tagErotic HorrorThe Barn Ch. 03

The Barn Ch. 03


The events of the Halloween party were forgotten by everyone and the fall progressed into winter, with Luke and Amos busy tending to the winter crop. Christmas came and went without any further incidents occurring in the barn, but the awareness of the entity was growing; strengthen as it had been, from the force of the carnal acts, which had taken place at the party. With inhuman cunning, the thing slowly began to devise a plan to regain its former power. Its mind discerned that two significant obstacles stood in its way. One was that while its consciousness had returned, it was still a thing of the shadows without shape or form. The other obstacle was that even if it was able to take on a physical state it was still bound by Winston Winslow's dying curse, to the confines of the barn. As the seasons began to slowly change, the entity's plan to overcome those obstacles solidified, and in its plot, the Claytons played a significant role.

First it must manifest itself in a form, which would allow it to gain further strength and power so that it might break the binding spell that held it within its prison. While it had gain vigor from the sexual acts it had provoked, it needed blood and flesh to take on physical being. The chickens it had devoured months before had barely sustained the creature; however, to take on actual shape it would need more, it would need to fully consume something much more fulfilling.

Early in the spring the chickens again began to disappear. Jose swore that he checked on them every night and that he had heard nothing, although he admitted that he was a heavy sleeper.

"I guess that I no good a guard," Jose sadly admitted, "but I will try and do better. I have Senor Amos's gun, and he has taught me how to use it. I will catch the beast that it taking our chickens. Your Jose promises you this thing."

"Now, Jose," Luke reassured the man, "don't you go blaming yourself too much. Some critters are mighty crafty when it comes to chicken stealing. I've got a hunch that what we are dealing with here are weasels. Those darn things are sneaky and hard to catch."

"Well senior, don't you worry. I will do better, and I will make sure that no more chickens disappear. You had better to tell Senora Clayton to be ready to make up a weasel fur coat, because Jose will soon be bringing her some skins."

"Good for you, Jose," replied Luke with a laugh, "that's the talk, but don't be hard on yourself if it doesn't pan out. We may have to set some traps."

"Si, Senor Clayton, but I think I will do better than any trap. You can count on Jose." Jose began to stay up at nights to watch the chicken coop and for three days it seemed as if his efforts were working, as not one chicken was taken during that time. On the forth night the Clayton family was awakened by the loud sound of shotgun blast.

"My God," Sarah gasped as she sat up in bed and turned on the light, "what was that?"

"I reckon Jose took a shot at those weasels," replied Luke getting out of bed. "You stay here, while I have a look see."

Luke quickly put on his robe and made his way downstairs where he met Rachel, Luke Jr. and Amos. They were all making their way out of the door toward the barn. Luke signaled for the younger Claytons not to go any further.

"Hold on, Rachel and Luke, Grandpa and I will go out and see what is happening you two get back in bed."

"That's right, you git back in bed. It ain't nothing but Jose gitting after them critters that have been gitting our chickens," Amos agreed with his grandson. "All of us don't need to be running around in the dark."

"I didn't want Rachel and Luke out here with Jose shooting," said Luke to his grandfather as the two hurried toward the chicken coop at the side of the barn. "Jose might be a little jumpy and the less of us out here the better."

"Good thinkin' Luke," replied Amos. "I taught Jose good on how to use that gun and gittin a good target before shooting; however, you never know what a feller will do when he gits excited. Don't worry none because I've got a flashlight and he'll see it and know we are coming."

They made their way to the side of the barn and found the door to Jose's apartment wide open with the light from inside pouring out into the night. As they came to the chicken coop they found the gate firmly shut but not a chicken was in the coop. Other than the chickens were missing there was no sign that anything unusual had taken place. There was no blood; no feathers other than the ones that a person would expect to see in a chicken coop, but the chickens were mysteriously gone.

"Jose, where are you boy?" Amos yelled into the darkness of the night; however there was no answer to his cry.

"He's got to be around here somewhere, Grandpa. Jose! Where are you, what's happening?" called out Luke.

