tagLoving WivesThe Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party


The party was everything I expected it to be. Not one to enjoy large social gatherings, the party itself was something of a bore for me. My guests were co-workers and friends from out of state, and they were enjoying it so much more then I was. Hey, just because it's my party doesn't mean that I want to ruin other people's fun. I'd smile, laugh, and act like I was enjoying the party as much as the others were, but I would've rather it been just myself and a few close friends doing the same activities.

It was the typical send off for a man about to be married. Porno movies on a rented wide screen, loud music playing though every room of the house, blow up dolls posed in humorous and suggestive fashions, that sort of thing. I was also pretty sure the guys hired me a stripper too. It was getting kind of late and the keg was getting a little low, so I know the girl had to be late. A couple of my friends who masterminded the party were talking in the corner and gesturing to the clock. She was definitely running late.

As if on cue, there was a light knock at the front door, barely audible over the music. If I was lost in the party and as drunk as my guest, I too would've missed it. Luckily though, I caught it, and I seemed to be the only one. I had to smack Mike on the leg to pull him away from the porno to tell him to answer the door. As he stood up, he kicked the coffee table holding about six half-full cups of beer. The accompanying shouts of disproval were cut short by the ringing of the doorbell. "Entertainment's here," Mike shouted as he wove his way though the seated guests. Smiling to each other, my party guests all grabbed chairs and started pulling them into a wide circle around the coffee table. Another group of my guests started clearing the empty cups of beer off the coffee table and pulling the table out of the circle, propping it against the wall in the corner. The speed and efficiency everyone worked with made me think of a colony of worker ants. By the time the girl stepped foot into the living room, the seats were set up for a show, and she had plenty of room to dance, all without blocking anyone's view.

She was shorter then I expected, about Catherine's height. She had short blonde hair and was wearing a black leather mask. I guess the stripper had a day job, or she lived in the area, or likely had some other reason for not being identified. Her figure was a lot like Catherine's too. It was covered in a stereotypical trench coat; the kind flashers would wear to easily expose themselves out in public. The black leather boots that covered her legs all the way up to and under the trench coat teased to something exciting under it. She wasn't naked under it, but she obviously didn't have much on. At a second glance, the blonde bobbed hair was a wig... and though she wore a mask, I recognized some other familiar features on her face.

It was definitely Catherine, my soon to be wife. I took a moment to scan the faces around me to see if anyone else recognized her. No one seemed to notice, most of their eyes were running from her feet to her head, imagining what was under that trench coat. I turned back in time to catch her eye and give her a knowing little smirk. A smile crossed her face as she noticed my smile, as well as the effect her presence had on me already. We had talked about this before. I told her all I wanted for my bachelor party was to have her as the stripper, but I never thought she'd go through with it. Here she was though, the only female in a house full of drunk and horny men.

"How's everyone doing tonight?" She cooed in a voice that sounded like she was teaching a bunch of early elementary students. As she asked, she played with a riding crop, bending it between her hands. The effect of the visual and audible stimulation sent the party guests into a roar. I just smirked wide at the way my fiancée had taken control of the room. She seemed to look around, lording over the group until her eyes fell on me.

Her mood changed at once. She quickly snapped rigid and asked, "How about drinks? Shouldn't we all have drinks?" She wanted to postpone what she was about to do. She was either trying to build the anticipation or just to buy herself some time. Without waiting for anyone to respond, she marched into the kitchen where the hard liquor was located.

Watching her make a beeline for the table caused someone to ring out in understanding. "Shots," he yelled. I didn't know who it was, nor did I care. I was just as entranced at Catherine's presence as all the other drunken partiers. "We should do shots," he continued as he bolted for the sink. My shot glass was still full of rum someone poured me earlier. I scooped it up off the coffee table and turned back to the kitchen in time to see someone tugging at Catherine's trench coat. She gave him a playful swat on the hands with her riding crop and said something only he could hear.

