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My wife Brandy is very hot, she's 5'7" with long brown hair and 36d silicone breasts that I bought her for her 40th birthday. She works out a lot and has a kick ass body with killer legs and an all over tan.

Since she's turned 40 she's been a little down. She feels she's lost her sex appeal which is crazy. She still looks like she's in her early 30's. But some times theres no talking sense to her.

We were on vacation to a cool town with lots of small hip bars and live music in everyone.

We spent the day at the local nude beach just laying out and drinking. Needless to say she got a lot of attention which was lost on her. I was turned on by all the attention she was getting so when we went back to the hotel room we had some great sex then went out for the night.

Brandy put on a killer low cut pink mini-skirt that showed off her ample cleavage and some high heel shoes that made her legs look awesome. We hopped from club to club checking out the bands. Needless to say she got a lot of looks wherever we went. We came to one bar that had an incredible rock trio playing oldies. It was a small club so we had to sit at the far end of the bar away from the stage.

We had several drinks and the guy on Brandy's other side struck up a conversation with her. He was from Australia. Brandy asked him about his drink. It was something Australians drink and he offered her a sip. She took one and when she didn't mind it he bought her one. She had several and she was getting a bit tipsy. When she gets drunk she gets wild, out going and very horny.

She decided she wanted to hear the band play some Bob Seger so she headed to the back of the club where the stage was. I could see the lead guitar player bend down and talk to her. They played several songs before a Seger song. I watched as she swayed and danced to the music. Several guys tried to hit on her handing her shots which she downed but she continued dancing alone facing the band.

They played for quite awhile before taking a break. When she didn't return I got a little concerned and went to look for her. She wasn't out back smoking in the alley with a group of people. As I returned down the dimly lit hallway I heard noises coming from behind a door.

I slowly opened it and saw Brandy's pink dress laying on the floor. I peaked around the door and saw Brandy on her knees, naked still in her heels surrounded by the band with their dicks out. She had one cock in her mouth and the other two in her hands. I was glad to see none of them were as big as me.

She took turns jacking them off and blowing them. Several other guys stood around watching and commenting on her prowess. She stopped sucking cock long enough to ask if anyone was going to fuck her. With that the drummer grabbed her hips and pulled her up then bent her over, her mouth never came off the cock she was sucking. He grabbed her ass and slip his cock into her waiting pussy. Holding onto her hips with both hands he pounded away as she continued to suck the bass players cock.

The other guys were shouting at him to give it to her good and he didn't disappoint. She had several orgasms as he really gave it to her hard. Soon he pulled out and came all over her back. She turned to him and pointed at her mouth as she rubbed the semen into her skin she said "Thats what this is for." The lead guitar player pulled her over to a chair and as he sat down he spun her around facing away from him. She reached down and guided his cock into her pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto it.

She started bouncing up and down on his cock as he pinched and pulled on her nipples. The bass player approached and stuck his dick in her mouth grabbing her head with his hands he fucked her mouth. The group watching was really getting into the show. Several of them had their dicks out and were beating off.

I realized I too was rubbing my cock through my jeans. She told me in college her boyfriend would have her fuck his friends and sometimes they'd double team her. When she 'd tell me those stories we'd end up having a great fuck session. I've always fantasied about watching her fuck some other dude and now here it was right before my eyes. The reality was way better than anything I've ever imagined.

Soon the Bass player gave a big thrust then he exploded into her mouth. He held her head tight making her swallow his entire load. She struggled to get loose but he wouldn't release her. Giving up she did her best to swallow his entire load.

The drummer and several other guys yelled their encouragement to him telling him to make her swallow it all. "That's what she said her mouth was for" one guy yelled. When he pulled out she took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide to show everyone she had swallowed the entire load. The guys let out a big cheer, several high five-ed her.

She really started bouncing on the cock still in her pussy until the guy pushed her off "Suck it bitch" he commanded. She bent over showing her freshly fucked pussy to the guys as she sucked on the guitars players cock. She bopped up and down on his cock until he too pushed her head down and held her tight as he exploded down her throat. He came a ton and again as he finished she stood up, faced the guys and showed everyone she swallowed it all. Again she got a rousing ovation.