The two men searched the area around the chicken coop without finding any sign of Jose. They went back to Jose's apartment and entered it through the opened door but found the place empty. Their concern for the missing man grew greater as they continued their search for their friend. Finally they entered the barn, where they found Amos's shotgun lying in the dirt.

"Yup, it has been fired," said Amos holding the barrel up to his nose. "Son, this ain't right. Something spooked Jose and he fired off this gun and dropped it to run away. I got a hunch that the chicken snatchers ain't the four legged kind but run around on two legs."

"You mean Jose came across some folks stealing our chickens, shot at them and ran off? Well, if he had the gun, why did he feel he had to run?"

"I don't know boy," replied Amos, "but maybe he knew those folks and couldn't shoot them. Don't git me wrong, I don't mean to say that Jose was in cahoots with them, but maybe he knew them and couldn't do them no wrong."

"Jose would never back anyone over our family, Grandpa. You know that and so do I."

"You're right," Amos conceded, "but just think, if it were some of your own people you caught doing something wrong, what would you do? I think that Jose shot off this here gun and then found out that the chicken thieves were people that he knew. He probably had some strong bonds with them and couldn't turn them in at the same time he knew he couldn't come back to us and tell us he let them go."

"Well, Grandpa you are entitled to your own opinion, but I just don't think Jose would do such a thing."

"Okay, then what do you think happened?"

"I don't have a clue, but I'm sure Jose will explain everything when he shows back up here."

However, Jose did not show up the next day or in the days that followed, and as June approached, even Luke had to admit that Jose was not coming back home. Everyone in the household was upset by Jose's vanishing, but for the most part everyone saw logic in Amos's explanation about what probably happened on that fateful night. Only Luke was dissatisfied with his grandfather's story. Deep inside Luke a dark premonition of dread was beginning to grow. To his mind it seemed as if there was something far more sinister involved than Amos's theory took into account.

They did not report the matter to the sheriff both out of fear of getting Jose into possible trouble with the law and because they did not to restart the stories about their home. Jose had run off leaving behind all his processions. Luke carefully closed up Jose's apartment and locked the door being careful not to disturb any of the man's belongings.

Luke secretly hoped that one day Jose would get over whatever had happened that fateful night. Even if Jose never returned, Luke was determined to keep the man's possessions incase he might one day send for his things.

It was a busy spring with Luke and Amos being gone for long hours working their land. Rachel was away most of the week attending college and during the weekends she was either busy studying or going out with her friends. Luke Jr. was doing well in school and was often invited to other children's homes to play. He also spent a lot of his time playing and exploring the land around the house; however, since Jose had vanished he became fearful about going into the barn alone.

Sarah had made many friends at her church and was often away helping plan for a special start of summer church party, but often times it would just be her and the baby in the house. She was also kept busy with household chores such as taking care of little Eve, and preparing meals. At those times a strange loneliness would flood over her and she would sigh as she remembered the hills of her former home where many of her kin still lived. Although she felt that she had been blessed to have such a wonderful husband, home, and family, she found herself wishing for a life with more excitement and glamour. She would often laugh at her ideas telling herself that just because she had moved to California was no reason for her to take on Hollywood notions.

At the start of May, Sarah began working on a small garden, which she started next to the house. Although Luke offered to help her, she insisted that the garden was her very own project and that everyone would be beholding to her when they ate the fresh vegetables she grew. Around the boarder of the garden she planted flowers before planting a wide variety of vegetables in neat rows. She put in carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, and onions, all of which she tended with loving care; however, even as she worked the restless longing for adventure and excitement was growing within her soul.

As the spring progressed the little garden began to sprout, while at the same time, her efforts to organize a summer party for the church were becoming solidified. The party would take place at the Clayton farm. Tables would be set up both inside and outside the barn to allow people the option of sitting in the sun or the shade. Food would be served from a portable kitchen, which would be set up inside the barn. There was to be plenty of soft drinks for everyone and a special committee was appointed to devise games for children and other games for adults.

"We're going to have the party the first day of summer," Sarah told the family one night as they sat around the dinner table. "There's going to be fun for everyone and all of the ladies are going to bring food. The pastor and his wife are going to supply soft drinks. We still have to line up some ice and some coolers but everything is coming together real nice."