She flung something from her purse to another guest causing him to push his way out of the crowd that followed her every movement, opening a lane for me to move up beside her. There must've been some clean, empty shot glasses on the table because I saw her throw back a shot as I moved beside her. I placed my shot in front of her as she swallowed the first mouthful of alcohol. She looked around to see who was giving her alcohol, probably because all the alcohol was in front of her, and she didn't see anyone pour her another drink.

"How about a little more liquid courage?" I asked. It was an inside joke that only her and I understood, but it was enough to let her know what was in the glass.

"Why not," was her reply. She spread her arms wide on the table and bent low. She slowly opened her lips and took the entire shot glass into mouth. She pressed her lips all the way to the table before clamping down on it and throwing her head back. In one gulp she swallowed the contents of the glass. Her head came back down level to look into my eyes, and then she spit the glass to the floor in my general direction and smiled. The room erupted in cheers.

"All right sugar," She spoke, staring into my eyes. "Seeing as how you're the guest of honor, you get a front row seat. Lets get this show going." More cheers erupted from around her. She took my hand in hers and led me back to the living room where the chairs where set up in a circle. She walked me to the far end of room, allowing the guests to all fill in behind her and pushed me into an armchair as her music started.

"Don't I get a lap dance?" I ask, wanting a moment close to her to find out what exactly her intentions were.

"Sure, you can have a lap dance," She answered. She put her hands on her hips while the song began building momentum. "Just remember, you can look but you can't touch."

Her hips started swaying, finding time with the music. Her hands on her hips accentuated the whole performance, giving definition to her swaying body. Her knees bent lower to give her a wider side to side sway. The only sound audible in the room was the loud dance beat from her mix tape. Every eye in the room was trained on those hypnotic hips of hers.

She preformed a step turn in time with the music, turning her back to me. Her head was turned as she watched my reactions to her dancing. She slid her hands from her hips to her ass while she continued to sway with the music. She rubbed her ass while she danced, cheating the bottom of her trench coat up as she swayed side to side. I could see the tops of her boots now, ending just behind her knees. I could also see the fishnet stockings she wore under them, but I didn't see how far up went.

Her hands left her ass, allowing the bottom of the trench coat to drop back and cover her past her knees. I noticed movement on the other side of her and saw the tails of the trench coat belt flailing around. She was untying the belt the held her trench coat closed. She turned her head to scan the room before she threw open the trench coat to the thunderous cheers and applause of the party guests. From behind I could see that she wore a short black skirt that ended half way down her milky thighs, a pink mesh shirt from our closet at home, and a black leather bra under it.

Catherine snapped her legs together and placed her riding crop just under her ass. She bent forward and looked back at me. I could see where the black mesh stocking ended, but with her holding the skirt down with the riding crop, I couldn't see what she was wearing under it. I had a pretty good idea that she had a garter belt on, as she had her stockings clipped into it. She pumped her ass up and down, her knees parted wide as she brought it low to the ground. Another cheer from across the room announced my party guests got a peek up her skirt when she dropped her ass. Catherine took her eyes off of me and smiled at the guests across the room.

She straightened up and locked eyes with the guest directly across the circle from me. Slowly she slinked her way to the other side and stood in front of him. Lifting one leg up, she pinned the guy to his seat, placing the heel of her boot into his shoulder and leaning hard into him. "Did you like what you saw?" Catherine cooed at him while she caressed his face with the leather end of the riding crop.

"Yea... Yeah," he stammered, unsure if he was permitted at this close range to allow his eyes to drop from hers. Catherine straightened up from him, taking some of the pressure off of his shoulder, but not removing her boot from him. Taking this action as a sign, the man dropped his gaze from her face to peek up her skirt.

"Naughty boy," Catherine gasped as she playfully slapped him across the face with her riding crop. The slap was loud, but all could see she meant no harm in the action. The kids face reddened where the crop hit him, but he showed no signs of being in pain. As an act of kindness, Catherine rubbed the red mark lightly with the leathery riding crop. She playfully dropped the tip of it, rubbing down his neck, down across his chest, and let it dip to the bulge in the boy's pants. She blatantly stared at his crotch as she rubbed up and down the side of the bulge with the riding crop, smiling wide with her tongue pressed into the roof of her mouth. Her eyes returned to his and she smiled big and playful at him as she turned to stride across the room to me, once more.

