tagNonHumanThe Bachelorette Ch. 01

The Bachelorette Ch. 01


Sam struggled to hide her excitement as she was led, blindfolded, through a loud smoky room. She could hear her bridesmaids giggling behind her as she was led up some stairs into what she presumed was a private room. "I think it's safe to take the blindfold off now Mels." Sam heard her best friend Halea's voice come from somewhere in front of her. She took a steady breath and closed her eyes in preparation for the removal.

"Welcome to your Bachelorette party Sam!" Melinda spoke from behind her as the blindfold was removed. Sam had to blink a few times before the room came into focus. The room itself was painted in a dark shade of purple or blue, and almost all the furniture was black and chrome. There were black lights hanging through the room and everything that was white had an almost eerie glow to it. What really caught her attention was the giant pink penis sitting on the table in the center of the room.

"What the hell is that?" Sam asked trying hard not to laugh.

"Well since none of us have seen Jake naked, we weren't sure what size to get you, so I guessed." Halea said it with such conviction and with such a straight face that Sam couldn't help but let the out the bubble of nervous laughter.

"Oh my god! I cannot believe you just said that, and with a straight face too." Sam laughed as Mel glided her over to a tall chair and plopped her down.

"I thought the look on your face was priceless. If Penelope had been here I'm sure she would have labeled it as "Horrified Arousal"." Halea said as she pulled some hot pink drinking cups out of what appeared to be Mary Poppins carpet bag... It was bottomless. "It's just for decoration Sam, come on its your last night of freedom."

"I hate that term." Valerie spoke up quietly as she stepped into the room and stepped aside so that three more women could join them.

"I agree with Valerie, that term isn't very acceptable anymore. It's not like my brother is going to keep her on some sort of leash." Mary Anne Harper said coldly as she stepped into the darkened room.

"Marry Anne, she was just kidding, Calm your self." Sam said shrugging her future sister-in-law off. She was used to it by now. "Where is the rest of the gang?"

"Most of them were behind us, but they stopped at the bar to order some drinks I think." Alice said as she sat down beside Sam. As the youngest of the three Harper women, she was one of the most fun to be around.

"Great. I told the bartender what to look for when it came to our party." Halea glanced over at the steps as she heard some giggles. "Here they come now."


Sam looked over at the bright patch of light coming from the window on her left. It has been three months, since the night of her bachelorette party. Three months since she has seen her family or Jake, the man she was supposed to marry. Thinking back to that night she can only remember bits and pieces, she can remember the show the strippers put on, and the assortment of sex toys that were paraded in front of her. She remembers Halea said something about hopping on a bus she rented and going to one of the popular clubs, and that after they got in the bus it wasn't long before the bus crashed, and all the women were taken captive.

After the bus crash Sam was hurt and disoriented, she had no clue what was happening. The women were brought back to a large house and all of them were thrown into a basement room and restrained to the walls. They were left alone for what seemed like weeks, but it was only a day or two. A small woman would come in and feed them, and dress their wounds, but that was about it. There was little to no communication with the people that took them captive. Until He came. The day that he showed up there was a tension in the house, Sam could feel it. There were lots of heavy foot steps on the stairs and all the women's eyes went to the door. A tall brooding man stepped into the room. He had a dark green shirt and a pair of tight leather pants on. The room was too dark to get any facial features, but when he smiled Sam could see the glint of his long canines.

He didn't speak to the woman, but a few of the men behind him came into the room and took some of the women off the wall, Sam was one of the unlucky few that they picked. She couldn't tell at the time who else they grabbed, but she was pulled up the stairs by her hair and forced into a bedroom. She knew that she started to cry then, knowing that she would be raped by these men, and since now she could see their faces, she wouldn't make it out of here alive. She had seen enough cop shows to know how rapist work, and she knew better than to fight, it would only make things worse for her in the end.

