tagInterracial LoveThe Awakening of Amy Ch. 02

The Awakening of Amy Ch. 02


The story is written in a direct style (porn rather than art) so if that is not to your taste please don't just give it a low rating, just stop here and find something much more to your liking instead. Thanks.


Chapter Two: Amy returns for more cock

Amy had been in a daze all day with conflicting thoughts running around in her head as she remembered what happened to her the previous evening. How she had been roughly raped in a dark alley by a Pakistani teenager watched by two of his friends and how her body had started to respond to his big cock deep inside her. How when he returned to fuck her again she quickly became willing and enjoyed the thorough going over he gave her.

A part of her was disgusted at what had taken place. Why had it happened to her? All she had done was go out for a meal with her work colleagues. She hadn't flirted or teased anyone. She had done nothing to provoke the rape apart from being a beautiful white woman in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However she also remembered the wonderful sensations as the teenager fed his big cock into her and how she had been penetrated deeper than ever before. She remembered the fantastic orgasms running through her body like bolts of electricity as he filled her cunt with his prick. Sure she'd had plenty of lovers before as with her gorgeous looks and great body guys were always hitting on her, but all her previous boyfriends had made love to her. Yesterday was different. Kasib hadn't made love to her, he had raped her, fucking her harder and rougher than she'd ever been fucked before. And she had loved it.

Towards the end of the afternoon Amy was sitting at her desk in her office replaying in her mind the events of the previous evening as she had done countless times before that day and just as all the other times she felt tingling sensations run through her body. She closed her eyes and leant back in her chair. One hand slipped under the top of her loose fitting blouse and cupped her breast, the other moved down under her desk and hitched her skirt up. Her panties were already soaking wet as her fingers found her pussy and without hesitation plunged into her cunt.

"Yes, Yes! That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she moaned quietly as she pictured Kasib deep inside her again. "Give it to me! Fill me up with your big prick!"

Her tongue circled her lips as her head rolled from side to side. Her hips arched up off the chair to meet the thrusts of the imaginary cock fucking her. "Oooh! I'm coming! I'm coming!" she gasped as an orgasm raked through her quivering body. "So good! So good!"

As the wonderful sensations subsided she came back to her senses and quickly straightened her clothing. One thing was now totally clear to Amy. What happened yesterday had awakened her previously suppressed sexual desires and she was desperate to feel a big cock deep inside her again. She wanted to be taken roughly, fucked hard, and didn't care if she was thought of as just a piece of white meat to be used whenever anyone felt like it.

That's why a few minutes before 9pm that evening, just as Kasib had told her to, the stunning brown haired beauty parked her car and walked towards the alley where she had been royally screwed by the Pakistani teenager less than twenty-four hours previously.

For the next ten minutes Amy wandered up and down the busy High Street scanning the crowd for Kasib but there was no sign of him. She was aware of the looks she was getting from some of the men and how they were mentally undressing her with their leering stares. Unlike yesterday however she didn't feel uneasy about the attention she was getting, in fact she was becoming turned on by it. She loved how, without even trying, she was the object of their sexual desires. She smiled to herself as little did they know if she couldn't find the Pakistani teenager soon anyone daring enough to try anything could probably have fucked her there and then.

Although Amy couldn't find Kasib he had been watching her ever since she got out of her car. He was sitting at a window table in a cafe just two doors up from the alleyway. The café was south facing and to stop the sun shining in too strongly had tinted windows which acted similar to a one-way mirror. Although you could see out ok it was difficult to see in so even though he was only a few yards away she wasn't aware of his presence. The teenager felt his cock stiffen as looked her up and down. She was wearing a baggy navy hoodie, zipped at the front, a black skirt which reached down to mid-thigh, and her long brown hair was tied in a pony-tail. She was just as gorgeous as he remembered from yesterday and oozed sex appeal.

"Okay lady, you're about to get another good fucking" he thought to himself as he got up and walked outside.

Amy was still searching the High Street for Kasib as moved up behind her. His hands gripped her hips as he pressed hard up against her, grinding his groin into her ass.

