tagErotic HorrorThe Barn Ch. 06

The Barn Ch. 06


The next morning the family awoke to the smell of Sarah's and Rachel's cooking. Before he sat down to eat, Luke insisted on taking Micah some breakfast. When he returned he reported that Micah had said that he had a good night and was looking forward to work. Amos only said that he had not slept well and made no mention about the strange dreams, which had haunted his night.

By the time Luke and Amos came out to the barn they found that Micah had started their tractors. Micah told them that the equipment seemed to be working fine but that if the machines gave the men any problems to quickly return to the barn for repairs. The men mounted their machines and went off to work, while a short time later Rachel left taking with her Luke Jr. to drop him off at his school before going on to college.

For most of the morning Sarah concentrated on doing housework and taking care of the baby, but after she put the baby down for her nap, she decided to go out to the how Micah was doing. As she entered the barn, she saw Micah building a tool rack along one of the barn's walls. The man turned and smiled at her as she entered and walked over to where he was working.

"Do you think that Luke and Amos will like this? I think it will make it much easier for them to find their tools."

"I am sure they will love it. They have often talked about doing something like this but never seemed to find the time."

"Good," exclaimed Micah, "I am most grateful for your husband hiring me and will do whatever I can to repay him. I am glad to see you, dear lady. Although in actuality it has not been long, I have missed our usual conversations."

"I cannot stay long," replied Sarah, "I have to get back and start lunch for all you men."

"Then spare me a few moments and let us make the most of them. I shall get your bench, and we can talk for a short while."

Micah walked across the barn and quickly returned carrying the bench. He placed it down and indicated that Sarah should sit down upon it, while he sat on the dirt floor. Sarah sat down and her eyes met Micah's. She felt his mystical power fill her body as she look intently at the man.

"Now Sarah, it is your turn to talk. I want to reward both you and Luke but to do so I have to know more about your relationship. You will now describe for me, in great detail, your sexual life with Luke and do not leave out anything. Be sure that I have seen and heard about many different things in my travels. I can help you and Luke become even closer. There is nothing like sex to make a man and woman grow closer in their love for each other. I can teach you and Luke many things, but first I must know what you have already enjoyed."

At first Sarah hesitated. It went against all her upbringing to talk so openly with someone else, let alone a man, about her intimate love life. As she gazed into Micah's eyes, her words began slowly but as each moment passed she spoke more and more quickly, pouring out all her and Luke's most hidden sexual secrets. She described how she and Luke would engage in oral lovemaking and how she felt when Luke's hard cock filled her pussy. She described what her feelings were the night she insisted that Luke take her anally and how much she loved the sensations, which resulted from that coupling.

Micah sat on the ground never interrupting the woman but would only occasionally nod his head in understanding. Sarah explained all the different sexual positions, which she and Luke had tried and how each position had made her feel. As she spoke, Sarah could feel herself becoming more and more excited by the sexy descriptions she was telling to Micah.

"That was very enlightening," Micah said when Sarah had finished speaking. "You and your husband have a very good attitude when it comes to sex. So many people are so inhibited that they never are able to experience new things. I see that you and Luke are not like that. I believe that I can be of some assistance to further both Luke's and your sexual boundaries. Now, I believe you deserve a reward for telling me everything you have in such a short period of time. Remove your panties and lie down upon the bench, so that I may fully give you the reward you deserve."

Sarah quickly complied with Micah's demand. She stood up from the bench and pulled down her undergarment before lying upon her back on the bench. Micah stood and unfastened his pants. He was wearing no underwear and stepped out of his jeans to position himself above the woman. She opened her legs at his approach and Micah guided his hard cock into her waiting pussy. She felt each one of the pearls, which lined the man's cock slide into her body. The man was no more than halfway in her when she came with mind boggling force. Micah did not slow for an instant but continued until he had buried his entire organ into her sheath. Rapidly the man thrust himself in and out of her opening, causing her moans to come faster and louder. Sarah could not see Micah's red eyes when she reached her third climax and he released his cum into her hungry womb. The man seemed to come for a remarkable long time, pulling back only when he had shot the last of his semen into her.