Now facing me, I can honestly say I've never seen the black leather bra before. The wide, purpose-filled steps made her skirt bounce, and I too was treated to the sight of her black, satiny panties. I wondered if I was going to be treated with a slap across the face too. A few steps in front of me though, she stopped and dropped to her hands and knees. Catherine crawled the last few feet to me, eyeing me with lust. She crawled to my legs and put her hands on my lap, sliding her fingernails up my thighs as she brought them to the button on my jeans. She pulled open the button and ripped the zipper down while she brought her face into my lap. The crowd around the room let out another loud cheer, but all Catherine did was whip her face back and throw her hair over her shoulder. The crowd let out a combined "Awwww..." that made both myself and Catherine smile. She then proceeded to give a mock blowjob while her hands fished around inside my jeans, gently tugging down my pants.

"What ever happened to the no touching rule?" I asked, amused by the lack of hesitation.

"That only applies to you," She retorted. "I can touch who ever I want."

She finally managed to pull my jeans down to my knees and stood up. She again turned her back on me and started dancing again. Slowly she danced from side to side in front of me. Her hand roamed all over her body, from her head down to her knees. She ran her fingers through her hair; she ran her palms over her face and down her neck. She pressed her tits together to another accompanying cheer from the crowd around the room. She then let her hands drop back to her ass to give me a private show. Her hands went under the skirt and played with the bottom of her ass cheeks. She then started playing a little higher, causing the skirt to ride up. I saw the bare flesh of her ass cheeks and knew she was wearing a thong. Catherine's hand went back to the bottom of the skirt and pulled it high over waist giving me a full view of her wonderful ass.

Still with the back of the skirt high in the air she turned to give the room a full view of the wonders under her skirt. Again, another accompanying cheer rang out. She made a full circle and brought her ass down on my lap. The thin material of my boxers transmitted the soft feel of her flesh well as she ground on my crotch. I could feel a familiar warmth emanating from under the thong that she wore and I knew she was enjoying this show more then she'd ever admit to me, and probably more then she'd ever admit to herself.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered into her ear as she rode me in a mock sexual position.

"Why?" she asked back in a voice only I could hear over the music. "I thought this is what you wanted. I'm here giving you an early wedding present."

"Can't you feel that I want this?" I responded gesturing with my hips. She ground hard and long on my shaft, letting a quite moan escape her lips. "What kind of wedding present is this? How far are you going to take this?"

"As far as it goes," was all she would say. With that said she stood up and started walking around the circle of guests. She smiled at them all as she made her rounds, walking close enough to brush the guests with her crop. The adventurous guests who reach out to touch her leg as she walked past earned an extra swat, as well as an extra devilish smile for their efforts.

She returned to me after making the entire circuit and looked down on me with the same devilish grin she gave the brave few who tried to touch her. She slowly stepped away from me, towards the center of the circle. I thought that she was going to begin stripping again once she made it to the center, but I was wrong. She did pause, but only long enough to eye the entire room full of guests. Slowly she turned away from me and walked to the kid directly across from me, the one she put the boot into earlier.

Catherine looked down at him, looked down at the bulge that was still in his pants and smiled widely again. She turned around to face me, and sat herself down in his lap and began giving him the same kind of lap dance she had just given me. She ground hard in his lap, her back arching giving off the impression she was receiving great ecstasy from the encounter. Her eyes were boring into me, either asking me permission or asking if I was enjoying my show. A slight incline of my head was the only answer I could give her, and it was the only answer she needed. Her eyes broke away from mine as she threw back her head and began moaning in the kid's ear. The look on his face was of sheer delight. Slowly, as if testing if she'd smack him again, he brought his hands up and placed them on either side of her legs. The response he got shocked him, as well as me. Catherine, instead of smacking him or pulling away, began grinding harder and faster into him, her moans were louder too. All this excitement encouraged the kid further. He brought his hands up her sides, up from her thighs, up to her breasts. The squeal Catherine let out was of surprised pleasure, but again, she did nothing to halt his advances.

