tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Barbeque Ch. 02

The Barbeque Ch. 02


I looked down at myself as I layed on my back on a table in my friend Jerry's backyard. I was dressed in a white bustier, stockings, and assless white mesh boy shorts. I had filled the boy shorts with my own cum, had more cum on my face, neck, and the fake tits that were glued to my chest. My tits were hanging free from my bustier and some of my friends were still snapping off a few photos of me with their camera phones. I still couldn't believe that my friends had just gangbanged me, both the girls and the guys.

I was free though from the bet I had lost to my friend Cassie. I was hers until the sun went down, and it was now dark. I was laying there contemplating the next offer she had for me though.

The last thing she had said was, "...unless you want to come back to my place, get cleaned up, and hit the bars with all of us...."

The whole group was wasted by this point as we had been playing drinking games all day, starting around noon. My inhibitions were so low at this point that I agreed. I had to admit to myself though, that I had started to enjoy taking cock. When Mike had fucked me last and I was talking dirty to him, I was so turned on. I wanted that feeling again. I needed it.

"Why not," I answered. "I need to get cleaned up a bit before we head back though."

I looked around the backyard. Almost everyone was naked, but they all still had beers. People were starting to pick up their own clothes and dress. I picked up my dress and purse and headed into Jerry's bathroom. In the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet and wiped all the cum off my torso and face with a towel that was hanging there. I pulled down my panties and wiped my distended ass, trying to clean the leaking cum out of it. I finished cleaning myself off, then applied some lipstick. In the darkness, I would be more than presentable on the walk home. I slipped my dress over my head, fixed my hair, then exited the bathroom.

Cassie was waiting for me there, but everyone else had gone.

"Ready?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied.

She grabbed my arm and we walked out the front door and onto the sidewalk. She slipped her arm inside mine and we walked like a couple of girlfriends. I felt my hips swaying more than normal while we walked.

"You were amazing back there Tiffany," Cassie complimented as we walked. "I couldn't believe how you got into character and sucked and fucked all those cocks."

"Yeah, I surprised myself," I said.

"It looked like you started to enjoy yourself," she pried.

"I did, especially when I saw that the last person in my ass was Mike. That got me so hot," I confessed.

"Well, we'll see if we can't get you some more cock tonight then," she said right as a couple of guys were walking past. I peered back and saw them both staring at my ass as we walked away.

We got back to Cassie's place and we both stripped down. She had me shower again and touch up any places with hair we might have missed the first time. I came out to her bedroom with a towel wrapped around me, starting just above my tits and ending just below my cock. It felt weird wearing the towel this way, but also natural because I figured I should cover my nice c-cupped chest.

"I figured we should stick with the boyshorts," she started. "They are more concealing."

She threw me a pair of all black spandex ones. I noticed she had cut another hole in these for easy access.

"Hey, I now know what a slut you are so it's better if you can fuck without having to take them off," she teased.

I slipped them over my feet and up under the towel until they were up over my hips. Then I let the towel drop to the floor and stood in just my new panties, admiring my hairless body. My tits were nice, but they needed a touchup to cover the edges. I had washed off the original makeup that hid where they were attached when I showered.

I sat down at Cassie's table and she helped me apply all the makeup I would need. She showed me how to start it, then let me finish. I put on lipstick, mascara, and foundation. I also added some perfume, a bracelet, a necklace with a butterfly that hung down to the top of my tits, and a pair of clip-on earrings. Cassie came over and handed me a different wig than before. This one was also brown, but fell below the shoulders. It had bangs that came down just below my eyebrows.

I got up and headed over to Cassie's closet. She was there and turned and handed me a black piece of clothing. I looked at it and realized it was a halter sun dress. I slipped it off the hanger and stepped into it. I pulled the halter straps up and Cassie helped me tie them. My tits were visible down the front and I was a little self-conscious. She spun me around, backed up, and noted that I looked very pretty. Then I slipped back into my two-inch heels and surveyed myself in the mirror.

I did look somewhat feminine. The shoes shaped my legs well enough to look like a girl's. I wondered how many guys would look at my face with my nice rack accentuated in this halter top. The halter top dress came down so that it was halfway to my knees. Short, but not so much that I couldn't keep my new panties covered.