"So you're back for more of my cock up you? You didn't get enough yesterday?" he whispered in her ear, "I told you once I'd fucked you you'd be back for more!"

She let out a little moan, pleased that the teenager had turned up and knowing that her need for a big cock shafting her was soon to be satisfied. "Yes, I want you deep inside me again," she whispered back, "I want you to fill my cunt with your big prick and fuck me hard".

She arched her back and threw her arms up behind her, locking her hands around the back of his head. As she did so the hoodie tightened up over her breasts and exposed an inch or two of bare midriff.

Kasibs initial urge was to immediately drag the stunning brown-haired beauty back down the alley and give her the hard fuck she wanted, but he had another idea. He would fuck her in due course, but first he was going to show her off like a trophy. He was going let everyone in the High Street know that a Pakistani teenager had a beautiful white woman addicted to his cock. Indeed there were already a number of men watching the couple and all wishing they were in his place with their stiff pricks grinding into her ass.

His hands left her hips and began to explore her athletic body. One hand circled round to her caress her stomach, her skin smooth and soft to his touch, then gradually moved lower under the elasticated waistband of her skirt and inched down towards her pussy. His other hand reached up to the top of her hoodie and very slowly pulled the zip down enough to allow his hand to slip inside and move down towards her breasts. Kasib was in for a double surprise as his hands reached their targets. No panties, no bra, nothing but bare skin. His hand was all over her firm full breasts, kneading them roughly and tweaking her erect nipples, while lower down he slipped a couple of fingers into her wet cunt bringing a gasp from Amy.

By now there must have been around twenty men circled around the couple watching the show. Some of them were rubbing the hard bulges in their trousers. All of them wanted to swap places with Kasib, imagining it was their hands exploring her fabulous body. They watched him continue to grind his groin against her ass. They watched his arm disappear inside her hoodie and saw the material billow out as his hand groped her breasts. They watched the movement under her skirt as his fingers motioned in and out of her cunt. Finally they watched her body jerk and heard her scream with pleasure as the gorgeous white woman was brought to orgasm by the Pakistani teenager.

"Okay time to give you what you want." he whispered to her. "Time for you to take a big cock up your tight white cunt."

He took her hand and led the brown-haired beauty back down the alley where he had raped her yesterday. Today however she was more than willing and felt the excitement building in her body knowing he'd shortly be fucking her again. The dimly lit area at the end of the alley seemed a little bigger this evening as the cardboard boxes and black bin bags had been cleared away, but it still had a cold unfriendly feel to it.

Kasib pushed Amy back against the far wall and immediately pressed his body up against her. He grabbed her pony-tail holding her head still as his mouth clamped down on hers. She responded immediately by throwing her arms around his neck pulling him even tighter onto her and at the same time parted her lips and speared her tongue deep into his mouth. He released his hold on her pony-tail freeing his hands to roam all over her body, over her magnificent breasts, narrow waist, full hips and tight round ass, and then moved one hand to the front of her hoodie and pulled the zip right down. A chill ran through Amy as he pulled her hoodie open allowing the cool evening air to sweep over her exposed body, but that feeling soon disappeared as she felt his warm hands cupping and squeezing her bare breasts. And all the time their mouths remained locked together, tongues duelling passionately.

The brown-haired beauty was enjoying the feel of the teenagers' hands all over her body but more than anything she wanted the feel of him deep inside her, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard.

Reluctantly she tore her lips away from his and pleaded with him, "Come on, give it to me! Fill me up with your big cock!"

She was immediately rewarded by the sound of a zip being pulled down as Kasib freed his stiff prick from the confines of his jeans. He pushed his left arm between her legs and lifted her right leg up as high as it could go, her skirt rucking up around her waist. Seconds later his cock was rubbing against her pussy and then with one quick upward movement of his hips he buried the whole length of his cock up her soaking wet cunt.

"Aargh! It's so big!" Amy screamed as he began pistoning into her with long powerful strokes, "Yes, yes, yes! That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He looked deep into her brown eyes and said, "How does that feel lady? How does it feel to have me up your tight white cunt? Tell me how much you want it!"

"God I love it!" she replied, "Stuff me with your big cock! Ram it up me!"

