tagLesbian SexThe Babysitter Ch. 02

The Babysitter Ch. 02


Smokey Saga #69: "The Babysitter II"


Here's a sequel to "The Babysitter" (lesbian version, natch, as since March '15 I've been writing only lesbian stuff). My last few BDSM stories have been fairly rife with tickle torture, which if you know me at all is no surprise. And I know not everyone has a thing for it like I do. But if you read the original "Babysitter," you know what's up. Pretty simple: if you like I, I'm sure you'll like II. It has no title besides "Babysitter II," but if you want to give it a unique title yourself, drop a line! Feedback's welcome, valued and appreciated.

Categories: BDSM, fetish, lesbian/lezdom, masturbation, non-consent/reluctance, romance


The Ol' College Try

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015, 1:18 p.m.

Spring was in the air. Winter had behaved itself this year, departing on time, and so the weather was congruent with the vernal equinox. March was closing on a beautiful cloudless, blue-skied day. Gentle breezes mingled and danced over town. Shrubbery and trees waved in the breeze with fresh, fragrant blossoms. Birds sang cheerily as they built nests for their young, surrounded by new green galore. Each day grew just a bit longer than the last. And eggs flew off the shelves of Juniper's markets with Easter right around the corner.

In this rich Minnesotan city, it was particularly easy and common for a young lady or gentleman's thoughts to turn lightly to love and idealism. It was the time of year and fresh, crisp weather that made everyone feel he or she could do something brilliant. And this certainly included the bright, diligent 19-year-old lass who dwelled at 238 Griffiths Avenue in Commons County.

High school graduate Cameron DeVane anxiously paced her parents' living room. Her folks were away, attending an all-day function, and so there was no one to tell her to just sit and calm the hell down. But even had there been, she wouldn't have listened. She was too excited. She'd recently applied and interviewed for admission to Denmore, and now awaited her letter of acceptance or rejection. Every few moments, she bounded back up to the front window to look for the mail lady. She'd wait outside if she wasn't superstitious in this sole regard. It was akin to the proverbial pot never boiling while watched. Cam had herself convinced keeping her eyes expressly peeled for any delivery—pizza, post, packages—somehow impeded its progress. It never worked for things she didn't want to come, like the school bus. But unlike most, Cameron enjoyed each year in her academic career just a bit more, up to and including her senior of high school. She took advanced classes, committed herself, did her homework, studied like a pro, and graduated with floating colors. She couldn't ace everything, but even if her metaphorical colors didn't fly like eagles, she made everyone including herself proud.

Much as she looked forward to college, she also felt that with diploma in hand, she'd earned and deserved some time to veg and relax in her lazier moods, and go out and party when more energetic. She'd little interest in getting a job, knowing she'd be hitting the books again before much longer. She was having so much fun in the meantime, before she knew it, six months went right by. So she decided to give it another six months, and start applying in this latter semiannual. She didn't know what she wanted to do in life yet, but she hadn't even hit the big 2-0. She had a long future full of potential, and a wealth of time to mold it. And a degree from one of the most acclaimed, prestigious universities in the North Star State would go a long way towards success. Of course, first, she had to be accepted.

Come on already, mail carrier lady!!

Whatever the verdict, she may not have been able to share the news with her parents right away. But there was one very special person she couldn't wait to tell, who had some serious interest invested. This person was Cam's childhood babysitter, Tori Linton. Even though Tori's babysitting methods proved a bit traumatizing to Cameron as a small girl, they'd met again the previous May for a very...special visit. Cameron was cramming for finals, in the midst of which Tori made the executive decision that she needed a break. So, she slipped Cameron some sleeping pills in a plate of food, waited for them to take effect, transported her to her bed, placed her in the mattress, undressed and restrained her, and gave her the necessary time to awaken.