Cassie put on jeans and a halter top of her own, then slipped into four-inch heels and was as tall as me. She was not wearing any undergarments at all. She added some jewelry, some different perfume, and grabbed purses for both of us. Then, we headed out.

We did our arm-in-arm walk down to the main street, where all the bars were located. We walked a few more blocks and then Cassie stopped us in front of one we rarely ever went to.

"Hi Tom," she started. And then I noticed Tom. Tom was a short stocky guy, about five foot ten, but really cut. He must have been about thirty with curly brown hair.

"Hiya Cass," the stranger replied.

"Tom this is my cousin Tiffany visiting from Philly. She just drove up today, but realized she didn't have her license with her when she got here," Cassie explained. "I promise she's twenty-one though."

"Well, Cassie, I'll still need some proof before I can let you two in," began the stranger, Tom.

"I see. Well then, If you've got someone who can spell you for a bit, Tiffany here can show you that she sucks cock like an adult. Would that be proof enough?"

I snapped my head toward Cassie and she returned my stare with a smile.

"One sec," said Tom, and he went inside the door and was back out in an instant with another guy about his size. "Right this way ladies," and he led us both inside and up a stairway in the back to a second floor office.

Once he had closed the door, he went over and sat down in a nice leather chair at the only desk in the room. He undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled out a moderately sized cock. Cassie and I were standing by the doorway still and then she patted me on the back and said, "go ahead, prove your experience."

I walked over to Tom, dropped to my knees between his legs, and moved my mouth right up to the head of his cock. I had my hands on my own thighs and used my tongue to guide his cock inside my mouth. Once I had him, I backed up so his semi-erect cock pointed down and I could look at him. I circled his head with my tongue until I felt him grow fully erect. As he got harder, I rose with him until I was fully upright on my knees with my head directly over his lap. Then I put my hands on his thighs to support myself.

"Damn, Cassie," Tom said, "I've never had anyone do that to me before."

"Yeah, she's got skills," Cassie bragged from just on the other side of the desk now. She had a nice side angle to snap off some close-up shots of me as I raised up with a cock in my mouth.

Once I was totally above Tom, I dropped myself down on his seven inches until he hit the back of my throat. I figured that should leave him with little doubt about my age. Then I pulled all the way off, took a breathe, and then started taking half his cock into my mouth then back out. I used a steady pace, using one hand to rub his ballsac. After a few minutes, I really picked up my pace and threw my head up and down into his lap, impaling my head onto his cock. I could hear Tom's breathing increase, then his cock began to surge. His cum hit the back of my throat and I began to swallow. This time, I got it all and continued licking around his head until I was sure he was drained.

"First round's on me ladies," he noted.

Tom got up, zipped up, then led us back to the bar and signaled for us to get two drinks on him. Then he kissed my cheek and walked back outside. The bartender came over and Cassie ordered us two martini's. The bartender brought them, we clinked our glasses, then I took a chaser. Cassie came up next to me and showed me the most recent camera phone shots she got. The first one had a real close-up of my girly looking face, with the head of a cock just inside my mouth and my lips sealed around it. God, I looked like a porn star, and man did it make me horny seeing myself like that.

"Hey, that's a great shot," I turned to see two guys in jeans and untucked button down shirts standing behind us. The guy who made the comment was at the bar, but could see between us, over our shoulders. He had obviously seen my mouth stuffed full of cock.

"Thanks," Cassie replied, "my friend Tiffany here is looking to start an extensive collection."

"We're here to help if you need us," commented our new friend. "I'm Rick, this is Dave."

"Cassie, and as I mentioned, this is Tiffany."

"Want to grab a table?" asked Dave.

"Sure," Cassie responded.

The music in the bar was pretty loud, so it was easy to disguise my voice as I let Rick chat me up. Dave was doing similarly to Cassie. After a few minutes, some of the rest of our crew started to file in. John, Kirk, and Kelly stopped by the bar, then joined us standing around this rounded table in a back corner. Pam and Jenny showed up a little bit after that, then Jerry straggled in on his own. As people came over, our new friends got pushed back behind the table with us. Cassie and I turned to face them and Kelly and Pam stood on either side of us. Most of the guys and Jenny were on the other side of the table laughing up a storm.

