tagLesbian SexThe Awakening of Kristen Ch. 07

The Awakening of Kristen Ch. 07


Kristen reached over and hit the button to activate the speakerphone next to the bed.

"Hi, Babe, whatcha doing?" her husband Jason asked. He was out of town on business, and he missed his beautiful wife.

"Well," Kristen answered, "right now, I'm on my knees with my ass in the air, and I've got a strap-on dildo buried in my pussy."

"Rachel, what are you doing to my wife?" Jason asked the woman, who at the moment was hunched over Kristen's back gently thrusting her fake cock into her best friend's hungry pussy. "You'd better not be wearing her out. I've got plans for that hole as soon as I get home tomorrow."

"I hate to tell you this, Jason," Rachel said, picking up the pace of her thrusting, "but when I get done with your horny wife, she's going to walking funny. You'd better plan on using another hole."

"Hmmm," he said. "I've got a couple of possibilities in mind."

Kristen shuddered as they carried on a discussion as if she weren't there. The talk of her husband using an orifice other than her pussy to pleasure himself sent a shiver through her body. Until recently, Kristen had adamantly refused to allow Jason to fuck her "back there," and her distaste for the flavor of cum was hard for Jason to swallow. But lately, she had started taking a walk on the wild side, as evidenced by her current position in the center of the bed.

A couple of weeks ago, she and Rachel had discovered a mutual passion for each other, and they had been exploring their bisexual tendencies ever since. Kristen had been hesitant to tell her husband, but Jason reacted like most men would, he got totally excited and ended up fucking Kristen twice as she told him all the details of her lesbian coupling.

The timing of his call might have seemed a little too fortuitous, but Kristen was in no state to consider the possibility that Rachel had text-messaged Jason about her plans for his lovely wife. His call was anything but a coincidence.

"Oh Jason, if you were here right now, I'd have your cock buried in my mouth while Rachel fucked me from behind," Kristen said, figuring that she might as well let her husband get some enjoyment out of the situation.

"Oh God, I'd love that!" Jason said.

"Baby, I want you to strip down for me. I want to know you're naked and stroking your big hard cock. I want you to listen as Rachel fucks me good. Will you do that for me?"

"Yeah, Jason, why don't you join us for a phone threesome?" Rachel asked.

Through the speakerphone, they could hear a zipper coming down and the sound of clothing rustling as Jason stripped. The squeak of the bed indicated that he was making himself more comfortable to enjoy the action. With the phone pressed to his left ear, he grabbed a bottle of baby oil next to the bed and lubricated his hard cock with it.

"Ladies, I wish you could see how hard I am."

"Are you lying on the bed?" Kristen asked.


"Are you stroking yourself?" Rachel inquired.


"Baby, I want you to imagine that you're lying propped in bed, and I'm in between your legs. I'm on my knees, but my head is buried in your lap. Rachel is behind me. She's wearing a big black strap-on cock, and while my head is bobbing up and down on your cock, she's thrusting in and out of my sopping pussy."

Jason closed his eyes, and he could see it in his mind's eye. He squeezed his fist tight around his cock, pulling on it hard. Given the setting and the slipperiness of the baby oil, he could almost believe that it was Kristen's mouth on his penis, and not just his hand.

"Jason, look into my eyes as I fuck your wife. See how my tits bounce as I pound into her? God, I wish I could feel your mouth on my breasts. Would you like that?"

Jason groaned. "Rachel, you can't imagine all of the things I'd like to do with you."

"You'll have to talk to your sweet wife about that, baby. I'm not sure she's willing to share you."

"Oooh," Kristen said. "And who's going to take care of me while you two fuck like bunnies?"

"Maybe we need to conference in Mark," Jason said, speaking of Rachel's boyfriend.

"Too bad he's working late," Rachel said. "But I bet he can be persuaded to join in the fun at some point in the future."

"Jason, do you want to cum in my mouth?" Kristen asked, returning the talk to the moment at hand.

"You know I do, baby!"

"Well, now I'm licking down your cock toward your balls. I'm licking your balls, lifting each one with my tongue. Now I'm taking one in my mouth. I sure am glad you shave down there," she said.

"Oooh, kinky!" Rachel chimed in. "I like that. I hate hairy balls."

