The Backseat


On the ride in there was a lot of chatter back and forth, laughing and joking about the club we were headed too. Turning to talk to people behind me I noticed that the fellow with the date had his arm over her shoulder with his hand inside her blouse, there was no doubt he was fondling her tits. She seemed unconcerned that either me or the guy sitting beside them were watching. My wife and Donald were sitting close in the rear seat and I could see his arm over the back seat rest. I tried to see what, if anything was going on, but it was a restricted view and I couldn't tell what was happening back there, if anything.

After a few miles the conversation turned to the club we were headed too, apparently women were encouraged to give up their bra and panties for free drinks. The ceiling of the bar was covered with womens underwear; one of the guys said that if you had expensive panties or a bra that you didn't want to lose then you had better take it off now. The woman sitting behind me volunteered she wasn't wearing a bra but after some coaxing she lifted her ass off the seat and slipped off her panties, myself and the two guys setting beside her watched as pulled her panties over her sandals and handed them to her date.

I could see my wife moving around in the back seat and Donalds arm had disappeared from the seat back, the guy directly behind me turned to watch whatever she was doing, he leaned over the seat for a minute or so then reached back as she handed him something, he turned in my direction he handed me my wife's white lace panties and bra. I put them in my pocket.

It was a long ride to the club, the suspence of what my wife was doing in the back seat was driving me nuts. I watched from the connor of my eye and turned several times to talk to the people behind me. The guy in the middle seat continued to openly fondle his date's breast, her skirt had ridden high on her thigh any attempted to keep in down would have been futile. They were quiet in the back seat but I could see them sitting very close, both men sitting in the middle seat kept glancing back to watch whatever was happening. This was driving me crazy, not knowing what they were doing. It wasn't exactly jealousy but almost a sexually tension not knowing what my wife and Donald were doing.

After a long ride we arrived at the club. As my wife climbed out of the back seat and bent to exit the taxi her low V neck dress gapped open exposing her braless tits. Thinking of her being without panties and her freshly shaved pussy beneath her dress begin to make my cock hard. I wondered if she and Donald had played around after she took off her bra and panties. I had to find an opportuntiy to talk with her, what was she doing in the backseat?

The club was large and packed with a younger crowd, many college age. Our group was a little older than the norm, we were all in our late 20's to early 30's. There were a lot of scantily clad young college age things who were showing a lot of skin, the atmosphere on the dance floor and in the seating area was sexually charged.

All of us danced and partied for several hours, my wife dancing with all of us, but more with Donald than the others. In this large club I lost track of her more than once but she was without doubt having a good time, more fun than she had had for awhile I'm sure. Sometime after 1:00 my wife and I were ready to call it a night, drinking all day and half the night was taking its toll. We let our friends know that we were going to head back to the hotel. They decided to stay awhile but at the last minute just as we were getting ready to leave Donald conferred with the other two men and decided he would ride back with us.

While we were at the club I had a brief chance to talk with Sara over the dim of music and crowd noise. It was almost impossible to talk on the dance floor. When I asked about the ride in she was somewhat coy, just saying that she was having a good time. She finally said, sure he touched me, and yes she found it exciting to feel another man's hands on her body. I didn't ask where he touched her, I guess I was trying to be cool, but I sure wondered where he had touched her and how far they had gone, my mind was running wild. Was I jealous or if it bothered me she wouldn't let anything else happen she assured me. I let her know I found it exciting for her to be less uptight, and no I wasn't jealous, she should do whatever felt right, as long as we kept it open to each other. It know it sounded like a pat answer, but what else was I to say, this still seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

At the curb in front of the club we found a line of taxis although the price was higher than the trip in, we had little choice. After my wife's revelations at the club and our little discussion I had decided to take the front seat and let my wife and Donald take the backseat. Only this time it was a regular taxi and the seat was directly behind me.

We had all had a lot to drink and were feeling the affects, I couldn't help though but feel we were all acting a little drunker than we actually were, it provided a handy excuse for whatever happened. As we climbed into the taxi Donald sat directly behind me and my wife sat close to him toward the middle. Closer than normal I thought, they were sitting with their legs touching, a lot of seat was available. I was able to see sideways from the connor of my eye, and like I said pretended to be drunker than I was. Looking back on that night I think being a little drunk was an excuse for everyone.