Suddenly, a song came on with a great beat and the girls around us started to dance. The two new guys got into it a little as they were getting swayed into. I went along and followed Cassie's lead as she and Pam danced with Dave while Kelly and I danced with Rick. Part way through, Rick spun me around and pulled my hips back to his, grinding his pelvis into my ass. I started to get really hot and leaned back into him. He held my hips and then I felt Kelly's hands reaching around between us, going for Rick's zipper. I turned my head and saw her whispering in Rick's ear. I also peered over and saw Dave with Cassie in a similar position, but rubbing her ass through her jeans. With my back pressed up against Rick, I could feel Kelly's hand lower his zipper, then fish inside his jeans for his cock. As she pulled it out, I could feel Rick raise my dress, and his cock against my panty-covered ass. I could feel Kelly working it until it got hard, really hard, and really big. I could feel Kelly angling Rick's cock between my cheeks. When he felt his cockhead line up with the hole in my panties, he thrusted forward slowly. Rick, I realized, must have been ten inches long, and extremely wide. Even with my loosened hole, it took him a few minutes to fill me completely. He was so gentle going in that I just put my hands on his wrists as he held my hips. Our friends closed in around the table when they realized what was going down, so that no outsiders would realize the fucking I was about to get. Jenny moved in next to me, but faced Rick. Dave, Cassie, and Pam kept dancing. Kelly was still behind Rick, giving the appearance she was still dancing with him too, but now back to back so it didn't seem too provocative.

Rick had gotten his entire shaft inside me and I held onto him tight. Then he pulled back a few inches and slid forward again in rhythm with the music. When he slid out the second time, I saw Jenny snap off a shot with her camera phone. I wondered how the display was going to turn out when we got all the photos together. Out again, a little further, then all the way back in. I leaned my head back and turned to look at him as he buried himself to the hilt, allowing him to see the desire in my eyes.

Click, from across the table on John's phone. Out again, this time until half his cock was out of me then back in. He kept this up until the end of the song. The transition to the next one was quick and the pace of this song was faster. Rick adjusted quickly and started pounding me hard and fast now. I still had a hold of his wrists and I could feel them getting moist, both from my added body heat, and the workout Rick was getting. My ass was completely loose now and I think I could have parked a small car there from the pounding that Rick was giving me with his enormous cock. Halfway through the song, Rick ran out of steam and had to slow back down to a slower pace.

"Grab your ankles, whore," he whispered into my ears.

I moved my hands off his, reached for my cell phone, and intentionally knocked it onto the floor. Then I angled sideways to avoid the edge of the table and angled back to center when I had cleared my head underneath. Rick slowly stepped forward and I moved with him until my back was pressed against the center of the table and my ass was even with the edge. I put one hand on the floor and the other on my ankle like he commanded. I looked up, upside down, at Jenny snapping off a new set of photos.

Rick then went back to work on my hole. He had tucked the back of my dress into my panties, had a nice firm grip on my hips and continued railing into me in rhythm with the music. A few minutes later I felt him completely bury his cock to the hilt then flood my ass with his cum. It felt like buckets had just been poured inside me. He stayed there for a second, but had taken his hands off my hips and put them on the table for stability. I saw Kelly walk away then come back as he softened in my ass. When she came back, he pulled out, then I saw Kelly using some bar napkins and water to clean off Rick before he tucked himself away and began to back up.

I started to slide back when I felt two new hands right on both my ass cheeks and saw other shoes replace Rick's. I angled around to Cassie and noted that Dave was no longer behind her. I was pushed back forward until I was up against the table again and felt a normal sized cock slide easily into me from behind. I noted Rick's shoes facing away from the table standing next to Dave, and Kelly was back, undoubtedly snapping off more shots on my other side. Dave entered me during a slow jam and he move slowly in and out. Under different circumstances, this might have been a romantic love making session. As it was, Dave was easing into me, forcing some of his buddy's cum out, soaking my panties with it, and then burying himself all the way inside me again. I was so turned on at this point. I had become such a whore and the thought that I could take on the entire bar like this began to pervade into my head. I was lost in my own thoughts when Dave began shooting his load inside me while still pumping away. He too grabbed the table for support, then got a cleaning handjob from Kelly. After this, they backed up and walked away.