Some of the other guys came over to her and started rubbing on her tits trying to put their dicks into her hands but she told them she was just there for the band. The lead guitar player told her that their roadie Ben never got pussy as good as her and would she mind giving him a reward for his hard work.

Ben stepped forward and Brandy looked him over. He was a young geeky looking guy and after sizing him up she told him to pull out his cock. He pulled out his hard 6" cock and she grabbed it. Slowly jacking him off she kissed him before she lowered herself down to his waiting cock. She put her mouth around it and started to blow him. The guys really gave her a rousing ovation as they shouted encouragement to Ben. "Don't cum man till you get some of that pussy" one guy said.

She stopped blowing him and lowered herself to the floor pulling Ben on top of her. "Come on baby, fuck me" she half ordered. He slid his cock into her and with one thrust he was completely in. He pounded away making her tits bounce like crazy. Then after several long thrusts he pulled out and exploded shooting all over her tits and face. I could tell she wanted to cum again but wasn't able to. She took her finger and wiped the cum from her tits then stuck it in her mouth. She then sucked Ben clean.

When the guys helped her up I heard her ask where her dress was. Hoping I hadn't been seen I took that as my cue to make my escape. I went back to my seat at the bar and order two shots of Tequila.

The band came out and started to play. Shortly my wife all eyes on her and strutting her stuff joined me. "Where've you been?" I asked. "Smoking out back" was her reply. "You're smok'n right here" I said. She smiled.

The band finished their song and announced the next song was for Brandy the Seger girl. As they started playing "Night Moves" the Bass player said "You earned it" I asked what she did to earn it and she just smiled, trying to change the subject she asked about the shots of Tequila. "What are these for?" "You" I replied. She took one and downed it then gave me a long kiss, "I love you" she said. I smiled and slid the other shot towards her. "Another one?" She coyly asked. "I can still taste the cum in your mouth" I replied. She looked terrified at first then got a devious smile on her face. "You know?" "I saw it all" "And you're not mad?" she asked. "Mad, shit that was the hottest thing I've ever seen, you've never looked more sexy" She blushed a bit. "I knew you had a kinky side, maybe next time don't be so shy and join in" she said. "Next time?" I asked.

She got another devilish grin. She pulled a pen and paper from her purse and wrote our address and phone number on it and a note that said if your ever in town look her up. She took it up to the band and handed it to the lead guitar player. They exchanged pleasantries and then the bass player reached into his pocket and handed her her panties. Smiling broadly she sashayed back to me.

Grabbing me by the hand she pulled me up telling me she needed my big dick in side her now. "They're fun but small" she said. When we got to the hotel while in the elevator she stepped out of her dress and pulled my hard dick out and started blowing me. When we reached our floor I put my dick away as she stood up. I handed her her dress but she waved it away.

We passed several guys headed out as she walked naked to our room. Their eyes got huge as they took her in. I heard them voice their approval and one guy said they were headed the wrong direction the party must be in our room.

When we got in the room Brandy was all over me. She was still really hammered and when she's like that she very vocal and wild. "You liked seeing your little wife being violated, didn't you?" she barked. I just nodded. She ordered me to eat out her freshly fucked cunt since I was to scared to join in before. Thinking back to where it was just an hour before I eagerly obeyed.

We fucked and sucked several times that night and next morning. She even had me fuck her ass. Since that night she's been more confident, dressing more sexy and revealing, she's even brought several women into our bedroom. Needless to say the band has been to our town several times since that night and we get together with them when they do.

I've had her repeat her backstage performance several times. Although she wants me to join in I prefer sneaking in and watching vicariously. When we all go back to their hotel room I join in there. It 's so exciting having my dick in my wife's mouth while some guy fucks her. Or fucking her while she blows another cock. We've even filled all three holes at once.

The band even brings other groupies and Brandy puts on a show with the other girls and I get to fuck them too. Sometimes she'll go on the road with them for a week. She usually leaves me with one of her friends and when she comes home she has great stories about fucking and sucking in the bus.

The End

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