"That's mighty good," smiled Amos. "I'm sure everyone will have a great time. We'll make sure that our work is all taken care of a head of time so Luke and I can take the day off and enjoy the party."

"I have someone special for all of you all you to meet," Rachel blushed suddenly looking down at her lap. "I want to bring him over to dinner one of these days."

"Rachel's got a boyfriend, Rachel's got a boyfriend," Luke Jr. yelled out with glee. "Kissy face, kissy face, Rachel is a kissy face!"

"Now, Luke Jr. you stop that this minute," Sarah scolded her son. "If your Aunt Rachel has a boyfriend it is her business and never no mind to you. Rachel, honey you just go ahead and tell us about this friend of yours and don't listen to this fool boy of mine."

"He's just the greatest! He goes to the college and will be moving on to the state college in the fall. He has asked me out with him a couple of times, and I think it is time for you people to meet him."

"Yep," agreed Amos who sat at the head of the table, "I think it is high time we sized up this feller you're so set on. You bring him around to Sunday dinner next week and we'll git to know him. Do we know any of his kinfolk?"

"I don't know. His name is Mark Fuller and his family has a farm the other side of Potterville."

"He must be Hank Fuller's boy. We know Hank from the grange, while his people don't go to our church their good God fearing folks."

"Well girl, you bring the boy around so we can meet him," Amos nodded his approval. "I've been wondering when you were going to hook up with a beau."

"Oh, Grandpa," Sarah said in a shocked voice, "that's a horrible thing to say."

"No it ain't! Girls are meant to have boys and boys are meant to have girls. That is in the Good Book. The thing we have to make sure of is that everything is done right and proper."

"And that is just what is happening," replied Sarah.

"I reckon that is right. Don't go gittin' in a dander. It is just that I worry about all my family and only want what is right for all of them."

"I know that Grandpa," Rachel said. "That's why we love you so much."

"Well, yes and I love all of you," clearly Amos was embarrassed by the sudden expression of affection. "Now where is that dessert you've been making all day, Sarah?"

The middle of the following week, when the rest of the family was gone and the baby was taking a nap Sarah went out and began to work in her garden. She busied herself pulling weeds, before deciding that part of the garden needed further hoeing. She looked around in vain for the hoe she kept sitting next to the house.

"Those men," she exclaimed as she made her way to the barn where other tools were stored, "always carrying stuff off and never bringing it back to where it belongs"

Stepping from the bright sunlight into the shade within the barn caused Sarah to stop until her eyes became adjusted to the lesser light. She quickly made her way to where shovels, rakes, and hoes were kept lined up against on the walls of the barn. A sudden noise caused her to quickly turn to see a hint of movement from within the deeper shadows further in the barn.

"Who's there?" she gasped. "My men folk are right outside. You had better show yourself and explain what you are doing in our barn."

"Please, don't be afraid," answered a deep, rich voice. "I'm just a poor traveler. I have to admit I spent last night in here, and I'm ashamed to say that I was so tired that I have just woken up. I'm not here to take anything and I don't believe in violence of any kind."

As the man stepped from the shadows, Sarah felt her heart leap as she saw before her the most handsome man she had ever seen in real life. He stood over six feet tall, his hair was so blond that it was almost white, while his clean cut features were accentuated by his two deep compelling blue eyes. The man was dressed in work boots, blue jeans, and a red shirt, which was unbuttoned to expose his chest.

"Who ever you are," Sarah scolded the man, "you don't belong here. You get out of here before my men folk catch you and do something we'll all regret."

"My dear lady, I don't want any trouble. I have traveled far in this world and seen many things. I have never stolen and I have always worked for my keep. Perhaps, I can work off my debt to you for allowing me to sleep in this barn."

"I didn't know you were out here, so I didn't allow you that. What you can do is head out that barn door and keep on walking."

"I'm sorry that you feel that way, and I'm sorry for having scared you, which I have obviously done. Yes, I will go and move on to see more of this world. My life has been one of excitement and adventure, but I was hoping to pause for a moment. I have seen many beautiful things across the face of the world, but I never had expected to see the most beautiful woman in the world right here in this barn."