I also finally got to back up, stand up, stretch my legs a bit, and feel more cum leak out of my ass and into my panties.

Jenny leaned over and showed me one of the photos she had taken. It was Rick's monster cock pulled out so that the head was the only thing in my ass. It was a thing of beauty and I just stared at the photo. "I got his number in case you want to double team him again some other time," she said to me. A definate possibility I thought to myself.

"You're such a slut," noted Pam. "I've been on such a drought and you've already fucked three guys tonight. Share your secret."

"Big tits and slutty attire," I joked. "Seems to work."

"Well, I'm in trouble in the big tits department," she goofed and pulled her shirt out to look down the front of her top.

It was about midnight at this point and the bars were scheduled to close in an hour so we all order another round. We stood around drinking and chatting as a group, closing out the rest of the bar and any outsiders. The guys were all busting on me for how gay I had become and I justfied it that as long as things had progressed as far as they did earlier, I might as well live the dream for the rest of the night. Plus, each one had buried their cock in my mouth earlier, so they were just as gay.

Time flew during that round and next thing we knew, last call was being announced. We got our last round, drank it until we got kicked out, then went outside. The guys all bid us goodnight and took Pam and Kelly with them to make sure they got home ok. That left Cassie, Jenny, and I to walk together. We started walking and Jenny picked up her phone and dialed a number.

"Rick?" I asked.

She just nodded.

"Hi, is this Rick?" I heard her ask.

Moment of silence as she waited for a reply.

"This is Jenny from the bar. I'm here with Cassie and Tiffany," she paused.

I couldn't believe Jenny was talking to the guy who had just fucked me, hard. Part of me was embarrassed that she was calling so soon and another part was glad she did.

"We were about to head home, but wanted to see if you wanted some company," I heard her mutter. "Ok, we'll be there soon."

She hung up the phone, then said, "he lives right around the corner. He was just hanging out with Dave and their other roommate who had to work tonight, drinking beers and reminiscing about the night."

Cassie added, "Let's go," and grabbed one arm, with Jenny grabbing the other and away we went.

A few minutes later, Jenny was ringing the door to an apartment in a large building near the bar.

"Yeah?" a male's voice questioned.

"It's us, buzz us in," said Jenny. Jenny looked really great tonight. She had red hair and had worn a nice tight white sweater and jeans, heels, and jacket. I was definately cold in my outfit after we left the bar, as was Cassie, while Jenny had dressed appropriately for the cold night air.

The door buzzed and we hurried inside. We walked up one flight of stairs and toward an open door. Rick was standing there in bare feet, jeans and a t-shirt. He was also holding a beer.

"Hey ladies," he greeted.

"Hi Rick," Cassie cooed back.

He swung the door further open and the other girls kissed him on the cheek when they went in. When I got to him, I went for the cheek too but he shifted so our lips met instead. I hustled inside shortly after breaking the quick kiss.

"Ladies, this is Graham," announced Dave. "Graham, this is Cassie, Jenny, and Tiffany," and he pointed to each of us in turn.

Graham was another good looking guy. He looked to be in his late twenties with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a moderate build.

"Hi there," he greeted, stopping his eyes on me for the longest time.

"Anyone want a beer?" he asked.

"Sure," chimed in Jenny, and with that we all grabbed seats while Graham went into the kitchen and came back with four new beers. He opened them for us, as well as his own new one, then sat down in a chair. The living room we had entered had a two seat couch, a three seater, and a chair opposite the two seat couch. All three were angled toward the television and they had sportscenter on. They clicked off the TV and threw on some music instead. We all started to chat when Dave asked Cassie if she wanted help him find something else to play on the stereo from his extensive collection in his room. She accepted and off they went. Good move, I thought to myself.

Next, I saw Jenny pull the spill a drink on yourself move while talking to Rick and off they went to the bathroom to 'clean' her up. So, that just left Graham and I in the living room. I was sitting on the three seat couch and he was on the two seater when he turned to me and asked, "were those guys pulling my chain when they told me that they both nailed you tonight?"

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