The Babysitter's Secret

byWannabe Chick©

As I was drawing closer to my orgasm, Jenny began to pant heavily and she pulled on her dick was hard, slowly strokes. Her body stiffened, then relaxed, stiffened, then relaxed. At last, a white stream of hot semen spurted out of the tip of her cock and splashed across her belly with one glob even landing square between her tits. She continued pumping it and more came out. I couldn't believe she had so much left in her after all she'd given me to drink.

It was irrelevant to me, though. The sight of Jenny blowing her load was enough to push me past my threshold. I pounding her ass furiously, feeling my climax building. Finally, after agonizing seconds of waiting, I felt the dam burst. I jettisoned my cum into her body, as deep as my thrusting cock could go. Jenny gave a satisfied sigh as she felt the liquid oozing into her. I didn't stop until every last drop was expelled and my cock could no longer remain hard.

Sadly, I withdrew, until Jenny and I were once again two separate beings.

Soon, Jenny and I would step into the shower to clean ourselves off before going to bed. Soon, Jenny would get dressed back in her normal clothes and head downstairs for the night, as we both knew she must . . . just in case. Soon, I would crawl into bed, alone, and wish Jenny was there with me, her little cock poking against my leg as she snuggled against me.

That would all come soon. For now, I was content just to hold her close to me. This girl, who only hours ago had been no more than a babysitter, was now my lover and I knew would be my lover for as long as she wanted to. I had known her for years but, in one night, she had changed my life.

"I love you, Peter," she said sleepily.

"I love you too, angel," I told her, and kissed her on the forehead.

I did love her. What that would mean for the two of us, for my life, for my family, I could only speculate. But now was not the time. I closed my eyes, drew in her smell, and was content.

To be continued . . .

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by Anonymous

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by Biguy4608/05/16


That was such a great magnificent story, I can't wait for it to continue!!!!!!!!!!!! Sexy romance. I wish I could meet someone like that.

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by namowa07/11/16

Relating to this story

So wonderfully written, so romantic and yet so erotic. You have drawn me to the character so much that I can relate to her easily.

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by Anonymous06/21/16

repetitive titles

I see that all of your titles are "Somebody's Secret." Not much imagination shown there. No wonder people accuse trannies of being secretive and trying to trick others. You're not helping!

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