but her nipples were still hard and straining at her dress. As I drove, I noticed that her hand was slowly caressing her thigh, causing the hem to rise slightly.

"So I take it that it was an enjoyable experience." I stated, desperate to hear what had happened.

"Umm...much more than I had anticipated."

"You weren't nervous or embarrassed?"

"Well, yes, initially. The worst bit was probably the start. As you know we went in as group. After we left the foyer, we were taken to a sort of changing room where we were all asked to strip naked and put our clothes into lockers. That was a bit embarrassing, I hadn't been naked in front of so many people since school and I didn't know these women, well with the exception of Chris. Anyway, I told myself that I had to get naked if I wanted to audition so I unbuttoned my dress and, voilà, I was nude. I put my clothes in the locker, sat down and surreptitiously watched the others undress around me. You know I have always been fascinated by the female form and here were twenty bodies naked in front of me. It was fun comparing the different sizes and shapes of bodies and breasts and the differing pubic hair styles."

"So you got to see all the other women naked?" I asked.

Kate looked across at me.

"Yes, all the women; including Chris." she paused, "Why, have you been trying to imagine what she looks like in the nude?"

Kate knew me well, I confessed the fantasies I'd had while waiting for her return.

"I don't know whether I should tell you?" she teased, "I mean, how would feel about Chris telling John all about my body?"

There was something exciting about that thought; the idea that next time we met he would be looking at Kate and trying to picture her shaven lips as, undoubtedly, described by his wife.

"Well, if you are chosen, he will be able to see it for himself in the photographs."

"Good point. Okay, you're going to like this. From the way she dresses and acts, I had always thought Chris to be quite conservative. In the changing room, she was a bit reluctant about getting undressed but when she saw that everyone else was stripping she did too. When she took off her top I got my first surprise. Under the jumper you saw her wearing, she had on a semi-transparent white bra. Through this I could see that she has huge areolae, perhaps three inches across. She peeled off her trousers to reveal panties that matched the bra. If you had asked me before, I would have guessed that Chris was natural down there and didn't shave. Through the fabric of the panties it looked to me as though she had shaved leaving a small triangle of very dark hair above her pussy. However, when she slipped off her panties it became clear that she was completely bald and that what I had seen was a tattoo."

"No...really?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes, and get this, the tattoo was an intricate pattern with a bloke's name in the centre...and the name wasn't John's!"

"Wow, just think, John sees that every time they are naked together."

"Yes, I bet there is a juicy story behind it. I'm going to have to ask her about it."

"Anyway, back to your juicy story. What happened next?"

"When we were all naked, the girl came back in and said that she would take us one at a time to the room where the audition was being held. She then called the first number, a women got up and they left. After about five minutes they returned, the woman dressed and left while the next auditionee was lead out.

It wasn't long before Chris had been and gone and it was my number being called. I had become comfortable being naked in this room with the others but now, stood next to the clothed assistant and about to show myself to others, I felt a sudden rush of fear and excitement. I could feel my breasts swell and my nipples tighten in anticipation.

We crossed the corridor and entered what looked like the wings of a stage. It turned out the audition room was in fact one of the rooms where the girls pole-dance. The assistant showed me on to the stage. I could see three people sat right by the front. As I walked towards them I became acutely aware of my nakedness and the fact that the gaze of all three of them was directed towards me. I could feel my unrestrained breasts bounce with each step. Not knowing the protocol for this sort of thing, I approached them and shook their hands. Because I was on the stage and they were sat below, I had to lean forward, as I did so my breasts swung away from my body, momentarily swaying beneath me the way you like so much. As I introduced myself to each of the three interviewers they looked me in the eyes but, before sitting back down, each of them, including the woman, dropped their gaze to my breasts. Noticing this made my pussy start to tingle.

The man sat in the middle started the audition by getting me to confirm some of the details on my registration form and then asking some questions such as, was I married, did you know what I was doing here today, what did you think about it, how did I feel being naked in front of them. I answered these questions truthfully.

"Okay, we just need to get a couple of pictures for our records." he said, reaching for a Polaroid camera. "Could you stand on that yellow spot on the floor."

I stood on the mark, feet together, arms by my side and faced them. The camera flashed, he had taken the first photograph.

"Okay, could you turn ninety degrees and face that wall so we can get a profile shot."

The camera flashed again. I found myself trying to imagine what it was capturing; the curve of my breast would have been clear as, hopefully, would have been the swollen nub of my nipple.

"Good, if you could turn again so that your are facing away from us."

That word, 'us', reminded me that there were two others there, watching, watching me. What could they see? Certainly my thighs and naked buttocks but could they also see the lips of my pussy swelling under their gaze? Flash.

"Now, if you look on the floor either side of you, you will see two blue dots. Could you staying facing in that direction and put a foot on each one."

A flutter went through my stomach. The blue dots were perhaps a little wider apart than my shoulders. As I stepped first one foot and then the other on to the spots, I felt my thighs widen and then my labia part slightly. The sensation of this movement alerted me to how wet I had become. I had an almost irresistible urge to run a finger down its length and feel the dampness against my clit but I didn't. Instead, I arched my back slightly, presenting it to them. Flash. This stranger had captured my swollen wetness on film.

"Excellent, one last shot. Could you please adopt that same pose but facing us."

I adjusted my stance as directed, placing my hands on my hips so that no part of me was hidden from their view. It had never occurred to me that being the only one naked in a room of clothed people could be so arousing, being the centre of attention. I watched them study my body; the eyes of the other male interviewer were scanning up and down my body while those of his female colleague seemed fixated on my pussy. I am sure she knew the ache I was feeling down there, my clit standing proud, throbbing, pleading to be touched.

Flash. The final Polaroid captured my nakedness."

Kate paused. Still driving, I glanced over at my wife. She had slumped a little lower in her seat, her dress had risen a little higher up and where, at the start of the story, her hand had been on her thigh, it was now making gentle movements hidden from view beneath her dress. I couldn't resist the sight. Reaching across, I caressed her thigh, my hand soon joining hers between her legs. My fingers rest on hers as she cups her pussy, they are moist with her wetness.

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