"That's enough of that kind of talk," Sarah sternly said even though she felt a glow within herself from the man's compliment. "You just get on your way."

"Indeed, I'll go as you order. Before I go, may I trouble you for a glass of water? The road is long and dusty. If you insist I'll go now, but if you will get the water, I'll stand here and not move a muscle."

"Well, you had best not be making any moves. I've never turned the hungry or thirsty away, but you have to promise to behave yourself."

"My dear woman, I assure you I am no threat to you. Please, if you can do this one thing, I will be upon my way."

Against her better judgment, Sarah nodded and went out of the barn. In a short time she returned not only with a glass of water but also with a full plate of food. She put down the items near the man and backed away a good ten feet.

"You are wise to be cautious with a stranger, especially one, which has appeared in such as manner as I have done. The wide world is filled with many wonderful things, but there are also wicked things. However, you can trust me, and perhaps I may be able to repay your kindness."

"I don't want any repayment," Sarah replied her voice felt husky in her throat. "Just eat and go."

"By the way," the man said as he ate, "my name is Micah Talbot. As I have said, I am a world travel, a bit of a philosopher, and poet."

"My name's Sarah. I live here with my family, which includes Luke my husband."

"Luke is a very lucky man to have a wife like you. Yet, I sense that you have been recently been restless, perhaps from feeling the mundane pressures of day to day life. I know the signs. Before I began to wander, I felt a similar feeling, like I was in a prison of my own making. I didn't think I'd ever be able to go free to enjoy exciting things and meet exciting people. Maybe you would like to hear about some of the places I've seen. I mean, it is the least I can do to repay your kindness. Have no fear I will remain where I am."

"Well," Sarah said slowly as she sat down on a wooden bench, while Micah sat down of the dirt floor, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to listen."

For the next half hour the woman sat enthralled as she heard about the stranger's adventures around the world. In her mind she pictured herself going to exotic places, meeting different people, and leading an adventurous life. As she listened to Micah she felt that she had never seen a man so perfect in body and face. His eyes seemed to bore into the very fiber of her being, warming her with odd never before experienced emotions.

"I hope that I have repaid you for your generosity," Micah said putting down his empty plate and draining his glass. "I also hope you no longer feel me a threat to you. I will now be on my way; although, if I could only spend a few more days sleeping here, it would mean the world to me."

"I don't fear you anymore," Sarah said as she picked up the plate and glass, "but if you stay here no one is to know. Grandpa and Luke would never understand, and I can't imagine what Rachel or Luke Jr. would think. You have to be out of the barn when any of them are around. Now don't get any wrong ideas. What I am doing is a kindness and a mercy. I also like hearing your stories, but you have to promise never to be seen."

"My dear lady," Micah assured her, "I can assure you that the only person that will ever see me is your own dear self. I shall only be here a few days and once I am rested from my travels, I'll be on my way."

"Okay, I don't know why I'm agreeing to this fool thing but you can stay here for now."

"You are doing it because it is exciting and adventurous and right now you need a little bit of excitement and adventure. I shall live up to your faith in me and know one will ever know I am here."

Sarah found herself breathing heavily as she made her way back from the barn to the house. Her mind was filled with the almost hypnotic tones of the stranger's voice telling her stories of far away places. Part of her mind told her she was being foolish and that she should have insisted that the man leave the property, but another part of her mind said that she was just doing a kindness. However, guilt caused her to blush as she realized that the stranger's presence had to be kept secret from all the rest of the family. While she had done nothing wrong, she knew that no one would understand her allowing someone to sleep in the barn without first consulting with the rest of the family.

That night, as she made love with her husband, she again felt a strong wave of guilt flood over her. In that moment she almost decided to tell Luke about Micah, but the fact that she had so far kept the stranger's existence a secret from her husband all of the day stopped her from doing so. She felt that Luke would never believe that all that had taken place between herself and Micah were stories of adventures. Simply by hiding the fact that she had kept the secret to herself so far, made it seem that something much more serious had taken place.

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