They were so engrossed in their fucking that neither of them noticed they had an audience. Hidden in the darkness of unlit part of the alley some of the men who were watching the couple a few minutes earlier in the High Street had followed them hoping to see the gorgeous white woman get nailed by the Pakistani teenager. And they weren't disappointed as they saw him power into Amy. A couple of them were busy stroking their exposed pricks, imagining what it would be like if it was them deep inside her and what they were going to do to the stunning brown-haired beauty when Kasib had finished with her.

"Oh yes! Yes! Fill me up with your prick!" she cried, tingling sensations running through her whole body as the teenager continued to drive his cock into her tight white cunt.

"You fucking love it don't you." he responded, "You love the feel of my prick inside you. Tell me how badly you need to be fucked!"

"Yes, yes, you bastard, I need it so bad. Drill that cock up me!"

Her words spurred him on to give her the fucking of her life. He was determined to make this gorgeous white woman want to keep coming back for more and began to power into Amy faster and faster, burying himself deep inside her. He glanced down to see her lovely breasts bounce up and down with each savage thrust and it wasn't long before he felt her body jerk against his as she came for the second time that evening.

Kasib pushed his right arm between her legs and raised her left leg lifting her off the ground completely, her body supported by his hands on the cheeks of her ass and her legs spread wide allowing the teenager easy access to her cunt. He continued to pound into her as hard and deep as he could, driving her back into the wall. She screamed with pleasure and her body quivered as multiple orgasms shot through her like bolts of electricity.

For what seemed like forever to Amy he slammed his big cock deep inside her producing wonderful sensations which threatened to overwhelm her senses, but her mind was still just clear enough to realise she was getting was the best fuck of her life, even better than yesterday. Kasib was thinking similar thoughts, that this exquisite white beauty was the best he had ever had. He loved her pretty face and long brown hair, he loved her superb athletic body and he loved the way she enjoyed a good hard fuck.

"God you're amazing," he said as he relentlessly hammered his prick up her, "You're just built for fucking!"

Kasib felt a stirring in his balls and realising that his orgasm was not too far away pistoned into her with even greater intensity. Seconds later he gave one last thrust and held his prick deep inside her as he began to spew a seemingly never-ending hot stream of cum into the depths of her cunt. The sensation of his hot seed filling her was too much for Amy and she screamed wildly as yet another orgasm coursed through her trembling body. The couple clung to each other for a minute or two as they slowly came off their sexual highs before Kasib finally withdrew his softening prick from her and lowered her to the ground. Amy slumped back against the wall, eyes closed, unable to even talk after being so thoroughly fucked.

"Wow! That was amazing," he said as he ran his hand gently over her cheek, "you really are something else."

As Kasib pulled his jeans back on he heard a noise in the alley. Turning round he saw half a dozen men appear from the shadows, their cocks out and carnal lust etched all over their faces. Amy quickly zipped up her hoodie and straightened her skirt as they slowly edged closer. Yesterday he would have let the men do as they pleased with her and would probably even have watched her get gang-fucked, but tonight he had other plans for the brown-haired beauty.

"Take my hand and hold on to me," he said to Amy and started edging down the alley. One of the men moved to block their path but Kasib gave him a strong shove in the chest, sending him crashing back against the wall and the others decided not to mess with the well-built youth, offering no resistance as he pushed past them. They were determined however to get a little satisfaction out of the situation and Amy felt hands roaming all over her fabulous body as she stepped past them. They grabbed at her breasts and ass and tried to get under her skirt but Kasib continued guiding her down the alley and seconds later the couple reached the safety of the High Street.

"Come on let's grab a coffee," he said slipping a hand round her waist as they walked the few yards back to the café where Kasib had watched her from earlier and couldn't resist moving his hand lower to have a quick feel of her lovely tight ass as she walked through the door.