The taxi was hardly out of the parking lot when I saw his arm go around my wife and pull her even closer, she leaned against him with his left arm drapped over her shoulder. Immediately without any preliminaries, as if he was picking up where he left off, his hand slipped into my wifes low cut V neck dress. There was no hesitation and no resistance on her part. From the connor of my eye I could see his arm around her shoulder as he begin to fondle her tit with his left hand, her tit was almost out of her dress. This movement was casual, no attempt to hide their actions, it was as if he knew he had an ok or maybe he was just testing. With his hand down her dress he continued to fondle her with his left hand, I could tell he was tweaking her nipple as she squirmed slightly.

My wife turned slightly and leaned further back against him putting her feet in the empty seat beside her. He could now reach both of her tits easily with his left hand. I saw all of this from the connor of my eye, it had happened so quick, the taxi hadn't even reached the road back to our hotel. My head was resting sideways on the seat back as I continued to steal peeks toward the backseat.

Donald spoke to me asking how I liked the club and did I have a good time just general conversation. When I turned sideways in my seat to answer, he didn't move his hand from my wifes tits but continued to fondle her openly, his hand massaging one of her tits then the other. I watched his hand inside of her dress, both tits were partitally out of the dress as he moved his hand from one to the other. I was mesmerized, he looked at my expression, a faint smile was on his face as he rolled her nipple between his fingers. The V neck of her dress had been pulled open and both of her tits were exposed.

Donald said he thought my wife was beautiful and he hoped I didn't mind him admiring her. He though her tits were perfect. I didn't know, or couldn't think of what to say. While I was turned in their direction he slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and lowered the top of her dress below her tits leaving her naked to the waist. He looked up at me as he pushed her dress down further, it was as if he was displaying her for my benefit. His hand continued to massage both of her tits and her abdomen reaching as far as he could with his left hand. Sara arched her back and pressed closer to him, he pushed her dress down further well below her belly button.

I looked at the driver, who was aware of the backseat action, but like me he was just a voyeur he didn't know this was my wife with someone we had met only hours before. He kept checking the rearview mirror and had slowed down considerably.

When I turned to look at the backseat again, his head was lowered looking at her torso and trying to push her dress down lower, her eyes were still closed when she raised her hips and ass off the seat, this allowed him to slide her dress down to her upper thighs, this was as far as he could reach. Her dress was well below her freshly shaved pussy. His head was still lowered looking at her naked body , he looked up and caught my eye and again gave me a faint smile. Sara laid against him completely exposed she had surrended herself to the moment. My cock was rock hard as I watched from the front seat.

Donald fumbled with his belt with one hand and after a minute or so had his pants un-zipped and loosened. The head of his cock was peeking out of the top of his shorts. This was going further than I had envisioned in my fantasies. Donald was a big good looking guy and it looked like he was really hung, he was definately attracted to my wife and it appeared it was a mutual attraction. As she leaned back against his body her arm now rested on his leg, I watched as her hand caressed the calf of his leg. His cock was pressing against her shoulder as she leaned on his chest.

Sara leaned further back into his arms, his right arm cradled her body as she scooted back and laid her naked body acoss his lap, her head was cradled in his right arm resting on his chest, his left hand free to explore her now totally exposed body. Sara raised her legs and pushed her dress down to her feet and kicked it off. Her eyes were still closed as she now lay totally naked across his lap, his hard cock poking out of his shorts was pressed against the side of her body only inches from her face. Even with her eyes shut she had to be aware of his hard cock pressing against her.

I turned sideways in my seat my head resting on the seat back watching from the connor of my eye, not wanting to stare for some reason. His hand moved down her smooth body and brushed through her sparce patch of pubic hair, my wife parted her right leg and moved it off the seat and placed her foot on the floorboard. Whoaaaaaaa. She was opening her legs to give him easy and open access to her smooth and hairless pussy. He looked up again and caught me watching, he grinned slightly as his hand roamed down her body all the while he would look down at her prone body then glance up at me as his hand moved steadly toward her parted legs.

