tagLoving WivesThe Awakening of Kristen Ch. 06

The Awakening of Kristen Ch. 06


"Jason ... there's something I have to tell you," Kristen said, continuing to stroke his cock as she rolled over to face him. She kissed his lips gently and caressed his hair with her free hand.

Jason moaned slightly at the touch of her hand.

"What is it, Babe?" he asked only half paying attention.

"Something happened this weekend, and I'm not sure how to tell you about it."

The tone in her voice caught Jason's attention, and he struggled to focus on what she was saying, and not on the delightful way her fingers were dragging across his balls. She cupped them in her hand, enjoying their weight. She tugged gently on them.

"I'm ... umm ... listening," he said, drifting back into pleasureland.

"OK, but you have to let me tell the whole story before you interrupt, and I just want to stress right up front that I love you more than anything else in the world."

That got Jason's attention, and his cock deflated slightly despite her attention.

"What's going on, Honey?"

Kristen began telling how she had awoken the night before last in an excited state and had hoped to have a mutual masturbation session with him via video chat.

"Damn, I wish I'd been online!" he responded.

Kristen playfully shoved him.

"Me, too! But in your absence, I decided to read a story and get myself off all by my lonesome," she said, referring to the erotic literature on Literotica.com.

"Damn, this story is getting better and better, you naughty girl!" Jason said.

"You have no idea!" Kristen replied.

"Anyway, right after I finished my little self-exploration, I received a video chat invitation. I thought it was you, but it turned out to be Rachel."

"How is Rachel? We need to get together with her and Mark," Jason said. Rachel was Kristen's best friend. They had met when Rachel was a personal fitness trainer back when Kristen was dramatically overweight, a fact belied by the lean, hard body she now sported.

"Would you let me tell this story?" Kristen asked, noticing that Jason's big dick was back at full strength.

"Rachel had just finished a steamy date with Mark, and she told me all the juicy details — how he had brought her to orgasm in the restaurant; how she had then teased him while they ate; and how Mark had taken her hard from behind as soon as they walked into the door."

"Damn," Jason said. "I would have loved to have seen that," picturing Rachel bracing herself against the wall while Mark rammed his cock into her, slapping her ass with his groin.

"What did you think about her telling you all that?"

"Well ... ," Kristen stammered. "It really turned me on."

"I can imagine," Jason said, more than a little turned on himself.

"No, I mean it really turned me on ... as in, I started touching myself while she was telling the story."

"Well, that's no so bad," Jason said.

"Wait, there's more. I didn't just casually touch myself. I really got into it. So into it, in fact, that I came while Rachel was telling me the story."

"You what!" Jason exclaimed. "I thought you said it was a video chat."

"It was," Kristen replied sheepishly.

"You masturbated during a video chat with Rachel?" he asked incredulously. "Did she know what you were doing?

"Ummm, it was a little hard for her not to."

"Holy shit!" Jason said. "That is totally fucking hot. I can't believe you did that. What did she say?"

"It was hot, but I was mortified by what I had done. I was so embarrassed, but Rachel was totally cool. She said she knew what I was doing and that it excited her a lot."

"I knew I liked that girl," Jason said wolfishly. His cock was starting to leak pre-cum as he imagined his wife masturbating herself while her best friend talked about getting fucked royally by her boyfriend. "Damn!" He wished he had been there to see that little exchange.

Jason's cock was about to exploded, and he rolled Kristen onto her stomach and sat astride her legs, his hard cock resting on the crack of her ass.

"What happened next?" he asked, as he leaned down, pulling the cheeks of her tight ass apart and allowing a string of spittle to drip into that dark crevice. Kristen felt the warm spit trickle down her crack, and Jason spread it around with his cock, getting her all nice and slippery back there.

He slid his cock up and down her crack, rubbing it across her asshole. Kristen wasn't into anal sex, but she liked the feel of his hard cock rubbing her tender orifice. She knew that Jason really wanted to take her "that way," but she was afraid of the pain. Their past efforts at butt-fucking had been rather clumsy and less than satisfying.

Kristen moaned into the pillow as he pushed the head of his cock lower to her cunt and slid the head up and down her slit to lubricate it even more before slipping it into her wet hole.

Jason reveled in the feel of the warm cocoon enveloping his turgid member. He loved fucking her this way. She had a beautiful ass, and while most men probably wouldn't classify a woman's back as sexy, Jason loved the way Kristen's well-toned muscles rippled as she grasped the sheets in reaction to his rutting.

"I ... haven't ... even ... gotten ... to ... the ... best ... part," she managed to get out between hard thrusts.

"You're kidding!" Jason said. How could the story get that much better? But, he slowed his thrusting, moving in and out with deep practiced strokes and allowed Kristen to continue.

"Rachel invited me over to dinner. We chatted for a while, but neither of us brought up what had happened during the video chat. As we sat down to eat, though, something came over me, and I had to tell her how I felt."

Jason paused his gentle thrusts, his cock buried deep inside his wife, realizing that she was approaching the real point of the story.