Back in the house, the telephone was ringing. It rang a full fifteen times, but there was no one there to answer it.

Micah stood up from where he had taken the woman and watched as his cum began to seep from her well fucked pussy. An evil, contented grin crossed his face as his eyes returned to deep blue, but Sarah saw nothing as she had her eyes tightly closed concentrating only on the intense feelings, which coursed through her being. Micah bent over her reclining form, and his mouth descended to cover her streaming vagina. His tongue reached far up within her as he sucked out the rich fluid, which he had deposited. As Micah ate her pussy, Sarah came another time and with a moan lost consciousness for a moment. When she came to her senses, both she and Micah were fully dressed and all memory of her recent fucking had faded from her memory.

"What happened?" a perplexed Sarah asked. "Why am I lying down?"

"Don't you remember?" Micah answered. "You felt faint and I had you lie down before you fell. I think that perhaps you are not taking good enough care of yourself, my dear lady. How well have you been eating?"

"Maybe you are right," conceded the woman, "I have been very busy and one thing and then another always seems to come up before I get something to eat. I'll take this as a warning, and I'll watch over myself better in the future."

"Good, that is what I want to hear. Now you had best get back to the house and get lunch ready. Please come again when you are able and we will talk more. I will also be talking to your husband, and I am sure that I can enlighten both of you on many different subjects."

Sarah left the barn feeling strangely uplifted, almost as if fainting had done her good. She found herself smiling and humming as she brought the baby into the kitchen to begin preparing lunch. At that moment, in her mind, everything in the world seemed to be going right.

When Amos and Luke pulled their tractors into the barn, they found Micah hard at work putting tools in place on the tool rack he had built that day. Both the men complimented Micah on his efforts and conceded that they had wanted to build something similar but had never seemed to find the time to do so. After admiring Micah's handiwork, the two men went up to the house, but in a short time Luke returned bring Micah some lunch.

"You know," Luke said, "you are welcome to eat at the table in the house."

"I know that, Luke and I thank you for the invitation, but I still have some things to sort out in my mind; however, rest assured that someday I'll take you up on your offer."

"If you don't mind me saying so, you are a strange man Micah. I've never known anyone like you."

"I've been all over this world and have seen many things. Some of those things have been very good, while other things have greatly disturbed me. If you care to listen, I am willing to tell you more about myself and my life."

"I reckon that wouldn't be a bad thing, Micah. If you're going to stay here for a spell, I had better know more about you. I'm afraid I've never known a man that wanted to close himself off from the world the way you do. I'd like to know what has caused your feelings. Your work has been first rate but to be honest with you I need to know more about you, if you are going to stay here for any length of time."

"Well spoken, Luke! How about tonight, after dinner is finished, you come down here and we talk a for a little while. I like to turn in early, as I am sure you do, but we can turn on the lights for a bit to talk."

"Speaking of which, how is the light up in the loft. Jose only put in that one light bulb. Is that enough for you?"

"Yes, it is fine as you will see when you come out tonight. I don't need much light, and like I said, I like to turn in early."

"Good, then I'll bring you supper and when we are done up at the house, I'll be down and we can talk for a spell."

"I look forward to that and perhaps before long you will know me good enough that we can consider ourselves friends, but that will be up to you to decide in due course. I know that I have several things going against me. First, I am a stranger who has suddenly shown up looking for work. Second, I have a peculiar dysfunction, which makes me feel as if I should stay here in the barn of yours. Perhaps, after we get to know each other better you will understand me and I will understand you."

"You've got yourself a deal, Micah. If there was more talking going on in this world, there would be fewer wars. People need to understand each other, and I'm willing to give it a go."

Luke left and returned to the house to finish his lunch. A half an hour later Amos and Luke returned to mount their tractors to resume their work. For the rest of the day Sarah busied herself with working around the house and in her garden until everyone started to arrive back home at the end of the day.