"Reach down with your other hand and grab your balls for me, baby. Tug on them like it's my mouth. Do you like it when I suck your balls?"

"Oh Kristen, it feels so amazing."

"I'm kissing my way back up to the tip of your cock. There's a drop of clear fluid right at the tip. I'm looking you right in the eyes as I extend my tongue and swipe the drop away with just the tip. I swallow the drop, and I'm licking my lips for more."

Rachel continued to pump into Kristen as she raised her right hand and brought it down hard on Kristen's ass, eliciting a yelp from the woman.

"Did you hear that, Jason?" Rachel asked. "That was me slapping your wife's hot ass. Did you know she liked to be spanked?" Another smack could be heard through the phone connection, followed by a moan from Kristen.

"God her ass is so hot. You know what else I like to do?"

"No," Jason replied hoarsely.

"I like to lick right between those cheeks and tongue-fuck her tight little butthole."

"Oh Kristen, you'd better put your mouth back on my cock, baby, because I'm about to cum. Do you like it when Rachel does that?"

"Hmmm, almost as much as I like it when you do it, baby. Now, I'm going to swallow you baby, so I won't be able to talk. Rachel will have to tell you what I'm doing."

"Oh, that's it honey. Go down on him. Take him deep in your mouth. Can you feel that Jason? Can you feel her tongue swirl around that sensitive spot just under head? Do you like that? Mark sure does when I suck him."

"Ahhhh," Jason said. "Do it baby. Suck me. I'm grabbing your head, putting my fingers in your hair. Can you feel me thrusting into your mouth?"

Kristen, whose face was now buried in the pillow as Rachel ravaged her, mumbled a reply, and to Jason it sounded almost like she really did have his cock in her mouth.

"Rachel, are you getting off fucking my wife?"

"Yeah, baby. This strap-on has a little vibrating penis that's inside me, so while I'm fucking her, I'm fucking myself at the same time, and based on the way our baby is moaning, I think she's close to cumming."

"That's it, Kristen. Take it — in your mouth and in your cunt. Come on, you little tramp. I can hear Rachel ramming into you. Pump my cock with your hand as you suck it."

"Yeah, Kristen, and stick your finger in his ass. I bet he likes that."

"Oh yeah. You do that baby, and I'll fill your mouth with my hot cum."

Kristen's orgasm started at the same time that Jason felt his balls constrict, the indicator that he was about to spew.

"Here it comes baby. Get ready to swallow," but all he heard in reply was Kristen screaming out in orgasm and the sound of the bed creaking as Rachel continued to pound into her. Rachel reached around to grab Kristen's enhanced breasts, taking both nipples between her fingers and thumbs and pinching them as she fucked her friend throughout her orgasm. The sight of her lover bucking beneath her was too much, and she gave into her own contractions, ramming the dildo full hilt, using Kristen's hips to hold her firmly wedged into her crotch. She finally collapsed on Kristen's back, crushing her breasts as she wrapped her arms around her lover.

Jason's fist was a blur as he pounded his meat. Both women could hear the squishy sounds of his oiled fist beating against his groin.

"Ugghhhh, ahhhhhh," Jason groaned as a shot of sperm leapt out of his turgid cock and landed on his chest. Another blast followed the first, but this one missed him entirely, landing instead on the hotel bedspread. By the third spurt, the cum rolled down the head of his cock like lava, spilling over the side, adding more lubricant to his still pumping fist.

"Oh, God, that was hot," he said. "I'm covered in my own cum. You two are fucking amazing."

"I wish I were there to lick it all off you," Kristen said, and Rachel added her own yummy sound in agreement.

Rachel backed the rubber cock out of Kristen and gazed down at the red, inflamed lips surrounding her vagina. Leaning down, she extended her tongue and lightly licked Kristen's delightfully tortured pussy.

"Baby, I love you. I can't wait for you to get home," Kristen said.

"Me too," Rachel thought, but didn't say out loud, continuing to lightly lick Kristen's well-used hole.

"I love you both," Jason said. "Thank you for an amazing evening. Babe, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."

Kristen flinched as Rachel's tongue hit a sensitive spot. Rachel may have been right. Her pussy might be too sore to accommodate Jason's big cock. What would she do? Well, she had a couple of possibilities in mind.

To be continued...

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