"What do you mean, 'How you felt'?" he asked.

"Jason, you know how we've talked about bringing another woman into our sex life? I've thought about that a lot lately, and I realized that the idea excited me. Not only that, I realized that if I was going to be intimate with a woman, then that woman would be Rachel. Not only do I think she's totally hot, but I love her too."

A light was starting to go on in Jason's head.

"I told Rachel how I was attracted to her. That I had wondered what it would be like to be with a woman -- to be with her. I couldn't believe I said it, but I did. When that realization hit me, I was totally embarrassed and tried to get out of there, but Rachel stopped me. She took me in her arms and held me as I cried, kissing my hair and the tears streaming down my face."

Jason was breathing harder now. He knew where this was going.

"What happened next? he whispered, feeling like his cock might explode without him even moving.

"We kissed."

"And ..."

"We kissed some more."

"And ..."

"The next thing I know, she was kissing my neck and her hand was cupping my breast. Her leg was between mine, rubbing against me and driving me wild. She told me she wanted to make love to me."

"Did she?"

"Please don't be mad at me, Baby. It just felt so good, and I wanted it so bad!"

Jason couldn't stand it any more. The vision in his mind's eye of Rachel ravishing his beautiful wife was too incredible. His cock started spewing inside her, and he slammed it in a few times as he convulsed on her back.

"Ugghhhhh! O my God," he panted, each hard thrust spaced just a little further apart as his orgasm subsided. He collapsed on her back, panting hard. She felt the shudders pass through him as he gasped for breath, and she let him come down from the high before she spoke again.

"Does that mean you aren't mad at me? she asked tentatively.

"Oh my God, Kristen" he said. "That's the fucking hottest thing I've ever heard. The idea of you fucking Rachel is a total turn on. I wish I could have watched every second!"

"You know I still love you, right?" she asked. "This doesn't change that one single bit."

"I know that, Babe," he said, leaning over her shoulder as she turned her face up to kiss him passionately, or at least as passionately as you can kiss from that angle.

"Damn, I'm going to be able to jerk off to that vision for months," he said chuckling.

"Would you like me to tell you the details," she asked hesitantly. "Do you want to know what we did? Do you want to know what Rachel and I will be doing when you're so far away neglecting me?" she teased.

She felt his cock twitch inside her. Even though he had only cum moments ago, he was already getting hard again. "Damn!" Kristen thought, "this is better than Viagra," knowing that she was about to get fucked for the third time in less than two hours.

"Oh yeah, Baby! Tell me what you two little vixens did while I was away."

"Rachel took me into her bedroom. She lit some candles and put on Paula Cole's 'Feelin' Love.'"

"Ooooh. Did it feel like the Amazon was running between your thighs?" Jason asked, quoting a line from that very nasty song.

"That's putting it mildly! She took off my shirt and blue-jean skirt, so I was standing there in just my thong and bra."

"Oh, man, I love that blue-jean miniskirt. I want you to wear that the next time we go out, but without the panties."

"Hmmmm. I think I could stand that," Kristen said, wondering what was getting into her. She used to be pretty reserved when it came to sex, but now that she had taken a walk on the wild side, she realized she liked it — a lot. She continued the story, as she felt Jason rise up to his knees behind her so that he could control his thrusting better.

"I then took over and stripped Rachel's dress off of her. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. We kissed some, but I had to have more. I don't know what possessed me. Normally, I'm not the aggressive one in bed, as you well know, but I took control and kissed my way down her body, taking a detour to suck on her breasts."

"Is she as hot naked as she is with clothes on?" Jason asked, reaching down to slide his hands over her beautiful ass as he pumped his dick in and out of her.

"You have no fucking idea," Kristen said earnestly.

"I'd like to find out," he said grunting with each thrust.

"You may get your wish, but I'll tell you more about that later." It was getting harder and harder for Kristen to tell her story. She had to admit that retelling the adventure was making her pussy sing, and as Jason continued to deep-shaft her, she wondered if she'd get through it before she came.

"I kissed down her stomach and then crawled between her legs. I wasn't sure what to do, so I started to gently kiss her the way you do to me. I was afraid I wouldn't like the taste, but I needn't have worried. I now know why you like eating my pussy so much."

"So ... you ... liked ... eating ... her... pussy, ...?" Jason asked, punctuating each word with a hard thrust into her.

"Yes!" Kristen screamed.

"You are such a nasty girl," Jason said, pulling the cheeks of her ass apart and letting another string of spittle drop right on her tight little asshole. He used his thumb to circle her anus, rubbing the spit in and pushing slightly into her hole as he continued to drive his cock into her cunt.

"No," she said, reaching back to grasp her hand. She was still wary of anal penetration, even by his finger.

Jason slapped her hand away. "Put your hands back on the headboard, bitch. If you can eat a woman's pussy, then you're nasty enough to take my thumb up your ass."