Luke Jr. was the first to come home, and he ran quickly up the drive to the house. He looked over at the barn and wondered about the stranger, which everyone was talking about, but his natural curiosity was overcome by an unreasoning fear of the place. While he had never spoken to his parents about his fears, he felt he could not go near the barn. Rachel was the next to arrive at the house. She did not feel the fears, which haunted Luke Jr. and was eager to meet the mysterious stranger. Getting out of the car, she went straight to the barn and introduced herself to the man she found inside working.

Micah cordially introduced himself, but explained that he didn't think she should be there without the knowledge of Amos or Luke. Rachel laughed and told him that she was a grown woman and didn't need permission to step into anywhere on the property.

"In that case," said Micah, "I look forward to see you again in the future, but I have feeling that Luke and Amos don't quite trust me. I very much want to keep working here, and I think your men folk would not take kindly to you being here with me alone."

"Are you some sort of terrible criminal or sex fiend?" Rachel asked laughing. "I know you were checked out by the sheriff. Still and all, if it means you might lose your job by me being here, I'll go for now, but I'll be back."

"I shall wait until that time. It was a pleasure to meet you Rachel, and I hope we can become friends in the future. I want to be very close to all your family."

"It was good meeting you and as I said, I'll be back another time."

With that the young woman turned and left the barn. She had been gone only an hour before the sound of Amos's and Luke's tractors could be heard coming into the yard toward the barn. After the men had turned off their equipment and dismounted, Micah came up to them and asked how the machines had run during the day. Both of the men replied that the tractors had run better than ever. They told Micah to keep up the good work and that he would have a permanent job if he kept the equipment in such fine running condition.

Not long after Amos and Luke went up to the house, Luke returned to the barn carrying food and drink to Micah. As Luke handed the meal to Micah they confirmed that both of them would meet later in the loft of the barn for a long talk. As Luke walked back to the house he thought that, while Micah was an odd person, he was definitely very likable. As the family sat around the dinner table, Luke explained that he was going down to the barn later to talk to Micah and get to know him better. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea for Luke to get to know more about the stranger.

"You're a good judge of character," Amos said, "and I think it is a good idea that you find out more about this feller. You get him to open up to you and tell you more about himself. I'm not sure about the man. You size him up and let us all know if he is worth letting stay on or if we should send him on his way."

"Yes, Luke let us know about him," Sarah looked over at her husband somehow feeling embarrassed. "I'm staying here all day and deserve to know."

"Sarah," replied Luke, "you're the one who took him in first, but I know what you mean. I've got some serious doubts about the man, but I've been willing to hire him on a trial basis. I'm going to let you all know what I think about this man. If he strikes me wrong, he will go down the road; if he is alright then he will continue to work for us. At any rate, I want you women folk, and you too Luke Jr. to keep away from him."

"Oh, I'd never think about going near such a mysterious man," Rachel said with seeming seriousness. "I won't go near that barn until you check him out fully, Luke."

"I don't wanna meet him at all," Luke Jr. spoke out. "Daddy, if you like him that's fine, but I'm not going near the barn."

"Why is that, son?" asked Luke.

"I can't say," Luke Jr. confessed. "Maybe because of what happened to old Jose. I don't know, but I don't wanna go there"

"We don't know what happened to Jose," Luke answered. "Sometimes folks do some mighty strange stuff. They sometimes run away, and the reason for their going isn't known to us. Just because Jose vanished suddenly isn't any reason to go fearing that barn, son. Still and all, I'll talk to the man and let you all know what I think."

"That's fair enough," replied Amos, "and don't you be spooked about Jose, Luke Jr. It is just like your daddy told you, sometimes people take it into their minds to do something and they don't never tell anyone the why or wherefore of their doing what they do. Maybe that is what Jose did."