Sam was thrown onto the bed face down, she didn't move. She could hear the man behind her rustling through something. "Get up." the gruff voice startled her. It sounded like someone who had smoked too many cigarettes. She obeyed instantly, afraid of what might happen if she didn't. She stood there at the edge of the bed with her eyes downcast to the floor, trying to look as small as possible. "Come on." The voice spoke again as a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into a small bathroom off of the bedroom. "There is no way out of this room except this door. That window won't break and it doesn't open. Shower and clean yourself up. Here are some towels. When you are done knock on the door. Don't worry about clothes." He pushed her towards the shower and closed the door behind her.

Sam slowly stripped off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror over the sink. She really was filthy, she couldn't remember the last time she bathed. She looked too thin, and she knew it was lack of proper nutrition that did it. She turned the shower on and waited for it to warm up a moment before stepping in under the warm spray. She saw shampoo and conditioner on the side of the tub and grabbed the shampoo and lathered her hair. As she went to rinse, the hopelessness of the situation caught up to her and she cried. She didn't know how long she cried, but the water started to cool down and she hurried her self along. There was a razor on the tub and she shaved her legs and under her arms, and trimmed up her pubic hair to feel a little more like a human being again.

Once she stepped out of the tub she dried off and walked over to the sink to see some small toiletries there, a tooth brush, a hair brush, tooth paste, mouthwash, floss, lotion, hand soap, and face soap. She pulled the toothbrush out of the plastic and brushed her teeth, rinsing with the mouthwash. She looked up into the mirror and looked at her now puffy eyes, she decided she didn't want them to see her cry, so she scrubbed her face, then let her self calm down. She ran the brush through her hair, and continued to do so until it seemed like the hair was drying. It didn't take long, since her hair was cut to just above her shoulders and it had cute choppy layers cut into it.

She used the toilet and washed her hands before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door. The door opened slowly. "I wasn't sure if you knocked or not. You were quicker than I expected." the man motioned her out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. Sam took in the room and realized it was bigger than it first looked. There was a extra large king size bed that took up most of the room, there was little other furniture except for a small table and two chairs by the window, a giant wooden trunk at the end of the bed, and a large bed side table. The man motioned her to sit at the small table by the window. She sat and looked up at his face for the first time. "Same rules for this window." She watched the man talk and noticed that his face seemed sad, like he didn't want to be doing this. "I'm going to go get you some food. The door locks on the outside, locking you in here. No other exits. Just sit there and I will be back."

Sam fiddled with her hands, she hated the nervous habit, as he left. She turned to look out the window and saw that she was at least on the second story of the house, and there was a large oak tree in the yard. She frowned when she noticed that the leaves had started to change colors already. When the door opened again and the man came in, he set down a small tray of food and a glass of juice. "What month is it?" Sam asked, her voice raspy from disuse.

"September" came the gruff reply. Sam choked in her sobs, and slumped into the chair. "Why has that made you upset?" The gruff man seemed to be genuinely concerned.

"I was supposed to be married in August." Sam was almost positive she spoke so quietly that he didn't hear her, but she was shocked when he squatted on his haunches and put his hand under her chin.

"I'm sorry." The soft words coming out of his mouth, with his deep gruff voice somehow gave Sam a bit of comfort. "I don't want to do this, I would never want a woman to be here, like this, and I am sorry that we have pulled you away from your mate. I will try to make this easy for you." He pulled her into his arms and held her as she cried, She didn't understand half the words, from being pressed into his chest, but she could feel that he was indeed sorry. He pulled back and wiped the tears from beneath her eyes before he spoke again. "I'm Jacques, you can call me Jack, Ok?" He asked and she nodded slowly.

"I'm Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam." She tried to smile, but she couldn't.

"I know you don't know where you are, and I know you have no idea what is going on." She nodded and a shriek was heard from down the hall. Sam tensed, and so did Jack. "This isn't going to be easy but, I'm going to ask you some questions and I want some truthful answers ok?" Again she nodded and he placed her back in the chair. "You need to eat." She picked up the fork and looked at the plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. She really didn't eat yolk, but she was starving, and it looked so delicious.

"Do you believe in the paranormal?" She was startled by his question and tilted her head in thought.

"Like ghosts?" She asked him.

"Ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves..." He nodded and added onto her list.

"I'm not sure. I know that there was some research done on some skulls that people believed were vampires, but all that was found was that they were regular human skulls." She took another fork full of food before continuing. "I know that somewhere in each legend there is a seed of truth, so some where along the line people either really believed in this stuff to think of creating the legends, or that the legends were modeled after some odd traits exhibited by someone a group of people didn't like. Kind of like high school drama."

"Would you believe me if I told you that such things exist?" He looked at her with an odd gaze that Sam couldn't place.

"Only if you had irrefutable proof." She jabbed her fork in his general direction. "And if you just so happen to have a vampire hidden in your pants, please don't take him out on my account." She rolled her eyes and grabbed up a piece of bacon.

Jack chuckled at her sense of humor and stood up. "I have proof, and no there isn't a vampire in my pants, but I am going to need to strip to show you this proof. When I do, I will show you something no human sees, do not scream, do not run. I don't want to hurt you, but doing those things might trigger me to do something ok? Promise me Sam?" She nodded her head and watched him strip out of his jeans and t-shirt. When he went to pull off his jeans her eyes shot to the floor. "I need you to watch this Sam."

She gulped and watched him slip the jeans off and blushed when there was nothing underneath them. She took a moment to look at his nude form. He was sculpted and very well built. His muscles were defined, and a light dusting of hair coated his chest that got dramatically darker and thicker as it got to his navel and stretched below to encompass his manhood. His legs were just as muscular as the rest of him, and despite the position she was in, her inner woman was swooning at his tall, muscular looks. Suddenly her gaze shot to his face as the air around him seemed to shimmer. She watched in horrified fascination as his face elongated and hair spread across his body. He crouched down then and let the transformation unfold. The thick black hair formed quickly, and his hands became paws. Almost as suddenly as it started, it was over and before her sat a shaggy black wolf.

"Jack?" Sam whispered as she gripped the arm of the chair. The animal in front of her whined and dropped it's head. There was another scream from down the hall and Sam jumped. The wolf's ears flattened against it's head and he growled at the door. The animal laid down on the floor and whined. Sam slowly put both feet on the floor and then knelt down next to the wolf. Her heart thundered in her ears, but she knew that this was something she had to do. She reached out her hand and touched the tips of her fingers to his snout. The wolf looked up at her with Jack's bright blue eyes, and she knew that this animal really was Jack. "This is amazing" she was awed at the feel of Jack's fur.

Jack rumbled a low pleasurable growl as her hands caressed his head and shoulders. There was a loud thump in the next room and Jack stood up and licked the side of Sam's face as she jumped. He took a few steps back and she watched the transformation in reverse. In a few moments a very naked Jack was crouched before her. As he stood, he grabbed up his clothes and motioned for her to sit back in her chair and finish eating. He dressed and walked over to the door, and growled again as a scream echoed in the hall.

"What's going on out there?" Sam whispered to herself mostly, as she finished the plate in front of her and started to work on the next one.

"The other men here are not like me Samantha." Jack stood, still with his shirt off, leaning back against the door with his eyes closed. "They are ruthless and take whatever it is that they want."

"What is it they want?" Sam looked up when he said her full name and grabbed up the glass of juice.

"Children." when the word came out of Jacks mouth Sam choked on the OJ, and gave him an incredulous look. "They want offspring. They... we are in desperate need."

"The others are Werewolves too? Why..."

"It's complicated, but I will try to explain. My father was the Alpha, the leader of our pack. My father died very suddenly one night, and my eldest brother took control of the pack. When he did, strange things started to happen. The women would start to disappear, mated or not, and the ones that stuck around couldn't have children. Soon a group of wolves with no home, or rouges, petitioned to join our ranks. My brother quickly agreed, hoping that among them would be women to get our numbers up again." Jack took a pained breath and sat on the edge of the bed.