The spectacle of shenanigans that followed robbed Cameron of precious studying time, but did something new for her in the process. As the little girl she'd remained to date, Tori made a woman out of her. She took her by the snatch, and snatched her virginity. And while Cam felt a trifle debased, the whole experience was so amazing, she couldn't feel too violated. She was overwhelmed—especially as Tori tickle-tortured the stuffing out of her—but once her engine was revved this high, mobile or not, she couldn't refuse. Luckily, even at 18, she'd been mature enough to process it. She'd known Tori for ages. And even as they brought their visit to a close and Tori departed back out of town, Cam stayed so firmly in the mindset of studying for finals, she spared herself any turmoil or regret.

But this hardly meant she didn't want to see her again. On the contrary; she crammed even harder to make her impending exams go smoother and quicker, put them behind her, free up ensuing time and soon see Tori again. She didn't know if she was falling in budding love, and there wasn't time to consider it. Priorities, Cam, priorities, she told herself. Graduation first, Tori second. Not that it was easy to keep thoughts about Tori from creeping in, or her pussy from tingling when they did. The girl was just so entrancing, so dynamic, so...passionate. She made Cameron feel so alive inside! Like she could do anything. And she'd wanted Cameron to go on studying her ass off, turn in a fine performance and accept that diploma proudly in cap and gown. Cam couldn't go against her wishes. Tori was like a second mother to her. Or, rather, a...much younger aunt...with whom she'd had sex.

So Cameron launched in, pausing only now and then for an obligatory masturbating session, when she thought enough about Tori to tease her libido awake. Jilling off was a wonderful thing. It was free, involved no risks, cost nothing but a little time, left Cameron in a fantastic mood, and cleared her mind so she could again focus on the important. With its relaxing, soothing powers, as well as scholastic aptitude on her side, she cleared finals and graduated with a 3.2 g.p.a.

She and Tori'd been chatting online, keeping one another posted what was going on. When Cameron shared the happy news, Tori was so proud of her, and promised to attend the ceremony. Afterwards, her parents Jean and Mitch took them out to supper. The DeVanes were busy, high-society people, but could take one night out for their daughter. The irony was that while Cam was happy to have them there, part of her also wished she and Tori were alone. It was the first time they'd met in person since that wild day in May, and while they were fine kissing in front of Mr. and Mrs. DeVane, they had to work a bit to keep from going further. While Cameron wasn't crazy about keeping their tryst secret from her folks, she wasn't sure how they'd handle it. If she were to spill it, she'd obviously omit the juicy details such as the bondage and torture elements. The conversation would be awkward enough already. As was a parent's wont, they still thought of her as their baby. She resided beneath their roof, albeit now an adult of 18. And confessing how she lost her virginity to Tori—the very day they revisited after all these years—could be her relationship's undoing.

So she explained to her Mom and Dad she liked Tori and wanted to date her, to which they had no serious objection. Tori was seven years older, but then again, they too had known her for years, since both she and Cam were children. And their little girl was a woman now. They had to let her start leading her own life, and trusted she'd exercise good judgment. She was a very smart cookie, after all. So they gave her their blessing. She ecstatically called Tori to share this delightful news as well.

The green light to date Tori was another factor in Cam's decision to hold off on college. She loved dating. She loved girls. They weren't necessarily more important than her education and/or future career, but then, how comparable were the two? Each offered different, and very attractive prospects. And if the truth be told, Cameron had never been involved with a girl for a serious relationship before. She could matriculate any time she liked, and attend community college if not accepted into a university. Dates, and maybe even a steady relationship, required more strategic timing. But Cameron had the advantage that Tori already liked her, and that they'd already had legit sex, without even being on a romantic rendezvous.

Their first official date took place Friday, August 8th. They dressed up, and Tori came to collect her. They dined at the Candle Grove, barely ungluing their eyes from one another, which made it take some time to get food to their mouths. There was a little supplementary time to spend alone together, as Tori afterwards took them for a ride. But she respected Mr. and Mrs. DeVane, and honored the 11:00 curfew they'd set. Cam felt the curfew was less than necessary. But she was still under her parents' roof, and to abide by their rules. It was, however, perfectly fine to invite Tori in for a soft beverage. Cameron wished she could've stayed over, but wasn't sure how well that would sit with her folks. Besides, it wasn't in Tori's plans. Cam walked her out to her car.