Completely brazen, the kid brought one hand up to turn Catherine's face to him, while the other continued to roam on her body. Catherine forced her mouth over his so fast he was momentarily disoriented, but soon caught up to her kiss. There it was, right in front of my face, the object of countless fantasies of mine, happening in a room full of people. The twitch in my crotch made what once was as hard as steel, now as hard as diamond. The kid's hand began roaming down from Catherine's face to continue to play with her tit, while the other one roamed lower. It crossed her stomach and played along the waistband of her skirt. Catherine's kisses became wilder and more passionate as the kid teased her. When his hand began sinking underneath the skirt, she broke off the kisses and bolted to her feet. She took a moment to study my demeanor and noticed the full mast my boxers had become. She smiled even wider then she had earlier and made her way back to the center of the room.

"Whew," Catherine toyed with the room while waving a hand in front of her face. "It's hot in here. Could anyone get me a bottle of water?" Aluminum folding chairs were thrown out of the way as several members of my party raced from them to get her a bottle of water. While the room WAS hot, and she probably did have a dry throat from the moaning she did, I knew Catherine was up to something else involving the water.

"She's really thirsty," I called to the people running to the kitchen. "Bring her a big bottle." Catherine looked me in the eye and smiled, knowing I was in on the next stunt.

Catherine's recent associate was one of the party members racing from the room to the kitchen leaving her to eye out another victim. Careful to avoid my eye contact, she scanned the room until her eyes fell on a group of three kids talking amongst themselves instead of having their full attention on her. With a determined march, Catherine set off straight towards them.

"Excuse me." she said. "I'm the entertainment here, so you WILL keep your attention on me." Her stance was an intimidating one. Catherine had her fists pressing into her hips, and the hand holding the riding crop began turning white from her grip. The three young men didn't offer an excuse for talking among themselves. Abashed they sat before her, their features resembling that of scared puppies.

Now having the room's full attention once again, it was time for Catherine's next move. With the boys sitting so rigidly in their seats, Catherine took the opportunity to step into the center boys lap and pull herself up. His chair wasn't a hastily erected aluminum chair set out for the party. Instead it was part of the room's actual furnishings; a wide recliner the kid was using by himself. Catherine had plenty of room to place her feet on either side of the kid's legs and stand.

Once in a standing position, Catherine found time with the rhythm from her dance tape. She rolled her hips and bent backwards as far as she could without losing balance. Her stomach rolled with the music and sweat glistened on her form. Catherine's hands held high above her head to give her balance and emphasize the dancing, began descending down her sides. Her thumbs hooked into the sides of her skirt and slowly began to pull it down over her ass. She played with it in time with the music, pulling it down with every beat and back up a little on every rest.

Catherine's previous associate returned from the kitchen with a large bottle of water. He waited in the doorway watching her dance on another kids lap until the skirt fell away from her hips. Catherine looked around the room again, making sure she had everyone's attention. Her eyes fell on her previous victim. She smiled and reached out a hand towards him, beckoning him to join her. The man strode across the room, through the circle of chairs, and stood behind Catherine.

"Thanks sugar," Catherine said with a smile while taking the water bottle. She bent and twisted awkwardly allowing the light to gleam off her nearly bare ass cheeks. She smiled wickedly in my direction, knowing that I was enjoying every moment of the show. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I wondered if the smile was because she could hear it. Adrenalin was coursing through my veins causing me to shiver and shake. My pants were still down below my ass and my erection was threatening to push through my boxers, but I wouldn't dare cover up. I was afraid that to do so might give off the wrong impression and bring the show to a crashing halt. Besides, no one in the room was going to look at me. Not so long as the entertainment was flirting with everyone.

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