After dinner, when the family went into the living room, Luke told them he was going down to the barn. He told Sarah not to wait up for him, as he didn't know how long his conversation with Micah would take. He also told everyone that it would take more than one talk with the man for him to make up his mind about the man's character.

When Luke entered the barn, the lights were on and Micah stood waiting to greet him. Micah told him to thank Sarah for cooking such a good supper and pointed out the empty plate and glass, which Luke could return to the house. Micah softly laughed and invited Luke to come up to his home in the loft. Micah led the way up the ladder to the loft to be followed by Luke.

The loft was lit by a single light bulb, and Micah indicated that Luke should sit down on the mattress, which Micah used for his bed. When Luke sat down, Micah pulled up a small stool and sat before his employer. For a moment neither man spoke a word, as they both seemed to take value of the other person.

"I welcome to my domain," Micah said at last. "I also want to thank you for you kindness for hiring me. I want you to know that I hope to live up to your full expectations. I also want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to explain my history and to give you an understanding of who I am and why I feel I need the safety of this place."

"I'll be honest with you Micah, I have serious doubts about you, but I believe a man should have an opportunity to explain himself. I also want you to know that I am not easily conned and can spot a phony a mile off, so I want you to be open and honest with me. If you do that, we will get along fine. If you don't do that, then I'll know it and it will be the open road for you."

"I appreciate your saying that," replied Micah. "It sets us off knowing where we stand. I hope that after tonight you will know a little bit more about me; however, I realize that one conversation in the night won't be enough to fully convince you about my nature. Getting to know a person takes time, but hopefully after this evening you may see me in a slightly different light."

"That is fair enough. I'm willing to let my doubts go until I hear more from you, but I want you to be open and honest with me. So, you go ahead and start telling me about yourself, and I'll be the judge."

"Very well, your Honor," Micah smiled and nodded. "I don't blame you a bit for taking that attitude. I'd do the very same thing if I were in your position."

Micah wove his story beginning with childhood days and progressed to his travels around the world. He described many of the same different cultures that he had told Sarah. As Micah spoke, Luke felt himself swept away to strange places, where the people held far different values from those which he had been caught were right. The stranger included many dark and terrible things, which he had never told to Sarah. As Luke listened, he began to understand some of the fears, which haunted Micah. Luke began to understand that the world was far different than he had previously imagined. When Micah began to describe some of the more erotic behaviors of distant people, Luke felt as if he were actually there witnessing those obscene acts.

Luke had been raised to hold a strictly set of rules concerning right and wrong, but when Micah spoke, he began to realize that there were many sets of values in the world. As the stranger described different sexual practices, Luke began to feel his cock harden. While he was ashamed that the man's words had so influenced him, he wanted to hear more of what Micah had to say.

Luke began to feel that this strange man was not so difficult to understand given the circumstances, which surrounded his past life. In fact, Luke began to envy the man his past experiences, with the exceptions of some of the dark and fearful things, which the man related. As Micah spoke, Luke's mind opened onto a new world of sexual pleasures, which he had never before contemplated. Luke felt the stiffness in his pants increase as Micah told him about certain strange sexual practices of people from around the globe. Luke began to feel that there was more to life, especially sexual life, than he had so far lived.

"That is some of my life's story," stated Micah. "The hour grows late and I know that you need to rise early, as do I. Perhaps, if you are willing, we will continue our conversation tomorrow. I will tell you then more about myself and maybe you will begin to tell me something about yourself."

"You are a remarkable man," Luke said. "There is no mistake in that. I think that I am beginning to understand you a lot better. You have seen things, which I didn't imagine existed and done things that I never thought could be done. I will be back tomorrow night and you can tell you more. At that time, maybe I can tell you something about myself, in as much as you have so completely opened your past life to me."

Luke left the barn with his mind filled with the erotic images, which Micah had poured into his mind. His cock was so hard it hurt as he made his way from the barn to the house where he found his wife sleeping. Inspired by the tales, which the stranger had told him, Luke woke up his wife and made passionate love to her until the wee hours of the morning.

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