"I had an awesome time tonight, Tore," Cam smiled, working up the courage to hold Tori's free hand. "Thanks for dinner."

"My pleasure, babe. Message me, we'll do it again soon."

"I can hardly wait. May I, uh...?"

"You'd better. C'mere, sugar lips."

Cameron milked the kiss for all she could get, including an accompanying hug, enabling her to caress Tori's back and shoulders, and push her breasts into her nice and snug. Gosh, it felt good. Cameron could only hope as good for Tori as for her. While she was no virgin anymore herself (thanks to Tori), she knew Tori'd had more dates and lovers under her belt. In Tori's eyes, part of Cameron still felt like that adorable, ticklish little girl she'd babysat those few fleeting years. But if Tori liked her as a woman now, by God, she'd own it. And oh, how she'd make her old babysitter intimately proud of her.

But this was still yet to be determined. They closed the kiss and Tori got in her car. Cam waved her off, watching as she disappeared. Then she trotted back inside, told her parents she was going to bed, darted into her room, quietly locked the door, took everything off, flopped on the mattress, and proceeded to enjoy the hell out of herself.


Jilljoy Flashback

Friday, August 8th, 2014, 11:48 p.m.

It was almost midnight, but Cameron had no interest in sleeping—at least not before paddling the pink canoe. She was a skilled masturbator, and liked to take the opportunity when urges arose, but not so frequently that her orgasms lost their punch. Honestly, she saw it as one of the finest gifts and privileges afforded with puberty. Her reasoning was that were humans meant not to pleasure themselves, they'd be unable to reach their genitals. She'd been given long arms and nimble fingers for a reason.

And she was convinced there were a few reasons Tori'd stopped by to visit in May, binding her to bed to both torture her and sex her up. One of those reasons was to cast a spell of love on her, and transform her into a woman from a child. She found herself in Tori's debt, in this way. The babysitter had made an ever more significant contribution to her life, and shown her something she didn't know. Now Cam wished to pledge her gratitude by thinking about Tori, and their torturous sex session, as she fiddled and diddled.

God, the awesome sexual clout Tori wickedly wielded over her, even in absence. She took deep breaths, brushing her legs back and forth, letting her modest young titties bobble in the air. She mentally took herself back to May, to being trussed into bed front and hind paw, to looking up and seeing her vellicatrix babysitter walk through the door...

...The sadistic, conniving smile playing about her lips...

...The goosebumps riddling her flesh as she realized what was about to happen...

Her pussy moistened. Her eyes fluttered shut as warm breath wafted from her nose and mouth. She placed her palms on her neck and smoothed them down, slowly over her sternum, to her boobs. Her twitching nipples stiffened under and between her fingertips. Mild pleasure settled. She pictured Tori approaching her naked immobile body, her lips opening to an evil grin. A hot chill attacked. Her feet balled up and her tummy sucked in. All her weakest tickle spots tightened from the mere power of suggestion. She tweaked both nipples alternatingly. Wetness seeped through each cuntal pore. She knew she was turned on as she perspired in 70° air conditioning.

She slid her right hand down her stomach, tracing her nails around her bellybutton, imagining they were Tori's. She opened her lips and extended her tongue, pretending to make out with her. She hoped her parents were in bed already and wouldn't knock on the door to tell her good night a second time. Not that she ever cared for mood-dampeners, but Cam really wasn't in the mood for them right now. She went on focusing on Tori. Those dirty blonde cascades, that slim, curvaceous body, those hot legs, those ruby red lips...suddenly, Cam all but lost control of her right hand. It was pulled straight down by the force of her yearning pussy.

She commenced fingering. Passion built, tracing a smoldering outline of her body. Connecting all around, it set in to consume her. She counted strands of hair pasting to her forehead and temples. Her head lolled back, face twisting into an intense grimace. She moaned Tori's name. The letters, syllables and sounds alone fueled her on. She loved that the first three letters in her name also began the words "torment" and "torture." Everything about her aroused Cam. The fact that she was older, more experienced, had had her way with Cameron at her own discretion...her initiative was a massive stimulant. She heard the wet sounds as her fingers squished over and around her cunt, lubing up the outside before diving in like the brave little soldiers they were.