He kept his eyes on me as his hand went between her legs, my focus shifted to the movement of his hand, he begin to rub her slowly and as I watched a finger dipped into her wet pussy. She squirmed in his lap. Her legs parted further,one leg was pressed against the seat back and the other knee was touching the front seat. She had her legs spread as wide as she could in the restricted space of the backseat. He was looking down at her prone body his fingers had found her protruding clit. As he gently rubbed between her parted legs she squirmed beneath him, her hand reached down and with two fingers pulled the hood of her clit upward exposing it for his fingers to caress.

He looked up at me once again with the same faint grin, neither of us spoke not knowing what to say. He seemed like he wanted to speak but wasn't sure what to say. All the time he continued to gently massage her clit and insert a finger, then two, into her wet open cunt. To say I had mixed emotions is the understatement of the year. Sara was really surprising me to say the least. If I am capable of being shocked , she was shocking me with her behavior. She couldn't have made herself anymore available to this man we had just met earlier today.

Sara's naked body begin to stir and move with the rhythm of his touch, his hand was cupped over her pussy and it appeared his finger was inserted inside cunt. Suddenly she clamped her legs closed which I knew to be a sign that she was nearing or having an orgasm. She partially sat up and saw me peering over the seat watching as Donald brought her to orgasm with his fingers. She sat all the way up and leaned her head toward mine. As she swung her body in my direction she sat her naked ass on his lap, Donald reached around and fondled her tits with both hands as I watched. Sara whispered to me and asked if I was having a good time, I just shook my head yes, she was bent over in my direction toward the seat headrest. She whispered that so was she.

Donald continued to fondle her tits with both hands while she was sitting on his lap, as I watched her face she sucked in a soft breath and let it out slowly then squirmed her naked ass on his lap. It took a second for me to realize that he had slipped his cock into her from behind. Her body begin to move in a slow rhythm to his strokes. This slow fucking motion lasted for several minutes as she rode his cock, lifting herself high then sliding down the length of his hard dick. She opened and closed her eyes several times, looking at me. The rhythm began to increase as he begin fucking her harder,her head moved backward as she sat up on his lap, her head slightly bent due to the low headroom. He was fucking her faster and harder his hands now on her hips raising her ass to take his cock to the hilt, she braced her arms on the front seat as she bounced on his lap, her tits jiggled as he fucked her faster. Sara tensed and drew in another breath, he was apparently about to cum, she leaned back on his chest, his hand reached around for her clit once more and she again tensed and let out a soft moan.

I was watching intently, my glaze did not move from their bodies.He touched her clit as she arched backward against him, her body grew rigid for several moments as she shuddered with mild spasms then her body totally relaxed.

Sara remained sitting on his lap leaning back against his chest her eyes closed, his hands were still resting on her hips. She remained still, leaning back with his cock still inside her,when suddenly his dick slipped out of her cunt and hung free between her spread legs. Sara was still straddling his legs as she reached down and took his wet cock in her hand and began to stroke him slowly. His cock was semi hard and slippery, still covered with her wetness. Her pussy was parted and still open from the rather large cock that had just slipped out. She continued to stroke his cock as it hung between her spread legs. He became harder as she rubbed it against her open cunt. She looked at me again and had a glazed looking smile. This was almost to much for me to stand, my dick was about to explode, if you would have touched me with a feather I would have cum, my mind was having a hard time taking this all in.

I will never be certain but I'm almost sure that Sara would have fucked him again once his cock was hard if we would have had more time. We all became aware that we were getting near the resort, both Donald and my wife started pulling themselves together. She picked up her dress and slipped it over her head as he pulled up his pants. The taxi pulled up to the resort enterance and brighter lights hit us, we all stumbled to get out. I stood there with a noticeable wet spot on my pants as Donald paid the driver. We said our goodbys, Donald and my wife hugged and exchanged a brief kiss. We walked off in seperate directions toward our room.

Donald and his friends checked out the next day before we were up. He left a note and a phone number for us to reach him if we were in the Dallas area, he also sent flowers to Sara from the hotel florist. This episode did spice up both our vacation and our sex life in general. Surfice it to say it just did, without me trying to provide an analysis of why, because I'm not sure I understand why.

Maybe this all sounds kind of crude in the way I discribe it and a little over the top, but at the time it just sort of flowed along one thing after the other, and it happened quick, not a lot of time to think about it as it happened. Will it ever happen again, hard to imagine it will, but who knows we have another vacation next year, and we do have Donalds phone number.

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