Kristen complied. The truth of the matter was that she liked submitting to Jason. She knew he would never hurt her, and she liked it when he took control. She grabbed the headboard with both hands as she felt him ease his thumb past her sphincter.

"Ugggh," she groaned at the mild discomfort she felt. "Please, baby, use some KY."

Jason leaned over to the bedside table and rummaged around in the drawer until he found the lubricant. He pulled his thumb from her ass and squirted a big blob right on her butthole. She flinched as the cold gel came into contact with that very sensitive area. He coated his thumb with some more lube and pried her cheeks apart again.

This time, his thumb slipped in easily, and with a few gradually deepening thrusts, he had it buried up her rectum. He could feel it rubbing against his cock through the thin wall that separated her colon from her vagina. It felt incredible.

"Did you make her cum with your sweet little tongue?" he asked.

"Yes ... she came like a storm. I thought I was riding a bucking bronco! Afterward, we fell asleep. In the morning, I was having a wonderful dream, and I woke up as I was overcome by an orgasm. When I finally calmed down, she was between my legs, her face coated in my juices."

"It was incredible, but we weren't done yet." Kristen didn't think she could take much more. After the brief discomfort, she was finding that she liked the stimulation her ass was receiving in conjunction with the fucking her well-used cunt was getting.

"We took a shower together, soaping each other up and sliding our slick bodies together. She dropped to her knees in the shower and tongue-fucked me to orgasm."

Jason was banging into her hard now, and his thumb was ramming in and out of her ass. She grunted from the ravishing she was getting.

"Did ... you ... do ... her ... again?" he asked.

"I pushed her against the wall, and thrust my finger up her pussy. I started fucking her, telling her that I wanted to buy a strap-on dildo so I could fuck her with it. At the same time, I pushed my thumb up her ass, so I was finger-fucking both her holes."

"Oh, so you can dish it out but you can't take it, huh?" Jason teased.

"I'm ... taking ... it ... you ... bastard!" Kristen said, thrusting her hips upward to take both probes even deeper.

"She likes it up the ass!"

"Ohhhh God!!" Jason cried. "She's into anal too!" Jason would give anything to take Kristen that way.

"Yes! She loves it! She says it's unbelievable."

"God, Kristen! I wish we could do that, Baby," he said, feeling the fluid begin to build in his balls.

"Hmmm," Kristen said as she thought of opening up her back passage to her lover. She continued to push up with her hips, seeing him sliding his cock up her ass in her mind's eye. She imagined that the thumb that was still pumping in and out of him was his long, hard dick. That thought put her over the top.

"If ... you ... want ... to ... ugghhhh!" The orgasm caused her to convulse, ramming her hips up into his groin. The action drove his cock into her to the hilt and his thumb couldn't go any further up her ass. He felt her tight ass muscles clinch around his probing digit, and her cunt milked his cock.

The realization that she had just agreed to fulfill his fantasy was enough to suck the remaining cum out of his already depleted balls, but the fact that very little fluid came out did little to reduce the convulsions that constricted his body.

They were both drenched in sweat as they allowed their heartbeats to return to normal. Jason eased his thumb from her backside, and she felt the momentary emptiness from her ravaged ass. His penis slipped out of her as it shrunk and was followed by a trickle of milky liquid that drained from her very sore pussy.

Jason flopped onto his back, still breathing hard.

Kristen rolled on her side and looked at her husband with love. He had not only accepted her, but he had awakened a desire to explore new things — a willingness to try things that scared her just a little.

She looked down at his shriveled penis, slick and shiny with their combined juices.

While Kristen didn't mind sucking cock, she wouldn't let Mark cum in her mouth. She had never liked the taste. She knew that her unwillingness to do that was a source of disappointment to him, but she had never been able to get past the taste.

So, she didn't know what prompted her at that moment to lean down and take him in her mouth. She licked the tip of his penis with her tongue, swiping the small drop of fluid that seeped from his hole.

The groan he let out encouraged her, and she opened wide to take him entirely in her mouth. He was completely soft, and she could taste their mingled juices. Yes, there was still the bitterness, but she let it pass and reveled at the amazing feeling of his soft cock in her mouth.

She realized that every other time she had sucked his cock, he was hard as a rock. This softness was a new sensation, and it was very erotic. Jason continued to moan, and put his hand in her hair, stroking it as she continued to suck him, gently swirling her tongue all around it. She licked and sucked until he was completely clean.

She let his organ slip from her mouth and moved up along side of him as he wrapped his arms around her.

"That was wonderful," he said, kissing her and allowing his tongue to enter her mouth, tasting the varied flavors of their lovemaking. "Your mouth felt like a warm cocoon. I could get used to that treatment."

Kristen licked her lips, realizing that the slight distaste of his cum now seemed insignificant compared to the closeness she now felt and the appreciation she saw in his eyes.

"M'Lord, my mouth and my pussy are yours to do with as you please," she joked.

"And M'Lady's ass? he asked, continuing the game.

A shudder went through her.

"Aye ... if M'Lord wishes ... to use it."

To be continued...

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