They picked up their drinks and sat down opposite each other at a table towards the rear of the empty café, Kasib facing towards the window. Anyone seeing them together engaged in small talk and exchanging names and phone numbers would have thought them an odd couple. Amy a beautiful white woman in her late twenties with a well-paid job in the city and Kasib a nineteen year old Pakistani youth frequently in trouble with the police. They didn't have much in common apart from one thing, their mutual craving for hard rough sex, and that was enough for a little bond to begin to form between them. Kasib knew he wasn't good at much, but he did know he was a good cocksman. He loved preying on older white women, fucking them until they begged for more of his big prick, and that's what had happened to Amy over the last two days. He had lit an uncontrollable fire deep inside the ravishing brown-haired beauty and awakened her previously hidden sexual desires.

They were already planning when and where their next fucking session was going to take place when Kasib got a phone call and after a brief conversation stood up.

"Sorry, got to attend to a bit of business," he said to her apologetically, "I should only be a few minutes. You'll stick around yes?"

Amy looked at her watch which showed it was approaching 10pm, "Okay," she replied, "but don't be too long, I've got to go soon".

He bent down and gave her a quick open mouthed kiss before disappearing out into the High Street. What she didn't know was that he was going to meet Rehzin and Jusamad, his two friends who had watched him rape Amy the previous evening.

She bought another coffee and then settled down to check her E-mails She didn't hear the café door open behind her a few minutes later and the three youths slip quietly inside. She didn't hear the door close as the café owner left just as Kasib had asked him to earlier. The other two youths moved stealthily towards her table as Kasib hid behind the counter, edging closer and closer until they were within touching distance of the beautiful white woman.

"Hello pretty lady, remember us?" Rehzin said touching her shoulder.

Amy glanced round, immediately recognising the youths from yesterday, and a feeling of alarm began to build up inside her.

"We heard there was a white slut hanging around looking for some cock." Jusamad sneered at her, "What's up? Didn't you get enough last night?"

She tried to stand up but Rehzin increased the pressure on her shoulder pushing her firmly back down on the chair. As she started to scream he clamped a hand over her mouth, quickly stifling any sound. His other hand left her shoulder and unzipped her hoodie enough to allow him to shove his hand inside and maul her firm round breasts.

"Christ she's well stacked!" he exclaimed, "They feel so fucking good"

"Let's find out what else she's got to offer." Jusamad smiled at his friend as he reached forward and pushed his hand under her skirt. She tried to close her legs but it was too late, his hand quickly finding its target and a couple of fingers speared into her pussy and began fucking her tight cunt.

From his vantage point behind the counter Kasib felt pangs of jealousy as his friends set about Amy and once he saw the rapid pumping movements of Jusamads arm under her skirt he knew her resistance would shortly crumble and their cocks would soon be buried deep inside the gorgeous white woman. Indeed almost immediately he saw her hips lift up off the chair and press back against his friends invading fingers.

"Well that didn't take long." Jusamad said as her cuntal juices washed over his hand, "The slut is like a bitch in heat"

"Mmmmm, yes! That feels so good!" Amy moaned as Rehzin released his hand from her mouth and slipped it inside her hoodie joining his other one in roughly groping her lovely breasts. The twin attack on her breasts and cunt brought Amy close to the edge as wonderful sensations began to build in her body. Finally she could stand it no longer.

"Oh god, somebody fuck me!" she begged, "I need it so bad!"

The two youths smiled at each other as they lifted Amy to her feet and laid her on her back over the table, knowing that they were about to screw this prime piece of white ass. They unzipped their jeans allowing their stiff cocks to spring free ready to be buried deep inside the fabulous brown-haired beauty. Rehzin was first, rucking her skirt up around her waist as he positioned himself between her legs, and then slowly fed his prick into her. Inch after inch of his stiff cock invaded her juicy cunt until he was balls deep inside the hot white woman. He held her hips tightly as he began to slide in and out, slowly at first but then gradually increasing his speed until he was pumping her hard and fast.

While his friend started fucking Amy, Jusamad unzipped and opened her hoodie allowing his hands free access to her luscious bare breasts, and at the same time thrust his tongue into her welcoming mouth. His whole body throbbed with uncontrollable desire as he waited for his turn to ram it his prick deep up inside her but with Rehzin showing no signs of slowing down he had to get some release somehow. He let go of her breasts took hold of her head tilting her face towards him.

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