tagNonHumanThe Bad Girl

The Bad Girl


My submissive lover, you have been a very bad girl. I feel the need to teach you a lesson. I know just the place and manner of your punishment. You will follow me into the dark. I hold your leash! There is no chance of escape and no one to hear your screams for help, should you choose to cry out.

I blindfold you and take you to a place where I lead using my small flashlight into an otherwise perfectly dark room. Our feet echo on the floor and you hear rustling sounds as though you are surrounded by people or creatures hiding from the light, afraid to be seen by a "normal."

Hidden in the dark are strangely abnormal people, anxious to ravish you, the beautiful maiden. Their deformities make them hide from the light; they have been starved from ever experiencing the pleasures of a gorgeous woman.

I lead you to a raised platform in the middle of the room and push you onto your back upon the platform where your arms and legs are suddenly grasped and held in place by gnarled hands that hold you in place like iron shackles. Calloused fingers roam your chest, seeking out your erect nipples, rubbing and squeezing them with sandpaper-like textures that bring both pain and pleasure to you large swelling breasts.

As these hands and fingers explore your body, something latches to your nipples. At first it feels like two narrow misshapen mouths, but then suction like nothing you ever have experienced begins to increase in a pulsing, sucking sensation that makes you almost want to scream in your pain and pleasure.

As the pulsating suction continues at your nipples, you feel something between your legs that is soft and wet like a tongue, exploring your vulva and ass. But then you realize it is not a normal tongue, but a multi-tentacled one that begins to intrude inside you while massive lips massage your labia. One tentacle enters your vagina while another intrudes into your ass and another rhythmically strokes your clitoris until you scream and convulse in massive orgasm.

"ENOUGH," I shout, in response to which all of these strange appendages retreat, leaving you tingling. You anticipate what is next with wanton abandon tinged with fear. "What is my master planning next," you wonder when a thumping sound seems to move across the room, like the steps of a large fearsome beast approaching.

Just as the steps seem to reach the platform, giant paws tipped with sharp claws grasp your thighs and force them farther apart as something hot and stiff presses against your vulva. At first it is not too large and you know you are going to be fucked, but you can take this - you have had larger men. But as it enters you it begins to swell in size until it is larger than you ever have experienced. And inside you, you feel it swell even more, forming a large knot from which there is no escape. The monster continues to push until you feel the hot head of this beast press against your cervix.

You feel as though you are being fisted by a very large hand and thick masculine arm. As you lay there between pain and pleasure you feel the gigantic member begin to stroke itself in and out of you, pulling back until the knot stops its withdrawal, then pushing into you until you feel it bump against your cervix.

With each long and deep stroke, the beast increases his speed, pounding you like a locomotive, then stopping, and slowly stroking you. The monster inside you seems to know when you are on the edge of cumming, but prevents you from reaching your climax, then quickly again bringing you to the brink.

You struggle and writhe, your body thrusting up to meet the monster when he stops, seeking release; retreating from the assault when he pounds you hard. You lose track of all time, feeling nothing but your excitement, your pain, and your near ecstasy.

Finally, the monster grunts and begins to find a constant rhythm that is perfectly synchronized with the needs of your body, which begins to spasm in contractions and you feel an orgasm unlike any you have ever experienced that lasts for what seems like eternity.

You don't know when it stops as you have lost all sense of what is around you. I gently lift you into my arms and carry you back in the direction from which we came. We reach the door and I gently set you upon the floor, hold you in my arms and brush my lips upon your cheek and lips.

"You were a very bad girl," I say. "Will you ever be that bad again?" I ask.

"YES!!" You scream, to which I respond, "Good Girl!"

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I can never understand people that comment on stories they don't like. Don't like, didn't read. While I feel there could have been more detail, it was still hot. This is a free site. Don't discouragemore...

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