"After these rouges joined us... my brother became deranged, He started enacting new rules, and doing whatever Edward, the rouge leader, wanted him to do. Soon Sebastian, he... set up new rules about mates. Legend has it that there is one mate for every wolf, hand chosen by the fates. Once you have found your mate, that is it. There is no one else for you, and you love that person for the rest of your lives." Jack thought for a moment. "Humans would call it soul mates." Sam nodded and continued to pick at the plate of food in front of her. "If you mate, and your mate dies, there are three options for you, you follow your mate into the afterlife to be reborn, you go crazy, or you continue living but in a severe depression until your mate is reborn."

"Werewolves believe in reincarnation I guess." Jack nodded at her statement. "So what rules did your brother enact?"

"Well, mates are scared things. They are to only be with their mates, but since we didn't have children the females were all shared to create young. This drove some mates to commit suicide." Sam gasped at the hurt she could read all over Jack's face. "There are hardly any wolves left of the old pack. We have been mostly overrun with rouges, and since then my brother has decided we need to go find human mates and turn them, then turn them into him to be part of the pack harem."

"Is that what we were taken for?" Sam was shocked.

"Yes. That is what awaits you, I'm afraid. I'm trying to get you and your friends out of here though. There is a pack here that is very close to us, and they have been on our tails for a while. I am trying to leave them clues to intervene. It's time these rouges are dealt with." Jack sighed and looked over at Sam who was studying her toes.

"If this pack intervenes, what will happen to you? Or your brother? The members of your original pack?" She looked up at him in confusion. "What happens to us? The women?"

"The pack that I am trying to contact is fair, they follow older traditions and will find you women a home and even your real mates. I knew the alpha when he was a pup, but I doubt he would remember us. As for my brother, what ever can be done to save him, but I am sure the outcome would not be pleasant. As for the rest of my pack, they would be placed within this pack, although they would be lower in ranks & forced to earn a new title, if there are any decent ones left." He shook his head. "This is such a mess."

"Jack, why... why did you bring me up here?"

"I'm to turn you Samantha, each of the men here are to choose a captured girl and turn them, then take them back. The turning can be... painful if it isn't done right." Sam blanched at his words. "There are a few men here that are good men, just following orders, so we prefer to do this with the littlest pain. We have a drug, it was created by one of the original members of my pack, a good doctor. When he found out what the rouges were up to he started to work on something to help the women. This drug works as a powerful aphrodisiac, it increases arousal in women. If the woman is high with pleasure, the turning goes better. Turning would be best if you were with your mate, along with pleasure the love will bind you."

"...Ok. So if you are just looking for babies, why do you need to turn us?"

"Well, half human babies are considered weaklings, and once turned the human's cycle will change to that of a were. Sometimes, if the female is lucky they go into heat up to three times a year, usually it is once though. Once a heat cycle is established, then the males know when it is best to impregnate the females to create offspring. When a were turns a human a bond is formed, whether it be during mating or not. Through this bond, the male can sense when the female is fertile, and then he can impregnate her. While mating during a heat cycle, the male will pin himself to the female to keep the sperm inside the womb, increasing the chance of fertilization tenfold."

"Are you going to turn me then?" her voice seemed so small even to her own ears.

"Yes, my wolf knows that you are not it's mate, but he senses something in you that makes us believe that you are the mate of a wolf, somewhere. Once turned you may dream of him, which is common in were culture. Once you have your own wolf, she will let you know."

"You speak of the wolf as if it's a separate entity." Sam looked at him confused. Her heart hurt, knowing that if he does this, she will never be with Jake again. She will never be normal or get married like she wanted. Her dreams of a four bedroom house with a two car garage and a beautiful yard surrounded by a white picket fence were thoroughly ruined.

"It is and it isn't. My wolf is a part of me and I am a part of it. We are each individuals residing in the same body. While in human form I have the senses and instincts of the wolf, while in wolf form I have the ability to reason of a man. While in wolf form the wolf can talk to the man, and vice versa. We are the same yet we are not. Wolves are in tune with their inner beast, and their primal instincts, where as the man has the ability to reason and the common knowledge of the era." He scrunched his nose and tilted his head, in an almost dog like way. "I don't think I explained that quite right."

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