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The Bachelorette Parties


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The guys are using my cabin for Kate's bachelorette party. Yes, sounds strange, but she is more girl than guy now. Mark said they were having dancers and Freya was providing the mead. It should be a fun time. Kate's cousins have always kept an eye out for her, and since it's just them, it shouldn't get to out of hand.



I was surprised when Satana called me and told me to expect some business for a couple of wedding parties. I was definitely surprised that it was for Kate and Allison. Wow, that has got to be the biggest event of the summer so far. I was told to keep quiet about the bachelorette parties, which I always do. The guy, Mark, hired six of my girls. One of them is a Tgurl who goes by the name Lollipop; she is very popular. Sally Monroe hired only two dancers. Hmm...the guys seem to have a dancer for each guest, while the girls are only having just the two. Hell, I have known Sally since kindergarten, and she did let me know that the dancers had better be up to speed on pussy licking. Hmm...I just might go to this one myself and send another to Kate's!



We have the cabin all decorated. We got the girls to help so it looks like a girls' party. Oh, don't give me that what-the-fuck look; this is for Kate, after all. Wow, I saw her for the first time today, and damn, she's one hot little girl now! She looks and acts like a girl, so I was right, and having just the guys for the party—they're gonna freak, but not in a bad way.



We went home for the parties.

Dad's little surprise is still sinking in. I'm fucking rich and I can do what I want, which is teach and be a field archaeologist--you know, a real-life Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.

The guys were surprised at my new look, but they hugged me and kissed me. Hmm...a couple even felt me up. I must have a chat with my horny cousins to let them know that I'm off limits! Mark hired a dancer for each of us, so this should be an interesting party.



Sally M. met us at the airport and told me that the party would be tomorrow night, at the same time as the guys' so we would be out of each others way. We will have a couple of dancers. I've got an idea it's gonna be an all-night pussy-licking party . Sally is no stranger to girl-on-girl sex. I swear a couple of the guys felt Kate's ass when they hugged her; I damn well know they did mine, the horny little boys.



We got to the cabin and, damn, the guys had gone all out! It looked more like a girl's party, and--get this--they even had a cute little veil and tiara for me to wear. The music started, and out came six dancers. I saw that one was a Tgurl like me. She was five foot seven and was a sexy black girl. The dancers all had on long wedding veils and hot-pink G-stings and matching pink heels. The other girls ranged in height from five foot five to five foot nine. One girl had her hair done in bright blue and another in hot pink. The black girl was in the lead and said, "Now where is the naughty girl who's getting married?"

I raised my hand and said, "That would be me."

I was wearing a pair of low-rider jeans and a white sheer blouse and heels. The black girl then took my arm and said, "Sweetie, you're coming with us." They took me into another room and promptly began to undress me, after which they dressed me in a veil and--get this--a white corset, a matching thong, stockings, and white heels. They all took a turn playing with my cock, and they all winked at me, especially the girl named Lollipop!

Then they played "Here Comes the Bride", and I was escorted back to the main room and told to sit on a throne, as I was the guest of honor. Hmm...the throne had not been there before. I could see the guys were laughing their asses off; I smiled and flipped them the bird.

A bartender suddenly appeared; she said, "Bar's open!" It was Freya's girl, Nana; she was wearing a hot-pink corset, boots, and nothing else. Well, the mead was soon flowing, and the dancers began doing their routines, one per guest.

Lollipop was paying special attention to me. She soon was giving me a lap dance, and before I could say anything she had ripped my thong off. She twirled it over her head and tossed it to the guys. Billy caught it and promptly stashed it in his pants pocket. I'm sure that's the last I will ever see of it.

Well, my cock was now out and fully erect. Everyone was watching as Lollipop rose up and slide down my pole. She rose up again and, saying, "Oops, I forgot something," removed a condom that was part of my veil decorations and placed it on my cock. She then slid back down on me.

"We don't need me getting pregs now, do we?" she asked. The guys howled at that, as everyone knows Allison is pregnant.

