tagLoving WivesThe Awakening of Ellen Ch. 02

The Awakening of Ellen Ch. 02


The next day we both went to work and not a thing was mentioned about the night before. I was actually feeling guilty about all the thoughts and fantasies I was having that night. I was relieved that Robert didn't bring up the subject.

What was so strange for me was that the whole day at work I kept wondering about the photos that Robert had taken that night. Who was going to see me sucking on his hard cock. Would they be masturbating to the vision of me covered in cum. Would they orgasm wishing it was my mouth they were shooting into.

My thoughts made it very hard for me to concentrate because I was again becoming very aroused. I tried to do my work but those nasty visions kept playing with my mind. It didn't help that I could now feel the lips of my moist pussy sliding against each other when ever I would squeeze my legs together.

At lunch I went to a sandwich shop with a few girls that worked in the same office. We sat and talked like usual while we ate. Susan was a beautiful woman new to the office so we all listened while she talked about what she did before and her private life.

She wasn't married but she did say that she had a roommate whom she had lived with for a couple of years. It sounded as if they were probably a couple.

Suddenly I remembered a day a couple of weeks ago when she had said that her roommate was picking her up that day. I also remembered that I was in my car getting ready to leave when I saw another woman drive up and Susan get in the car.

Now I was really intrigued. Was Susan's lover another woman? I was having flashbacks to the comments that I had read from the few woman who saw my photos.

I was looking at Susan in a whole new light. She was quite a bit taller than me and had a much more voluptuous body. She had silky auburn hair to go with her pretty face and hot body. I remembered thinking when she first started that all the guys were going to go gaga over her perfect tits.

Now here I was looking at her in much the same way. As I said before I had never really thought of being with another woman but with what happened last night and the state of arousal I had been in all morning my slutty thoughts were taking over.

I began to wonder what it would feel like to kiss another woman, to have her touch me, or even taste me. I couldn't keep from squirming in my seat trying to relieve the pressure that was heating up between my legs. By now my panties were soaked.

Lost in my own thoughts I hardly heard a word of what was being said at the table. What brought me back was when the girls all started to laugh at a comment that Mary had made.

Mary and I had been friends ever since she came to work in the office. The girls were all very interested in what Mary was telling them. She worked as a secretary for one of the managers who was in charge of our department.

Today he had called in sick and wanted her to pull a file from his computer and e-mail it to him so he could work at home. He has worked with Mary for a long time so he entrusted her with his password.

None of the women in the office cared for Tom because he was such a selfish, womanizing bastard. He really was a very good looking man but everyone knew that he was always after only one thing. There were a couple of flings with women in the office but other than that most kept their distance.

So Mary tells us she goes onto his computer and clicks on the file she thinks is the one he wants. In telling us she leans in close and lowers her voice so no one else will hear. The file opens and there are a bunch of pictures of a woman she thinks he must be dating. She starts to go into detail about the woman spreading her legs to show her panties under her dress and even no panties. All the girls are giggling now as Mary is describing more of the poses.

At this point I can feel the flush of embarrassment start at my face and go all the way down my body. These couldn't be the photos that Robert had taken. I was in shock thinking that this man might have pictures of me being so nasty.

One of the girls asked if Mary knew the woman but Mary explained that you couldn't see the woman's face, only her killer body. This was a relief and a bit of an arousal. If the pictures were mine, I now knew I wouldn't be recognized. I was also intrigued by the fact that Mary thought this woman had a killer body.

After hearing about more of the poses a few comments were made about how she must be a real slut to pose like that for Tom. The last thing Mary described were pictures of a big cock shooting cum across one of the pictures of this mystery woman.

Of course everyone was grossed out by that last revelation. I was still in a bit of shock wondering if the photos were of me. What would the chances be that out of the thousands of sex sites, Tom would pick the one my husband used?

For the rest of the afternoon I still had a hard time concentrating on my work. It wasn't from arousal but from the fear that someone I knew might be seeing my nasty photos. I wanted so bad to have Mary show me the photos so that I could know for sure.