This was where a third hand would come in...well, handy, thereby being able to fondle both nipples and Little Cam at the same time. Or a third and fourth hand, belonging to a certain someone else. Of course, it was worth keeping in mind that Cameron had no hands the first time. Her own paws were tied at either end of the head of the bed. In contrast, the hands of her domme were free to rove and grope as they pleased. God, Cameron loved being forced to submit to her. She didn't think she would, at first just realizing what was happening. But Tori Linton was one red-hot devil who knew how to punish a girl, how to reward her, how to ignite her sex drive and make her burn for it. She'd had Cam in the palm of her hand, both literally and figuratively, and maintained that fierce hold now without even being in the room. Oh, how she loved and relished that powerless feeling, unable to do a thing to protect herself.

And of course she mustn't forget the tickling. What a rush. While too little to appreciate it as a child, 18-year-old Cameron's endorphins went wild feeling those malicious fingers dance over her delicate, vulnerable flesh. Far too many nerve endings that drove her far too insane, but she loved it. And what a treat to be just so sensitive in the first place, so deliciously susceptible to Tori's terror. Taking in each honest and true thought, one right after another, Cam felt the lust steadily grow and intensify. She felt Tori dig her nails into her ribs and sides. She felt her tummy, pelvis, thighs and pussy similarly invaded. She felt the sadist play "This Little Piggie" on her toes, and prolong the agonizing wait until just the right moment, to viciously attack the soles of her feet. Her heart pounded a mile a minute fantasizing it all. Blood raced through her veins, magnetically pooling to her cunt. Little Cam swelled and gorged, beginning to contract.

She couldn't put it off another second. She lunged in with two fingers, clenching down as she plunged and rammed herself. A scream escaped. Her folks had better be asleep by now, or at least nowhere near the door. Her left paw assisted the right, pulling her labia ajar. She entwined her ankles, pressing her thighs together, sandwiching her hand inside.

"Oh, Tori..." she gasped deliriously, falling heels over head in full-blown lust. "GOD...Tori...love me...kiss me...tie me up...tickle me...torture me...fuck me...get me good...make me yours...all, fucking, yours."

She at last worked herself to the point of seeing stars right before she came. About as soon as she started finger-bopping herself, pre-cum squirted from her lovely bright pink and crimson pussy. Her tach started over again at zero, ascending back up, plateau after plateau, till she finally reached the no-return point. With one last burst of strength, she threw her head back, nabbed a quick breath, held it with a grunt and a growl, put her arm in turbo mode, and gave it to herself like it was the last jilling of her life.


Cameron scanned her one final time in her mind to get herself over the edge...as everything vanished, her legs kicked until they knocked down the portal to Climaxland...and the universe exploded.


The pre-cum was long since gone. Her cunt splattered the real deal down her inner thighs and the mattress. She didn't even notice. She didn't think about laundering the bedding or washing up. She was allowed no time for rational thought. Her head rolled from side to side, but remained in place, practically soaked with sweat. She had no idea what time it was, nor did she care. Then after just another moment, her eyelids closed, and she fell to peaceful, tranquil sleep.


Femail: Cowledge Knollege

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015, 1:41 p.m.

Finally, twenty-three minutes later, Cameron pranced back to the window one more time to peek out. There she was.

Zeal splashed across her face. She yanked open the front door and ran out to greet her.

"Afternoon, Bevvie!" she waved. The postal carrier looked up from the mailbox to see her approaching.

"Oh! Hey, Cam." Bevvie the post lady rerouted from the mailbox and took a few steps forward. "Here ya go!"

"Aaaahh!" Cameron seized with both paws, almost ripping Bevvie's hand off her wrist. "Omigosh, Bevvie, I can't wait to...to see..."

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