I was bushing red at this point, and Lollipop gave me a French kiss that wouldn't wait. She then slid off and removed her G-string and, to my amazement, placed it on my head like a crown. I was laughing hard now; here I had just been fucked in front of my cousins, and now I was wearing a pink G-sting on my head. Then she placed a condom on her nice huge cock, flipped me over, and slid into my ass. Damn, it had been awhile, but I let her fuck me. The guys were enjoying themselves, watching me and having their own dancers tend to them. Just before Lollipop came, she pulled out and had me on my knees, sucking her hot cock. Hmm...yes, I had been too long without sucking a cock. I soon had her coming all over my face.

I licked the cum off with my tongue and said, "Yummy! Too bad you guys are too scared to try some of this Lollipop!"

Mark said, "Hell no, I ain't scared, Cuz. I just ain't never had no Lollipop like that one before."

Lollipop just strolled over in a hooker walk and said, "Well, give it a try, big boy!"

Mark's girl then came over to me and began sucking me off. Mark, he just got on his knees and gave his first-ever blowjob! It went on like this for the rest of the night: each girl had a go at me, and all the guys had a turn with Lollipop. Only Mark was brave enough to let her take him in his ass; the rest said no way. Hmm...I do believe that boy may be bisexual, as he loved it when she was using his tight little ass.



Now this was the best party ever! Damn, I can't believe I let Lollipop fuck me in the ass. The other guys all gave her a blow job but balked at getting fucked.

Also, where the hell did Nana come from? But it was kewl. Damn, she didn't have any panties on, just a corset and boots. She passed out the mead—damn, that's strong stuff for being made out of honey! Needless to say, we all kind of passed out after a bit and spent the night.

At one point, Kate disappeared upstairs with Lollipop and a couple of the other girls.

They came back down and the other girls went up. Damn, were they all having sex with Kate? They sure were walking like they had just been fucked. Anyway, we each got to fuck our dancer, too .The girls kissed and hugged us and told us to call if we ever needed them again. Hmm...Lollipop and Kate were still upstairs. I asked Kate when she and Lollipop finally came down if she had been...well...doing it.

She just grinned and said, "Sure have been, Cuz."

Damn, my little cousin had just gotten laid by all the girls. I wonder what's going on over at the party for Allison.



I have been to a few of these parties, but this one has been the best one ever! Kate, bless her, was a sweetie. I did ask her when we finally had some alone time how she got her breasts so big without surgery. She said she was part of a new hormone therapy test program and the drugs she was taking should be out soon. I asked if they would work on someone using the older drugs; she said she had no clue but would ask the Doctor in charge, and she took my information to give to her.

Well, we made out for like an hour or two. Damn, she can suck cock with the best of them; judging from her prison ink she had lots of experience when she was in jail. Me, I never got involved with a gang. I'm glad I was able to hook up with Candy, who has provided me with steady and enjoyable employment.

I told Kate that there was an extra pair of panties and stockings to go with the corset. She laughed and said somebody was thinking ahead. I told her I had no clue who provided the outfit, just that we had a note to dress her in it. We made arrangements for me to get together with her and her new bride for a little threesome action without anyone else around before they left town.



Auntie's guest house was the setting for my little party. There were ten girls beside me. Auntie Freya was there, and so was Satana. I noticed a stripper pole had been set up. I asked where Nana was, and Freya told me she was the guys' bartender. I laughed at that; knowing Nana, she'd be riding all of the guys, even Kate, before the night was over.

The music started, and this hot girl with bright red hair came out and began doing a slow strip. Soon she was on the pole. Damn, she could move on that thing! The girls had given me this sexy veil and tiara to wear, which was kind of fun, seeing as how I was already naked except for my heels. As Satana says, fuck clothes; it's party time, and yep, we all were naked. The dancer made her way over to me and gave me a lap dance, which was pretty wild. Soon I saw Carmen working the pole (damn, I didn't know she could do that!). Sally was wearing a cute little outfit, too, and she began to dance as well. There was one more girl they hired: a short blonde wearing a white teddy; wow, she really knew how to move and was stripping off Sally's outfit.

My redhead was going down on my cunt like a pro. I must have come a couple times just from that. Next thing I knew, she had put on a damn strap-on and was fucking my cunt.