After work I went home and started making some dinner for Robert and me. A glass of wine helped to calm my anxieties as I worked on dinner.

When Robert came through the door he pulled me up close and kissed me with a passion that seemed to be a continuation of the night before.

Being in his arms pushed away my worries of the moment, but I knew I wanted to broach the subject about Tom and the photos.

I poured some wine for Robert as we sat down to eat. He began to talk about his day at the construction site where he was working. As the architect he had to solve a lot of the problems that would pop up during the day.

After my second glass of wine I finally got the courage to tell him about Mary seeing the pictures on Tom's computer at work. I couldn't tell what he was thinking as I described all that she had seen.

He agreed that the chances of them being my pictures, was one in a million but he could see my concern. I then asked if he had posted the photos that he took last night and he said no not yet.

Again I was relieved that no one would see me with cum all over my mouth and face. I asked Robert not to post those shots and he agreed.

After dinner we cleaned up the dishes and then sat down to watch some TV. Robert was kind of quiet, lost in thought while I watched a couple of programs.

He got up and headed to the bedroom while I finished watching one of the shows. When I got to the room he was at the computer again and I could see that he was looking at the photos from last night.

I moved up behind him and watched this sexy woman on the screen sucking a hard cock. The arousal from all day rushed straight between my legs as I saw the cum all over her face and in her hair.

I was amazed at how hot and nasty I looked licking my husband's cum from my lips. This was not the woman I knew. The good wife, and mother of all these years. This was some one completely different.

Robert could tell that I was again getting very aroused, so he brought up the picture web site. He said he just wanted to see if there were any more comments.

When his page came up we both saw that there was an actual message from Hung8. When he opened the message there was a photo of a large cock shooting cum across a picture of me bent over with my ass facing the camera.

I felt weak as I knew this was the picture that Mary had described earlier today. That was Tom's huge cock, and his cum was covering my whole ass and back. His message, "I would love to fuck your wife in that position while she sucks on your cock. We could both cum all over her".

With out saying a word Robert pulled me from behind him and positioned me between his legs facing the screen. I was still in my clothes from work as he slid my skirt up my legs until he reached my panties.

I couldn't take my eyes off the screen as he hooked the sides of my panties and pulled them down my legs. When he pulled me down onto his lap I felt his hard cock slide up between the cheeks of my ass.

I was mesmerized by Tom's big cock and the amount of cum that he had shot all over my picture. Robert's hands moved up under my blouse and bra to begin playing with my nipples. This really got my juices flowing.

Robert lifted me up a little and then I felt his cock slide deep inside me. As he filled my pussy I couldn't stop myself from thinking about what it would feel like to have Tom's huge cock pushing into me at that moment.

I felt like Robert wanted me to think about that big cock as he kept me facing the screen.

One hand left the nipple it was playing with and went down between my legs to play with my clit. Oh my god that felt good as I again read Tom's message about fucking me from behind.

Robert's fingers left my clit which made me moan in displeasure. I wanted them back. I got my wish but not like I planned. He slid his hand up to my mouth and brushed my lips with the wet tips of his fingers.

I could smell the sex as his fingers left their juice on my lips. My tongue came out on its own free will to lick my lips. I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to.

Again Robert dipped between my legs and then came back to my mouth. This time he pushed his fingers into my mouth and my tongue cleaned them of my juices. As I tasted myself a vision of Susan popped into my mind and I closed my eyes to see myself face down between her beautiful legs. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and she still wore the nylons and heels that she had on today.

I began to push back onto Robert's hard cock. I needed to be fucked, now. With his fingers in my mouth he began to push up deep inside me. I was startled back to reality when I heard him ask if I liked what I saw.

I opened my eyes and was again looking at Tom's cock. Robert pushed his fingers deeper into my mouth and I moaned my approval as he pushed his cock even deeper.

His ploy worked as I began to move my tongue and mouth over the huge cock in front of my face. It was reverse of the message that Tom had sent. I was being fucked from behind by my husband while sucking on Tom's cock.