After I was fucked till I came a couple times, Carmen--out of the blue--announced that it was now fun and games time. Hmm...what was she up to now? Well, she said the first game was going to be who could work the pole the best, and I had first crack at it.

I tried to plead out of it, but she told me I was not that pregnant. So I did my best moves on the pole. Damn, that was a good workout! I wrapped my legs around it, and damn! I came as I slid down the thing.

Each of the girls, including Satana and Auntie, took a turn on the thing. Damn, Auntie was damn near as good as the dancers we hired! Well, Candy (she's the redhead) announced that Auntie was the winner and told her that anytime she wanted a job she could have one. Auntie laughed and said no, thank you, she didn't think she was up to being a dancer.

The next naughty game was a round of Twister. Gee, where were Sally and Carmen getting this stuff? And yes, they insisted I had to play! Well, I was declared the winner and told that my prize was waiting in the bedroom. Hmm...now what the hell were they setting me up for? The girls were whistling while I went to the room to see who or what was my prize. I opened the door and, damn, it was Jenna lying on the bed!

She said, "Come here, you naughty girl, and get what you have always wanted."

Damn, I thought she wasn't going to be here! Well, I wasted no time hopping on the bed and kissing her. I kissed her all over her breasts and down her belly till I got to her cunt. She is hairless, and it felt strange to do a woman with no hair; I mean, most girls I know have at least a little patch. I slid my tongue into her, and damn, she almost exploded on me! I soon had her under my control and was exploring her beautiful cunt. She told me to flip so she could get some of me. I did as I was told, and damn, she began to work me like no one else had before. Soon we exploded in what seemed like gallons of cum. We must have eaten each other out for a couple of hours. The other girls, from the sound of it, were having fun as well, but damn, Jenna knew how to make a girl go weak.

Jenna placed a collar and leash on my neck and kissed me, saying, "Welcome to the family, my little one." She then lead me back into the other room and announced, "Ladies, I give you my new daughter, Allison."

The girls all cheered, and soon my mom came out—damn, where did she come from?—

and hugged and kissed me, telling me that I was still her daughter but I was Jenna's as well now.

Candy came over, took my leash, and paraded me around the room. Each girl gave me a hug and kiss. Candy then said, "Girls, it's time to show our new mommy-to-be how we love her."

They all the girls came over to me and, each in turn, ate my cunt until I came. Damn, I have never come so damn much at one time! Wow, talk about a finish!

Afterward, I was too weak to stand, but Mom and Jenna held me up and escorted me to the bath so I could get cleaned up. The girls were starting to head on home. Damn, it was three in the morning! Yes, we had been going at it almost all night.



Jenna and I had planned to be here all along, but I wanted to properly give Allison to Jenna. Freya was awesome on the pole, and Ally wasn't too bad either; I must see about getting one of those poles for the playroom at my house.

My little girl was surprised to see me here. What, did you really think I would miss this party? Damn, I can't wait to see the DVD of Kate's party!



I had planned on taking Ally, but her party was indeed the perfect place to do it in front of girls she had known all her life. Yes it was all on video, and the girls got to watch us as we made love. Don't look shocked; gee, you people act so proper at times!

Hmm...I wonder now what Kate's party is like. Well, we shall see it on DVD soon enough!



The rest of the week was one party after another. Whew! Some were for both Ally and me, and some were just the traditional bridal shower with just her invited. On the days of the latter, I worked on my old 1965 Chevy truck; the guys would help me on it some times.

One day I went to get my jumpsuit on, and the guys had replaced it with one of those sexy little NASCAR pit girl costumes. Well, I put it on, complete with the high- heeled boots. The guys howled in laughter. Even my Mom was laughing, and so was Ally, as I did my model pose for them. Then Mom and Ally took off for their party, and I said to the boys, "OK, wise guys, where is my jumpsuit?"

"Right here, missy, but you've got to wear that under it to get it back!" they said, holding the jumpsuit up.

"OK, but I'm not ruining these boots, so I'm putting on some work shoes."

"We thought of that," they said, tossing me a pair of biker-girl boots which were more suitable for working on the truck with.

I put the biker boots on. They were still sexy, but usable. You've just got to love the guys and their jokes. I'm taking the truck back with us to Auntie's; after all, it is a classic now, and I own it free and clear.

You know, I still haven't found out who got me the corset set. I even went and asked Grandma Hufen; she laughed but pleaded innocence. So it shall be a mystery. Ally loved it on me, but she liked me wearing it without the thong better.



Kate still hasn't found out who gave her the lingerie set. OK, just between us, it was me. Yep, I'm the naughty girl who gave it to her.

The guys one day switched her grubby work clothes for a cute little NASCAR pit girl costume. Damn, she looked sexy as hell in it! They finally gave her jumpsuit, but she had to wear the pit girl costume under it.

Well, I better get to this party. It's at Senator Kastle's, and every one who is anybody will be there.

Friday will be the family dinner, and we are sneaking in a little threesome with our new friend Lollipop, better known as Amanda Lewis. Damn, I was surprised; I knew Andy when I was a cheerleader and he was on the football team!

Saturday is the wedding. Then it's back up to Cambridge and the one there and, yes, more parties! We were going to be totally nude, but Hufen suggested we wear veils and be nude underneath; after all, she explained, not everyone would be comfy with us totally naked, and for the handfasting we would remove the veils. The other girls are wearing peach ones, and ours are the traditional colors of magic green for Kate and red for me. We gave the girls the option of wearing matching thongs, but they all said no way . The guys are going to be the ushers, and they will be dressed as medieval lords in red and green outfits.


Amanda, aka Lollipop

Wow! Kate got me in touch with this Doctor Maggie, and she gave me an exam and said I would be good for her study. She's here for the wedding.

I was even given an invitation to attend. Kate's and Ally's moms said it would be OK, since about twenty people said they couldn't be here but were sending gifts. So they just added me to the guest list, and I'm bringing Candy as my guest; she knows one of the Maids of Honor, Sally Monroe. I have a date Friday night with both Ally and Kate--hmm... this should be fun--and yes, I mean date, not a client visit. Gee, even working girls have fun, you know.



I arrived early by a couple of days so I could get to know Allison and Kate's mothers. I got to know them and some other formidable women as well.

Yes, Lady Jenna is not one to be messed with. She respects that Carmen is a Lobo just like Kate is, but she did say that their studies came first now and that until they were fully trained there were hers. I can agree to this.

Madam Kwong struck me as a very powerful lady. Kate addresses her as Grandmother, and Madam Kwong calls Kate her granddaughter. I'm not too sure on the connection, but from what I found out, she is Lady Jenna's godmother.

Lady Freya is a very sexy woman, and she welcomed me as a friend.

Satana—now, she is full of fun, even if she is a servant of the dark one. Her three girls are very fun to be around as well.

Momma Rose is a Voodoo queen, and she will be in charge of the wedding. Her daughter is Lady Jenna's lover Mary, and her niece Sally is the other maid of honor.

Allison's mother is also a powerful woman and is Lady Jenna's second. She told me that I was always welcome in her home and that I was a good person. Hmm...she told me this from hugging me; yes, one should never get a lady of power mad at one!


Amanda (Lollipop)

I met the girls at Ally's Aunts house, and we went to the cabin that Kate's party was at for our own little private party. I'm surprised Ally remembered me from when I was a guy. She was not into guys back then, but it's funny now that she and Geoff (or, rather, Kate) used to have lots of dates. Strange how things work out: a cover for me so I can play with my girlfriend boyfriend, and wham--they are getting married and she is pregnant with their child, and from what the buzz is it's going to be a girl. I dressed in a cute little minidress and matching heels and thong in electric blue. Even I must confess I looked pretty hot in it.



I recognized Amanda right off as soon as we got upstairs the other night. Damn, for a running back, she turned out very sexy!

The dinner party went very well, although it was the usual speeches excreta. I wore a black skirt, my corset, a white blouse, and black heels.

I'm glad the party lasted only two hours, after which Ally and I were able to take off. We did hint to Mom that we had a...hmm...date with a sexy friend to go to. She smiled and told us to say hello to Amanda for her. Damn, Mom seems to always know what I'm up to! Well, she can read me like a book, and so can Grandma Hufen.

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