Robert now pulled his fingers free and stood up pushing in deep to take me with him. I had to brace myself with my hands against the desk as he bent me over. I was now even closer to Tom's cock. I could see the veins pulsing as he was shooting his cum on me.

Robert reached over and opened one of the desk drawers. I was stunned when I saw him pull out a dildo which was shaped to look like a big cock. I have a small vibrator that I will use in private but this was a first.

I started to turn my head and look back at him, but Robert just put his hand on my head and gently pushed down to the cock that he was holding in his hand. I knew what he wanted and as my lips touched the tip I knew that I wanted the same thing.

I heard "lick that big cock" and my tongue took a sweep across the head. Robert was now fucking me from behind. I moaned loudly as he pushed deep into me while at the same time pushing my head down further.

My mouth opened as the cock in front of me slid past my lips. I looked at Tom's cock as I sucked deep on the cock in my mouth. I was building to a huge orgasm. "Grab his cock and suck him deeper" and I did. I was craving to have him shoot off in my mouth.

I could hold back no longer. The passions that had been building all day overtook my body as I began to spasm. Robert was fucking me fast and hard as I screamed around the hard cock in my mouth. I never took my eyes off of Tom's cock as my body shook in orgasm.

I heard Robert groan as he pulled out and shot his cum across my ass and back. I could feel the hot cum run down between the cheeks of my ass as my orgasm began to wind down. I had never cum so hard in my life. It was truly amazing and I craved more.

I still had my lips around the cock when I saw the flash. Robert was taking more pictures. He even positioned the camera off to the side so that you could see me sucking on the fake cock.

When he had finished he said wait here as he ran and got a wash cloth. He wiped the cum off my ass and said he was sorry but I would need to wash the dress and blouse because they were covered in his cum.

We got cleaned up and changed for bed. When I came out of the bathroom the picture of Tom's cock was still up on the screen. Robert came up behind me and together we walked back over to the computer. He sat down and I pulled up another chair and sat beside him.

He asked if I wanted to send an answer and the moment I said yes, I knew our lives were changing. I had no idea what to say and Robert saw my hesitation. He quickly plugged in the camera and started to download the photos he had just taken.

The one we chose was taken from behind and a little to the side. I was still sucking on the big cock but you couldn't see my face. Tom's cock was clearly visible on the screen in front of me. You could also see Robert's cock with his cum across my ass and up over my bunched up skirt and blouse. I had no idea how much cum Robert had shot until I saw the photo.

The picture was downloaded into a message and then Robert moved aside waiting for me to type in the reply. Not knowing where this would take us I nervously began to type.

Dear Hung8,

Thank you for the message and photo that you sent. As you can see we had a sensuously wonderful time admiring your big cock. We chose to reverse the roles this time, I hope you don't mind. As you can see my husband was very generous in his appreciation. Thank you again for a great night. "Wonderful Wife"

Before I could even think about backing out Robert hit the send button and it was done.

Robert turned off the computer and pulled me into a loving hug. As he looked into my eyes he told me that he loved me with all his heart and that he would never do anything to jeopardize that love. He also said that he respected any limits that I would set, but he then said that this was something that he had been fantasizing about for years.

We talked again about fantasies that he had about me. Obviously I was very close to realizing some of them but some were way too far out for me. He did hit on one which included another woman and I again pictured Susan. I chose not to mention her at this time. I was tired and it just might lead us back into another wild session.

I stayed awake for awhile after the lights went out. I couldn't stop thinking about Tom having my photos. I was almost certain that he had no clue that the person in the pictures was me, but I worried that at some point I would be found out. I also worried that Mary now had his password and had no qualms about letting us girls know what she found.

My life was changing. A sensuality that I had never known was emerging thanks to my wonderful husband. My limits had changed and along with that came a beautiful and arousing freedom. I was very uncertain about where this would lead but I fell asleep knowing that the there was going to be more pleasures, and sexual adventures to cum my way.

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